PPF – Public Provident Fund

PPF – Public Provident Fund and Its Benefits.

PPF – Public Provident Fund
Table of Contents
Eligibility to open a PPF account
How to open a PPF account?
How do you Close a Public Provident Fund
The Importance of PPF
Features of a PPF account
Loan towards PPF
PPF Interest Rate
How does your Form C appear like
PPF Withdrawal
How to Withdrawal Funds from Your Public Provident Fund
How to hyperlink Aadhaar with a Public Provident Fund account on line?
How do you Withdraw Funds from Your Public Provident Fund Account Before Maturity?
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The Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme is a totally popular long-term savings scheme in India due to its combination of tax savings, returns, and safety. The PPF scheme turned into launched in 1968 by means of the Finance Ministry’s National Savings Institute. The primary objective of the scheme is to help people make small savings and offer returns at the financial savings. The PPF scheme gives an attractive fee of interest and no tax is needed to be paid on the returns which can be generated from the hobby quotes.

PPF Information


15 years (Can be renewed in blocks of 5 years)

Interest charge


Investment Amount

Minimum Rs.500, Maximum Rs.1.Five lakh p.A.

Maturity Amount

Depends on the funding tenure

PPF scheme become released in 1968 by using the Finance Ministry’s National Savings Institute. The important goal of PPF scheme is to assist people make small savings and provide returns on the financial savings. The PPF scheme offers an appealing price of hobby and no tax is required to be paid at the returns which might be generated from the hobby quotes.

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Eligibility to open a PPF account
You can invest inside the PPF if you meet these standards:

You are a citizen of Indian
You can open most effective one PPF account unless your second PPF account is within the call of a minor.
You can’t spend money on PPF is you’re an NRI or HUF.

Credit rating
How to open a PPF account?
Public Provident Fund
Individuals can open a PPF account at banks or at publish places of work. Earlier, commencing a PPF account was allowed handiest at Nationalised Banks, but, personal banks inclusive of Axis, HDFC, and ICICI Bank additionally provide the PPF scheme. The documents required to open a PPF account is cited under:

The application shape ought to be submitted.
ID proof along with Aadhaar card, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, passport, and so forth., must be submitted.
Address proof with the contemporary address stated on it need to be submitted.
Signature proof.
After submission of the above documents, the amount this is required to open a PPF account may be deposited.

How do you Close a Public Provident Fund
The rules governing Public Provident Fund money owed say which you cannot withdraw the Public Provident Fund account stability after your Public Provident Fund account finishes its tenure (15 years).
Once the of completion of your 15-12 months term, you can get get admission to to the Public Provident Fund account stability, and additionally withdraw it.
Any time before the crowning glory of the full tenure of the account, you can not withdraw the complete Public Provident Fund account.
The untimely withdrawal of your Public Provident Fund up to 50% of the account balance is allowed once you complete 5 years of the Public Provident Fund.
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The Importance of PPF
PPF is taken into consideration to be one of the quality investment tools and is suitable for people with low-chance appetite.
The returns are low considering the fact that this funding device is marketplace related.
The returns are fixed and can be used as a diversification device and also gives tax-saving blessings.
Features of a PPF account
The foremost capabilities of the PPF account are referred to beneath:

Investment Limits:
For a PPF, you need to have a minimum investment of Rs.500 and your most investment is Rs.1.Five lakh for every monetary yr.

Tenure of the PPF:
The minimal tenure of a PPF is 15 years. This may be extended in units of 5 years.

Deposit Frequency:
Your deposits into the PPF account must be made once every yr for a tenure of 15 years.

Opening Balance:
You can open a PPF account with Rs.One hundred and annual investments over Rs.1.5 lakh will no longer earn any interest.

As a PPF account holder, you may have a nominee for your account when you open the account or after.

Mode of deposit:
You can make a deposit into the PPF account via cheque, cash, demand draft, or on-line fund transfer.

Risk element:
The PPF is subsidized by way of the Indian government, and so, it’s far chance-unfastened and offers assured returns.

Joint money owed:
You can maintain a PPF account in only one character’s call.

Loan in opposition to PPF
You can avail your self of the option of availing loan against your PPF throughout the 0.33 and 6th year of your contribution. The maximum tenure for which you can avail this mortgage is for 3 years.
The loan amount that you can avail ought to be 25% of the entire quantity to be had in your PPF account.
If you repay your first loan absolutely, then you could take a 2nd loan earlier than the start of the sixth 12 months.
Credit rating
PPF Interest Rate
Currently, PPF interest fee has been reduced from 7.9% to 7.1% and it is compounded on an annual basis. The interest is paid on March 31 and the PPF hobby rate is ready by the Finance Ministry on a every year basis. The calculation of interest is based on the minimum stability that is to be had among the close of the 5th day and the ultimate day of the month.

Tax Benefits you get When you Invest in Public Provident Fund
Public Provident Fund is an funding which comes beneath the Exempt-Exempt-Exempt (EEE) category.
This manner that the deposits which you make inside the Public Provident Fund can be deductible (Section 80C of the Income Tax Act).
The quantity which you accumulate and the interest may be exempt from tax whilst you withdraw the cash.
You ought to notice which you can’t near a Public Provident Fund account earlier than adulthood.
You can not near a Public Provident Fund account prematurely.
Investments which are made below a PPF account come below the Exempt-Exempt-Exempt (EEE) class. Therefore, under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, all deposits made toward a PPF account are tax exempt. The amount that has been stored as well as the hobby that has been generated also are exempt from tax while the man or woman withdraws the amount from the PPF account.

How does your Form C appear to be
Form C has 3 sections:

Section 1 can have a announcement phase wherein you will have to mention your PPF account number and the quantity you want to withdraw. You will even have to mention the range of years because you opened the PPF account

Section 2 will require the mention of several details together with:

Date on which the PPF account changed into opened
Total excellent stability within the PPF account
Date on the quantity changed into formerly withdrawn
Total amount withdrawn
The quantity sanctioned for withdrawal
Date and signature of the carrier supervisor.
Credit score
Premature closure of a PPF
After of completion of five years is it possible for individuals to opt for premature closure. However, premature closure is authorized in case of treat diseases which can purpose harm to the existence to the lifestyles of the PPF account holder, dad and mom, youngsters, or spouse. For which, documents from an performed medical authority ought to be submitted.

Premature closure is permitted in case of higher research of the minor account holder or for the account holder as properly. However, files such as fee invoice and the admission affirmation from a known college in India or overseas must be submitted.

Attachment of a PPF account
Debtors will no longer be capable of access the PPF account of the person to claim their dues because the PPF account cannot be connected via a courtroom. However, this rule does no longer practice to profits tax government. Therefore, if the account holder has any dues pending, the PPF account may be attached for the price of dues.

PPF Withdrawal
Once your PPF account attains maturity, you may then withdraw the complete adulthood quantity, here the tenure being 15 years. After 15 years the whole deposit quantity in conjunction with the interest collected may be allotted in your bank account.

However, in case you are in on the spot want of funds, you can in part withdraw from the seventh year onwards. You could make a untimely withdrawal of as much as 50% of the whole quantity to be had for your account at the cease of the fourth year. However, this facility may be availed best once.

How to Withdrawal Funds from Your Public Provident Fund
Follow these steps to withdraw money out of your Public Provident Fund account:

Step 1: You ought to fill in an utility shape with Form C and enter the specified facts.

Step 2: Then, put up the utility to the specified financial institution department wherein the PPF account is.

How to hyperlink Aadhaar with a Public Provident Fund account on-line?
Step 1: Log into the net banking account.

Step 2: Select ‘Registration of Aadhaar Number in Internet Banking’

Step 3: Type in the 12-digit Aadhaar quantity and click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: Choose the Public Provident Fund account you need to link together with your Aadhaar card

Step five: Click on ‘Inquiry’ to check if the Aadhaar linking is carried out.

How do you Withdraw Funds from Your Public Provident Fund Account Before Maturity?
Step 1: First, make certain to test if you are eligible for a premature withdrawal of your Public Provident Fund.

Step 2: If you are, then download Form C.

Step three: If your account is inside the call of a minor, you want to provide one more announcement which states that the cash withdrawn is for the minor and that he/she is alive.

Step four: Submit the form and files to the bank or a submit workplace department.

Step 5: If the records and documents are verified, the bank or publish workplace will system the paperwork and you can withdraw the cash.

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FAQ’s on PPF
Can I increase my investment below the PPF scheme by means of establishing 2 or greater debts in my name?
No. Under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, a person can keep and operate simplest one account in his/her call.

Can I preserve to apply an inactive account?
Yes. You can accomplish that through paying the preserving department a penalty of Rs.50 for every yr the account changed into inactive. You will also ought to deposit at the least Rs.500 for each yr the account become inactive as well as Rs.500 for the year you are activating the account.

Will I maintain to earn returns if my account is inactive?
No. Interest will now not be calculated for the yr(s) the account is inactive. Once the account is revived, interest could be calculated at the balance held at time of revival.

If I open a PPF account in my minor baby’s name, can I declare tax deductions from each bills i.E. My baby’s and mine, once I report taxes?
The maximum funding cap of Rs.1.5 lakhs applies to all contributions you are making for your account, your minor child’s account and/or your spouse’s account, collectively. Only quantities up to Rs.1.5 lakhs can be claimed as deduction U/S 80C of the Income Tax Act. For e.G. In case you make contributions Rs.1 lakh in the direction of your account and Rs.1 lakh in the direction of your baby’s account, you can declare simplest Rs.1.5 lakhs as deduction and now not Rs.2 lakhs.

What if I want to invest extra money than the Rs.1.5 lakh restrict?
Interest will be calculated and paid out simplest on quantities up to Rs.1.5 lakhs for any yr. Only the most annual investment restrict i.E. Rs.1.5 lakhs a yr could be taken into consideration toward all PPF calculations for all functions.

The restriction became raised from Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakh mid-way through 2014. If the restrict is raised this 12 months within the identical way, how will I make the extra deposit? Should I look ahead to next yr?
When the limit is raised at some point of a financial year, banks and post places of work are instructed to accept extra investments if buyers desire to make a contribution as much as the revised most restrict. This is what changed into done final year for those who wished to make a contribution as much as Rs.1.Five lakhs beneath the revised restriction.

How is hobby calculated? I got hobby for eleven months in place of 365 days for the last 12 months.
For any given month, investments made on or before the 5th could be considered for interest calculations for that month. Interest is calculated on the lower of the balance held on the 5th of a month to the stop of the month.

How is interest calculated? I got hobby for 11 months in place of one year for the ultimate year.
For e.G. An account held Rs.1 lakh on the begin of September. The account holder determined to make investments Rs.50,000. He did so on September tenth. In this example, the stability at the 5th of September changed into Rs.1 lakh and became Rs.1.Five lakhs at month-cease. Here, Rs.1 lakh is the amount with the intention to be considered for calculation of interest. The additional investment of Rs.50,000 could be considered for the month of October.

How is interest calculated? I got hobby for 11 months instead of three hundred and sixty five days for the last 12 months.
If, but, the account holder had deposited the extra Rs.50,000 on September 3rd, the balance on the 5th of September could had been Rs.1.5 lakhs. This could were the quantity taken into consideration for interest calculations for the month of September.

I need to leave a few cash to my grandchild. Can I open the PPF account on her behalf?
No. Grandparents cannot open PPF bills of their grandchildren’s names. The amount can be given to the figure/mum or dad who can open and perform the account within the call in their minor child/ward. However, if each mother and father of the minor child die, the grandparents, as guardians, can open and perform a PPF account for the minor infant.

Is it obligatory to withdraw all the cash in my PF account on the end of 15 years?
No. It is not necessary to redeem all the budget held in the account at maturity. The account time period may be continued or extended for so long as the investor wishes to function it. The account can be persisted for five years in keeping with extension. Extensions may be executed via depositing fresh funds or with out making any similarly deposits.

Will I maintain to earn hobby on my account if I expand the maturity duration beyond 15 years?
Yes. Interest could be calculated and paid out based totally at the hobby costs winning during the period of extension. If no sparkling deposits are made in the course of the length of extension, hobby will be calculated based totally at the stability held on the stop of the fifteenth yr. If fresh deposits are made to increase the time period, it will be introduced to the balance at the end of the 15th yr and the full quantity may be dealt with as fundamental for hobby calculations.

Can I extend my account for two years on maturity?
Extensions can be made in blocks of 5 years every.

What occurs to the cash in my account if I die earlier than maturity?
It can be claimed by the nominees or the legal heirs within the absence of nominees. If a nominee become named by way of the account holder, he/she will acquire the entire quantity held in the account. If more than one nominee become named, the nominees will get hold of funds held in the account proportionately i.E. As stated by the account holder inside the nomination shape.

Is it necessary to name nominees?
It isn’t obligatory to name nominees for a PPF account. However, it is beneficial to do so to avoid conflicts within the occasion of dying and to have a clean switch of funds to a preferred man or woman.

How can a nominee/felony inheritor claim funds in a PPF account?
Nominees or felony heirs can claim price range in a PPF account when the account holder has surpassed away. They may be required to provide evidence of dying of the account holder. Nominees can claim funds in the share stated through the account holder inside the nomination form.

How long can I expand my account for?
PPF money owed have a adulthood duration of 15 years. However, this could be extended for as long as the account holder desires to keep it. Extensions may be achieved for five years at a time. For e.G. If an account matures on March 31st 2015, it is able to be extended until March 31st 2020. The subsequent extension may be until March 31st 2025 and so on.

I deposited cash in my spouse’s PPF account. Who can avail the tax deduction?
In this case it will be you who may be capable of avail the PPF tax deduction. The person making the contribution is eligible for tax deductions U/S 80C.

I deposited money in my dad and mom’ PPF bills however did not qualify for tax deduction U/S 80C. Why?
Only contributions made to an account holder’s personal account, his/her partner’s account or his/her minor toddler’s account can be claimed as deductions U/S 80C of the Income Tax Act. The general contribution to anybody or all of the abovementioned person’s account is problem to the investment cap of Rs.1.5 lakhs consistent with annum.

If I withdraw cash from my PPF account, can I redeposit it to meet the minimal annual investment requirement?
Yes, you may withdraw money for private purposes. It may be used to invest the Rs.500 required as annual funding.

Can I open a PPF account along with my spouse or toddler?
No. The choice to keep PPF bills jointly isn’t always supplied below the PPF scheme. A character can keep and function only one account in his/her very own call.

If I need money, can I make withdrawals further to putting off a loan against my PPF account?
No, withdrawals and loans are distinct of every different as in keeping with the regulations of operating a PPF account. Loan centers are prolonged to account holders handiest between the third and sixth yr of operating an energetic account while partial withdrawals are allowed from the seventh yr onwards. This means you can not avail a loan from the seventh year onwards nor can you make withdrawals before the 6th year.

If I need money, can I make withdrawals in addition to disposing of a loan against my PPF account?
This scheme changed into devised to promote savings and even as loans and withdrawals are allowed to a sure quantity to allow for some liquidity, the scheme, in general, does now not purpose to encourage a discount in financial savings capacity.

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