Quick and Easy Steps to File Nil GSTR 1 Return through the GST Portal

Quick and Easy Steps to File Nil GSTR 1 Return through the GST Portal

Quick and Easy Steps to File Nil GSTR 1 Return through the GST Portal

Every taxpayer is obliged to record the complete monthly go back called GSTR-1. By importing invoices from commercial sports, this return includes information on income or outward supply. Each provider or consumer is identified on this GST return with their Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), whether or not they are Business to Business (B2B) or Business Client (B2C) relationships. If neither a Supplier nor a Customer exists, you must submit a Nil GST return. All normal taxpayers with GST registration are required to post an internet GST return, even if there was no commercial enterprise interest for the whole month.

What is GSTR 1 NIL Return?
A corporation’s outgoing resources are disclosed on the GSTR 1 monthly return. If a transaction for the shipping of goods has been made, the recipient of that supply should be actual. It essentially functions as a return that info all of a business’s income transactions. Even if there has been no economic pastime at some point of the month, all everyday taxpayers with GST registration are required to publish a Nil go back in GST. A NIL GST go back may be submitted on-line in a short quantity of time.

To show the Income Tax Return branch which you did now not pay any taxes throughout the yr because you did no longer fulfill the taxable earnings requirement, you ought to document a NIL go back.

The taxpayer ought to record a GSTR 1 NIL return if they meet the subsequent situations:

The taxpayer ought to have a legitimate GSTIN and be registered as a regular taxpayer, a casual taxpayer, or an SEZ developer.

On the GST Portal, the taxpayer need to have selected both month-to-month or quarterly filing frequency.

Why submitting a GSTR1 NIL Return is vital?
A GSTR 1 earnings tax go back should be filed by business proprietors who make more than Rs. 2,50,000 annually. Even in case your earnings is much less than Rs. 2,50,000, submitting a tax return is still recommended. The tax division is consequently knowledgeable of your month-to-month or quarterly sales.

Taxpayers who’ve registered for GST are required to record nil returns underneath GSTR 1 even if the enterprise has no business activity. The quality for failing to report a GST return is Rs one hundred every day.

The important motive NIL returns are filed is to use the ITR as income documentation.
It is possible to receive a repayment for GSTR 1 NIL returns.

How to File GSTR1 NIL Return?
Any GST registered character, even people who did no longer interact in any income transactions or sports at some stage in a given month, need to put up GSTR 1. The GSTR1 document additionally includes information at the credit score notes issued, the advances received, the debit notes issued, the changed advance quantity, and the documents summarised. The steps for filing a NIL return using GSTR1 are described beneath.

STEP 1: Log in to GST Account

Go to the GST registration portal, log in for your account via getting into the valid credentials. Click on “Return Dashboard” at the dashboard page.

STEP 2: Prepare the GSTR1 Return

When you select “Return Dashboard,” a window will seem. Specify the submitting window and choose “Prepare Online.”

STEP three: Validate automobile-populated GSTR1 Return

The taxpayer will see a precis of the GSTR1 go back after they pick out “Prepare Online.” Ensure that each discipline within the GSTR1 go back is 0 or nil.

STEP 4: Submit GSTR1 Return

After you’ve got confirmed all of the data, check the container next to “I verify that the information inside the submitting is accurate” and press “Submit.”

STEP 5: Accept GSTR1 submitting

Click the “Continue” button in the affirmation window to simply accept the GSTR1 submitting. The taxpayer won’t be able to change any of the entered information when they pick out to preserve. Thus, ensure the GSTR1 go back is accurate and complete.

STEP 6: Digital Signature on GSTR1 filing

The taxpayer should digitally sign the GSTR1 return the use of EVC verification or a virtual signature of class 2 after filing the final GSTR1 go back so as to complete the NIL GSTR1 return submitting.


Every taxpayer need to submit a web GST return in the event that they haven’t any sales or outgoing substances. By the usage of this go back shape, the taxpayer can avoid paying any penalties. We trust that once analyzing this publish, you’ve got a better understanding of why finishing a GST Nil document is necessary and the way to accomplish that beneath GSTR 1.

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