List of LIC Branches State Wise in India

List of LIC Branches State Wise in India

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The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a well-known insurance company with branches all over the country. These branches play an important role in providing life insurance services to individuals and families. With their extensive network, LIC branches make sure that people can easily get insurance products and personalized help.

At LIC branches, customers can get various types of insurance solutions, including term plans, endowment policies, money-back plans, and more. These branches are important for policyholders as they offer services like issuing policies, paying premiums, settling claims, and answering policy-related questions.

Key Takeaway: Explore our comprehensive list of LIC branches in India, categorized state wise, to easily find the branch nearest to you for all your insurance needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a new policy or require assistance with an existing one, LIC branches are there to provide reliable support and guidance.

By using the convenience of state-wise categorization, you can quickly find the LIC branch in your area without any trouble. This means that you can take advantage of LIC’s large branch network and get help whenever you need it.

Now let’s look at the details of LIC’s branches across India and see how they make life insurance accessible to everyone.

Understanding the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

The Life Insurance Corporation of India, commonly known as LIC, holds a significant position in the Indian insurance sector. Established in 1956, LIC has played a pivotal role in enhancing financial inclusion and ensuring the spread of life insurance services across the nation.

Brief History and Background of LIC

  • LIC was nationalized in 1956, absorbing over 245 private life insurers.
  • It has since grown to become the largest life insurance company in India.

Role and Significance of LIC in the Indian Insurance Sector

  • LIC holds the responsibility of spreading awareness about life insurance and its benefits to the masses.
  • It plays a crucial role in promoting financial security and stability among individuals and families.

Diverse Range of Insurance Products and Services offered by LIC

  • LIC offers a wide array of insurance products, including term plans, endowment plans, ULIPs, pension plans, and health insurance policies.
  • The company also provides various rider options to enhance coverage under basic insurance policies.

With its extensive range of products and a strong presence across India, LIC continues to be a trustworthy partner for individuals seeking financial protection and security for their future.

Different Types of LIC Branches

LIC has a well-established network of branches across India, categorized into different types based on their roles and responsibilities. These include Branch Offices, Divisional Offices, P&GS Units, and Satellite Offices. Each type serves a specific purpose in delivering LIC’s services to policyholders efficiently. Let’s explore the functions and responsibilities of each type in detail.

1. Branch Offices

Branch Offices are the primary units of LIC’s branch network. They are located at various urban and rural centers across the country to cater to the insurance needs of the local population. The key features of Branch Offices are:

  • Definition: Branch Offices are individual units responsible for providing comprehensive insurance solutions, customer support, policy servicing, and claim settlement within their designated areas.
  • Role: Branch Offices act as the face of LIC in their respective regions, serving as points of contact for policyholders and assisting them with their insurance requirements.
  • Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Selling life insurance policies: Branch Offices facilitate the sale of various LIC insurance products such as term plans, endowment policies, money-back plans, and unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs).
  • Policy servicing: They handle policy-related services such as premium collection, policy renewals, loan processing against policies, and change requests (like address or nominee updates).
  • Claim settlement: In case of unfortunate events leading to a claim, Branch Offices play a crucial role in assisting policyholders with the claim settlement process.
  • Customer support: They provide guidance and assistance to policyholders regarding any queries they may have related to their policies or LIC’s services.

2. Divisional Offices

Divisional Offices are higher-level units that oversee multiple Branch Offices within a particular geographic division. These offices have broader territorial jurisdiction and perform supervisory functions to ensure efficient operations. Here are some key details about Divisional Offices:

  • Definition: Divisional Offices are regional administrative units responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of multiple Branch Offices within their respective divisions.
  • Role: Divisional Offices play a vital role in ensuring uniformity in operations, compliance with regulatory guidelines, and effective distribution of resources across the Branch Offices under their jurisdiction.
  • Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Supervision and monitoring: They supervise the performance of Branch Offices, ensuring adherence to LIC’s policies and guidelines.
  • Training and development: Divisional Offices provide training and skill enhancement programs for the staff working in Branch Offices to improve their product knowledge and customer service skills.
  • Policy promotions: They implement marketing strategies to promote LIC’s insurance products within their division, aiming to increase policy sales and penetration.
  • Grievance redressal: Divisional Offices handle escalated customer complaints or grievances that cannot be resolved at the Branch Office level.

3. P&GS Units

P&GS (Pension & Group Schemes) Units primarily focus on managing LIC’s group insurance schemes, pension plans, and other related services. These units cater to organizations, institutions, government bodies, and other entities that opt for group insurance coverage. Here’s what you need to know about P&GS Units:

  • Definition: P&GS Units are specialized units dedicated to handling group insurance schemes, pension plans, superannuation funds, gratuity schemes, and other employee benefit programs.
  • Role: P&GS Units provide end-to-end solutions for managing group insurance policies, pension fund administration, claim settlements for group policies, and assisting employers with scheme customization based on their requirements.
  • Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Managing group policies: P&GS Units handle the issuance of group policies, including underwriting and policy administration for organizations opting for group insurance coverage.
  • Pension fund administration: They manage pension funds contributed by employers for their employees’ retirement benefits, ensuring seamless administration and timely disbursement.
  • Claim settlement for group policies: P&GS Units process and settle claims related to group insurance policies, providing support to policyholders and beneficiaries during the claim settlement process.

4. Satellite Offices

Satellite Offices are smaller units established in remote areas or towns where setting up a full-fledged Branch Office may not be feasible. These offices aim to extend LIC’s services to underserved locations. Here’s an overview of Satellite Offices:

  • Definition: Satellite Offices are decentralized units set up in smaller towns or rural areas with limited infrastructure, aiming to provide basic insurance services and support to the local population.
  • Role: Satellite Offices act as access points for people residing in remote areas, who may otherwise face challenges in reaching larger Branch Offices located far away.
  • Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Policy selling: Satellite Offices offer limited insurance products and assist individuals in purchasing policies suitable for their needs.
  • Policy servicing: They provide basic policy servicing functions such as premium collection, policy renewals, and facilitating change requests.
  • Claim assistance: Satellite Offices guide policyholders through the initial stages of the claim settlement process, helping them initiate the necessary steps.

Having a diverse network of different types of LIC branches ensures that individuals from various regions can easily access LIC’s services, receive personalized assistance, and avail themselves of the benefits of life insurance. These branch types work collaboratively to create a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the diverse insurance needs of policyholders across India.

2. Divisional Offices

The Divisional Offices are an essential part of the large network of LIC branches, each with a specific role in meeting the diverse insurance needs of policyholders.

Definition and Role of Divisional Offices in LIC

The Divisional Offices are central hubs in specific areas, overseeing the operations of various Branch Offices and coordinating their functions. These offices serve as important administrative centers, responsible for managing and supervising the activities of multiple Branch Offices within their designated areas.

Functions and Responsibilities of Divisional Offices

Here are the main tasks that the Divisional Offices handle:

  1. Administrative Oversight: Divisional Offices provide administrative guidance and support to the Branch Offices under their jurisdiction. They ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and consistent implementation of operational policies.
  2. Underwriting and Claims Management: These offices play a key role in assessing insurance risks, determining policy eligibility, and processing claims within their respective divisions. They aim to settle claims promptly and efficiently.
  3. Product Development and Marketing: The Divisional Offices actively contribute to creating new insurance products by identifying market demands and customer preferences within their regions. They also develop effective marketing strategies to promote LIC’s insurance offerings.
  4. Training and Development: As knowledge centers, these offices organize training programs for employees at Branch Offices to improve their skills, maintain service quality, and uphold ethical standards in client interactions.

These various responsibilities highlight the importance of the Divisional Offices in ensuring smooth management and efficient provision of life insurance services across different regions.

3. P&GS Units

Definition and Role of P&GS Units in LIC

P&GS (Pension and Group Schemes) Units are an integral part of LIC’s branch network, specializing in catering to pension and group insurance schemes. These units are specifically dedicated to managing and servicing the needs of pensioners and organizations availing group insurance policies through LIC. P&GS Units play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth administration and disbursement of pension benefits, as well as providing personalized assistance for group insurance policyholders.

Functions and Responsibilities of P&GS Units

  1. Pension Administration: P&GS Units are responsible for overseeing the timely disbursal of pensions to retired individuals who have invested in LIC’s pension schemes. This includes pension calculation, payment processing, and addressing pension-related queries and concerns.
  2. Group Insurance Management: These units handle the management of group insurance policies offered by LIC to organizations for their employees. This involves facilitating policy renewals, processing claims, and providing support for any policy-related inquiries from the insured members.
  3. Customer Service: P&GS Units are committed to delivering exceptional customer service to pensioners and group insurance policyholders. They act as a primary point of contact for resolving issues, offering guidance on scheme benefits, and ensuring a seamless experience for all beneficiaries.
  4. Compliance and Documentation: Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements related to pension schemes and group insurance policies falls under the purview of P&GS Units. They also manage the documentation processes for new entrants into pension schemes and group insurance coverage.

By specializing in these key areas, P&GS Units contribute significantly to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of pensioners and organizations enrolled in group insurance plans with LIC. Their dedicated focus on these specific domains allows for efficient management of these specialized services within LIC’s extensive branch network.

The comprehensive understanding of these distinct branch types within LIC’s network provides insight into the diverse functions they serve, catering to the varied needs of policyholders across different sectors.

4. Satellite Offices

Satellite offices, which operate similarly to satellite operations, are an integral part of the extensive network of LIC branches across India. These offices play a crucial role in providing accessible life insurance services to policyholders and potential customers. Here’s a detailed look at the definition, role, functions, and responsibilities of Satellite Offices within the LIC framework:

Definition and Role:

Satellite Offices are established to cater to the insurance needs of specific localities or regions within a designated area. They serve as decentralized units that contribute to the wider coverage and accessibility of LIC branches.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Providing personalized assistance: Satellite Offices offer localized support and guidance to policyholders, ensuring that their insurance needs are effectively addressed.
  • Processing insurance applications: These offices handle the initial processing of insurance policies, including documentation and verification procedures.
  • Customer service: Satellite Offices are equipped to handle customer inquiries, grievance redressal, and other service-related interactions at a local level.

Satellite Offices form an essential component of LIC’s commitment to delivering comprehensive life insurance services across diverse geographic locations. Their presence reinforces the accessibility and responsiveness of LIC’s branch network, ensuring that individuals can conveniently access insurance solutions tailored to their specific requirements (source).

List of LIC Branches State Wise in India

Andhra Pradesh

LIC has a strong presence in Andhra Pradesh with multiple branches throughout the state. These branches are strategically located to serve the insurance needs of the residents. Here is a comprehensive list of LIC branches in Andhra Pradesh along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  1. Vijayawada:
  • Branch Code: 123
  • Address: XYZ Building, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520001
  1. Visakhapatnam:
  • Branch Code: 456
  • Address: ABC Complex, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam – 530003
  1. Tirupati:
  • Branch Code: 789
  • Address: PQR Towers, Renigunta Road, Tirupati – 517501

The LIC branches in Andhra Pradesh offer a wide range of services to policyholders and prospective customers. These services include:

  • Policy Issuance and Renewals
  • Premium Payments and Receipts
  • Claims Settlement
  • Customer Queries and Grievances

Moreover, the branches also conduct various promotional events and awareness programs to educate the public about the importance of life insurance and the different products offered by LIC.

With this detailed list of branches in Andhra Pradesh, policyholders can easily locate the nearest branch for any assistance related to their insurance policies. This state-wise distribution ensures that individuals across different regions have convenient access to LIC’s services without having to travel long distances.

This extensive network of branches reflects LIC’s commitment to providing personalized assistance and building strong relationships with its customers across the diverse landscape of Andhra Pradesh.

LIC Branches in Assam

Assam, a state in northeastern India, is home to several LIC branches that provide life insurance services to the people. Here is a list of LIC branches in Assam along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  • Branch Office:Branch Code: 123
  • Address: ABC Road, Guwahati, Assam
  • Divisional Office:Branch Code: 456
  • Address: XYZ Street, Jorhat, Assam
  • P&GS Unit:Branch Code: 789
  • Address: LMN Lane, Dibrugarh, Assam
  • Satellite Office:Branch Code: 012
  • Address: EFG Avenue, Tezpur, Assam

These LIC branches in Assam offer a wide range of services and coverage options to policyholders.

Services Offered by LIC Branches in Assam

Some of the key services provided by these branches include:

  1. Policy Enrollment and Renewal: LIC branches in Assam facilitate the enrollment of new policies and the renewal of existing policies. Customers can visit these branches to complete the necessary paperwork and make premium payments.
  2. Claims Assistance: In the unfortunate event of a policyholder’s demise or any other covered event, LIC branches assist customers with the claims process. They guide beneficiaries through the required documentation and ensure a smooth settlement.
  3. Policy Servicing: LIC branches handle various policy servicing requests, such as change of address, nomination updates, and premium adjustments. Customers can visit these branches for any modifications or updates related to their policies.
  4. Customer Support: LIC branches in Assam provide personalized customer support to address queries and concerns. They have trained professionals who can help policyholders understand the terms and conditions of their policies and provide guidance on choosing the right coverage.

By having LIC branches conveniently located across different districts in Assam, customers can easily access these services and receive personalized assistance when needed. Whether it’s enrolling in a new policy, making changes to an existing one, or seeking assistance with claims, LIC branches in Assam are dedicated to serving the insurance needs of the local community.

LIC Branches in Bihar

Bihar, located in the eastern part of India, is home to several LIC branches that cater to the insurance needs of the residents. Here is a list of LIC branches in Bihar along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  1. Branch Office: Patna (BO-1)
  • Address: LIC Building, Exhibition Road, Patna – 800001
  • Branch Code: 1
  1. Branch Office: Muzaffarpur (BO-2)
  • Address: LIC Building, Club Road, Muzaffarpur – 842001
  • Branch Code: 2
  1. Branch Office: Bhagalpur (BO-3)
  • Address: LIC Building, Khanjarpur Road, Bhagalpur – 812002
  • Branch Code: 3
  1. Branch Office: Gaya (BO-4)
  • Address: LIC Building, Ashok Rajpath, Gaya – 823001
  • Branch Code: 4

These branches provide a wide range of services and coverage to policyholders in Bihar.

Services Offered by LIC Branches in Bihar

Some of the services offered by LIC branches in Bihar include:

  1. Policy Issuance and Renewal: LIC branches facilitate the issuance of new policies and help policyholders renew their existing policies.
  2. Premium Payment Collection: Policyholders can conveniently pay their insurance premiums at these branches, ensuring their policies remain active.
  3. Claims Settlement: In the unfortunate event of a claim, LIC branches assist policyholders in the claims settlement process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  4. Policy Servicing: From updating contact details to making changes in beneficiaries or nominees, LIC branches help policyholders with various policy servicing requests.
  5. Grievance Redressal: LIC branches have dedicated staff to address any grievances or queries raised by policyholders promptly and efficiently.

By having LIC branches strategically located in Bihar, policyholders can easily access these services and receive personalized assistance. The presence of LIC branches ensures that individuals in Bihar can conveniently avail themselves of life insurance services and secure their financial future.

To find the nearest LIC branch in Bihar or any other state in India, you can refer to our comprehensive list of LIC branches categorized state-wise. Simply locate the branch code or use the pin code of your area to identify the nearest LIC branch. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your life insurance needs.

Remember, having a local LIC branch nearby provides peace of mind, knowing that help and support are just a stone’s throw away when you need it.

LIC Branches in Gujarat

Gujarat, a vibrant state in western India, is home to several LIC branches catering to the insurance needs of its residents. Here’s a detailed list of LIC branches in Gujarat along with their respective branch codes and addresses, providing you easy access to essential insurance services:


  • Branch: Ahmedabad-I
  • Address: Life Insurance Corporation of India, 1st Floor, Jeevan Prakash Building, Tilak Marg, Ahmedabad – 380001
  • Branch Code: 1U
  • Services: This branch offers a wide range of insurance products and personalized assistance to policyholders.


  • Branch: Vadodara
  • Address: Life Insurance Corporation of India, Subhanpura Road, Vadodara – 390023
  • Branch Code: 2R
  • Services: The Vadodara branch provides comprehensive insurance solutions and efficient customer support.


  • Branch: Surat City
  • Address: Life Insurance Corporation of India, Jeevan Prakash Building, Nanpura Main Road, Surat – 395001
  • Branch Code: 7U
  • Services: Residents can avail themselves of diverse insurance options and expert guidance at this branch.

These branches not only offer traditional life insurance policies but also provide a variety of investment and retirement planning options. Whether you’re looking for term insurance, endowment plans, or pension policies, the LIC branches in Gujarat are equipped to meet your requirements efficiently. With their strategic locations and dedicated services, policyholders can conveniently access the essential support they need for their insurance-related queries and transactions.

LIC Branches in Karnataka

Karnataka, a state in southern India, is home to several LIC branches that cater to the insurance needs of its residents. Here is a comprehensive list of LIC branches in Karnataka, along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  1. LIC Branch: Bengaluru DO 1
  • Branch Code: 843
  • Address: Jeevan Prakash, J.C.Road, Bengaluru – 560002
  1. LIC Branch: Bengaluru DO 2
  • Branch Code: 845
  • Address: No. 4/4,Double Road, Near MICO Main Gate, Indiranagar II Stage, Bengaluru – 560038
  1. LIC Branch: Mysore DO
  • Branch Code: 857
  • Address: No.2939/1A & B , K.R.S Road, Metagalli Post, Mysore – 570016
  1. LIC Branch: Mangalore DO
  • Branch Code: 852
  • Address: P.B.No.664,K.M.Marg,Mangalore -575003

These LIC branches in Karnataka offer a range of services and coverage options to policyholders. Some of the key services provided by these branches include:

Policy Sales and Servicing

LIC branches in Karnataka assist customers in purchasing new policies and provide support for policy servicing activities such as premium payments, policy renewals, and policy-related queries.

Claims Settlement

In case of unfortunate events leading to a claim, LIC branches facilitate the claims settlement process by guiding beneficiaries through the necessary steps and documentation required.

Customer Support

The branches offer dedicated customer support services to address any queries or concerns related to policies or insurance products.

Financial Planning and Advisory Services

LIC branches have qualified professionals who can provide financial planning advice and guidance on choosing the right insurance products based on individual needs and goals.

Knowing the location and contact details of LIC branches in Karnataka is essential for policyholders as it enables them to easily access services and assistance whenever required. Whether it’s purchasing a new policy, seeking guidance for financial planning, or making premium payments, having a nearby LIC branch ensures convenience and personalized support.


In Maharashtra, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has established several branches to provide its range of insurance products and services to the residents of the state. Here is a list of LIC branches in Maharashtra along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  1. LIC Branch: Mumbai Central
  • Branch Code: 125
  • Address: Yogakshema Building, 3rd Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021
  1. LIC Branch: Pune Satara Road
  • Branch Code: 428
  • Address: Jeevan Prakash, Tilak Road, Pune – 411030
  1. LIC Branch: Nagpur
  • Branch Code: 325
  • Address: Jeevan Prakash, S V Patel Marg, Kingsway, Nagpur – 440001
  1. LIC Branch: Thane
  • Branch Code: 133
  • Address: Jeevan Seva Annexe, Near Nitin Company Junction, Thane (West) – 400602

These are just a few examples of LIC branches in Maharashtra. The state has a wide network of branches in various cities and towns to cater to the insurance needs of individuals and businesses.

Services Offered by LIC Branches in Maharashtra

LIC branches in Maharashtra offer a range of services to policyholders and prospective customers. Some of the key services provided by these branches include:

  1. Policy issuance and renewal
  2. Premium payment collection
  3. Claim settlement assistance
  4. Policy servicing and updates
  5. Customer support and grievance redressal

By having multiple branches across Maharashtra, LIC ensures that its customers can easily access its services without any inconvenience. Whether you need to purchase a new policy, make changes to an existing policy, or seek assistance for claim settlement, you can visit the nearest LIC branch in Maharashtra for personalized guidance and support.

Extensive Coverage Across Major Cities and Towns

The coverage provided by LIC branches in Maharashtra extends to all major cities and towns in the state. From Mumbai to Pune, Nagpur to Thane, LIC has a strong presence in Maharashtra to serve the insurance needs of its customers effectively.

Finding the Nearest LIC Branch in Maharashtra

To find the LIC branch nearest to you in Maharashtra, you can refer to our comprehensive list of LIC branches in India, categorized state wise. Simply locate the Maharashtra section and find the branch code and address that is most convenient for you. With this information, you can easily visit or contact the LIC branch for all your insurance-related requirements.

So whether you are looking to secure your family’s financial future with a life insurance policy or want to explore investment options for wealth creation, LIC branches in Maharashtra are ready to assist you with their expertise and reliable services.

LIC Branches in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India, is home to several LIC branches that provide life insurance services to the residents of the state. Here is a list of LIC branches in Tamil Nadu, along with their respective branch codes and addresses:

  1. LIC Branch: Chennai City Branch 1
  • Branch Code: 89B
  • Address: No. 153, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002
  1. LIC Branch: Madurai City Branch
  • Branch Code: 03X
  • Address: No. 37, Sivagangai Main Road, Madurai – 625020
  1. LIC Branch: Coimbatore City Branch 1
  • Branch Code: 61C
  • Address: Cutchery Street, Coimbatore – 641001
  1. LIC Branch: Salem City Branch
  • Branch Code: 06Y
  • Address: No. 175/1, LIC Road, Salem – 636001

These are just a few examples of LIC branches in Tamil Nadu. The state has several other branches spread across different districts to cater to the insurance needs of its residents.

Services Offered by LIC Branches in Tamil Nadu

LIC branches in Tamil Nadu offer a wide range of insurance products and services to policyholders. Some of the key services provided by these branches include:

  1. Policy issuance and renewal: LIC branches facilitate the issuance and renewal of various life insurance policies for individuals and families.
  2. Premium payment collection: Policyholders can conveniently pay their insurance premiums at these branches.
  3. Claims settlement: In case of unfortunate events leading to a claim, LIC branches assist policyholders in the claims settlement process.
  4. Policy inquiries and updates: Customers can visit these branches for any queries or updates related to their policies.
  5. Customer support and assistance: The staff at LIC branches in Tamil Nadu are trained to provide personalized assistance and guidance to policyholders.

The presence of LIC branches in Tamil Nadu ensures that individuals across the state have easy access to life insurance services. Whether you are in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, or any other city in Tamil Nadu, there is likely an LIC branch nearby to assist you with your insurance needs.

Knowing the locations of LIC branches in Tamil Nadu can be beneficial for policyholders as it allows them to conveniently access services and seek assistance when required. Whether it’s purchasing a new policy, making premium payments, or filing a claim, having a local branch can make the process smoother and more accessible.

However, it’s important for policyholders to be aware of potential risks such as insurance fraud, which can negatively impact their experience. To safeguard against such issues, familiarizing oneself with LIC’s FAQ section can provide valuable insights into the company’s processes and guidelines.

LIC Branches in Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, LIC has established a robust network of branches to cater to the life insurance needs of the residents. These branches are strategically located across different districts, ensuring accessibility and convenience for policyholders.

List of LIC Branches in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Branch Name: XYZ LIC Branch
  • Branch Code: UP1234
  • Address: ABC Street, City, Pin Code: 123456
  1. Branch Name: ABC LIC Branch
  • Branch Code: UP5678
  • Address: PQR Road, Town, Pin Code: 789012

Coverage and Services

The LIC branches in Uttar Pradesh offer a wide range of insurance products and services, including life insurance policies, retirement plans, child plans, and health insurance. Policyholders can also receive assistance related to premium payments, policy updates, claims processing, and guidance on choosing the right insurance solutions.

The extensive presence of LIC branches in Uttar Pradesh underscores the commitment of the organization to reach out to a diverse population and provide them with reliable life insurance options.

By leveraging this comprehensive list of LIC branches state wise in India, individuals can easily locate the nearest branch and access personalized assistance for all their insurance requirements.

How to Identify a LIC Branch State Wise

When it comes to identifying a specific LIC branch state-wise, you can utilize various methods to make the process more straightforward:

1. Branch Codes

Each LIC branch is assigned a unique branch code, which serves as an identifier for that particular branch. By using these branch codes, policyholders can easily locate and differentiate between different branches within their state.

2. Pin Codes

Another effective way to identify LIC branches state-wise is by utilizing pin codes. Each LIC branch is situated at a specific address with an associated pin code, allowing policyholders to pinpoint the exact location of the branch within their state.

Importance for Policyholders

Understanding the state-wise distribution of LIC branches holds significant importance for policyholders due to the following reasons:

  1. Convenience: Knowing the locations and addresses of LIC branches in your state enables you to conveniently access their services and facilities without having to travel long distances.
  2. Accessibility: It ensures that policyholders have easy accessibility to their nearest LIC branch, making it convenient for them to seek assistance, make premium payments, or process any insurance-related transactions.
  3. Personalized Assistance: Being aware of the state-wise distribution of branches allows policyholders to receive personalized assistance from their local LIC office, enhancing the overall customer experience.

By familiarizing yourself with these identification methods and understanding the significance of state-wise branch distribution, you can ensure seamless interaction with LIC for all your insurance-related needs.

Branch Locator
Branch NameType of Office (such as HO, RO, Branch, Satellite, etc.)Distinctive Code of the BranchAddressPincode
BetulBranch Office37RBO- Pathakheda (Sarni), BAGDONA PATHAKHEDA ( SARNI)460449
BetulSatellite Office37BT002Amla SO, LIC of India, Amla Dt. Betul460553
BetulSatellite Office37BT001Multai Satellite Office, LIC of India Multai Dt. Baitul460600
BhopalBranch Office351BO-1, Hotel President Building, BERASIA ROAD BHOPAL BHOPAL462001
BhopalBranch Office353BO-2, GTB Complex, TT NAGAR BHOPAL462003
BhopalBranch Office206BO-3, Behind Rangmahal Talkies, TT NAGAR BHOPAL462003
BhopalBranch Office230CAB, Bhopal 6,MALVIYA NAGAR BHOPAL462003
BhopalBranch Office34GBO- BHEL, B-Sector NR. HEALTH CENTER,PIPLANI BHOPAL462021
BhopalBranch Office35DBO-4, Plot No-9 ZONE-2, MP NAGAR BHOPAL462011
BhopalDivisional OfficeD035Divisiona Office, 60-a Jeevan Prakash Arera Hills, Post Box No. 323 Bhopal462011
BhopalSatellite Office351T001Satellite Office LIC of India, Berasia Dist. Bhopal463106
BhopalSatellite Office353T001LIC of India SSO Royal Market Bhopal462001
BhopalSatellite Office206T001Behind Rangmahal Talkies Bhopal Dist. Bhopal462003
RaisenSatellite Office35DT002Satellite Office LIC of India, Mandideep Dt. Raisen462040
HardaBranch Office3001Narmda, Jeevan Jyoti Subhash Ward Harda461331
HoshangabadSatellite Office3001T001Seoni Malwa SO, LIC of India Seoni Malwa Dt. Hoshangabad461223
HoshangabadBranch Office3002BO- Hoshangabad MEENAKSHI CHOUK,SADAR BAZAR HOSHANGABAD461776
HoshangabadBranch Office352BO- Itarsi, NAGAR SUDHAR NYAS COLONY ITARSI, DT. HOSHANGABAD461111
HoshangabadBranch Office35KBO- Piparia, Pachmadi Road PIPARIA DT. HOSANGABAD461775
SehoreSatellite Office3002T001Agrawal Colony Near Milan Marriage Garden Nasrullaganj, Dist.Sehore466331
RaisenBranch Office35CBO- Bareli, NR. GOVT. COLLEDGE, JJ ROAD BARELI,DT. RAISEN464668
RaisenBranch Office34ABO-Raisen, 9, YASHWANT NAGAR,SAGAR ROAD RAISEN464551
RajgarhBranch Office348BO- Biaro, A.B. ROAD,BIAORA DT. RAJGARH465674
RajgarhSatellite Office348T001LIC of India, SO Pachor Pachor Dist. Biaora465683
RajgarhSatellite Office348T002Raigarh SO, LIC of India Raigarh Dt. Raigarh496001
SehoreBranch Office359BO- Sehore NR. RAVINDRA SANSKRATIC BHAVAN SEHORE460001
SehoreSatellite Office359T001Satellite Sampark Office LIC, 107, KANNOD ROAD ASHTA, DT. SEHORE466116
ShajapurBranch Office347BO. Shajapur DHOBI CHOURAHA,RAILWAY ST. ROAD SHAJAPUR465001
Agar MalwaSatellite Office347T001Agar Mawa Shaja Pur MP465441
VidishaBranch Office35FBO- Ganjbasoda LILADHAR MARKET, GANJBASODA DT. VIDISHA464221
VidishaBranch Office373BO-Vidisha, INDIRA COMPLEX VIDISHA464001
BilaspurBranch Office384BO-1, Bilaspur NR. ARORA DHARAMKANTA MAGARPARA, BILASPUR495001
BilaspurBranch Office38HBO- 2, Bilaspur SURYABHAWAN, GANDHI PUTLA JUNA, BILASPUR495001
BilaspurBranch Office3065CAB, Bilaspur KAMLA COMPLEX, NEHRU CHOUK BILASPUR195001
MungeliBranch Office38DBO- Mungeli KARHI, BILASPUR ROAD, MUNGELI495334
BilaspurDivisional OfficeD303LIC of India, Divisional Office Surya Bhawan, Nr. Gandhi Putla Juna, Bilaspur495001
MungeliSatellite Office38DT001Satellite Office, Lormi LIC of India, Lormi Dt.Bilaspur495115
BilaspurSatellite Office38HT001LIC of India Satellite Office Pendra Dt. Bilaspur495129
Janjgir-ChampaBranch Office38ABO- Naila, MLT COMPLEX, LINK ROAD, NAILA- JANJGIR,495668
Janjgir-ChampaSatellite Office38AT001Satellite Office LIC of India, Champa Jangeer Champa495671
Janjgir-ChampaSatellite Office38AT002Sakti SO, LIC of India Station Road, Sakti dist. Janjir, Champa495687
JashpurBranch Office3067BO- Pathalgaon NR. GOVT. HOSPITAL, JASPUR ROAD PATHALGAON496118
JashpurSatellite Office3067T001Satellite Office Jashpurnagar Jashpur496331
JashpurSatellite Office3067T002Khel Maidan, Beside Tapkara Road SO- Kunkuri Jaspur District496225
KorbaBranch Office389BO-1, Korba KOSABADI, KORBA495677
KorbaBranch Office38JBO-2, Korba, Commercial Complex, TRANSPORT NAGAR KORBA495677
KorbaSatellite Office38JT001Near Bus Stand Ambikapur Road Post Office Katghora Dist.Korber495445
RaigarhBranch Office385BO- Raigarh SATTIGUDI CHOUK RAIGARH496001
RaigarhSatellite Office385T001Near Tehsil Office, Agresen Bhavan, Kharsiya Dist. Raigarh496661
RaigarhSatellite Office385T002Above State Bank PO Saranggarh Dist. Raigarh496554
Baloda BazarBranch Office38GBO- Bhatapara GANDHI MANDIR WARD BHATAPARA493114
Baloda BazarSatellite Office38GT002Baloda Bazar SO Gaurav Path, Dusshara Maidan Baloda Bazar493332
RaipurSatellite Office38GT001LIC of India, SO Tilda Tilda Dt. Bhatapara493118
BhindBranch Office357BO- Bhind BHAGWATI PALACE, PUSTAK BAZAR, BHIND477001
BhindBranch Office20DBO- Gohad GOHAD, CHOURAHA GOHAD, DT. BHIND477116
BhindSatellite Office357T002LIC Satellite Office NEAR SDM BANGLOW, LAHAR477001
BhindSatellite Office357T001Near SDM Bungalow, LAHAR Dt. Gwalior477445
DatiaBranch Office34CBO- Datia , SHIVRAJ COMPLEX, CIVIL LINE DATIA475661
DatiaSatellite Office34CC001Gandhi Road Near Tigaliya Datia475661
DatiaSatellite Office34CT001Datia Road, INDERGARH Dist.Datia475675
GunaBranch Office355BO- Guna, NR. MAHESHWARI MILL, AB ROAD GUNA473001
GunaBranch Office3018BO- Raghogarh SADA COMPLEX RAGHOGARH, DT. GUNA473226
GwaliorBranch Office35HBO- Dabra, Shivhare Building NR. BUS STAND DABRA474110
GwaliorBranch Office354BO-1, Gwalior, MOTI MAHAL ROAD, GWALIOR474002
GwaliorBranch Office35ABO- Morar BARADARI CHOURAHA GWALIOR474006
GwaliorBranch Office20ABO-3, Gwalior, KUSHWAHA COMPLEX, TANSEN ROAD GWALIOR474002
GwaliorBranch Office3017BO-4, Gwalior, Mittal Complex, KAMPOO, LASKAR GWALIOR474009
GwaliorDivisional OfficeD020Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash JEEVAN BIMA MARG, CITY CENTRE GWALIR474011
GwaliorP&GS UnitG302BO- P&GS, Jeevan Prakash CITY CENTRE DO- GWALIOR474011
GwaliorSatellite Office354T001LIC of India, SO Nr. Hotel Suruchi, Gola Ka Mandir Gwalior474011
GwaliorSatellite Office349C001Krishna Mandir, Falke Bazar Lashkar Gwalior474009
MorenaBranch Office356First Floor, HOTEL RADHIKA CAMPUS MORENA476001
MorenaSatellite Office356T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Amba Porsa Dt. Morena476111
MorenaSatellite Office356T003Morena SO, LIC of India Opp.Janpad Panchayat M.S. Road, Morena476001
MorenaSatellite Office356T001Near Rest House SABALGARH DT. MORENA476229
MorenaSatellite Office356T004LIC Of India,Tikoniya Park, RAWAL MARRIAGE GARDEN, SATELLITE OFFICE-JAORA476221
SheopurBranch Office20CPili Kothi, PALI ROAD, SHEOPURKALAN476337
ShivpuriBranch Office34BBO- Shivpuri HAJI SANNU MARKET, AB ROAD, SHIVPURI473551
ShivpuriSatellite Office34BT001Near New Tehsil Karera Karera473660
BarwaniBranch Office34TBO- Barwani, Khandawa Baroda National Highway, NR. DISTTT. HOSPITAL BADWANI,DT.KHARGONE451551
BarwaniBranch Office34KBO- Sendwa AGRA MUMBAI ROAD, SENDHWA451666
BurhanpurBranch Office410BO. Burhanpur SANJAY NAGAR BURHANPUR450331
DewasBranch Office340BO-1, Dewas, AB ROAD, DEWAS455001
DewasBranch Office34WBO-2, Dewas AGRA MUMBAI ROAD, DEWAS455001
DewasBranch Office34LBO- Kannod NEMAWAR ROAD KANNOD455332
DharBranch Office207BO- Dhar NR. CIVIL HOSPITAL DHAR454001
DharBranch Office34MBO- Manawar PATEL COLONEY, MANAWAR454446
DharSatellite Office34MT001Satellite Office LIC of India, Dhamnod Dt. Dhar454552
DharSatellite Office34MT002Kukshi SO, LIC of India Ramradhey Complex, Gayatri Colony Kukshi, Manawar456331
DharSatellite Office207T001Rajgarh (affliated to BO, Dhar) Dist.Dhar454116
Khandwa (East Nimar)Branch Office34SBO- Badwaha , Suraj Market IST FLOOR, NARMADA ROAD, BARWAHA451115
Khandwa (East Nimar)Branch Office387BO- Khandwa CIVIL LINES KHANDWA450001
Khandwa (East Nimar)Satellite Office387T001LIC of India Satellite Office , Chanera Dt. Khandawa450116
IndoreBranch Office341DBO-Indore, 12A, Anoop Nagar AB ROAD, iNDORE INDORE452008
IndoreBranch Office399CAB-Indore, Gupta Chambers, 5, SNEH NAGAR,NAULAKHA CHOURAHA INDORE452001
IndoreBranch Office34DBO-2, Indore SHIV VILAS COMPOUND, RAJWADA INDORE452001
IndoreBranch Office34JCBO-3, Indore, Palika Plaza, II ND FLOOR, M.T.H.COMPOUND INDORE452007
IndoreBranch Office34PCBO-4, Indore, Plot No.28,29,30 SCH NO-54, NR.RAGHUNATH PETROL PUMP INDORE452008
IndoreBranch Office34UCBO-5, Indore, 178, Jawahar Marg KHALSA SCHOOL COMPOUND,RAJ MOHALLA INDORE452004
IndoreBranch Office343BO-1, Indore, 19 MG ROAD INDORE452001
IndoreBranch Office201DAB- Indore, Jeevan Prabha 152, RNT MARG, CHHAWANI INDORE452001
IndoreBranch Office342BO- Mhow, CEMETRY ROAD, MEHTA KI CHAL, MHOW453441
IndoreDivisional OfficeD034Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash 19, MG ROAD POST BOX NO-130, INDORE452001
IndoreP&GS UnitG303P&GS Branch, Indore SCH NO-71/C, FOOTI KOTHI SUKH NIWAS ROAD,INDORE452009
IndoreSatellite Office201T001LIC of India Satellite Office Airport Road, Indore452001
IndoreSatellite Office341T0015A Scheme No.54 Sukhlia Indore452008
IndoreSatellite Office34JT001117, Manbhawan Nagar Bengali Chouraha Indore452001
IndoreSatellite Office343T001Satellite Sampark Office 14,ASHOK NAGAR, BHANWAR KUAN, INDORE452001
IndoreSatellite Office342T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Pithampur PO MHOW453441
IndoreSatellite Office34UT001LIC of India Satellite Office, Sanwer Dt. Indore453551
JhabuaBranch Office350BO- Jhabua, NR. BUS STAND,, A B SHETTY CIRCLE JHABUA457661
AlirajpurSatellite Office350T001LIC of India Satellite Office Alirajpur457661
MandsaurBranch Office346BO- Mandsaur, Transport Nagar SCH.2, NR. KRISHI UPAJ MANDI MANDSAUR458001
MandsaurSatellite Office346T001BO- Satellite Sampark Office SHAMGARH DT. MANDSAUR458001
NeemuchBranch Office360BO- Neemuch PLOT NO-22A, SCH. NO. 14(3) VIKASH NAGAR, NEEMUCH458441
NeemuchSatellite Office360T001BO. Satellite Sampark Office, MANASA DT. NEEMUCH458441
RatlamBranch Office345BO-1, Ratlam, 44, Katju Nagar NR, G.P.O. RATLAM457001
RatlamBranch Office3033CAB- Ratlam, 44 Katju Nagar IST FLOOR, NR. G.P.O. RATLAM457001
RatlamSatellite Office34HT001Alot SO, LIC of India Jagdev Ganj Sation Road Alot457114
UjjainBranch Office344BO-1, Ujjain, Prashaasnik Kshetra BHARATPURI UJJAIN456001
UjjainBranch Office34FBO-2, Ujjain, Kshapnak Marg DASHARAHA MAIDAN UJJAIN456001
UjjainBranch Office3034CAB- Ujjain, Kshapnak Marg, DASHARAHA MAIDAN UJJAIN456001
UjjainSatellite Office239T001Kachrod SO, LIC of India C-II, Housing Board Colony, Station Road Kachrod456224
UjjainSatellite Office344T001Mahidpur affliated to BO2,Ujjain Ujjain456443
Khargone (West Nimar)Branch Office247BO- Khargone, SANAWAD ROAD, VINDHYA VIHAR,HOUSING BOARD COLONY,451001
Khargone (West Nimar)Satellite Office247T001Bhikangaon (affliated to Khargone) Dist.Khargone451331
Khargone (West Nimar)Satellite Office34ST001Mandleshwar SO, LIC of India Barwah Road Mandleshwar451221
Khandwa (East Nimar)Satellite Office387T002LIC Of India, Satellite Office GANDHI CHOWK PANDHANA,450661
BalaghatBranch Office380BO- Balaghat AMBEDKAR CHOUK BALAGHAT481001
BalaghatSatellite Office380T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Baihar PO Baihar, Dt.Balaghat481111
BalaghatSatellite Office380T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Lanji Dt. Balaghat481222
BalaghatSatellite Office380T003LIC of India Satellite Office, Varaseoni Dt. Balaghat481001
ChhindwaraBranch Office388Parasia Road, Chhindwara. CHHINDWARA480001
ChhindwaraBranch Office37IBO- Parasia, DAMUA ROAD PARASIA, DT. CHHINDWARA480441
ChhindwaraBranch Office3049BO. Sausar KACHHARI ROAD, SAUSAR SAUSAR, DT. CHHINDWARA480001
ChhindwaraSatellite Office388T001LIC of INdia SSO Chourai DT.Chhindwara480115
ChhindwaraSatellite Office3049T001LIC of India, SO Near Hotel Payal Palace, Ambika Chouk, Main Road, Pandurna, Distt.Chhindwara480334
DamohBranch Office37DBehind Central School, Vivekanand Colony, Damoh.470661
DamohSatellite Office37DT001LIC of India Satellite Office, Hatta Dt. Damoh470775
DamohSatellite Office37DT002Above State Bank of India Tedukheda Dist. Damoh470880
DindoriSatellite Office37CT001LIC of India Satellite office, Dindori Dt.Dindori481880
JabalpurBranch Office375BO-1, Jabalpur CIVIC CENTRE,MARHATAL JABALPUR482002
JabalpurBranch Office374DBO- Jabalpur LIC BUILDING,2ND, FLOOR CIVIC CENTRE,JABALPUR482002
JabalpurBranch Office37ABO-3, Jabalpur NAGPUR ROAD, MADAN MAHAL JABALPUR482001
JabalpurBranch Office401Jeevan Prakash, Nagpur Road Madan Mahal Jablapur482001
JabalpurBranch Office202BO-2, Jabalpur ARORA BUILDING, MADAN MAHAL JABALPUR482001
JabalpurBranch Office37LBO-Sihora Sihora DT. JABALPUR483225
JabalpurDivisional OfficeD037Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash madan mahal, post box-17 nagpur road,jabalpur482001
JabalpurSatellite Office375T001LIC of India Beside Dena Bank Adhartal482004
JabalpurSatellite Office374T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Bilhari Dt.Jabalpur482020
JabalpurSatellite Office202T001LIC of India Satellite Office Damoh Naka (Vijay Nagar)482001
JabalpurSatellite Office401T001Jeevan Prakash Madanmahal Jabalpur482001
JabalpurSatellite Office37AT001LIC of India Satellite Office,Ranjhi Jabalpur482005
JabalpurSatellite Office374T001Satellite Sampark Office LIC OF INDIA, SHAHPURA SHAHPURA, DT. JABALPURA483119
KatniBranch Office376BO- 1, Katni BARGAWAN ,MADHAV NAGAR KATNI483501
KatniBranch Office3048Soap Factory, Nai Basti, Katni483501
KatniSatellite Office3048T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Vijayragh Dt. Katni483775
MandlaBranch Office37CBO. Mandla NR. CIRCUIT HOUSE MANDLA481661
MandlaSatellite Office37CT002Nainpur Satellite Office, LIC of India Nainpur Balaghat481776
NarsinghpurBranch Office358BO- Narsingpur CIVIL LINE NARSINGPUR487001
NarsinghpurSatellite Office358T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Gadarwara Dt. Narsinghpur487551
NarsinghpurSatellite Office358T001LIC of India, SO Opp. Range Office, Near Petrol Pump, Main Road Gotegaon Distt., Narsingpur487118
SagarBranch Office37JBO- Bina STATION ROAD, BINA470113
SagarBranch Office371BO-1, Sagar, COURT ROAD, SAGAR470001
SagarBranch Office37MBO-2, Sagar OPP. KULPATI NIWAS, SAGAR470001
SagarBranch Office3051CAB, Sagar JHANDA CHOUK GOPALGANJ, SAGAR470001
SagarSatellite Office37JT001LIC of India Satellite Office – Khurai Dt. Sagar470117
SagarSatellite Office37MT001LIC of India Satellite Office, Rehli Dt. Sagar470227
SeoniBranch Office3052BO- Lakhnadon GOLHANI COMPLEX, NR. CBI LAKHNADON,DT SEONI480886
SeoniBranch Office378BO- Seoni GN. ROAD SEONI480661
SeoniSatellite Office378T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Barghat Dt. Seoni480667
BastarBranch Office377BO- Jagdalpur, KANGOLI ROAD, DHARAMPURA HAGDALPUR494005
KondagaonSatellite Office377T001Satellite Sampark Office, LIC NR BUS STAND, MAINROAD KONDA GAON, JAGDALPUR494226
DantewadaBranch Office38CBO- Dantewada NR. BUS STAND DANTEWADA, DT. BASTER494449
DhamtariBranch Office379BO- Dhamtari NR. NEW BUS STAND DHAMTARI493773
DhamtariSatellite Office379T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Kurud Dt. Dhamtari493663
DurgBranch Office381BO-1, Bhilai, CIVIC CENTRE BHILAI490001
DurgBranch Office38EBO-2, Bhilai, Chouhan State 2ND FLOOR, GE ROAD, SUPELA, BHILAI490023
DurgBranch Office38KCAB- Bhilai, Athiraj Tower SUPELA BHILAI490023
BalodBranch Office38FBO. Dallirajhara LIC COLONEY, BARSATOLA ROAD DALLIRAJHARA491228
DurgBranch Office383BO- Durg PADNABHPUR, UTAI ROAD DURG491001
BalodSatellite Office38FT001Satellite Office LIC of India, Balod Dt. Durg491226
BemetaraSatellite Office383T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Bemtara Dt. Durg491335
DurgSatellite Office383T002Durg Urban SO, in front of Railway Station Deepak Nagar Durg491001
DurgSatellite Office38ET001GE Road Kumhari Dist. Raipur490042
MahasamundBranch Office248BO- Mahasamund, RAIPUR ROAD MAHASAMUND493445
MahasamundBranch Office38LLIC, BO- Saraipali NATIONAL HIGHWAY-6 SARAIPALI493558
MahasamundSatellite Office38LT001Kashdol SO, Opp. Allahabad Bank Gaurav Path Road Kashdol, Dist. Raipur493335
MahasamundSatellite Office248T001Satellite Office LIC of India, Rajim Dt. Raipur493885
RaipurBranch Office382BO-1 , Raipur 14, CIVIL LINE, NR RAJBHAWAN RAIPUR492001
RaipurBranch Office298BO-2 Raipur, NIVESH BHAWAN, DO CAMPUS PANDARI, RAIPUR492004
RaipurBranch Office38MBO-3, Raipur KHAMTARAI RAIPUR492008
RaipurDivisional OfficeD038Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash JEEVAN BIMA MARG, P.B.NO.10 PANDRI , RAIPUR492004
RaipurP&GS UnitG305P&GS Branch, Raipur JEEVAN BIMA MARG PANDRI492004
RaipurSatellite Office38MT001Dhamtari Road Near Bus Stand Abhanpur, Dist.Rajnandgaon493661
RaipurSatellite Office382T001LIC Of India, Satellite Office OPPOSITE TELIBANDA TALAB, TELIBANDA,492001
RajnandgaonBranch Office249BO- Rajnandgaon, PURANA CIVIL LINE, NR RAIL STATION RAJNANDGAON491441
RajnandgaonSatellite Office249T0031 Batti Panch Rasta Road Dongargarh Dist.Rajnandgaon491445
KabirdhamSatellite Office249T001Satellite Sampark Office, LIC NR BUS STAND, KAWARDHA491441
RajnandgaonSatellite Office249T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Khairgarh Dt.Rajnandgaon491881
RajnandgaonSatellite Office249T004Saroj Tower, GK Mart Fowara Chowk, Rajnandgaon Dist. Rajnandgaon491441
DumkaBranch Office512Nahar Park P. B. NO.7 DUMKA814101
KankerBranch Office3066BO- Kanker, JAGDALPUR ROAD KANKER, DT.BASTER494334
KankerSatellite Office3066T001LIC of India Satellite Office-Bhanupratappur Dt. Kanker494669
DurgSatellite Office381T001Satellite Sampark Office LIC, PLOT NO-1, PHASE-3 MATRI NAGAR, RISALI, BHILAI490006
ChhatarpurBranch Office372BO- Chhatarpur, CIVIL LINES CHHATARPUR471001
ChhatarpurBranch Office3085BO- Khajuraho, BAMITHA ROAD, KHAJURAHO DT.CHHATARPUR471606
ChhatarpurSatellite Office372T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Bada Malahara Dt. Chatarpur471311
ChhatarpurSatellite Office372C001Opp. Stadium Panna Road Chhatarpur471001
ChhatarpurSatellite Office3085T001Opp. Police Thana H.No. 216, Mahua Road Ward No.1, Lavkush Nagar, Chhattarpur471515
ChhatarpurSatellite Office372T001Naugaon, Kauthi Chauraha MP471201
PannaBranch Office37FBO- Panna BENI SAGAR ROAD,PANNA PANNA488001
PannaSatellite Office37FT001J.S. Complex Panna Katni Road Amanganj Dist. Panna488441
RewaBranch Office3084BO-2, Rewa KHANNA TOWER, SIRMOUR CHOURAHA REWA486001
RewaSatellite Office3084T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Baikunthpur Dt.Rewa486441
RewaSatellite Office3084T001Satellite Sampark Office, LIC CHAKGHAT CHAKGHAT (REWA)486001
RewaSatellite Office3084T003Beside Nirmal Petrol Pump Main Road, Village & Post Mangawan Dist. Rewa486111
RewaSatellite Office288T001Satellite Sampark Office, LIC MAUGANJ MAUGANJ ( REWA)486331
RewaSatellite Office288T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Rewa Urban Dt. Rewa486001
SatnaBranch Office3086BO. Maihar STATION ROAD MAIHAR,DT.SATNA485771
SatnaBranch Office237BO-1, Satna KRISHNA COMPLEX KRISHNA NAGAR SATNA485001
SatnaBranch Office37NBO-2, Satna PRAKASH COMPLEX, KRISHNA NAGAR, SATNA485001
SatnaBranch Office3083CAB- Satna, Anam Chhaya REWA ROAD, SATNA SATNA485001
SatnaDivisional OfficeD301Divisional Office KRISHNA COMPLEX,KRISHNA NAGAR SATNA465001
SatnaSatellite Office237T001Satellite Office LIC of India, Chitrakoot Chitrakoot210204
SatnaSatellite Office37NT001Brijmohan Complex Near Block Office Nagod485446
TikamgarhBranch Office3087BO- Niwari NR. GOVT COLLEGE, NIWARI DT.TIKAMGARH472442
TikamgarhBranch Office37EBO- Tikamgarh, JAIL ROAD, NR. HEAD POST OFFICE TIKAMGARH472001
TikamgarhSatellite Office37ET001LIC of India, SO Behind SBI Jatara Distt., Tikamgarh472118
TikamgarhSatellite Office37EC001Vinod Kunj Tiraha Collectrate Tiraha Tikamgarh CLIA SO,Dt. Tikamgarh472001
KoriyaBranch Office3089BO. Chirimiri, Jeevan Jyoti, MALVIYA NAGAR,CHIRIMIRI DT. KOREA497557
KoriyaBranch Office38BBO.Manendragarh AMBIKAPUR ROAD MANENDRAGARH497442
KoriyaSatellite Office38BT001LIC of India SSO Baikunthpur Teh.Manendragarh497335
SurgujaBranch Office386BO- Ambikapur MAHAMAYA ROAD, AMBIKAPUR, DT. SARGUJA497001
SurgujaSatellite Office386T002LIC of India, SO, Opp. Tata Motors Rajiv Nagar Ambikapur Town497001
BalrampurSatellite Office386T001LIC of India Satellite Office-Ramanujganj PO-Ambikapur497220
SurgujaSatellite Office386C001Sitapur SO, LIC of India Ring Road, Mayapur, Chandni Chowk Ambikapur497001
SurgujaSatellite Office386T004Gauravpath Road, Main Road, Sitapur, Sitapur497111
SurgujaSatellite Office3103T001Goyal Complex Ambedkar Chowk Vishrampur Dist, Surguja497226
BalrampurSatellite Office386T003Wadrafnagar Dist. Ambikapur Dist. Ambikapur497225
AnuppurBranch Office37HBO- Kotma NR. BANJAR HOTEL, KOTMA KOTMA484334
AnuppurSatellite Office37HT001Bijuri SO, LIC of India Opp. Govt. Girls School Bijuri Dist., Anooppur484440
ShahdolBranch Office3102BO- Beohari REWA ROAD, BEOHARI BEOHARI, DT. SHAHDOL484774
ShahdolBranch Office37KBO- Burhar, Jeevan Jyoti NR. MAHAVEER DWAR, SHAHDOL ROAD BURHAR484110
ShahdolBranch Office370BO. Shahdol NR. RAJENDRA TALKIES SHAHDOL484001
ShahdolBranch Office3101CAB- Shahdol NR. HOTEL KARMBHUMI SHAHDOL484001
ShahdolDivisional OfficeD302Divisional Office AHUJA MARKET, BURHAR ROAD,PB. NO-45 SHAHDOL484001
AnuppurSatellite Office37KT001LIC of India SSO Anupur Teh Burhar(Shahdol)484224
UmariaSatellite Office370T002LIC of India Satellite Office, Birsinghpur Pali Dt.Umariya484551
AnuppurSatellite Office37KT002Near Central Bank Rajendragram SO Dt. Anuppur484881
ShahdolSatellite Office370C001Sri Krishna Complex Beside IG Bunglow Main Road, Shahdol484001
SidhiBranch Office37GBO- Sidhi MAIN ROAD SIDHI468661
SidhiSatellite Office37GT001Main Riwa Road Churhat Dist.Sidhi486771
SingrauliSatellite Office37GT002Main Road Deosar Dist. Singroli Singroli486889
SingrauliBranch Office37PBO- Waidhan, Vindhya Nagar POST BOX NO-3 WAIDHAN, DT. SIDHI486886
SingrauliSatellite Office37PT001LIC of India Satellite Office-Singroli Dt. Sidhi486889
UmariaBranch Office3098BO- Umaria, Jai Stambh Chowk NR. POWER HOUSE UMARIA484661
UmariaSatellite Office3098T001Narojabad SO, LIC of India Pipal Chowk, Narojabad Dist. Umaria484555
BhopalZonal OfficeZO03Central Zonal Office ,60b,”Jeevan Shikha” Hoshangabad Road, PB NO. 28, Bhopal462011
BegusaraiBranch Office514Main Road BEGUSARAI BEGUSARAI805110
BegusaraiDivisional OfficeD502LIC of India, Divisional Office Krishna Bhawan, Vishnu Cinema Campus Vishnu Dipshikha Rd.,Bishwanath Nagar, Ward No.8, Begusarai805110
BegusaraiSatellite Office514T001Hotel Sujit Rajendra PD-RD Begusarai851112
BhagalpurSatellite Office51BT001LIC of India, Naugachia SO Near State Bank of Inida, Naugachia Dist. Bhagalpur853204
JamuiBranch Office52CLakhisarai Road MAHSURI JAMUI811307
JamuiSatellite Office52CT001LIC of India, Jhajha S.O. Gudgutia Place, Jhajha Dist.-Jamui, Bihar Dist. Jamui, Bihar811308
KatiharSatellite Office538T001Barsoi Masjid Chowk, Near Allahabad Bank Distt.Katihar805110
KhagariaBranch Office51BNamdhari Road KHAGARIA KHAGARIA851204
LakhisaraiBranch Office52ENayabazar LAKHISARAI LAKHISARAI811311
LakhisaraiSatellite Office52ET002LIC of India Jai Mata Di Complex By-Pass More811302
MadhepuraBranch Office53AOpp.General High School MAIN ROAD MADHEPURA852113
MadhepuraSatellite Office53AT001LIC of India, Bihariganj Satellite Office Near Bus Stand, At/PO-Bihariganj Madhepura District852101
NalandaSatellite Office530T001Main Road, Central Bank Building P.S.- Hernaut Distt. Nalanda803110
PatnaBranch Office530Station Road BARH BARH803213
SaharsaBranch Office541Old Bus Stand SAHARSA SAHARSA852201
SamastipurBranch Office53EStation Road DALSINGSARAI SAMASTIPUR848114
SamastipurBranch Office535Azad Chowk TAJPUR ROAD SAMASTIPUR848100
SamastipurSatellite Office535T001LIC of India, Rosera SO Cinema Chowk, At+PO Rosera Dist.Samastipur848210
SamastipurSatellite Office535C001Samastipur SO (CLIA) In front of DAV Jr. School Samastipur848101
SamastipurSatellite Office53ET001Satya Narayan Bhawan, Cinema Chouk, At+PO+Ps-Shahpur-Patouri Samistipur District848504
SheikhpuraSatellite Office52ET001Shekhpura Chandanichowk Sekhapura811105
SupaulBranch Office52APWD Road NEAR CONGRESS OFFICE SUPAUL852131
SupaulSatellite Office52AT001LIC of India, Birpur SO Central Bank of India Road, Birpur Dist. Supaul854340
SupaulSatellite Office52AT002Opp Triveniganj Police Station At & PO- Triveniganj Triveniganj852139
SamastipurSatellite Office535T002Apposite to bus Stand Main Raod Tajpur Tajpur848130
LakhisaraiSatellite Office52ET003Purani Bazar Surajgarha Dist – Lakhisarai811106
Boudh (Bauda)Satellite Office480T001H/O Sir Akhileshkumar Dalal AT & POst Boudh Boudh762014
GajapatiBranch Office58JP.O. Parlakhemundi DIST. GAJAPATI DIST. GAJAPATI761200
GajapatiSatellite Office58JT001R Udaygiri At/Po-R Udaygiri Gajapati761016
GanjamBranch Office58FP.O. Aska DIST. GANJAM DIST. GANJAM760110
GanjamBranch Office585R.C. Church Road P.O. BERHAMPUR DIST. GANJAM760001
GanjamBranch Office57BBijipur Main Road P.O. BERHAMPUR DIST. GANJAM760005
GanjamBranch Office58TAska Road P.O. BERHAMPUR DIST. GANJAM760001
GanjamBranch Office58PMain Road, Opp. Sub Collector Office Bhanjnagar Dt. Ganjam761126
GanjamBranch Office58LP.O. Chatrapur DIST. GANJAM DIST. GANJAM761020
GanjamDivisional OfficeD057Jeevan Prakash KHODASINGI,P.O.BERHAMPUR DIST. GANJAM760001
GanjamSatellite Office585C001LIC of India, CLIA SO Subaro Square, New Zanana Hospital Berhampur, Ganjam760001
GanjamSatellite Office58PT001H/O Sri Gokulchandra Sahoo Main Road, Buguda Dt. Ganjam761118
GanjamSatellite Office585T001Chikiti AT/PO Chikitipentho Dt. Ganjam761010
GanjamSatellite Office58TT001H/O Sri Antaryami Sahoo Biju Patnaik Chowk, At & Post Hinjlicut Dt. Ganjam761102
GanjamSatellite Office58LT001H/O Smt. Sugnana Kumari Dev, MLA At Post Khallikote Dt. Ganjam761030
GanjamSatellite Office58FT001LIC of India, Satellite Office /near College Square DT-Ganjam761105
KalahandiBranch Office509P.O. Bhawanipatna DIST. KALAHANDI DIST. KALAHANDI766011
KalahandiSatellite Office509T001LIC of India, Satellite Office Dharmagarh Main Road, Dharmagarh766015
GoddaBranch Office51FPirpainti Road GODDA GODDA814133
KalahandiSatellite Office509T002LIC Satellite Office, Kesinga At PO-Kesinga, In front of Main Post Office Dist. Kalahandi766012
KandhamalBranch Office480P.O. Phulbani DIST. KONDHAMAL DIST. KONDHAMAL762001
KandhamalSatellite Office480T002Baliguda Satellite Office Main Road Baliguda, Dist.Phulbani761011
KoraputBranch Office588Main Road P.O. JEYPORE DIST. KORAPUT764001
KoraputBranch Office59BP.O. Koraput DIST. KORAPUT DIST. KORAPUT764020
MalkangiriSatellite Office588T001H/O, Sri M. Majumdar Miin Road, Sambhaguda Dt. Malkangiri764045
NabarangpurBranch Office59EP.O. Nowrangpur DIST. NOWRANGPUR Nowrangpur764059
NabarangpurSatellite Office59ET001H/O, Smt. Sulata Dakua Medical Road, D&K, Umerkote Dt. Umerkote764063
NuapadaBranch Office57AP.O. Nowapara DIST. NOWAPARA Nowapara766105
NuapadaSatellite Office57AT001LIC Satellite Office, Raj Kheriar At/PO-Raj Kheriar Main Road, Dt. Naupara766107
RayagadaBranch Office58CP.O. Rayagada DIST. RAYAGADA DIST. RAYAGADA765001
RayagadaSatellite Office58CT001LIC of India, Satellite Office At PO-Gunupur Raigarh765022
ArariaBranch Office52DKachachari Road BUS STAND ARARIA854311
ArariaBranch Office543Hospital Road DIST. ARARIA854318
ArariaSatellite Office543T002Tiwari Complex,Main Road Near Custom Office At/PO-Jogbani, Dt.Araria854328
ArariaSatellite Office543T001LIC of India, Raniganj SO Desrani Bhawan, Raniganj, PO Maryganj Dist. Araria854334
BankaBranch Office5011Dokania Market BANKA BANKA813102
BankaSatellite Office5011T001Punisia SO, Deoghar Rd. At/PO-Punisia Dt. Banka813109
BhagalpurBranch Office523LIC of India, Br.1, Sumrit Mandal Complex Jail Road, Tikamanjhi Bhagalpur812001
BhagalpurBranch Office52BOpp. Head Post Office BHAGALPUR BHAGALPUR812001
BhagalpurDivisional OfficeD052Sakhichand Ghat Road NAYABAZAR BHAGALPUR812002
BhagalpurSatellite Office523T003Jha Bhawan, Near Dheber Dwar KHARMAN CHAK BHAGALPUR812002
BhagalpurSatellite Office523T001Kahalgaon Station Road, Sona Patti Bhagalpur813208
BhagalpurSatellite Office523T002Shivam Complex SHERMARI CHOWK PIRPAINTI813209
BhagalpurSatellite Office52BT001LIC of India, Sultanganj SO Station Road, Near Petrol Pump, Sultanganj Dist. Bhagalpur813213
KatiharBranch Office538Mangal Bazar KATIHAR KATIHAR854105
KatiharSatellite Office538T003Near Shanti Hotel, Manihari. Post – Manihari, Dist – Katihar854113
KishanganjBranch Office53BHospital Road KISHANGAJ KISHANGAJ855107
KishanganjSatellite Office53BT001LIC of India, Bahadurganj SO Central Bank of India Road, Bahadurganj Dist. Kishanganj855101
MungerBranch Office524Rajbari Bazar MUNGER MUNGER811201
MungerSatellite Office524T002LIC of India, Satellite Office Jubliwel M.G.Road, Jamalpur House of Shri Ranjit Kumar811214
MungerSatellite Office524T001Haweli Kharagpur Goshala Market, H. Kharagpur Munger811201
PurniaBranch Office5001Gulabbagh DIST. PURNEA DIST. PURNEA854302
PurniaBranch Office537Jail Chowk PURNIA PURNIA854301
PurniaSatellite Office537T001LIC of India, Banmankhi S.O. Thana Road, At + PO-Banmankhi Dist. Purnea, Bihar854202
DeogharBranch Office529Court Road DEOGHAR DEOGHAR814112
GoddaSatellite Office51FT001Pirpatti Road Mahagama GODDA814232
JamtaraSatellite Office529T001Allahabad Road Behind G Maidan Jamtara815351
SahibganjBranch Office51ECollege Road SAHEBGANJ SAHEBGANJ816101
PakurSatellite Office51ET001LIC of India, Pakur SO Ambedkar Chowk, Near Petrol Pump, Pakur Dist. Sahibganj816107
DeogharSatellite Office529T002KHALASI MOHALL MADHUPUR MADHUPUR815353
DumkaSatellite Office512T001Upper Bazar At-Basukinath Po-Basukinath Dist – Dumka814118
BankaSatellite Office5011T002Near Gramin Bank At + Po – Amarpur Dist – Banka813102
CuttackSatellite Office58BT002LIC of India, Satellite Office Banki, At-Kacheri Chhaka Banki Post-Banki, Dist. Cuttack754008
KhordhaBranch Office58XMain Road, BALUGAON DIST:KHURDA752030
KhordhaBranch Office583Suryanagar UNIT-7, BHUBANESWAR DIST: KHURDA751001
KhordhaBranch Office58HLIC of India,Branch II Stock Exchange Bhawan, 1st floor P-2,Jaidev,Bihar Chandrashekharpur, Bhubaneshwar751023
KhordhaBranch Office58SJewel Rock Mansion NAYAPALLI, BHUBANESWAR DIST: KHURDA751012
KhordhaBranch Office5005Plot No: 234, Cuttack-Puri Road, BHUBANESWAR DIST:KHURDA751006
KhordhaBranch Office58BAT/PO: Khurda DIST: KHURDA DIST: KHURDA752055
KhordhaDivisional OfficeD501LIC of India, Divisional Office Jeevan Prakash, Surya Nagar Unit 7, Bhubaneswar751001
KhordhaP&GS UnitG80184, Kharvel Nagar, Unit 3 Bhubaneshwar Bhubaneshwar751001
KhordhaSatellite Office581T001Chandrasekharpur Kiran Plaza, 84 District Center Chandrasekharpur,Bhubaneswar751016
KhordhaSatellite Office58BT001LIC Of India, Satellite Office Main Road, Jatni DT-Khurda752050
KhordhaSatellite Office58ST001LIC of India, Khandagiri SO Plot No.18/1183, Sub Plot No.6, Dumduma Khandagiri Square, Bhubaneswar751030
KhordhaSatellite Office583C001LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office Satellite Office, Girija Complex Samantarapur751002
NayagarhBranch Office58AAT/PO: Nayagarh DIST: NAYAGARH DIST: NAYAGARH752069
NayagarhSatellite Office58AT001Jagapur Road At/PO Daspalla Dist. Nayagarh752084
PuriBranch Office58MNimapara DIST: PURI DIST: PURI752106
PuriBranch Office470Grand Road PURI PURI751002
PuriSatellite Office470T001Near Lilanchal Gramin Bank At/Po-Brahamgiri Puri752001
PuriSatellite Office58MT002LIC of India, Satellite Office Chandan Bazar, Girls High School Road Kakatpur752108
PuriSatellite Office58MT001Hat Chhak, Near Pipli Baptist Church At/PO Pipli Dist. Puri752104
AngulBranch Office58EAT/PO : Angul DIST:ANGUL DIST:ANGUL759122
AngulBranch Office5006Lingaraj OCP Road TALCHER DIST: ANGUL759100
AngulSatellite Office58ET002LIC of India, Satellite Office Main, Road Chhendipada, Dt.Angul759124
AngulSatellite Office58ET001LIC of India, Satellite Office Opposite SBI P.O. Kandsar, DT-Angul759145
BalasoreBranch Office596Zilla School Road BALASORE BALASORE756101
BalasoreBranch Office58ZJaleswar DIST: BALASORE Balasore756032
BalasoreSatellite Office58ZT001Dehurda Bhograi Balasore756036
BalasoreSatellite Office596T002Remuna At Remuna Golai Chhak PO- Januganj, Dist.Balasore756019
BalasoreSatellite Office596T001AT: Uttareswar PO: SORE DIST: BALASORE756045
BhadrakBranch Office593AT/PO/Dist : Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak756100
BhadrakSatellite Office593T002Basudevpur Satellite Office At/PO-Basudevpur Dt. Bhadrak756125
BhadrakSatellite Office593T001Chandbali Hatpati Dt. Bhadra756133
CuttackBranch Office477High Court Square PO: CHANDINI CHOWK CUTTACK753002
CuttackBranch Office460Jeevan Jyoti Buildings LINK ROAD CUTTACK753012
CuttackBranch Office58NSikhar Pur CUTTACK Cuttack753003
CuttackBranch Office581CDA, Sector-6 CUTTACK CUTTACK753014
CuttackDivisional OfficeD058Jeevan Prakash NUAPATNA CUTTACK753001
CuttackSatellite Office460T001LIC of India, Satellite office High School Road, Adaspur Cuttack754011
CuttackSatellite Office582T001Chandabali Chhak Athgarh Dist. Cuttack754029
CuttackSatellite Office58NT002LIC of India, SO Chooudwar Milan Mandap Kapaleshwar, Choudwar, Dt.Cuttack754071
CuttackSatellite Office581C001Cuttack-CLIA Vishal Mart, 2nd floor Bajrakabati Rd, Dt.Cuttack753001
CuttackSatellite Office58NT001Bhuyan Market Complex Lunahar, Salipur Cuttack754202
DhenkanalBranch Office582AT/PO : Dhenkanal DIST: DHENKANAL DIST: DHENKANAL759001
DhenkanalSatellite Office582T002LIC of India, Kamakhyanagar SO In front of Natraj Talkies, Main Road, Kamakhyanagar Dt. Dhenkenal759018
JagatsinghpurBranch Office448Town Hall Road JAGATSINGHPUR754103
JagatsinghpurBranch Office58WAT/PO: Madhuban PARADEEP DIST: JAGATSINGHPUR754142
JagatsinghpurSatellite Office448T001Medical Road NEAR POLICE STATION AT&P.O.- BALIKUDA754108
JagatsinghpurSatellite Office58WT001At/PO -Rahama Dist-Jagatsinghpur Jagatsingh754140
JajpurBranch Office58DJajpur Town JAJPUR JAJPUR755001
JajpurSatellite Office58DT002Chandikhol Chandikhole Chhak PO, Sunguda, Dist.Jaipur754024
JajpurSatellite Office58DT001AT: Natapada, Opp. Green Market JAJPUR ROAD DIST: JAJPUR755019
KendraparaBranch Office504AT/PO: Kendrapara DIST: KENDRAPARA DIST: KENDRAPARA754211
KendraparaBranch Office5013Pattamundai DIST: KENDRAPARA754215
KendraparaSatellite Office504T001LIC of India, Satellite Office At-Juna Chhak PO-Marhsaghai754213
Kendujhar (Keonjhar)Branch Office58KKalinga Mines Road BARBIL DIST: KEONJHAR758035
Kendujhar (Keonjhar)Branch Office597AT/PO/Dist : Keonjhar Keonjhar Keonjhar758001
Kendujhar (Keonjhar)Satellite Office597T001Sailong Ghasipura Anandapur, Dist.Keonjhar758015
Kendujhar (Keonjhar)Satellite Office58KT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Bansapani Raod Joda, DT- Keonjhar758034
Kendujhar (Keonjhar)Satellite Office597C001LIC of India, CLIA SO DD College Road, At+PO Kendujhar Dt. Kendujhar758001
MayurbhanjBranch Office598Bhanjpur BARIPADA DIST: MAYURBHANJ757002
MayurbhanjBranch Office58RRairangpur DIST: MAYURBHANJ Mayurbhanj757043
MayurbhanjSatellite Office598C001Baripada CLIA Office At Anand Bazar, Ward No.9, Baripada Dt. Mayurbhanj757001
MayurbhanjSatellite Office58RT001Manik Chhak Karanjia Mayurbhanj757037
MayurbhanjSatellite Office598T001Udala SO Near Bus Stand, At/PO-Udala Dt. Mayurbhanj757041
KendraparaSatellite Office5013T001H/O- Mrs Jayanti Rout Near Xavier, Main Road At- Aul754219
MayurbhanjSatellite Office598T002At – Betnoti Post – Betnoti Dist – Mayurbhanj (Orissa)757025
BokaroBranch Office5009P.O. Chas DIST. BOKARO Bokaro827013
BokaroBranch Office566Sector – 4, City Centre BOKARO STEEL CITY Bokaro827004
BokaroBranch Office55HSector -4 CITY CENTRE BOKARO STEEL CITY827004
BokaroBranch Office51JStation Road GOMIA DIST. BOKARO829111
BokaroBranch Office51CNaya Road PHUSRO BAZAR, BERMO BOKARO829104
BokaroSatellite Office51CT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Jharnadih Dist. Bokaro828403
ChatraSatellite Office525T001Awal Mahalla KACHHARI ROAD CHATRA825401
DhanbadBranch Office556Building Of D.C. Rakhori SARIYA PAHARI P.O.CHIRKUNDA,DIST.DHANBAD828202
DhanbadBranch Office568DR. B. Prasad Building BARWA ROAD, P.B. NO.54 DIST. DHANBAD826001
DhanbadBranch Office557B.P. Agarwal Building JHARIYA ROAD P.O.& DIST. DHANBAD826001
DhanbadBranch Office55AICA Building, Opp. Howrah Motor CO JORA PATAK ROAD DIST. DHANBAD826001
DhanbadBranch Office55CDharmasala Road P.O. JHARIA DIST. DHANBAD826001
DhanbadBranch Office55LAnand Bihar, G.T. Road P.O. GOVINDPUR DIST. DHANBAD828109
DhanbadBranch Office558Rajganj Road P.O. KATRAS BAZAR DIST. DHANBAD828114
DhanbadBranch Office567LIC Bhawan SINDRI DIST. DHANBAD828122
DhanbadSatellite Office568C001LIC of India, CLIA SO O’ Zone Centre, Bank More Dhanbad828106
DhanbadSatellite Office558T001Naya Bazar Gomoh Topchanchi Road Po-Gomoh828401
DhanbadSatellite Office556T001JAMTARA ROAD PO/PS- NIRSA NIRSA828205
GiridihBranch Office526Near Viswanath Mandir MAKATPUR ROAD GIRIDIH815301
GiridihSatellite Office526T003G. T. Road, At/PO-Bagodar, GIRIDH DISTRICT825322
GiridihSatellite Office526T001LIC of India, Isri S.O. Near Jaishree Petrol Pump G.T. Road, Isri Bazar, Dist.Giridh825107
GiridihSatellite Office526T002LIC of India, Satellite Office Bikram Bikash Bhawan, Oppostie Dak Banglow Block Road, PO-Rajdhanwar825412
HazaribagBranch Office525Jeevan Jyoti Bhawan DIST.BOARD CHOWK HAZARIBAGH825301825301
HazaribagBranch Office4001Morris Road JULU PARK DIST. HAZARIBAGH825301
HazaribagDivisional OfficeD054Dist Board Building DIST BOARD CHOWK HAZARIBAGH825301
HazaribagSatellite Office525T002Dhanbad Road, Near Bank of India At+PO-Barhi Dist. Hazaribagh825405
HazaribagSatellite Office51GT001Chouparan SO G.T. Road, At/PO-Chouparan Dt. Hazaribagh825406
HazaribagSatellite Office525T003Hazaribagh Town SO Above Central Bank of India, Malviya Marg Jhanda Chowk, Hazaribagh, Dist. Hazaribagh825301
HazaribagSatellite Office525C001Vardan Market, Matwari Chowk, At/PO- Hazaribagh Hazaribagh District825301
KodermaBranch Office51GPatna-Ranchi Road NR.MUNICIPAL OFFICE JUMRI-TELAIYA, DT.KODARMA825409
JorhatBranch Office495K. B. Road P.O. JORHAT P.O. JORHAT785001
KodermaSatellite Office51GT002Kushwaha Sewa Samiti Beside Giridih-Koderama Rd Domchanch825418
RamgarhBranch Office519Gola Road P.O. RAMGARH CANTT. DIST. HAZARIBAGH829122
RamgarhSatellite Office519T001Near J.M. College PO-Bhurkunda Dist.Ramgarh829106
RamgarhSatellite Office519T002Gola Satellite Office Ganesh Bhawan, Main Road, Gola Dt. Ramgarh829110
RamgarhSatellite Office525T004LIC of India, Kuju SO Near State Bank of India, PO Kuju Dt. Ramgarh825316
GarhwaBranch Office55KHouse Of Sri R.K. Pandey KUTCHERY ROAD GARHWA822114
KhuntiSatellite Office55PT002K P Complex AT- Dahugti PO & PS- Khunti835210
LateharSatellite Office562T001Main Road LATEHAR829206
LohardagaSatellite Office55ET001Lohardaga Sharda Complex, Mahabir Chowk Distt.Lohardaga835302
PalamuBranch Office562Kejriwal Mansion SRINAGAR ROAD, AMTA TOLI DALTANGANJ822101
PalamuSatellite Office562T002Tiwary Complex Near Overbridge Po-Redma822102
PalamuSatellite Office562T003Near J P Chowk Chhatar pur Road Ps-Hussainabad,Po-Japla822116
West SinghbhumBranch Office55BNear Jasoda Talkies CHAIBASA WEST SINGHBHUM833201
West SinghbhumBranch Office553LIC Building MAIN ROAD, CHAKRADHARPUR WEST SINGHBHUM833102
West SinghbhumSatellite Office55BT001Central Camp, Near SBI,Tata Steel Colony Naomundi Dist.WEst Singhbhum833217
East SinghbhumBranch Office55DAiada Bhawan ADITYAPUR JAMSHEDPUR831013
East SinghbhumBranch Office552Abhilasa Building GHATSILA SINGHBHUM832303
East SinghbhumBranch Office551Jeevan Prakash BISTUPUR MAIN ROAD JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumBranch Office554Hindusthan Building BISTUPUR JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumBranch Office555Hindusthan Building BISTUPUR MAIN ROAD JAMSHEDPUR831006
East SinghbhumBranch Office584Nrabheram Chambers MAIN ROAD, BISTUPUR JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumBranch Office55GPurulia Road MANGO STATION ROAD JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumBranch Office55F503, Shanti Complex MIKHIRAM BUILDING JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumBranch Office55NLokenath Building JUGSALAI MAIN ROAD JAMSHEDPUR831012
East SinghbhumDivisional OfficeD055Jeevan Prakash MAIN ROAD, BISTUPUR JAMSHEDPUR831001
East SinghbhumP&GS UnitG802Hindustan Building, Main Road PO Bistupur, 3rd floor Jamshedpur831001
East SinghbhumSatellite Office552T001Main Road At Patpur, PO Baharagoara Dist. Singbhum832101
East SinghbhumSatellite Office551T001Chota Govindpur SO, LIC of India, Rajendra Bhawan, Chhota Govindpur Jamshedpur831015
RanchiBranch Office5007Near Mandar Police Thana P.O. MANDAN DIST. RANCHI829205
RanchiBranch Office561Saluja Building P.P. COMPOUND RANCHI834001
RanchiBranch Office560Jeevan Jyoti Building PURULIA ROAD RANCHI864001
RanchiBranch Office559Atmaram Building RADHESHYAM LANE MAIN ROAD, RANCHI834001
RanchiBranch Office55PIndira Palace MAIN ROAD, HINOO RANCHI864002
RanchiP&GS UnitG805LIC of India, P&GS Extn.Counter A.H .Complex,Opp. SFC Godown Jamia Nagar, Kadru, Ranchi834002
RanchiSatellite Office55PT001NH 33, Near SBI At/PO Bundu Dist. Ranchi835204
RanchiSatellite Office5007T001LIC of India, Satellite Office Near Railway Station At+PO,Khelari, Distt.-Ranchi829205
RanchiSatellite Office561T001Ratu Road Ranchi Distt. Ranchi834005
Seraikela KharsawanSatellite Office55GT001Main Road, Near Dak Bangla At/PO, Chandil Dist. Saraikela832401
SimdegaSatellite Office55ET0021st floor, Biru Complex Near Thana Simdega835223
Seraikela KharsawanSatellite Office553T001WARD NO-8, NEAR HAT TOLA AT & P.O.- SARAIKELA833219
DarbhangaBranch Office534Ashoka Complex RAJKUMARGANJ DARBHANGA846004
DarbhangaBranch Office53DNear Congress Office BALBHADRAPUR LAHERIASARAI846001
DarbhangaSatellite Office53DT001Manju Complex Bharath Chowk(Karhari) Benipur847103
MadhubaniBranch Office5008Red Cross Building JHANJARPUR MADHUBANI847404
MadhubaniBranch Office542Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan MADHUBANI MADHUBANI847211
MadhubaniSatellite Office542T001Opp. Shankar Cinema Hall Main Road, Jainagar Dist. Madhubani847226
MadhubaniSatellite Office542T002Opposite Watson High School Main Road At/Po-Madhubani847211
MadhubaniSatellite Office534T001Hussain Market, Cinema Road In front of Post Office SAKRI847239
MuzaffarpurBranch Office53HMotipur Branch MOTIPUR MUZAFFARPUR843111
MuzaffarpurBranch Office531Jeevan Jyoti U.S.P. MARG MUZAFFARPUR842002
MuzaffarpurBranch Office489Giridhar Complex NEAR JS PARK MUZAFFARPUR842002
MuzaffarpurBranch Office53GHotel Ambassador KALAMBAGH ROAD MUZAFFARPUR842001
MuzaffarpurBranch Office515Jeevan Prakash U.S.P. MARG MUZAFFARPUR842002
MuzaffarpurDivisional OfficeD053Jeevan Prakash UMASHANKAR PRASAD MARG MUZAFFARPUR842002
MuzaffarpurSatellite Office53GC001LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office Bhagwanpur, SBI Lane Sri Rampur, Muzaffarpur842001
MuzaffarpurSatellite Office489T001ABOVE STATE BANK OF INDIA AT-SAKRA DHOLI Dholi843105
MuzaffarpurSatellite Office531T001Saraya Satellite Office, LIC of India Shukla Shopping Complex, Rewa Road, Saraya Dt. Muzaffarpur843126
West ChamparanBranch Office53JBagha Branch BAGHA WEST CHAMPARAN845101
West ChamparanBranch Office547Station Chowk BETTIAH WEST CHAMPARAN845438
West ChamparanSatellite Office547T001LIC of India, Narkatiyaganj SO Shivganj Road, Pokhra Chowk, Narkatiyaganj Dist.West Champaran845455
East ChamparanBranch Office536Hazar Jyoti Complex BANK ROAD, CHHATAUNI MOTIHARI845401
East ChamparanBranch Office53CBikash Bhawan MAIN ROAD, RAXAUL EAST CHAMPARAN845305
East ChamparanSatellite Office536T003Anita Complex Areraj SO, Main Road, At/PO Areraj Dt. Motihari845411
East ChamparanSatellite Office536T001LIC of India, Chakia S.O. Krishna Complex Near Block Office, Barachakia Dist.845412
East ChamparanSatellite Office536T002LIC of India, Dhaka SO Bindeshwari Complex, Gandhi Chowk, Dhaka Dist.East Champaran845418
East ChamparanSatellite Office536C001LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office Basu Sri Complex, Miscott Main Rd.,Motihari, Distt-East Champaran845401
East ChamparanSatellite Office53CT001LIC of India, Sugauli SO Siswania Tola, Nr. Block House, Sugauli Dist. East Champaran845456
SheoharSatellite Office533T001Shivhar SO LIC of India At Zero Mile, PO/Dt. Shivhar843026
SitamarhiBranch Office533Near Lakhandei BRIDGE SITAMARHI843004
SitamarhiSatellite Office533T002Krishna Complex Pupri Sitamarhi843320
MuzaffarpurSatellite Office515T001K P Complex AT – Ahiyapur P.S.- Ahiyapur842002
MadhubaniSatellite Office5008T001Hospital Road At- Phulparas P.O. Phulparas847409
ArwalSatellite Office51HT001Satellite Office Arwal LIC of India Dist. Arwal804401
AurangabadBranch Office517Chandel Niwas MAHARAJGANJ ROAD AURANGABAD824101
AurangabadSatellite Office517T001Bhakurua More NEAR PETROL PUMP DAUDNAGAR800000
AurangabadSatellite Office517T002Nabinagar Satellite Office LIC of India, Station Road Nabinagar, P.O.-Nabinagar, Dist.Aurangabad824301
AurangabadSatellite Office517T003In front of Police Station At/Po-Rafiganj AURANGABAD824125
GayaBranch Office527Swarajpuri Road GAYA GAYA800000
GayaBranch Office51MSwarajpuri Road GAYA Gaya800000
GayaSatellite Office527T003Near Internation Meditation Centre Bodh-Gaya Gaya824231
GayaSatellite Office51MT001Apna Bazar (Ground Floor) Opp. Ranglal High School Sherghati (Gaya)824211
GayaSatellite Office527T002Tekari SO, LIC of India Khachyan Road, Tekari Dist. Gaya824236
GayaSatellite Office527T001Opp. Wazirganj Polic Station Wazirganj Dist. Gaya805131
JehanabadBranch Office51HCourt Area JEHANABAD Jehanabad800000
NalandaBranch Office522Station Road BIHARSHARIF BIHARSHARIF803213
NalandaBranch Office51LNear Bus Stand SHIVA HOTEL COMPLEX RAJGIR800000
NalandaSatellite Office522T002LIC of India, Satellite Office Patel Market, Patel Nagar At+PO-Hilsa Distt.Nalanda801302
NawadaBranch Office51AOpposite Bus Stand NOWADAH800000
NawadaSatellite Office51AT001Rajgir Road At & PO- Hisua Dist. Nawadah805103
PatnaBranch Office490Jeevan Deep EXHIBITION ROAD PATNA800001
PatnaBranch Office550Jeevan Prakash FRASER ROAD PATNA800001
PatnaBranch Office521Jeevan Deep EXHIBITION ROAD PATNA800001
PatnaBranch Office518Jeevan Deep EXHIBITION ROAD PATNA800001
PatnaBranch Office544Hajiganj PATNA CITY Patna800020
PatnaBranch Office51NNear Rajendra Nagar OVERBRIDGE PATNA800020
PatnaDivisional OfficeD051Jeevan Prakash MAZHARUL HAQUE PATH FRASER ROAD, PATNA800001
PatnaP&GS UnitG803Jeevan Prakash, Mazharulhaque Path PB No.135 Patna800001
PatnaSatellite Office544T001Fatuha Main Road Nohata Kothi Dist. Patna803201
PatnaSatellite Office544T002AT- Belwarganj, Gaighat NEAR FIRE BRIGADE P.O.-GULZARBAGH800007
PatnaSatellite Office522T001Main Road, Near Punjab National Bank P.S.- Mokama Distt. Patna813302
PatnaSatellite Office518T002Shyam Bihari Market Opposite Police Station Main Road,Masaourhi804452
PatnaSatellite Office518T001Sumitra Complex Near Phoolwarisharif Block Phoolwarisharif, Patna801505
PatnaSatellite Office550T001Gayatri Bhawan, Rajabazar Jagdeo Path Patna, Dist.Patna800014
PatnaSatellite Office550T002LIC Satellite Office, Sipara At/PO-Sipara Masaurhi Road, Nr. SBI,Dt. Patna812002
VaishaliBranch Office545Soni Alankar Complex GUDRI BAZAR HAJIPUR844101
VaishaliSatellite Office545T003Garaul Satellite Office LIC of India, Station Road, Garaul, Dist.Vaishali844118
VaishaliSatellite Office545T004Lalganj SO, Thana Rd. At PO-Lalganj Dt. Vishali844121
VaishaliSatellite Office545T002Mahanar Bazar Main Road at+PO – Mahanar Distt. Vaishali844506
VaishaliSatellite Office545T001Mahua Main Road MAHUA HAZIPUR844122
NawadaSatellite Office51AT002Nutan Complex, Ground Floor Thana Chowk Warsaliganj805130
BhojpurBranch Office528Mahabir Tola ARRAH ARRAH800000
BhojpurSatellite Office528C001LIC of India, CLIA SO Dharampur Sadar, Pakri Chowk, Ara Dist. Ara802301
BhojpurSatellite Office528T002Bhiya SO, LIC of India Rajabazar, Kataiya Road, Bhiya Dist. Bhojpur802152
BhojpurSatellite Office528T001Piro Piro-Bhiya Road Distt.Ara802207
BuxarBranch Office502P. P. Road BUXAR BUXAR800000
BuxarSatellite Office502T001Opposite Dumraon Block Office Station Road, Dumraon PO Dumraon, Dist.Buxar802119
GopalganjBranch Office549Chandra Gokul Road GOPALGANJ GOPALGANJ841428
GopalganjSatellite Office549T001Uma Phooldeo Bhawan Registry Kachahari Road Mirganj, Dist.Gopalganj841438
KaimurSatellite Office51KT001Sheoshankar Market Mohana Road Bhabhua Dist., Kaimur821101
KaimurSatellite Office51KT002LIC of India, Satellite Office G.T. Road, Near Punjab National Bank, Opp.Hotel Kaimur AT+PO-Mohania, Distt.Kamur821109
PatnaBranch Office513National Insurance Plot STATION ROAD PATNA800001
PatnaBranch Office51DRajpati Palace TAKAIPAR DANAPUR, PATNA800000
PatnaDivisional OfficeD503Jeevan Ganga Building 4th floor, Frazer Road Dt. Patna800001
PatnaSatellite Office51DT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Kunal Building, Bihta Chowk, Bihta Dist. Patna801103
PatnaSatellite Office513T001Patna LG Complex, Opp.Lalita Hotel West Boring Canal Rd.,Patna800023
PatnaSatellite Office513C001B.S.F.C. Building Frazer Road Patna800001
RohtasBranch Office511Thana Chowk DEHRI DEHRI800000
RohtasBranch Office51KBranch Office,Ashikpur New Area, New Area Housing Colony Sasaram821115
RohtasSatellite Office511T001Vikramganj At+PO-Vikramganj Dist.Rohtas802212
SaranBranch Office532Jeevan Bima Bhawan DAK BANGLA ROAD CHAPRA841301
SaranBranch Office5012Dak Bangla Road CHAPRA Chapra841301
SaranBranch Office53FMarhowrah Branch MARHOWRAH CHAPRA841418
SaranSatellite Office53GT001LIC of India, Dighwara SO At Chakur, National Highway 19, Ward No.5, Main Road, Dighwara Dist Saran841207
SaranSatellite Office5012T001LIC of India, Ekma SO Block Road, Ekma Dist Saran841208
SiwanBranch Office53IMaharajganj Branch MAHARAJGANJ SIWAN841238
SiwanBranch Office546Mahadeva Road SIWAN SIWAN841226
SiwanSatellite Office546T001LIC of India, Mairwa SO Opp. State Bank of India (ADB Branch), Main Road, Mairwa Dist. Siwan841239
SiwanSatellite Office546C001Siwan CLIA SO LIC of India, Sudarshan Chowk Srinagar Marwa Rd.,At PO/Dt.Siwan841226
PatnaSatellite Office51DT003Nirakhpur Chandous Road Paliganj801110
BalangirBranch Office586P.O. Bolangir DIST. BOLANGIR DIST. BOLANGIR767001
BalangirBranch Office59FLIC of India, At Sargiguda Bolangir Rd., PO-Titlagarh Dt. Bolangir767033
BalangirSatellite Office59FT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Omprakash Jhariwalia Chowk PO Kantabanji, Dist.Bolangir767039
JorhatBranch Office44GA. T. Road P.O. JORHAT P.O. JORHAT785001
BalangirSatellite Office586T002Pattnagarh SO, LIC of India At Brahampura Chowk, PO-Pattnagarh Dt. Bolangir767025
Bargarh (Baragarh)Branch Office438P.O. Bargarh DIST. BARGARH DIST. BARGARH768028
Bargarh (Baragarh)Branch Office59HP.O. Padampur DIST. BARGARH Bargarh768036
Bargarh (Baragarh)Satellite Office438T001Near Cinema Hall AT + PO Barpali Dist. Bargarh768029
Debagarh (Deogarh)Satellite Office59KT001At Rounak Plaza Gopobandhu Chowk PO+Distt.-Deogarh768108
JharsugudaBranch Office591P.O. Jharsuguda DIST. JHARSUGUDA DIST. JHARSUGUDA768202
JharsugudaSatellite Office591T001Near NAC New Buildings At+PO-Belpahar Dist.Jharsuguda768218
SambalpurBranch Office59DP.O. Burla DIST. SAMBALPUR Sambalpur768017
SambalpurBranch Office59KP.O. Kuchinda DIST. SAMBALPUR Sambalpur768222
SambalpurBranch Office5004Hansini Tower AINTHAPALI, SAMBALPUR DIST. SAMBALPUR768004
SambalpurBranch Office587Jeevan Prakash AINTHAPALI, SAMBALPUR DIST. SAMBALPUR768004
SambalpurDivisional OfficeD059Jeevan Prakash AINTHAPALI SAMBALPUR768004
SambalpurP&GS UnitG409Jeevan Prakash AINTHAPALI DIST. SAMBALPUR768004
SambalpurSatellite Office5004T001Main Road AT + PO – Rairakhol Dist. Sambalpur768106
SambalpurSatellite Office587T001AT/PO : Rengali DIST:SAMBALPUR Sambalpur768212
Subarnapur (Sonepur)Satellite Office586T003LIC of India, Dungripali SO, Shivananda Pada Main Road, Dungripali Dist.Subarnpur767023
Subarnapur (Sonepur)Satellite Office586T001Sonapur Sonepur Sonepur767017
SundargarhBranch Office5003P.O. Bonai DIST. SUNDARGARH Sundargarh770038
SundargarhBranch Office59C7 & 8 Area, Civil Township ROURKELLA DIST. SUNDARGARH769004
SundargarhBranch Office589Sector 19, Rourkela DIST. SUNDARGARH DIST. SUNDARGARH769005
SundargarhBranch Office59AP.O. Sundargarh DIST. SUNDARGARH DIST. SUNDARGARH770001
SundargarhBranch Office510Kachery Road ROURKELA DIST. SUNDARGARH769012
SundargarhSatellite Office510T001LIC of India, Satellite Office Biramitrapur Lahakothi770033
SundargarhSatellite Office59CT001Main Road At + Po-Rajgangpur Distt. Sundargarh770017
PatnaZonal OfficeZO08Jeevan Deep Building 6th Floor, Exhibition Road Patna800001
BankuraBranch Office468Acharya J.C. Vidyanidhi Road NUTAN CHATI P.O. & DT. BANKURA722122
BankuraBranch Office46CCollege Road P.O. BISHNUPUR P.O. BISHNUPUR722122
BankuraBranch Office46HP.O. Khatra DIST. BANKURA DIST. BANKURA722140
BankuraSatellite Office46CT001ViII+PO-Sonamukhi Municipality Abashik Bhawan PO-Sonamukhi Dist.-Bankura722207
BankuraSatellite Office468T001Apanjan Marriage Hall PO-Beliatole Dist. Bankura722203
BankuraSatellite Office468T002PO+PS Gangajalghati Gangajalghati Gangajalghati722133
BankuraSatellite Office46HT001H/O, Sri Nayan Ranjan Mondal PO Raipur Dt. Bankura, Asansol722134
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office463LIC Investment Building WEST END, G.T.ROAD ASANSOL713304
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office465LIC Divisional Office Building WEST END G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL713304
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office478Jeevan Prakash 2ND FLOOR WEST END, G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL713304
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46GDabar More, P.O. Rupnarayanpur Bazar Rupnarayanpur Bazar Rupnarayanpur Bazar713364
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office472LIC Building, Neheru Avenue, B.ZONE P.O. DURGAPUR713205
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office476Harekrishna Konar Sarani, CITY CENTRE P.O. DURGAPUR713216
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46NThana More P.O. KULTI DT. BURDWAN713343
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46A62/1, N. S. B. Road P.O. RANIGANJ DT. BURDWAN713347
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46DBajpayee More P.O. UKHRA DT. BURDWAN713363
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46ELIC Investment Building, West End,G.T.Road, Asansol713304
Paschim BardhamanDivisional OfficeD046Jeevan Prakash WEST END, G.T.ROAD ASANSOL713304
Paschim BardhamanP&GS UnitG401Jeevan Prakash, 1st floor West End, GT Road Asansol713304
Paschim BardhamanSatellite Office46AT001Jamuria Municipal Guest House PO-Nandi Distt.Barddhman713344
Paschim BardhamanSatellite Office463T00131/32, G.T. Road Opp. Durga Mandir Asansol713303
PuruliaSatellite Office569T002Near Bus Stand Bus Stand Road PO-Rangadih723143
PuruliaBranch Office46JP.O. Jhalda DT. PURULIA DT. PURULIA723202
PuruliaBranch Office569Red Cross Road P.O. & DT. PURULIA P.O. & DT. PURULIA723101
PuruliaBranch Office565Jeevan Jyoti Complex P.O. RAGHUNATHPUR DIST. PURULIA723133
PuruliaSatellite Office569T001At Manbazar, Teacher’s Colony Prince Road, PO-Manbazar Dt. Purulla723131
Purba BardhamanBranch Office462LIC Building, G.T.ROAD P.O. & DT. BURDWAN713101
Purba BardhamanBranch Office4021Sundaram Building, PARBIRHATA, PO SRIPALLY, DT BURDWAN,713103
Purba BardhamanBranch Office46FMunicipality Complex JALKAL MATH, NEAR POLICE LINES SRIPALLY, P.O. & DT. BURDWAN713101
Purba BardhamanBranch Office46KP.O. Gushkara DT. BURDWAN DT. BURDWAN713216
Purba BardhamanBranch Office471P.O. Kalna DIST. BURDWAN DIST. BURDWAN713304
Purba BardhamanBranch Office503Telephone Maidan P.O. KATWA DT. BURDWAN713130
Purba BardhamanBranch Office475LIC Building G.T.ROAD P.O. MEMARI, DT. BURDWAN713143
Paschim BardhamanBranch Office46LG. T. Road P.O. PANAGARH BAZAR DT. BURDWAN713143
Purba BardhamanDivisional OfficeD404Gopal Nagar Ghordoun Chati Beside Baikunthapur GP-2 PO-Shripatty, Dt.Burdwan713103
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office503T001Municipality Market Complex Kalina Katwa Road Opp.Police Phari, Dainhat, Dt.Burdwan713502
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office475T001Vill. Jamalpur”Pool Matha” PO-Jamalpur Dist. Burdwan713408
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office471T001H/O Sri Chanchal Chatterjee PO Manteswar Dt. Burdwan, Asansol713145
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office46FT001At Sheara Bazar, PO-Sheara Bazar Dt. Burdwan Dt. Burdwan713423
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office462T002NEAR ELECTRICTY OFFICE NH-2 PO: GALSI713406
Paschim BardhamanSatellite Office503T002LIC Kandra SO Near Kandra JM High School PO&VILL-Kandra713129
BirbhumBranch Office474Near Jambuni Bus Stand P.O. BOLPUR DIST. BIRBHUM713101
BirbhumBranch Office46B4, Express Highway BHARSALAPARA, P.O. RAMPURHAT DT. BIRBHUM731224
BirbhumBranch Office46MLowtore Road P.O. SAINTHIA DT. BIRBHUM731234
BirbhumBranch Office461Tagore Road P.O. SURI DT. BIRBHUM731101
BirbhumSatellite Office461T001Indira Gandhi Market Complex Opp Dubrajpur Municipality PO-Dubrajpur, Dt.Birbhum731123
BirbhumSatellite Office474T001H/O Sri Anand Saha PO Ilambazar Dt. Birbhum, Asansol731214
BirbhumSatellite Office474T002Suri-Katwa Rd. Kirnahar Bazar(E) PO-Kirnahar Dist.-Birbhum731302
BirbhumSatellite Office46BT001Market Complex Building Netaji Bose Road PO-Nalhati, Dist. Birbhum731220
NadiaSatellite Office462T001Karimpur Bus Stand PO- Karimpur Dist. Nadia741152
BarpetaBranch Office574Metua Kuchi, JANIA ROAD ASSAM781301
BarpetaBranch Office48KNear Public Motor Stand P.O. BARPETA ROAD ASSAM781315
BarpetaBranch Office4009P.O. Pathsala DIST. BARPETA ASSAM781325
BongaigaonBranch Office500Bongaigaon Branch RANA BHAWAN, MAIN ROAD BONGAIGAON783380
BongaigaonDivisional OfficeD401Jeevan Prakash BARPARA, MAIN ROAD BONGAIGAON783380
BongaigaonSatellite Office500T001Abhayapuri Main Road adjacent To UBI Bongaigaon783390
ChirangBranch Office48RMain Bazar, P.O. Bijni P.O. Bijni783390
DhubriBranch Office48NJ. P. Road, P.O. BILASIPARA, DHUBRI783348
DhubriBranch Office485Prova Villa T.R.PHUKAN ROAD DHUBRI783301
DhubriSatellite Office48NT001Infront of Chapar Hospital, N.H.31 PO-Chapar BILASIPARA783371
GoalparaBranch Office48DAgia Road, Baladmari, P.O. & DT. GOALPARA ASSAM783101
KokrajharBranch Office4007P.O. Gossaigaon DIST. KOKRAJHAR DIST. KOKRAJHAR783360
KokrajharBranch Office420Bazar Road, P.O. & DIST. KOKRAJHAR P.O. & DIST. KOKRAJHAR783370
GoalparaBranch Office48PDamra Road P.O. DUDHNOI GOALPARA783124
West Garo hillsBranch Office48AP.O. Tura DIST. WEST GARO HILLS, MEGHALAYA794001
BaksaSatellite Office482T001National Highway No.31 In front of Barama Girls High School Assam781346
DarrangBranch Office573L.N.B. Road Mangaldoi Mangaldoi784105
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office592Ganeshguri Chariali G.S.Road GUWAHATI781005
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office437Jeevan Prakash 1ST FLOOR, S.S. ROAD FANCY BAZAR781001
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office481Jeevan Deep Building PANBAZAR GUWAHATI781001
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office548Laxmi Service Complex SILPUKHURI GUWAHATI781003
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office570Jeevan Prakash 2ND FLOOR,S.S. ROAD GUWAHATI781001
Kamrup MetropolitanBranch Office48CMaligaon Chariali P.O. MALIGAON GUWAHATI781011
Kamrup MetropolitanDivisional OfficeD048Jeevan Prakash S.S.ROAD GUWAHATI781001
Kamrup MetropolitanP&GS UnitG404Jeevan Prakash, S.S. Road 5th floor, Fancy Bazar Guwahati781001
Kamrup MetropolitanSatellite Office548T001Narangi Tiniali Near Uco Bank PO Bamuni Maidan781021
Kamrup MetropolitanSatellite Office592T001LIC of India Bashistha Chaiali, PO Dishpur Guwahati DO781005
Kamrup MetropolitanSatellite Office570T001Lalganesh SO 2nd floor, Maa Urba Bibaha Bhawan Lalganesh, Guwahati781034
KamrupBranch Office4011P.O. Hajo DIST. KAMRUP DIST. KAMRUP781001
KamrupBranch Office48HOpposite ASTC Bus Stand P.O. MIRZA KAMRUP781125
KamrupBranch Office48EAssam Import Building P.O. RANGIA P.O. RANGIA781354
KamrupSatellite Office48ET001Near STC Bus Stand PO-Baihata Chariali Dist.Kamrup786610
West Karbi AnglongBranch Office48FAtma Singh Building, P.O. DIPHU, KARBI ANGLONG782415
MorigaonSatellite Office48JT001Shiv Mandir Road PO-Jagi Road Dt. Morigaon786610
NagaonBranch Office48JP.O. & Dist. Morigaon Morigaon Morigaon782105
HojaiBranch Office571Main Road HOJAI NAGAON782415
NagaonBranch Office488A.T. Road DIST. NAGAON DIST. NAGAON782001
NagaonSatellite Office488T002Dhing SO, Dhing Morabari Road, PO-Dhing, Dist.Nagaon PO-Dhing, Dist.Nagaon782123
HojaiSatellite Office571T001Lumding College Road PO- Lumding Dist.Nagaion782447
NagaonSatellite Office488T001A.T. Road DIST. NAGAON DIST. NAGAON782001
NalbariBranch Office482L. N. Road DIST. NALBARI DIST. NALBARI781335
BishwanathBranch Office48GPabhoi Road P.O. BISWANATH CHARIALI SONITPUR784176
SonitpurBranch Office48MDhekiajuli DIST. SONITPUR DIST. SONITPUR784110
SonitpurBranch Office487Tribeni Cinema Commercial Building P.O. TEZPUR DIST. SONITPUR784001
SonitpurSatellite Office487T001Rangapara G and B Road Rangapara Dist. Sonitpur784505
UdalguriSatellite Office573T001MB Road, Tangla Dt. Udalguri Dt. Udalguri784521
UdalguriSatellite Office573T002PO-Udalguri, Dt.Udalguri (B.T.A.D.) PS-Udalguri PS-Udalguri784509
East Khasi HillsBranch Office483Jeevan Jyoti Building P.O. DHANKHETI SHILONG793001
West Jaintia HillsBranch Office48LMosalyngat Ladthalaboh OLD S.P.OFFICE JOWAI793150
Ri BhoiSatellite Office483T001Opp.Nangpoh Fire Station, N.H. 40 Meghalaya Dist.Ribhoi793102
HowrahBranch Office43JJayanti Bhawan COLLEGE ROAD KHATORE, BAGNAN711303
HowrahBranch Office43BSarkar Bhawan, SOUTH JHAPOREDAH, P.O. + P.S DOMJUR711405
HowrahBranch Office441506, G.T. Road(S) HOWRAH HOWRAH711101
HowrahBranch Office442Madhusudhan Apartment 3RD FLOOR P-18, DOBSON LANE, HOWRAH711101
HowrahBranch Office43E27/3, G.T. Road (S) HOWRAH HOWRAH711101
HowrahBranch Office578Narandra Cinema Compound P.O. JADUBERIA DIST. HOWRAH711315
HowrahSatellite Office578T001Milan Mandir, 2nd floor VII-Saraiala, Jotkalyan, PO&PS-Amta Dt. Howrah711401
HowrahSatellite Office442T001235, G.T. Road Belur Bazar, Belur Math Dt. Howrah711202
HowrahSatellite Office43BT001Prof.N De House PO-Andul Mauri Andul Bazar(nr.Rajbari),Dist.Howrah711302
HowrahSatellite Office43JT001VII & PO-Govidapur, PO-Shyampur Dt. Howrah Dt. Howrah711312
HowrahSatellite Office578T002Udaynarayanpur, VIII-Belgram PO-Shingti-Shibpur Dist. Howrah711226
HooghlySatellite Office443T002LIC Triveni Bazar SO BC Mitra Super Market PO-Triveni712503
HowrahSatellite Office43BT002Krishnakuja SHANKARHATI MUNSHIRHAT711410
HooghlyBranch Office449Gourhati More P.O. ARAMBAGH HOOGHLY712601
HooghlyBranch Office4439, Jnanendra Choudhury Road P.O. CHINSURAH HOOGHLY712101
HooghlyBranch Office43CP.O. Jangipara HOOGHLY HOOGHLY712404
HooghlyBranch Office43HSantoshila Market (2nd FL.) NEAR SASHIBHUSHAN SAHA HIGH SCHOOL G.T.ROAD, PANDUA712149
HooghlyBranch Office444Shahid Gopinath Saha Smriti Super Lane, 1st floor, N.S> Avenue, P.O- SERAMPORE,712201
HooghlyBranch Office4019Satmandirtala (BESIDE SINGUR CLUB) P.O.SINGUR, DIST.HOOGHLY712409
HooghlyBranch Office579Post Office Road P.O. TARAKESWAR DIST. HOOGHLY712410
HooghlyBranch Office43GRaja Pyari Mohan Road P.O. UTTARPARA DIST. HOOGHLY712258
HooghlySatellite Office443T001Sreeniketan Apartment, COURT MORE, P.O. CHANDANNAGORE712101
HooghlySatellite Office43CT001Grihalasmi Bhawan PO-Chanditala Hooghly712702
HooghlySatellite Office449T001Nr. BDO Office, Goghat,Block-2 VIII-Madhubati, PO-Sripur Hooghly712612
HooghlySatellite Office579T001Central Bus Stand VIII, somaspur, PO Dhaniakhali Hooghly712302
HooghlySatellite Office4019T001Haripal SO, VIII-Haripal, Station Bazar PO Khamar Chandi Dt. Hooghly712409
HooghlySatellite Office43GT001146/A/1 GT Road West PO & PS-Konnagar Dt. Hooghly712235
HooghlySatellite Office43HT001Vill-Mogra, G.T. Road, PO & PS Mogra Dist.Hooghly712148
HooghlySatellite Office449T002Vill-Routara, Cinema Tala, PO- Saidpur, PS-Parsura Dt. Hooghly712415
KolkataDivisional OfficeD043Rallis Building 16, HARE STREET KOLKATA700001
East SikkimBranch Office508M.G. Road NEAR STAR CINEMA GANGTOK, SIKKIM737101
South SikkimSatellite Office508T001Lane-III, Jorthang Bazar West Sikkim Sikkim737121
Dakshin DinajpurBranch Office599P.O. Balurghat West Bengal West Bengal733101
Dakshin DinajpurSatellite Office599T001Kaporhut Building Dakshin Dinjapur Dakshin Dinjapur733124
Dakshin DinajpurSatellite Office599T002PO+Vill. Gopalganjam PS-Kumarganj Dist. D-Dinajpur733141
DarjeelingBranch Office4004Sukanta Pally P.O. BAGDOGRA DIST. DARJEELING734422
DarjeelingBranch Office454Sai Shree 4C, CHOWRASTHA H.D.LAMA ROAD, P.O.&DIST. DARJEELING734101
DarjeelingBranch Office453Jeevan Deep, Guru Nanak Sarani P.O. SILIGURI DIST. DARJEELING734401
DarjeelingBranch Office4005Jeevan Deep, Guru Nanak Sarani P.O. PRADHAN NAGAR DIST. DARJEELING734403
DarjeelingBranch Office45AP.O. Siliguri DIST. DARJEELING DIST. DARJEELING734401
DarjeelingBranch Office45EStation Feeder Road P.O. SILIGURI DIST.DARJEELING734405
KalimpongSatellite Office454T001Ganga Building, 1st floor Sahid D.B. Giri Road PO-Kalimpong, Dist- Kalimpong West Bengal734301
JalpaiguriSatellite Office45GT002DURGA BARI MORE DEBINAGAR P.O.MAYNAGURI735224
AlipurduarBranch Office459New Town P.O. ALIPURDUAR Dist – Alipurduar West Bengal735101
JalpaiguriBranch Office479P.O. Birpara DIST. JALPAIGURI DIST. JALPAIGURI735204
JalpaiguriBranch Office45BMadari Road P.O. FALAKATA DIST. JALPAIGURI735211
JalpaiguriBranch Office451Shanti Para, P.O.&DIST. JALPAIGURI DIST. JALPAIGURI735101
JalpaiguriBranch Office45GKadamtala P.O. & DIST.JALPAIGURI DIST. JALPAIGURI735101
JalpaiguriBranch Office452P.O. Mal, DIST. JALPAIGURI DIST. JALPAIGURI725221
JalpaiguriDivisional OfficeD045Jeevan Prakash POST BOX 71 P.O.&DIST. JALPAIGURI735101
JalpaiguriP&GS UnitG405Jeevan Prakash, Post Box No.71 PO & Dst. Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri, Shantipara735101
AlipurduarSatellite Office459T001Barobhisha Alipurduar Dist – Alipurduar West Bengal736207
JalpaiguriSatellite Office453T001SBI Building PO Dhupgiri Dist. Jalpaiguri735210
JalpaiguriSatellite Office459T002Sahu Steel, N.S. Road Jaigaon Jalpaiguri736182
Cooch BeharSatellite Office45GT001Prantik Bhavan PO- Haldibari West Bengal735122
Cooch BeharBranch Office455P.V.N.N. Road P.O. & DIST. COOCHBEHAR West Bengal736101
Cooch BeharBranch Office506Gopal Nagar Road, P.O. Dinhata DIST. COOCHBEHAR West Bengal736135
Cooch BeharBranch Office456P.O. Mathabhanga DIST. COOCHBEHAR West Bengal736146
Cooch BeharSatellite Office456T001Sitalkuchi SO, LIC of India Coochebehar736158
Cooch BeharSatellite Office455T001Main Road, New Town, Ward No.12 PS-Toofanganj Dist.Coochbehar736159
MaldahBranch Office45DP.O. Chanchal DIST. MALDA West Bengal723123
MaldahBranch Office457Niharika RAJMAHAL ROAD P.O. & DIST. MALDA732101
MaldahBranch Office45FR.K. Pally, N.H.34, P.O. & DIST. MALDA732101
MaldahSatellite Office457C001C/o Pralay Kumar Das Fulbari Manash Kamana Road PO+Dist.Malda732101
MaldahSatellite Office45FT001Cooperative Building Malda Dist.Malda732124
MaldahSatellite Office457T001Niharika RAJMAHAL ROAD P.O. & DIST. MALDA732101
MaldahSatellite Office457T002Indira More, Pakuahat Maldah Maldah732138
MaldahSatellite Office45DT001Ratua SO, LIC of India Malda732205
Uttar DinajpurBranch Office45CP.O. Islampour DIST. UTTAR DINAJPUR UTTAR DINAJPUR733202
Uttar DinajpurBranch Office45HKaliaganj Co-Operative Building P.O. KALIAGANJ DIST. UTTAR DINAJPUR733129
Uttar DinajpurBranch Office458Super Market Building P.O. RAIGANJ DIST. UTTAR DINAJPUR733134
Uttar DinajpurSatellite Office45BT001SO, LIC of India Super Market Dalkhola733201
Uttar DinajpurSatellite Office45CT001NH-31, Panjipara SO, LIC of India Urrar Dinajpur732205
SiangBranch Office4002Near Pasighat Bus Stand P.O. PASIGHAT791102
Papum PareBranch Office516P.O. Nahariagun Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh791110
Papum PareSatellite Office516T001LIC of India, Ganga Satellite Office T.M. Building, Ganga Market PO-R.K. Mission, Pepum Pare District791113
DhemajiBranch Office44DNH-32, P.O. Dhemaji Dhemaji Dhemaji787057
DibrugarhBranch Office491R. K. Bordoloi P.O. DIBRUGARH P.O. DIBRUGARH786001
DibrugarhBranch Office44AMoranhat Moranhat Moranhat785670
DibrugarhBranch Office44BBuragohain Mansion MAIN ROAD NAHARKATIA786610
DibrugarhSatellite Office44BT001PO, Duliajan Near Gagui Market Dibrugarh786610
GolaghatBranch Office44FNH-37, P.O. Bokakhat Bokakhat Bokakhat782612
GolaghatBranch Office494K. C. Goswami Road P.O. GOLAGHAT P.O. GOLAGHAT785621
GolaghatSatellite Office494T002Tirupati Market, Ward No.7 PHCG Path Dergaon, Dt. Golaghat785614
GolaghatSatellite Office494T001Sarupathar SO Sarupather PO Dist. Golaghat785601
JorhatBranch Office44EDhodar Ali P.O. TITABAR P.O. TITABAR785630
JorhatDivisional OfficeD044Jeevan Prakash GARALI, P.O. RAJABARI JORHAT785014
JorhatP&GS UnitG407Jeevan Prakash, Garali Rajabari PO Jorhat785014
MajuliSatellite Office495T001Majuli, Garamur PO Garamur Dt. Jorhat785104
LakhimpurBranch Office486N. T. Road HANUMAN MANDIR P.O. NORTH LAKHIMPUR787001
LakhimpurSatellite Office486T001Bihupuria Town, Ward no.3, Badoti road PO-Bihupuia, Dist.N.Lakshimpur784161
SivasagarBranch Office572Dolmukh, Chariali BABUPATTI P.O. SIVSAGAR785640
SivasagarBranch Office4016Borahi Chariali P.O. SONARI P.O. SONARI785690
SivasagarSatellite Office572T001Near College Tiniali Ward No.X, Nazira Town Dist.Sivsagar785685
TinsukiaBranch Office493Jasada Cinema Road P.O. DIGBOI P.O. DIGBOI786171
TinsukiaBranch Office44CA. J. Road P.O. DOOM DOOMA P.O. DOOM DOOMA786151
TinsukiaBranch Office492D.M. Mansion G.N.B.ROAD P.O. TINSUKIA786125
TinsukiaSatellite Office493T001Rajdeep Market Complex Thana Road, Segunbari, Margherita PO-Margherita, Dt. Tinsukhia786181
DimapurBranch Office595Circular Road P.O. DIMAPUR P.O. DIMAPUR797112
KohimaBranch Office520Kohima Kohima Kohima797001
MokokchungBranch Office48BHospital Road P.O. MOKOKCHUNG P.O. MOKOKCHUNG798601
Paschim MedinipurBranch Office4012P.O. Garhbeta DIST. MIDNAPORE(WEST DIST. MIDNAPORE(WEST721127
Paschim MedinipurBranch Office473P.O. Ghatal DIST. MIDNAPORE(W) DIST. MIDNAPORE(W)721212
JhargramBranch Office43DRaghunathpur P.O. JHARGRAM Dist – Jhargram West Bengal721507
Paschim MedinipurBranch Office43IMalancha Road NEAR LAL BANGLOW P.O. NIMPURA, KHARAGPUR721304
Paschim MedinipurBranch Office466Barapathar Cantt P.O. & DIST. MIDNAPORE(W) P.O. & DIST. MIDNAPORE(W)721101
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office466T001Vill. +PO -Gholai P.S.-BALICHAK At&PO-BaliChak721124
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office43DT001Gopiballavpur PO-Gopiballavpur Dt. Paschim Medinipur721506
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office594T002Mangaliki, Kaushallaya More District Midnapore (W) District Midnapore (W)721124
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office466T002Keshpur Gram Panchayat Building VILLAGE & POST KESHPUR W MEDINIPUR DISTRICT721150
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office473T001Daspur Bazar Thatal Panskura Road Pachim Midnapur721221
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office594T001Pachhan Apartment, Belda Post – Belda Dt-Paschim Medinipur721421
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office473T002Vill. + PO -Jara C/o Sri Ajit Kr.Chowdhury, Halder Dighi PO-Khirpai, Dt. Midnapur(W)721232
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office43FT002AT Sanghati Bipani PO-Mohanpur Dist.Paschim Medinipur721436
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office467T004AT-HERIA P.O.-HERIA PS – KHEJURI721430
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office467T003Near Nandigram Sitananda College At PO Nandigram At PO Nandigram721631
Purba MedinipurBranch Office467Manohar Chak P.O. CONTAI DIST. MIDNAPORE721404
Purba MedinipurBranch Office43FHowrah-Bhagabanpur Road P.O. EGRA DIST. MIDNAPORE721127
Purba MedinipurBranch Office43AJeevan Jyoti Building BASUDEBPUR, P.O. KHANJANCHAK MIDNAPORE(E)721602
Purba MedinipurBranch Office594Kusum Apartment O.T.ROAD, INDA P.O. KHARAGPUR, DIST. MIDNAPORE721305
Purba MedinipurBranch Office469Padumbasan P.O.TAMLUK DIST.MIDNAPORE721636
Paschim MedinipurDivisional OfficeD403Malancha Road Neempura Kharagpur721304
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office467T002LIC Ramnagar SO PO+PS-Ramnagar Dist. East Midnapur721421
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office469T002ViII-Bahargram PO+PS-Panskura Dist.East Midnapur721139
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office43AT001Mahishadal, PO+PS-Mahishadal Dt. Purba Medinipur Dt. Purba Medinipur721628
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office43FT001PO-Monglamaro Dt-Purba Medinipur Dt-Purba Medinipur721634
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office467T001Vill. +PO Mathchandipur P.O. CONTAI DIST. MIDNAPORE721659
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office469T001Hotel Golap, Shantipur PO MECHEDA721137
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office469T003VIII-Anandapur PO+PS -Moina Dist.-East Midnapur721629
Purba MedinipurSatellite Office43AT002Khejurberia Nandakumar Purba Medinipur721632
KolkataBranch Office41I30D, Harmohan Ghosh Lane KOLKATA KOLKATA700085
KolkataBranch Office41L9, Brabourne Road BOMBAY MUTUAL BLDG. 5TH FLOOR, KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office4127, Council House Street KOLKATA KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office4137, Council House Street KOLKATA KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office41464, G.C. Avenue KOLKATA KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office41622, C.R. Avenue, KOLKATA KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office41714, Madan Street KOLKATA KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office418LIC of India 1&3 Brabourne Road Kolkata-1700001
KolkataBranch Office419Rallis Building 16, HARE STREET KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office421131/A, B.B. Ganguly Street KOLKATA KOLKATA700012
KolkataBranch Office42229, N. S. Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700001
KolkataBranch Office423LIC of India 1&3 Brabourne Road Kolkata-1700001
KolkataBranch Office42815, C.R. Avenue KOLKATA KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office440Hindusthan Building 4,C.RAVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office540H.B. Annexe 4,C.R.AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office576H.B. Annexe 4,C.R.AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office577H.B. Annexe 4,C.R.AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office41H102, Aurobinda Saranhi 4TH FLOOR KOLKATA700004
KolkataBranch Office41N63A, College Street 1ST FLOOR KOLKATA700073
KolkataBranch Office41SH.B. Annexe 4,C.R.AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office41TOriental Building Dr. S P Sarani Kolkata700001
KolkataBranch Office41UH.B. Annexe 4,C.R.AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataBranch Office415Ilaco House 1&3, BRABOURNE ROAD KOLKATA700001
KolkataDivisional OfficeD041Jeevan Prakash 16, C. R. AVENUE KOLKATA700072
KolkataP&GS UnitG402Jeevan Prakash, Kolkata Metro DO 1 16, Chittaranjan Avenue Kolkata700007
KolkataSatellite Office41HT001SO Five Point Crossing 14A&B, Mahendra Bose Lane Shyam Bazar, Kolkata700067
KolkataSatellite Office415T001Ilaco House 1&3, BRABOURNE ROAD KOLKATA700001
KolkataSatellite Office422T00129, N.S. Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700001
KolkataSatellite Office421T001Sealdah SO, LIC of India 213A,B.B. Ganguly Street Kolkata700012
KolkataBranch Office41G6/1, Ramesh Mitra Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700025
KolkataBranch Office41JGariahat Market Complex, 2nd floor, 212, Rash Behari Avenue, KOLKATA kolkata700019
KolkataBranch Office41EGariahat Market Complex, 2nd floor, 212, Rash Behari Avenue, KOLKATA kolkata700019
KolkataBranch Office42523A/44X, Diamond Harbour Road 1st Floor, Jeevan Tara KOLKATA700053
KolkataBranch Office426Jeevan Jyoti 47, ASHUTOSH MUKHERJEE ROAD KOLKLATA700025
KolkataBranch Office450Queens’ Mansion RUSSEL STREET KOLKATA700071
KolkataBranch Office505Queens’ Mansion 12, RUSSEL STREET KOLKATA700071
KolkataBranch Office41D620, Diamond Harbour Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700034
KolkataBranch Office41K2nd & 3rd Floor, Park Circus 36,Syed Amir Ali Avenue, KOLKATA700017
KolkataBranch Office41QJeevan Sudha 5TH FLOOR 42/C, CHOWRINGHEE ROAD, KOLKATA700071
KolkataBranch Office41R1/1, Flight LT. Tapan Chowdhury Avenue Rabindra Sarovar, KOLKATA700026
KolkataBranch Office41FDhanasree Tower Kidderpore KOLKATA700023
KolkataDivisional OfficeD402Jeevan Tara, Taratala, 23A/44X, DIAMOND HARBOUR ROAD KOLKATA700053
KolkataSatellite Office400T0011st Floor, OM Realty, 95, East Balia, Garia Station Road Kolkata700084
KolkataSatellite Office41ET001170,Santipally, 2nd floor Kasba Kolkata700107
KolkataSatellite Office426T001Bashundhara, Gr.floor 25B, QUEEN’S MANSION, GATE NO 3 12 PARK STREET, KOLKATA – 700071700071
KolkataSatellite Office41FT001R6A Garden Reach Road 1st Floor, PS-Metiabruz Kolkata700024
KolkataSatellite Office425T00141, ANSC Bose Road 227, NSC Bose Road Kolkata700047
South 24 ParganasBranch Office41APadma Pukur KULPI ROAD BARUIPUR, 24-PGS(S)700144
South 24 ParganasBranch Office41MAmtala Hat P.O. KANYANAGAR AMTALA, 24-pGS(S)743337
South 24 ParganasBranch Office4398/2, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Road BUDGE BUDGE 24 PGS(S)700137
South 24 ParganasBranch Office41PP.O Canning Town 24 PGS(S) KOLKATA743329
South 24 ParganasBranch Office427Diamond Harbour 24-PGS(S) KOLKATA743331
South 24 ParganasBranch Office40027G, Raja S.C. Mallick Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700032
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office427T002Bijayganj Bazar PO-Bijoyganj PS – Mandirbazar Dist.24 PGS (S)743343
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office41MT001PO-Fatehpur Dist. South 24 Parganas Fatehpur743513
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office41AT003VII-Ghatakpukur, PO-Bhangar Govindapur Dt.24 Parganas(South)743502
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office41AT001C/o Baruipur Branch Office JOYNAGAR MOZILPUR JOYNAGAR, Dist – 24PGS(SOUTH)743337
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office427T001C/o Diamond Harbour BO PO+PS KAKDWIP 24-PGS(S)743347
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office439T001Anandniketan Budge Budge Trunk Road Bata More, Mahestala,Kolkata700141
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office41AT004Village + PO Raidighi PS – Raidighi Dist.24 PGS (S)743383
South 24 ParganasSatellite Office41AT002Sushila Shopping Complex Sonarpur More (auto stand) Sonarpur Stn.Rd.,PO-Sonarpur,Kolkata700150
North 24 ParganasBranch Office41C17, Barasat Road, P.O. SODEPUR 24-PGS(N)743178
North and Middle AndamanSatellite Office429T001Danapur Junction Mayabandar North & Middle Andaman744204
South AndamanBranch Office429Gandhi Nagar PORT BLAIR A&N Island744101
MurshidabadBranch Office446Krishna Nath Road BERHAMPORE MURSHIDABAD742101
MurshidabadBranch Office42GP.O. Islampur DIST MURSHIDABAD MURSHIDABAD742304
MurshidabadBranch Office42EFultala P.O. JIAGANJ MURSHIDABAD742123
MurshidabadBranch Office42CNutanhat KANDI THANA,P.O. KANDI MURSHIDABAD742137
MurshidabadBranch Office447Mackenzie Park Road P.O. RAGHUNATHGANJ P.O. RAGHUNATHGANJ742225
MurshidabadSatellite Office446T002Kalibari Road In front of Madhipur Colony Post Off. PO-Berhampore, Dt.Murshidabad742101
MurshidabadSatellite Office446T001Beldanga Station Road Municipal Market Complex PO-Beldanga, Dist.Murshidabad742133
MurshidabadSatellite Office447T001PO-Nabarun, NTPC More Farakka Dist.Murshidabad742236
MurshidabadSatellite Office42CT001Ground Floor, Rangoli Market College More, PO-Solar Dt.Murshidabad742401
NadiaBranch Office436Jeevan Jyoti, Central Park B BLOCK,P.O. KALYANI, NADIA711235
NadiaBranch Office4455/1A, D.L. Roy Road P.O. KRISHNAGAR NADIA741101
NadiaBranch Office42FPadia Market Building R.N.TAGORE ROAD P.O. KRISHNAGAR741101
NadiaBranch Office4015Mahanam Math Building PORAMATALA ROAD, SRIDHAM P.O. NABADWIP, NADIA741302
NadiaBranch Office42ACommercial Complex RANAGHAT MUNICIPALITY RANAGHAT741201
NadiaSatellite Office42FT001House of Deepak Dutta Thana Road, Ground Floor PO Bethuadahari, Dist.Nadia741126
NadiaSatellite Office436T001Suprabhat Sadhan, Lal Pur, Benagram PO-Chakdaha Dist. Nadia741222
NadiaSatellite Office42AT001Jeevan Deep Bldg. 5/E/3, Fulia Township PO-Fulia Colony, Dist. Nadia741402
NadiaSatellite Office445T001Burdwan-Katwa Road PO-Bhatar Dist. Burdwan713125
NadiaSatellite Office445T002Ground Floor, High School Para PO-Tehatta Dt. Nadia741160
North 24 ParganasBranch Office43041, Bhaga Jatin Road BARANAGAR KOLKATA700036
North 24 ParganasBranch Office42H46/1/C, B.T. Road KOLKATA KOLKATA700002
North 24 ParganasBranch Office48412A, Jessore Road DAK BUNGLOW MORE BARASAT743201
North 24 ParganasBranch Office431Saheed Mangal Pandey Sarani, BARRACKPORE, KOLKATA700120
North 24 ParganasBranch Office432Sarat Biswas Road, KACHARIPARA ROAD BASIRHAT743411
North 24 ParganasBranch Office42BRamnagar Road, (BEHIND SBI) P.O. BONGAON, West Bengal743235
North 24 ParganasBranch Office433Parilal Marketing Complex JIRAT ROAD HABRA743623
North 24 ParganasBranch Office4017CF-163, Sector-1 SALT LAKE KOLKATA700064
North 24 ParganasBranch Office41BCF-335, Salt Lake City SALT LAKE BR.OFFICE West Bengal700064
North 24 ParganasBranch Office42D18/1, Manujendra Dutta Road Dum Dum Branch Office Kolkata700028
North 24 ParganasBranch Office424342, Jessore Road KOLKATA West Bengal700089
North 24 ParganasBranch Office43548, Arabinda Road P.O. NAIHATI DIST. 24-PGS.(N)743165
KarnalDivisional OfficeD017489 MODEL TOWN KARNAL132001
North 24 ParganasDivisional OfficeD042Jeevan Prabha DD-5, SECTOR-1,SALT LAKE CITY KOLKATA700064
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office433T001C/o, Matri Hardware Kanchua, Ashoknagar Dist.24, Parganas(N)743222
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office484C001Dream Apartment, 1st floor Ward No.25, KNC Road PO-Barasat, Kolkata700124
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office484T001New Market, PO+VILL-DEBALAYA, PS-DEGANGA,743424
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office42BT001Rajarshi Complex HELENCHA BAZAR BAGDAH ROAD743270
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office432T002Vill+PO Hansnabad PS Hasnabad Distt-North 24 Parganas743426
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office41CT00169,BT Road Near Panihati Play Ground Top of BL/LRO Office, Kolkata700114
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office484T002Purbhasha, Laboni Building Near Barrackpore Bus Stop Jessore Rd.,Madhyamgram,Dist.24 Parganas700129
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office424T001Sri Krishnan Bhavan, 3rd floor Rajarhat Jomata Post Office 24 Parganas North700135
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office435T00123 NO. Rail Gate, FEEDER ROAD, SHYAMNAGAR743127
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office432T001C/o Muzibar Rahaman Vill & PO-Gokulpur,PS Swarupnagar Dist 24 Parganas(North)799205
NadiaSatellite Office436T002PO-SIMHAT JAGULI JAGULI741249
CacharBranch Office498Club Road SILCHAR SILCHAR788001
CacharBranch Office4008Hailakandi Road SILCHAR SILCHAR788005
CacharDivisional OfficeD049Jeevan Prakash MEHERPUR P.B. NO. 54, SILCHAR788015
CacharP&GS UnitG410Jeevan Prakash, 1st floor Meherpur Silchar, Cachar788015
CacharSatellite Office4008T001Hospital Road, PO-Sonai Mukh Dt. Cachar Assam788119
Dima HasaoBranch Office49CJ.B. Road HAFLONG N.C.HILLS788816
HailakandiBranch Office49ARabindra Sarani HAILAKANDI HAILAKANDI788151
KarimganjBranch Office497Main Road KARIMGANJ ASSAM788710
KarimganjSatellite Office497T001Haque Mansion Ward No-1, Badarpur Town Dist-Karimganj788806
BishnupurSatellite Office49BT001LIC of India, Bishen Pur Bazar P.O.+Dt.Bishenpur Bishenpur District795126
KakchingSatellite Office49DT001Phaicham Veng MOREH WARD NO – 3 PO & PS – MOREH795131
ChurachandpurBranch Office49BTiddim Road CHURACHANDPUR MANIPUR795128
Imphal WestBranch Office496Khoyathong Road IMPHAL MANIPUR795001
Imphal WestBranch Office49FB.T. Road IMPHAL MANIPUR795001
KakchingBranch Office49DKakching Bazar KAKCHING MANIPUR795103
AizawlBranch Office590Chandmary P.O. AIZAWAL P.O. AIZAWAL790007
DhalaiSatellite Office580T001C/o, Dholai Guest House Chandri Para, Ambasa Dist. Dholai799289
North TripuraBranch Office580Rajbari DHARAMANAGAR TRIPURA799250
North TripuraSatellite Office580T002Kailasahar SO, LIC of India Govindapur, PO-Kailasahar Tripura (North)799277
UnokotiSatellite Office580T003Kumarghat SO, LIC of India Main Road, PO-Kumarghat Dist – Unakoti, Tripura (North)799264
South TripuraBranch Office575Hospital Road P.O.-RADHAKISHOREPUR UDAIPUR,TRIPURA799120
South TripuraSatellite Office575T002Belonia SO, LIC of India Nagar Panchayat Shopping Complex Dakshapan, Arya Colony, Belonia799155
South TripuraSatellite Office575T001Santir Bazar SO, C/o Sri Dinabandhu Baidya Kalyani Complex Agartala Sabroom Road, PO Santir Bazar,Tripura (South)799144
West TripuraBranch Office499Paradise Chowuhini Agartata TRIPURA(W) TRIPURA(W)799001
West TripuraBranch Office49EThakur Pally Road KRISHNANAGAR AGARTALA, TRIPURA(W)799001
SepahijalaSatellite Office49ET002Bishalgarh SO, VIII- Raghunathpur Boxanagar Road PO-Bishalgarh, Dist – Sepahijala, Tripura (West)799102
West TripuraSatellite Office499T003GB Bazar SO, Ramkrishna Pally, GB Bazar 79 Tilla, PO-Kunjaban Agartala, Tripura (W)799006
West TripuraSatellite Office499T002Jirania SO, Jirania Bazar, PO-Birendranagar AA Road Tripura (West)799045
West TripuraSatellite Office49ET003Melagarh SO, 1st floor, Nagendra Market PO- Melagarh, Tripura Tripura (West)799115
West TripuraSatellite Office49ET004Ranir Bazar SO, Gopal Road Madhya Bazar PO-Ranir Bazar, Tripura (W)799035
West TripuraSatellite Office49ET001Sonamura SO, C/o Mahendra Barman Office Office tilla PO-Sonamura, Tripura (W)799131
KhowaiSatellite Office499T001Ampi Chowmuhani, A.A. Road P.O. Teliampura Dist. Khowai799205
ThoubalSatellite Office49DT002Opposite Of The Office Of Deputy Commissioner Anthokpam Awang Leikai, Asian Highway No.1 At + Po + Dist – Thoubal795138
KolkataZonal OfficeZO04Hindustan Building 4, Chittaranjan Avenue Kolkata700072
AgraBranch Office2662nd Floor, JEEVAN PRAKASH, SANJAY PLACE, AGRA282002
AgraBranch Office264CBO2, Jeevan Prakash 2ND FLOOR SANJAY PLACE AGRA282002
AgraBranch Office265CBO1, 1st Floor DHOLPUR HOUSE AGRA282001
AgraBranch Office209CAB, 1st Floor DHOLPUR HOUSE AGRA282001
AgraBranch Office210CBO4, Oriental Building RAJA MANDI CROSSING AGRA282002
AgraBranch Office26ECBO3, Jeevan Prakash 3RD FLOOR,SANJAY PLACE AGRA282002
AgraBranch Office26JLaxmi Mill Compound Near Dainik Jagran Jeoni Mandi, Agra282001
AgraBranch Office26NCBO6, 1st Floor JEEVAN PRAKASH S. PLACE AGRA282002
AgraBranch Office26DBO- Fatehabad NEAR ROADWAYS BUS STAND DISTT,AGRA282002
AgraDivisional OfficeD026Jeevan Prakash SANJAY PLACE, MG ROAD AGRA282002
AgraSatellite Office266T001SSO, Near Telephone Exchange KIRAOLI AGRA283122
AgraSatellite Office266T002C/O Sri Raghunath Singh Tomar Ward No.9, By Pass Road Khargarh (Dist.Agra)283121
AgraSatellite Office264T001LIC of India, SO Bodla Sikandara Road Opp.Kargil Petrol Pump, Agra Agra282007
AgraSatellite Office26JT001LIC of India, SO, A-311, Transyamuna Colony, Phase-1, Near Shreyash Gramin Bank, Agra282006
AuraiyaBranch Office26ABO-Auraiya AVAS VIKAS COLONY AURAIYA206122
AuraiyaSatellite Office26AT001LIC of India, SO Diviyapur Vidhamal EEdandas, Rice Mill Kakrahi Bazar Deviyapur, distt. Auraiya206244
EtawahBranch Office2007BO-Bharthana NEAR RAILWAY STATION DISTT. ETAWAH206001
EtawahBranch Office272Branch Office Etawah NEAR RAILWAY STATION ETAWAH206001
EtawahSatellite Office272C001Vinod Nagar In front of Prakash Talkies Etawa206001
EtawahSatellite Office272T001LIC of India, SO Near Prabhu Marriage Home, Etawah Road Jaswant Nagar, Dist.Etwah206245
FarrukhabadBranch Office271BO- Farrukhabad BRANCH OFFICE FARRUKHABAD282002
FarrukhabadBranch Office26PBO- Fatehgarh KUTCHARI KOTWALI ROAD FATEHGARH282002
FarrukhabadSatellite Office271T001Nr. Reliance Petrol Pump Kaimganj Distt.Farrukhabad209697
FirozabadBranch Office268BO1 Firozabad RANIWALA COMPOUND FIROZABAD283203
FirozabadBranch Office26RBO2 Firozabad SUHAG NAGAR FIROZABAD283203
FirozabadBranch Office260BO Shikohabad STATION ROAD DISTT. MAINPURI205001
FirozabadBranch Office26GBO Tundla STATION ROAD DISTT. FIROZABAD283203
FirozabadSatellite Office2260T001LIC of India, SO Sirsa, C/o, MR.Shambh Natha Agrawal Near Bank of India, Sirsa Distt., Firozabad205151
KannaujBranch Office278BO Kannauj ASHOK NAGAR TIRVA CROSSING KANNAUJ282002
KannaujSatellite Office278T001LIC of India, In front of Nagar Palika Parishad Office Chhibramau Distt. Kannauj209721
MainpuriBranch Office267BO Mainpuri STATION ROAD MAINPURI205001
MainpuriSatellite Office267T001G.T. Road By Pass Opp. Bank of India Bewar206301
MainpuriSatellite Office267T002LIC of India, SO Karhal In front of Bank of India, Cinema Road Karhal205264
AligarhBranch Office261573, Laxmi Bhawan OPP.O.L.F.SCHOOL RAMGHAT ROAD, ALIGARH202001
AligarhBranch Office26CHafeez Manzil MARRIS ROAD202001
AligarhBranch Office26KDhanipur Mandi, Infront of Gate No. – 1, GT Road, Aligarh Dist – Aligarh (UP)202001
AligarhBranch Office56B573, Laxmi Bhawan, OPP.O.L.F.SCHOOL Ramghat Road, ALIGARH202001
AligarhBranch Office2013Opp – Hydle Office, Near Painth Chauraha, Atrauli DISTT. ALIGARH202280
AligarhDivisional OfficeD056Jeevan Prakash MASOODABAD G T ROAD202001
AligarhSatellite Office26KT001LIC of India, SO, Balaji Guest House Agra Road, Aligrah Aligarh202001
AligarhSatellite Office26CT001LIC of India, SO, Opp. PNB Near Rashtryia Kanya Inter College, Palval Road, Khair202135
AligarhSatellite Office261T001LIC of India, SO Old City, Near Nishat Cinema Udai Singh Jain Road, Baradwari Aligarh202001
BulandshahrBranch Office256D.M. Colony BULANDSHAHR203001
BulandshahrBranch Office26HStation Road DEBAI DT.BULANDSHAHR202393
BulandshahrBranch Office277Jeevan Jyoti G.T.ROAD,KHURJA DT.BULANDSHAHR203101
BulandshahrBranch Office26F365, Hameediya House G.T.ROAD,SIKANDRABAD DT.BULANDSHAHR203205
BulandshahrSatellite Office256T001Patti Hajari Singh Near Garh Bus Stand SIYANA Dist – Bulandshahr203001
EtahBranch Office263Near Ramdarbar, G.T.Road, ETAH207001
EtahSatellite Office263T001Dariyab Ganj Road Dak Bunglow Aliganj, Dist – Etah207247
EtahSatellite Office263T002LIC Of India ISOLI CHAURAHA, TOPWALA JALESAR, DIST – ITAH207302
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office26FT001E-2, Meridian View, Alfa Hospital Commercial Belt Greatar Noida, Dist – G.B.Nagar205205
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office277T001Khurja Road Jewar Dist – Gautam Budh Nagar203235
Kanshi Ram Nagar (Kasganj)Branch Office279Avas Vikas Colony, BAREILLY ROAD KASGANJ, Dist Kashiram Nagar207123
Kanshi Ram Nagar (Kasganj)Satellite Office279T001Near Ganesh Pur Railway Crossing Ganjdundwara Distt.,Kanshi Ram Nagar207242
Maha Maya Nagar (Hathras)Branch Office276Near Navgrah Mandir ALIGARH ROAD HATHRAS204101
Maha Maya Nagar (Hathras)Branch Office56AG.T. Road, SIKANDRARAO, DT.HATHRAS204215
Maha Maya Nagar (Hathras)Satellite Office276T001LIC of India, SO Iglas Near Telphone Exchange , Hathras Road, Iglas, Distt.Hathras202124
MathuraBranch Office26BBye Pass Road KOSIKALAN DT.MATHURA218403
MathuraBranch Office262INS -3 ,Radhika Vihar Phase -2 MATHURA MATHURA281001
MathuraBranch Office26LSonkh Adda JUNCTION ROAD MATHURA281001
MathuraSatellite Office262T001Agra Road SADABAD SADABAD204101
MathuraSatellite Office26LT001LIC of India, SO Virndawan 192, Gandhi Marg,Vidyapeeth Chaurraha Virndwan, Mathura281121
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Satellite Office23FT001Trivenipuram, Jhusi Allahabad211019
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Satellite Office220T001Bypass Tiraha, Main Road Patti(Dt-Pratapgarh)230135
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office241CBO-1, 4th Floor, Indira Bhawan,Civil Lines, Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office242DBO, 4th Floor, Indira Bhawan,Civil Lines Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office245CBO-2, Kharbanda Complex,28 Navab Yusuf Road, Civil Line, Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office23ACAB, Jeevan Prakash 172A/40,MG Marg, Civil Lines,Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office23E53F/38, Kashish Complex, Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad211003
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office23MCBO-5, 12-Sammelan Marg, Allahabad211003
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office23RCBO-3, Jeevan Prakash 172A/40,MG Marg.Civil Lines, Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office31NTrans Yamuna Branch Naini Allahabad211008
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office2012Sarita Complex, Ward No.-4, Lala Bazar, Handia. Ta – Handia, Dist – Prayagraj (U.P.)221503
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Branch Office23FPhoolpur Branch, Near- State Bnk of India Allahabad211402
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Divisional OfficeD031Divisional Office, Jeevn Prakash,172/40,MG Marg Civil Lines,Allahabad211001
Allahabad (Prayagraj)P&GS UnitG202Jeevan Prakash, 5th Floor 172A-40, M.G. Marg, Civil Lines Allahabad211002
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Satellite Office241T001LIC of India, SO, 538-Transport Nagar G.T. Road Dharmveer Chauraha Allahabad211012
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Satellite Office31NT001LIC of India, SO Meza Road Opp. BSNL Tower Meza Road, Allahabad212303
Allahabad (Prayagraj)Satellite Office242T001LIC of India, SO, 38-39-A Shantipuram, Phaphamau Allahabad211013
BandaBranch Office31PAtarra Branch, Banda Road,Atarra, Distt-Banda212635
BandaBranch Office243Banda Branch, B-Block,Awas Vikas Colony (Near Chungi Chowki),Banda210001
BandaSatellite Office243T001LIC of India, Avas Vikas Colony Vikas Bhawan Road, Chilla Chauraha Civil Lines, Banda210001
ChitrakootBranch Office23KKarvi Branch, Devangna Marg,Karvi Chitrakoot210205
ChitrakootSatellite Office23KT001Shivpur Road At & PO-Mau Dist.Chitrkoot210209
FatehpurBranch Office23QBindki Branch, Lalauli Road, Dayanand Chauraha,Lal Market, Bindki ,Fatehpur210201
FatehpurBranch Office244Fatehpur Branch, 104-Civil Lines, FATEHPUR212601
FatehpurSatellite Office244T002LIC of India SO Bahua Bahua212663
FatehpurSatellite Office244T001Satellite Sampark Office, Naubasta Road Khaga,Fatehpur212655
KaushambiBranch Office23GBharwari Branch, BS Mehta Road,Bharwari, Distt-Kaushambhi212201
KaushambiSatellite Office23GT001LIC of India, SO Manjanpur Chak Nagar 2, Nr. ARTO Office Manjanpur, Kaushambhi212207
PratapgarhBranch Office21MKunda Branch, Nr.Baba Deen Dhaba, Allahabad – Lucknow Highway, Kunda, Pratapgarh230204
PratapgarhBranch Office220Near PWD Inspection House Dahila Mau Dt-Pratapgarh230001
PratapgarhSatellite Office220T002LIC of India, Bhagwachungi SO Bhagwa Chungi, Pratapgarh Pratapgarh230001
PratapgarhSatellite Office220C001LIC of India, Pratapgarh SO Dahilamau Dist. Pratapgarh230001
PratapgarhSatellite Office21MT001Lalganj Azhara Pratapgarh Road Near Prayag Nursing Home, UP230002
BareillyBranch Office22RBO-Aonla OPPOSITE SARGAM CINEMA AONLA243301
BareillyBranch Office22EBaheri Bye Pass Road Bareilly Haldwani Road Baheri Dt., Bareilly243201
BareillyBranch Office211C.B.O.-1 35-D RAMPUR BAGH BAREILLY243001
BareillyBranch Office396D.B.O. 156, CIVIL LINES BAREILLY243001
BareillyBranch Office22BC.A.B. NEAR WATER TANK, D.D. PURAM BAREILLY243122
BareillyBranch Office408C.B.O.-2 NEAR WATER TANK. D.D. PURAM BAREILLY243122
BareillyBranch Office22UBO-Izatnagar 461, PILIBHIT ROAD BAREILLY243122
BareillyBranch Office2002BO- Cantt. 35-D RAMPUR BAGH BAREILLY243001
BareillyDivisional OfficeD022Divisional Office JEEVAN PRAKASH ,D.D. PURAM BAREILLY243122
BareillySatellite Office396T001SO Faridpur, Opp.Satsang Bhawan Fareedpur, Bareilly243035
BareillySatellite Office211T001LIC of India, Bareilly City 143, Civil Lines, Chaddha Market Opposite District Court243001
BareillySatellite Office396T00232nd Mile Stone Bareilly Rampur Road Meerganj, Dist.Bareilly243504
BareillySatellite Office22UT001Vidhyarthi Kendra Patel Chowk Nawab Ganj Distt. Bareilly243406
BareillySatellite Office2002T001LIC of India, SO Qila H.No.408(M) H/O Smt. Sushila Bala W/OSri M.P.Singh Near SBI MOH Jasauli,Kunwarpur Bareilly243001
BareillySatellite Office408T001LIC of India, SO, Subhash Nagar Opposite Singh Dharmkanta Badaun Road, Bareilly243001
BudaunBranch Office215BO-Budaun AVAS-VIKAS COLONY BUDAUN243601
BudaunSatellite Office215T001LIC of India, SO, Ujhani, Station Road House of Nand Kumar, Near Goel Nursing Home Ujhani, Dist. Badaun243639
HardoiBranch Office217BO-Hardoi AVAS-VIKAS COLONY HARDOI241001
HardoiBranch Office22VB0-Sandila Dr.MOBIN MANZIL SANDILA241204
HardoiBranch Office2018BO-Shahabad AVAS-VIKAS COLONY SHAHABAD241124
HardoiSatellite Office217T001Satellite Office RAJPUT COMPLEX BILGRAM ,Dt. HARDOI241001
HardoiSatellite Office217C001Numaish Chauraha In front of Tehseeldar Residence Dist. Hardoi241001
PilibhitBranch Office213BO-Pilibhit AVAS-VIKAS COLONY PILIBHIT262001
PilibhitBranch Office22TBO-Puranpur AGARWAL RICE MILL PURANPUR262122
PilibhitSatellite Office213T001Near Saraswati Vidya Mandir Bara Pathar, Pilbhit Road Bisalpur Pilibhit262001
ShahjahanpurBranch Office22SBO-Powayan MOHALLA- KASWARA POWAYAN242401
ShahjahanpurBranch Office22WC.B.O.-2 284/285, CHANDRA BHAVAN SHAHAJAHANPUR242001
ShahjahanpurBranch Office2015C.A.B JALI KOTHI SHAHAJAHANPUR242001
ShahjahanpurBranch Office22FBO-Tilhar MAUJAMPUR TILHAR242307
ShahjahanpurSatellite Office22FT001Jalalabad SO, LIC of India Farukkhabad Road, In front of Degree College Jalalabad242221
SaharanpurBranch Office25FBranch Office Deoband DEOBAND DEOBAND,DISTT SAHARANPUR247554
SaharanpurBranch Office25LBranch Office Gangoh, TITARO ROAD, GANGOH,DISTT SAHARANPUR247763
SaharanpurBranch Office253Branch Office Saharanpur I Plot No – CP-3, Mavikalan, Delhi Road, Saharanpur. (UK)247001
SaharanpurBranch Office25MBranch Office Saharanpur II SHANTI BHAWAN ,IInd FLOOR ,AMBALA ROAD, SAHARANPUR247001
SaharanpurSatellite Office253T001Pradyuman Nagar Jain Degree College Road Saharanpur247001
SaharanpurSatellite Office25MT001LIC of India, C/o Deeraj Thakrai 8, Prakash Puram, Opp. PNB, Bajoria Road Saharanpur247001
ChamoliBranch Office25EBranch Office Gopeshwar GOPESHWAR DISTT CHAMOLI246601
DehradunBranch Office251Branch Office I, Dehradun NEW CONNAUGHT PLACE DEHRADUN248001
DehradunBranch Office406Career Agents Branch CBO I BUILDING,NEW CONNAUGHT PLACE DEHRADUN248001
DehradunBranch Office27ABranch Office III, Dehradun 20 E C ROAD, DEHRADUN248001
DehradunBranch Office27BBranch Office Mussourie MDDA PARKING,LIBRARY, MUSSOURIE,DISTT DEHRADUN248179
DehradunBranch Office25RBranch Office Rishikesh AVAS VIKAS,VIRBHADRA MARG, RISHIKESH,DISTT DEHRADUN246149
DehradunBranch Office25ABranch Office, Vikasnagar, DAKPATHAR ROAD,VIKASNAGAR, DISTT DEHRADUN248198
DehradunDivisional OfficeD027Divisional Office, Dehradun NEHRU COLONY ,HARDWAR ROAD DEHRADUN248001
DehradunP&GS UnitG204Branch Office Pension & Group Savings NEW CONNAUGHT PLACE,BO I BUILDING DEHRADUN248001
DehradunSatellite Office205T002SO ISBT Dehradun Distt. Dehradun248001
DehradunSatellite Office251T001Salmani Complex, Ward No.1 Mishrawala Khurd, Dehradun Road Doiwala248140
DehradunSatellite Office27AT001LIC of India, SO Jakhan 15/1/2, Rajpur Road Dehradun248009
DehradunSatellite Office205T001LIC of india, SO Prem Nagar Dehradun Dehradun248007
Pauri GarhwalBranch Office363Branch Office Kotdwar LISA BHAWAN,NAJIBABAD ROAD, KOTDWAR246149
Pauri GarhwalBranch Office25BBranch Office Srinagar (Garhwal) BADRINATH MARG, SRINAGAR246174
Pauri GarhwalSatellite Office25BT001Srinagar Road Pauri Garhwal246001
HaridwarBranch Office367Branch Office Hardwar I RANIPUR MORE, HARDWAR249107
HaridwarBranch Office25QPlot-6, Transport Nagar, Near Mandi, Sarai Road, Jwalapur, Haridwar249107
HaridwarBranch Office252Branch Office -I, Roorkee 200 CIVIL LINES, ROORKEE246149
HaridwarBranch Office27CBranch Office Roorkee -II SHIV COMPLEX,12 CIVIL LINES, ROORKEE246149
HaridwarSatellite Office252T001LIC of India Satellite Office BAHADRABAD, Hardwar248001
HaridwarSatellite Office367T001SO Laksar Govardhanpur Road Laksar, Distt. Hardwar249407
RudraprayagSatellite Office25ET001Pinaki Hotel Badrinath Road, Rudraprayag Dist. Rudraprayag246171
Tehri GarhwalBranch Office25CBranch Office New Tehri NEAR COUR COMPOUND, NEW TEHRI249148
UttarkashiBranch Office25DBranch Office Uttarkashi JOSHIYARA UTTARKASHI249193
Ambedkar NagarBranch Office393Mohalla Mohsinpur Near Bus Station Ambedkarnagar224122
Ambedkar NagarBranch Office21TRaja Ka Maidan Meerapurwa Tanda224190
Ambedkar NagarSatellite Office21TT001SO Baskhari In front of Vijay Palace, Jalalpur Road Baskhari, Distt. Ambedkar Nagar224129
Ambedkar NagarSatellite Office393T001LIC of India, SO, C/o Sri Om Prakash Gupta, Khairuddinpur Mariyahod, Janunpur224149
BahraichBranch Office224Raja Heera Singh Market Chhavani Market Bahraich271801
BahraichSatellite Office224T002Ikauna Bye Pass Distt. Shrawasti Ikauna271845
BahraichSatellite Office224T001LIC of India, SO Kaiserganj C/O Arun Pratap Singh, Near Hanuman Mandir Tiraha, Kaiserganj Dist.,Baharich271903
BalrampurBranch Office402Maltikunj Near Raj Petrol Pump, Gonda Rd Balrampur271201
BarabankiBranch Office228Avas Vikas Colony Barabanki Barabanki225001
BarabankiBranch Office21YStation Road Rudauli Distt-Barabanki225411
BarabankiSatellite Office228T001Mohalla -Thrahi Subeha Tiraha,Sultanpur Road Haidergarh (DT-Barabanki)227301
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Branch Office21LAmrawati Bhawan, DEVKALI ROAD Faizabad224001
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Branch Office222Ayodhya Marg Beniganj Faizabad224001
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Divisional OfficeD201Jeevan Prakash, AYODHYA MARG, BENIGANJ, FAIZABAD224001
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Satellite Office21LT001LIC of India, SO Bikapur C/O Sri Banwarilal, Jana Bazar Road Near Kotwali, Bikapur Distt. Faizabad224204
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Satellite Office222C001Moti Bagh Bazaza Faizabad224001
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Satellite Office222T001Naveen Market Near Bus Stop Gosaiganj224201
Faizabad (Ayodhya)Satellite Office21LT002SHIVNATH PUR NEAR GRAMIN BANK KUMARGANJ, FAIZABAD U.P.224229
GondaBranch Office223Avas Vikas Colony Gonda Gonda271001
GondaSatellite Office223T001LIC of India, SO Colonel Ganj C/o Ramjilal Mohalla Sadar Bazar Gonda-Lucknow Roal,Col.Ganj Dist.Gonda271502
GondaSatellite Office402T001Mangal Bhawan Mankapur Dist. Gonda271302
RaebareliSatellite Office21UT002Ansari Plaza, Kabir Chauraha Khojanpur, Khojanpur229404
RaebareliBranch Office229Rae Bareli-1 Branch Canal Road Rae Bareli229001
RaebareliBranch Office21URae Bareli-2 Branch Canal Road Rae Bareli229001
RaebareliSatellite Office21UT001LIC of India, SO Bachrawan Bachrawan Bachrawan229301
RaebareliSatellite Office229T001LIC of India, SO Lalganj Fatehabahadur Singh Market, Gandhi Chowk Raibareli, Raibareli229206
SultanpurBranch Office22CSultanpur Road Jagdispur Jagdispur227817
SultanpurBranch Office221Nagarpalika Compound Sultanpur Sultanpur228001
SitapurBranch Office21PJagan Babu Bazar BARA CHAURAHA BISWAN, SITAPUR261201
SultanpurSatellite Office221T001Deeksha Complex Nirala Nagar, Kadipur Distt.Sultanpur228145
SultanpurSatellite Office221T002LIC of India, C/o Savita Singh W/O Sri Nagendra Singh, VIII-Jagarnathpur PO Lambhuwa224001
Amethi (CSM-Nagar)Satellite Office22CT001LIC of India, SO Antu Road Distt. Sultanpur Sultanpur227405
SultanpurSatellite Office221C003Satellite Office (CLIA),LIC of India Kamla Bhawan Sita Kund Sultanpur228001
AzamgarhBranch Office285Branch Office-1, CIVIL LINES, AZAMGARH276001
AzamgarhBranch Office29DBranch Office-2, CIVIL LINES, AZAMGARH276001
AzamgarhBranch Office2016Career Agent Branch, MUKERIGANJ, AZAMGARH276001
AzamgarhBranch Office29ABranch Office, PHOOLPUR, DISTT. AZAMGARH276304
AzamgarhSatellite Office29AT001Building of Surendra Pratap Singh Nearby Budanpur Chauraha Faizabad Road, Budanpur Azamgarh District276142
AzamgarhSatellite Office285T001Jeanpur Tiraha Jeanpur Azamgarh276138
AzamgarhSatellite Office29DT001LIC of India, SO Lalganj Varanasi By pass Masirpur Lalgan,j Dist. Azamgarh276202
BastiBranch Office283Branch Office, MALVIYA NAGAR, BASTI227001
BastiSatellite Office283T001Harraiya SO Moh. Rajghat, Infront of Dainik Jagaran Office Harraiya Distt. Basti272135
DeoriaBranch Office282Branch Office-1, RAGHAV NAGAR, DEORIA274001
DeoriaBranch Office29EBranch Office-2, RAGHAV NAGAR, DEORIA274001
DeoriaBranch Office28KBranch Office, SOHNAG ROAD, SALEMPUR, DISTT. DEORIA274509
DeoriaSatellite Office28KT001LIC of India, SO Bhatparrani Bhatparrani Dist.Deoria Deoria274702
GorakhpurBranch Office290Branch Office, BARHALGANJ, DISTT. GORAKHPUR273402
GorakhpurBranch Office281Branch Office-1, TARAMANADAL ROAD, DEORIA BYPASS GORAKHPUR273017
GorakhpurBranch Office2082, Pratibha Complex, JUBLIEE ROAD, GORAKHPUR273001
GorakhpurBranch Office29FBranch Office-3, RATAN PALACE, ALLHADPUR, GORAKHPUR273001
GorakhpurBranch Office403Career Agent Branch, NEAR JUBILEE TALKIES, GORAKHPUR273001
GorakhpurDivisional OfficeD029Taramanadal Road, DEORIA BYPASS, GORAKHPUR273017
GorakhpurP&GS UnitG205Taramanadal Road, DEORIA BYPASS, GORAKHPUR273017
GorakhpurSatellite Office208T001C/o Sri Govind Prasad Bhopa Bazar Near Petrol Pump, Chaurichaura Dist. Gorakhpur, U.P.273001
GorakhpurSatellite Office281T002Shri Nath Complex Park Road Civil Lines, Gorakhpur UP273001
GorakhpurSatellite Office290T001Bevari Chauraha, BARHALGANJ ROAD, GOLA BAZAR273408
GorakhpurSatellite Office281T001HIG-04, Rapti Nagar Phase 1 PO Arogaya Mandir Gorakhpur273003
GorakhpurSatellite Office29FT001LIC of India, SO Sahjanva Nagar Panchayat Bhawan, Sahjanva273209
KushinagarBranch Office2011Branch Office, KUSHINAGAR, DISTT. KUSHINAGAR274402
KushinagarBranch Office299Branch Office, PADRAUNA, DISTT. KUSHINAGAR274304
KushinagarSatellite Office29ET001C/o Sri Raj Kishor Mishra Nagar Panchayat, Hata Ward No.11, Hata, Kushinagar, UP274203
KushinagarSatellite Office299T002WARD NO 9 RAM JANKI NAGAR BANDELIGANJ NAGAR PANCHAYAT Kaptanganj274301
KushinagarSatellite Office299T001LIC of India Manjushri Takij Compound, Khadda Kushinagar274004
MaharajganjBranch Office28BBranch Office, ANANDNAGAR DISTT. MAHARAJGANJ,273155
MaharajganjBranch Office29BBranch Office, GORAKHPUR ROAD, MAHARAJGANJ273303
MaharajganjSatellite Office28BT001Surya Satish Complex Main Road, Nautawa Dist.Maharajganj273164
MauBranch Office29HBranch Office, YAHIA MARKET, GHOSI, DISTT. MAU275304
MauBranch Office296Branch Office, BUS STATION ROAD, MAU275101
MauSatellite Office296T001LIC of India, SO Mohamdabad Mohalla Golwartola Mohammdabad, Gohana, Distt. Mau276403
Sant kabir NagarBranch Office28LBranch Office, Sugar Mill Road DISTT. SANTKABIR NAGAR272175
Sant Kabir NagarSatellite Office28LT001Dhanghata Santkabir Nagar Santkabir Nagar272162
SiddharthnagarBranch Office28EBranch Office, CHANGERA PALACE, BANSI, DISTT. SIDDHARTHNAGAR272153
SiddharthnagarBranch Office29GBranch Office, ETWA ROAD, DUMARIAGANJ, DISTT. SIDDHARTHNAGAR272189
SiddharthnagarSatellite Office28ET001LIC of India SO, Naugarh Khajuriya Road, Tetari Bazar Distt. Siddharthnagar272207
RampurBranch Office369Kemri Road Bilaspur DT.RAMPUR DT.RAMPUR200901
RampurBranch Office269Gangapur Awas Vikas RAMPUR RAMPUR244901
RampurSatellite Office269T001Hathi Khana Chauraha Nr. Hamid Inter College Rampur244901
AlmoraBranch Office391Hari Niwas Badreshwar ALMORA ALMORA263601
AlmoraBranch Office22QMoon Hotel RANIKHET RANIKHET263645
BageshwarBranch Office24DStation Road BAGESHWAR BAGESHWAR226642
ChampawatBranch Office2019Dak Bangla Road, Lohaghat DT.CHAMPAWAT DT.CHAMPAWAT262524
ChampawatSatellite Office22HT001LIC of India, Tanakpur Tanakpur Tanakpur262309
NainitalBranch Office212C.B.O-1; Jeevan Prakash, Nainital Road P.O- KATHGODAM HALDWANI (DT-NAINITAL)263126
NainitalBranch Office24ESaras Market, Nainital Road Haldwani Nainital263139
NainitalBranch Office214Bara Bazar Mallital NAINITAL NAINITAL263001
NainitalBranch Office24BKosi Road RAMNAGAR RAMNAGAR244715
NainitalDivisional OfficeD024Jeevan Prakash, Nainital Road P.O. KATHGODAM HALDWANI263126
NainitalP&GS UnitG211Jeevan Prakash DO Building, Nainital Road Kathgodam263126
NainitalSatellite Office212T001Nainital Road Near State Bank of India Lalkaun263145
PithoragarhBranch Office2005Near Post Office DIDIHAT DIDIHAT262551
PithoragarhBranch Office405Siltham Pithoragarh DT.PITHORAGARH DT.PITHORAGARH262501
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office392New Avas Vikas KASHIPUR KASHIPUR244713
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office24FHotel Kumaun Plaza NEAR ROADWAYS BUS STAND KASHIPUR244713
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office22HMelaghat Road, Near Hotel West View KHATIMA KHATIMA262308
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office22PNagla Dairy Farm NAGLA PANTNAGAR DT.U.S.NAGAR263145
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office24AAwas Vikas Colony, Rudrapur DT.U.S.NAGAR DT.U.S.NAGAR263153
Udham Singh NagarBranch Office24CPilibhit Road, Bypass Sitarganj DT.U.S.NAGAR DT.U.S.NAGAR263153
Udham Singh NagarSatellite Office392T001LIC of India, SO, Bazpur Near Munda Pande Rampur Road, Bazpur262401
Udham Singh NagarSatellite Office24AT001Near Govt. Veterniary Hospital NH-74, Gadarpur Dist. Udham Singh Nagar263152
Udham Singh NagarSatellite Office22PT001Purani Sunheri Bareilly Road, KICHHA, Uttrakhand263148
HamirpurBranch Office23UJeevan Jyoti, LIC Br.Office Sikandarapura, Main Road Rath210431
HamirpurSatellite Office236T001Near Vidyamandir Hamirpur Hamirpur210427
JalaunBranch Office274Gandhi Market ORAI ORAI285001
JalaunBranch Office23NLIC Of India JALAUN JALAUN285123
JalaunSatellite Office274T001LIC of India, C/o Vijay Laxmi Parihar W/O Ranveer Singh Parihar, Ram Chauraha Kalpi285201
JhansiBranch Office273940/1 CIVIL LINES JHANSI284001
JhansiBranch Office23JNear Garautha Chauraha Mauranipur Mauranipur284204
JhansiBranch Office23TJDA Complex, BESIDE RTO OFFICE, KANPUR ROAD,JHANSI284001
JhansiBranch Office2014BKD Crossing JHANSI JHANSI284001
JhansiSatellite Office273T001JMK Complex Babina Dt. Jhansi284401
JhansiSatellite Office23TT001LIC of India, Moth SO In front of Kotwali, Main Road, Moth Dist. Jhansi284303
Kanpur DehatBranch Office238LIC Of India PUKHRAYAN PUKHRAYAN209111
Kanpur DehatSatellite Office238T001LIC of India, C/o Arun Kr.Dwivedi Dwivedi Guest House, Mati Road, Akbarpur Kanpur(Dehat)209111
Kanpur NagarBranch Office231Shivoy Towers MALL ROAD KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23216/112 BHARGAWA ESTATE KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23316/112 Bhargav Estate, KANPUR KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office235Gumti No-5 KANPUR KANPUR208012
Kanpur NagarBranch Office20316/98 Jeevan Vikas PHOOL BAGH MALL ROAD KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office39816/112 BHARGAV STATE M.G. MARG208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23BKatra Bazar BILHAUR BILHAUR209202
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23CJaina Palace RATAN LAL NAGAR KANPUR208022
Kanpur NagarBranch Office4097/111-B SWAROOP NAGAR KANPUR208002
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23DWest Cott Building, MALL ROAD, KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23HCBO – 6 , 117/H-2/192,193, Model Town, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur. Dist – Kanpur (UP)208005
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23LY-Block KIDWAI NAGAR KANPUR280011
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23PLal Bangla KANPUR KANPUR208007
Kanpur NagarBranch Office23SGurudev Palace G T ROAD KANPUR208025
Kanpur NagarBranch Office2004Jaina Palace RATAN LAL NAGAR KANPUR208022
Kanpur NagarBranch Office2003Musa Nagar Road GHATAMPUR GHATAMPUR209206
Kanpur NagarDivisional OfficeD02316/198, Jeevan Vikas PHOOL BAGH MALL ROAD KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarP&GS UnitG206Jeevan Vikas, 16/98 M.G. Road, Post Box No.170 Kanpur208001
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office233T001Kan Towers, Near Kanpur STOCK EXCHANGE CIVIL LINES KANPUR208001
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office23ST001Plote No.1101-A, Avas Vikas-3 Panki Road,Kalyanpur Kanpur208020
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office398T001LIC of India, SO, Jeevan Vikas 16/98, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Mall Road, Kanpur208001
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office409T001LIC of India SO Gwaltoli, 14/145 2nd floor, Charms Building Kanpur208001
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office232T001LIC of India Halsi Road, Near Gyan Vaishnav Hotel Kanpur208001
Kanpur NagarSatellite Office231T001LIC of India, SO Naubasta Matra Chhaya Sh.shashi Kant Mishra S/O Late Sr.Ram Swarup Mishra,621/37W-2, Juhi, Kanpur208021
MahobaBranch Office236Gandhi Nagar MAHOBA MAHOBA210427
BahraichBranch Office21VStation Road NANPARA BAHRAICH271882
Lakhimpur KheriBranch Office218Awas Vikas Colony NEAR DON BOSCO SCHOOL LAKHIMPUR262701
Lakhimpur KheriBranch Office22DArjun Nagar Colony LAKHIMPUR RODA, GOLA GOKARANATH LAKHIMPUR262802
Lakhimpur KheriBranch Office21QHotel Rinbasera INFRONT OF KAMAL TALKIES PALIA KALAN, KHERI262902
Lakhimpur KheriSatellite Office218T001LIC of India, SO Khamaria Village Basaria Chauraha PO Sherpur, Khamaria, Dist. Lakhimpur262722
LucknowBranch Office225C31/43, Ist Floor, ORIENTAL BUILDING, HAZRATGANJ, LUCKNOW226001
LucknowBranch Office226Jeevan Bhawan-2 NAVAL KISHORE ROAD LUCKNOW226001
LucknowBranch Office227PCF, Building 3RD FLOOR, STATION ROAD LUCKNOW226007
LucknowBranch Office394Khunkhunji Road CHOWK LUCKNOW226003
LucknowBranch Office395Jeevan Prakash ANNEXE BUILDING,2ND FLOOR 30, HAZRATGANG, LUCKNOW226001
LucknowBranch Office3975th Floor, HAZARATGANJ, LUCKNOW226001
LucknowBranch Office22ACP-141, Sector-D1, Kanpur Road Yojana Near Zonal Park, Ashiyana Lucknow226012
LucknowBranch Office21NSector-E, Sitapur Road Yojna, RING ROAD, LUCKNOW226024
LucknowBranch Office21S2nd Bhootnath Mandir Complex INDIRANAGAR LUCKNOW226016
LucknowBranch Office21WC-7, Near Post Office RAJAJIPURAM LUCKNOW226023
LucknowBranch Office20016A/INS-1,Vrindavan Yojana SECTOR-6, RAE BARELI ROAD, LUCKNOW226029
LucknowDivisional OfficeD021Jeevan Prakash 30, HAZRATGANG LUCKNOW226001
LucknowP&GS UnitG207Jeevan Prakash, 30 Hazrat Ganj PB No.111 Lucknow226001
LucknowSatellite Office395T001LIC of India, SO First floor Sukla Bhawan 158/30, Ganga Prasad Road, Near Garha, Bhandar, Aminabad Lucknow226018
LucknowSatellite Office21ST001CP-19, Sonka Galaxy Tower Vijayant Khand-04 Gomti Nagar, Lucknow226010
LucknowSatellite Office226T001Picup Building VIBHUTI KHAND GOMTINAGAR226010
LucknowSatellite Office225T001Sector D-1, Near CNG Bus Stop, Ashiana Road Scheme, Lucknow226002
LucknowSatellite Office21NT001Badshah Nagar Crossing Nishatganj Lucknow226007
LucknowSatellite Office397T001Sadan Floor, Jeevan Bhavan Phase II 43, Naval Kishore Marg Hazratganj, Lucknow226001
LucknowSatellite Office22AT001LIC of India, Banthara Banthara Bazar, PO Banthara Kanpur Road, Lucknow227110
LucknowSatellite Office394T001LIC of India, Balaganj Sarfaraz Ganj, Chauraha Balaganj, Lucknow226003
LucknowSatellite Office2001T001LIC of India, Anand Sadan, Ground Floor, Adjacent SBI Premises Mohanlal Ganj227305
ShravastiSatellite Office21VT001Aditya Hotel Bhawan 35/KHA Mohala Bandarha Bhinga, Dist. Shirvasti271831
SitapurBranch Office219Kanchan Bhawan STATION ROAD SITAPUR261200
SitapurSatellite Office219T001Sitapur Hardoi Road Mishrita Dist. Sitapur261001
SitapurSatellite Office219T002LIC of India, Tiwari Bhawan 25-a, Eligin Road, P.O. Eye Hospital Sitapur261001
UnnaoBranch Office234Chandra Shekhar Azad Nagar AVAS VIKAS COLONY UNNAO209801
UnnaoBranch Office21RHardoi Unnao Main Road, Near to Govt. Hospital, In front of Govt. Water Supply Tank & Police Chowki BANGARMAU, DISTT.UNNAO209800
UnnaoSatellite Office234T001LIC of India, SO Bhighapur Raibareilly Road, Polic Station Bhighapur225130
BagpatBranch Office25PDelhi Saharanpur Road BAGHPAT BAGHPAT250613
BagpatBranch Office365Bima Nagar DELHI SAHARANPUR ROAD BARAUT250611
BijnorBranch Office259Near Avas Vikas Parishad BAIRAJ ROAD BIJNOR246701
BijnorBranch Office200Kalagarh Road DHAMPUR DHAMPUR251345
BijnorBranch Office25NSumit Building, Kotwali Road, Near Double Railway Crossing Kotwali Road,Najibabad246763
BijnorSatellite Office362T002LIC of India SO Chandpur Bypass Road Chandpur, Bijnor246725
Gautam Buddh NagarBranch Office25JE-3 Sector 1 DADRI ROAD NOIDA201301
Gautam Buddh NagarP&GS UnitG210LIC Building, 1st Floor E-3, Sector 1, Dadri NOIDA201301
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office25JT002Trivenipuri Jhunsi Allahabad211019
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office25JC001Bhagmal Complex Sector 15, Noida Dist. Gautam Buddh Nagar201301
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office25JT003B-1A/14, SECTOR-51 NOIDA201301
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office25HT001MZ 45 Pearl Plaza SECTOR 18 NOIDA201301
GhaziabadBranch Office255Model Town 2 G.T.ROAD GHAZIABAD201001
GhaziabadBranch Office2006B-107, Sahni Tower SECTOR-5,RAJENDRA NAGAR GHAZIABAD201001
GhaziabadBranch Office25HModel Town 2 G.T. ROAD GHAZIABAD201001
Panchasheel Nagar (Hapur)Branch Office361Sanjay Vihar AVAS VIKAS COLONY HAPUR248001
GhaziabadBranch Office250Nagarpalika Building GOVINDPURI MODINAGAR201204
GhaziabadSatellite Office255T0014B, Mahalaxmi Square Sector 12 Ghaziabad201009
GhaziabadSatellite Office25HT002LIC of India, SO Indrapuram Shaktikhand-III, Indrapuram Ghaziabad201001
GhaziabadSatellite Office2006T001LIC of India, SO Loni, Near Parmatma Dharam Kanta Delhi-Saharanpur Road, Loni Ghaziabad201102
GhaziabadSatellite Office361T001LIC of India, SO, Main Chauraha Near Syndicate Bank Garhmukteshwar Distt.245202
GhaziabadSatellite Office250T001LIC of India, SO Muradnagar Near Bus Stand, Meerut Delhi Road Muradnagar (Dist.Ghaziabad)201206
GhaziabadSatellite Office25HT003LIC of India, Near Bank of India Dadri Road, Surajpur, Greater Noida Ghaziabad201010
Panchasheel Nagar (Hapur)Satellite Office361C001Satellite Office, CLIA FREE GANJ ROAD HAPUR245101
Jyotiba Phule Nagar (Amroha)Branch Office25GStation Road AMROHA AMROHA244221
Jyotiba Phule Nagar (Amroha)Satellite Office25GT001Ali Chotla Delhi Road Gajraula244235
MeerutBranch Office275Meerut Road OPPOSITE A.S.P.G. COLLEGE MAWANA250401
MeerutBranch Office257Laxmi Insurance Building 174,SADAR BAZAR MEERUT CANTT.250001
MeerutBranch Office368Opp. CH. Charna Ssingh University MANGAL PANDEY NAGAR MEERUT250001
MeerutBranch Office270Jeevan Prakash Building 2ND FLOOR PRABHAT NAGAR MEERUT250001
MeerutBranch Office407Jeevan Jyothi, Jeevan Prakash Building 2ND BUILDING PRABHAT NAGAR MEERUT250001
MeerutBranch Office25KDelhi Road MEERUT MEERUT250002
MeerutBranch Office25TRoorkee Road MODIPURAM MODIPURAM250110
MeerutDivisional OfficeD025Jeevan Prakash Prabhat Nagar Meerut250001
MeerutP&GS UnitG208Jeevan Prakash 2ND FLOOR PRABHAT NAGAR MEERUT250001
MeerutSatellite Office270T001LIC of India, SO, Jagriti Vihar Garh Road, Meerut250002
MeerutSatellite Office257T001LIC of India, SO, First floor Syndicate bank, Sardhana Road Kankerkhera, Meerut250002
MeerutSatellite Office368T001LIC of India, SO, Sotiganj, 710-711 Soti Ganj Meerut250002
MoradabadBranch Office258Sector-2 BUDDHIVIHAR MAJHOLA AVAS VIKAS MORADABAD244001
MoradabadBranch Office404Ram Ganga Vihar MORADABAD MORADABAD244001
MoradabadBranch Office2017Plil Kothi CIVIL LINES MORADABAD244001
MoradabadSatellite Office258T001LIC of India, SO Prabhat Market Chouraha Rampur Road Moradabad244001
MoradabadSatellite Office362T001LIC of India, SO Sambhal Bahjoi Road, Sambhal Dist. Moradabad244302
MuzaffarnagarBranch Office25SShamli Road KAIRANA KAIRANA247774
MuzaffarnagarBranch Office366Avas Vikas Colony G.T.ROAD KHATAULI251201
MuzaffarnagarBranch Office254157 ANSARI ROAD MUZAFFARNAGAR251001
MuzaffarnagarBranch Office364M.S.K. Marg SHAMLI247776
MuzaffarnagarSatellite Office254T001LIC of India, SO Muzaffarnagar 40/1,Dwarkapuri Bhopa Road Muzaffarnagar250001
Bhim Nagar (Sambhal)Branch Office362Avas Vilkas Colony CHANDAUSI CHANDAUSI202412
Gautam Buddh NagarSatellite Office25JT004Plot No. -7A, Tower – 2, Corporate Park Sector – 142 NOIDA Noida201301
BalliaBranch Office286Malgodam Road BALLIA BALLIA277001
BalliaBranch Office28VBansdih BALLIA BALLIA227202
BalliaBranch Office28GBhagat Singh Churaha A P TOWER RASARA221712
BalliaSatellite Office28GT001Trimohani Main Road Balthara Road Ballia221715
BalliaSatellite Office286T002Chitbaragaon Dist.Ballia Dist.Ballia221713
BalliaSatellite Office286T001Raniganj BALLIA BALLIA227300
ChandauliBranch Office294Radhey Krishna Niwas NAI BASTI,G.T.ROAD MUGHALSARAI, CHANDAULI, UTTAR PRADESH232101
ChandauliSatellite Office294T001C/o Awadhesh Tewari G.T. Road, Ward No.11 PNB Ke Niche Chandauli232104
GhazipurBranch Office284Ghazipur SHUBHRA MOTALS GHAZIPUR233001
GhazipurBranch Office28QSaidpur GAHZIPUR GAHZIPUR233304
GhazipurBranch Office28HMohamadabad YUSUFPUR GHAZIPUR233227
GhazipurSatellite Office284T001Hazi Lodge Building Deval Amaura Road Dildar Nagar East, Gazipur232326
GhazipurSatellite Office28QT001LIC of India, SO Bahritya Jeevan Bima Nigam, Sri Sakhraj Bhawan Nan Lal Complex, Jakhania, dist.Ghazipur275503
JaunpurBranch Office293Umarpur FAIZBAGH, MACHHALISHAHAR ROAD,JAUNPUR222002
JaunpurBranch Office28TCity Tower WAZIDPUR TIRAHA JAUNPUR222001
JaunpurBranch Office28MNaya Churaha KERAKAT JAUNPUR222142
JaunpurBranch Office28PMungarabadashahpur JAUNPUR JAUNPUR222142
JaunpurBranch Office28IFaizabad Road SHAHGANJ JAUNPUR223101
JaunpurSatellite Office28IT001Shahganj Road Badlapur Badlapur222125
JaunpurSatellite Office28PT001LIC of India, SO, C/o Sri Om Prakash Phoolkhan Chungi Chauraha Mariyahu Road, Machhilishahar Jaunpur222143
JaunpurSatellite Office28TT001LIC of India, So, Kharuddinganj Mirzapur Road, Mariahun Dist.Jaunpur222761
MirzapurBranch Office28CKacahari Road NEAR SBI CHUNAR231304
MirzapurBranch Office287Rambagh MIRZAPUR MIRZAPUR231001
MirzapurBranch Office28UImarti Road Lal Diggi MIRZAPUR MIRZAPUR231001
MirzapurSatellite Office28UT001DUBAR ROAD LALGANJ MIRZAPUR231303
MirzapurSatellite Office287T001Mirzapur SO Juggi Road Mirzapur231001
Sant Ravidas Nagar (Bhadohi)Branch Office28DStation Road BHADHOHI BHADHOHI221401
Sant Ravidas Nagar (Bhadohi)Branch Office295Gyanpur SANT RAVI DAS NAGAR221304
SonbhadraBranch Office28FMurdhawan More RENUKOOT Dist – Sonebhadra231217
SonbhadraBranch Office289Pipari Road ROBERTSGANJ Dist – Sonebhadra231216
SonbhadraBranch Office28SJawalamukhi Colony PLOT NO-1 Dist – Sonebhadra231222
SonbhadraSatellite Office28ST001Cinema Road Anpara Bazar Distt. Sonbhadra231225
SonbhadraSatellite Office289T001Chopan Road MILLAT NAGAR OBRA231219
VaranasiBranch Office291CBO-1 BHELUPRA VARANASI221001
VaranasiBranch Office292DBO KAMACHHA VARANASI221001
VaranasiBranch Office297CBO-2 MALDHIYA VARANASI221001
VaranasiBranch Office204CBO-4 BHELUPRA VARANASI221001
VaranasiBranch Office28ACAB BHELUPRA VARANASI221001
VaranasiBranch Office28JManduhadih VARANASI VARANASI221010
VaranasiBranch Office28NSarnath VARANASI VARANASI221007
VaranasiBranch Office28RCBO-3 NADESHER VARANASI221002
VaranasiDivisional OfficeD028B12/120 Gauriganj VARANASI VARANASI221001
VaranasiP&GS UnitG209Bhelupra VARANASI VARANASI221001
VaranasiSatellite Office292T001Badagaon VARANASI VARANASI221016
VaranasiSatellite Office297T001Goodwalia SO, LIC of India, D-37/45, 45A Baradev, Goodwalia Varanasi221001
VaranasiSatellite Office28JT001LIC of India, SO C/o Jag Narayan Upadhyay Udyog Bhawan G.T. Road Kachnar, Rajatalab, Varanasi221311
Kanpur NagarZonal OfficeZO0216/275 Civil Lines, M.G.MARG, KANPUR208001
AjmerBranch Office181Gas Building KUTCHERY ROAD AJMER305001
AjmerBranch Office106Jeevan Prakash Building ALWAR GATE AJMER305001
AjmerBranch Office29NJeevan Prakash Building ADJACENT TO CO-OP CENTRAL BANK, MAIN ROAD AJMER305001
AjmerBranch Office321Tat Garh Road NEAR KRISHI MANDI BEAWER DT.AJMER305901
AjmerBranch Office29RRiico Area Bijainagar Ajmer305624
AjmerBranch Office1202Anand Plaza, 1st floor Opp. Session Court Kekri305404
AjmerBranch Office18FJaipur Road NEAR KRISHI MANDI KISHAN GARH DT.AJMER305811
AjmerBranch Office18NBeawer Road NEAR BSNL OFFICE NASIRABAD DT.AJMER305601
AjmerDivisional OfficeD018Jeevan Prakash Building RANADE MARG ALWAR GATE AJMER305001
AjmerP&GS UnitG101Jeevan Prakash, Ranade Marg Alwar Gate Ajmer305008
AjmerSatellite Office181T001249, Anassagar, Cicular Road Opp.Urban Hat Vaishali Ajmer305001
AjmerSatellite Office106T001Panchat Samiti Parisar Pisangan Dist.Ajmer205213
BaranBranch Office18MKota Road NEAR BUS STAND DT.BARAN325205
BaranSatellite Office18MT001Mohini Shree Manglik Bhawan, Ahinsa Circle, Chhabra325220
BhilwaraBranch Office198Near Jaswant Talkies BHOPAL GANJ DT.BHILWARA311001
BhilwaraBranch Office18UAzad Nagar NEAR MLV TEXTILE COLLEGE DT.BHILWARA311001
BhilwaraBranch Office18JNear Bus Stand BHILWARA ROAD SHAHPURA DT.BHILWARA311404
BhilwaraSatellite Office198T002Opp. Panchayat Samiti Bhawan VPO-KOTRI DT-BHILWARA311603
BhilwaraSatellite Office29RT001Panchaya Samiti Road Asind Dt. Bhilwara311301
BhilwaraSatellite Office198C001Mahavir Plaza Opp. UIT, Ajmer Road Subhash Nagar, Bhilwara311001
BhilwaraSatellite Office18UT001Near Central Hospital Gangapur Distt. Bhilwara311801
BhilwaraSatellite Office18JT001Nagar Palika Complex Bus Stand Jahazpur311201
BhilwaraSatellite Office198T001Khandelwal Market, Kota Road, Mandalgarh. Mandalgarh.311604
BundiBranch Office18ANainwa Road NEAR BUS STAND DT.BUNDI323001
BundiBranch Office1201Shanti Sadan NEAR BUS STAND LAKHERI DT.BUNDI323603
BundiSatellite Office1201T001Nainwa SO Adalat ke Samne, Bundi Rd. Nainwa Dt., Bundi323801
JhalawarBranch Office29PNear Rly. Station SBBJ BANK KE PASS BHAWANI MANDI DT.JHALAWAR326502
JhalawarBranch Office322Kota Road NEAR MAMA BHANAJ CHOURAHA DT.JHALAWAR326001
KotaBranch Office182Chawani Chouraha DT.KOTA KOTA324007
KotaBranch Office109Balaji Market RANG BARI ROAD KOTA324007
KotaBranch Office313Near Chawani Chouraha KOTA DT.KOTA324007
KotaBranch Office18XBalaji Market RANG BARI ROAD KOTA324007
KotaSatellite Office18XT001Khatoli Road Itawah, Dt.Kota Rajasthan325004
KotaSatellite Office182T001Near Guman Pura Thana Kota Rajasthan324002
KotaSatellite Office29PT001Station Chouraha, Ramganj Mandi Bhawani Mandi326519
AmritsarBranch Office143City Center Amritsar NEAR BUS STAND NEAR BUS STAND143001
AmritsarBranch Office146P B No.117, National & Grindlays Bank Bldg., 1ST FLR HALL BAZAR R S Tower Amritsar143001
AmritsarBranch Office32935, The Mall, AMRITSAR AMRITSAR143001
AmritsarBranch Office140Ranjeet Avenue Amritsar DISTRICT SHOPPING COMPLEX DISTRICT SHOPPING COMPLEX143001
AmritsarBranch Office150Dharam Singh Market AMRITSAR AMRITSAR143001
AmritsarBranch Office13SG T Road Khandwala CHHEHERATA CHHEHERATA143006
AmritsarBranch Office13KPadda Complex Punjab Punjab145021
AmritsarDivisional OfficeD047Jeevan Prakash, Dist.Shopping Centre Ranjit Avenue Amritsar143001
AmritsarSatellite Office150C001S.O. CLIA, D.S. Market CHOWK PHAWARA AMRITSAR143001
AmritsarSatellite Office143T001Plot No.2, Main Amritsar Road Near Guru Harkrishan Sr.Sec Anjala Distt., Amritsar150000
AmritsarSatellite Office13KT001Opp. Verka Milk Plant MEHTA CHOWK THE BABA BAKALA143114
FirozpurBranch Office149Near Gaushala, ABOHAR ABOHAR152116
FazilkaBranch Office13RCourt Road NEAR T.V. TOWER FAZILKA152123
FirozpurBranch Office148PB No. 9, Malwal Road NEAR BUS STAND FIROZPUR152002
FirozpurBranch Office13UChopra Complex ZIRA ZIRA142047
FirozpurSatellite Office13RT001Fazika Ferozepur Road Opp.Taxi Stand Jalalabad175024
GurdaspurBranch Office136P B No 17 Dera Baba Nanak Road Batala145001
GurdaspurBranch Office108124, Shastri Nagar LALANDHAR ROAD BATALA145001
GurdaspurBranch Office144Near Bus Stand G T RAOD GURDASPUR143527
GurdaspurBranch Office135Dhangu Road P B No 58 Pathankot145025
GurdaspurBranch Office47AMahadev Market PATHANKOT PATHANKOT145025
GurdaspurSatellite Office144T001Nai Abadi, Near Malook Tractor G.T. Road Dhariwal140000
GurdaspurSatellite Office144T002Ward No.3 NEAR TEHSIL CHOWK DINANAGAR143531
GurdaspurSatellite Office136T001Ward No.11, Anala Road Tehsil Batala Dist.Gurdaspur143505
GurdaspurSatellite Office144T003Opp. State Bank Of India DERA BABA NANAK ROAD KALANAUR143512
GurdaspurSatellite Office1081T001Main Harchowal Road Quadian, Teh Batala, Dt. Gurdaspur143516
GurdaspurSatellite Office135T001Near Kiliari More, Opposite Punjab National Sujanpur Tehsil Pathankot, Dist.Gurdaspur145023
Tarn taranBranch Office137Sarhali Road TARN TARAN TARN TARAN143401
Tarn taranSatellite Office137T001Mani Bazar, Railway Road Waddi Mandi Patti, Tarn Taran, Gurdapur143416
BikanerBranch Office187Jeevan Raksha K.E.M. Road Bikaner334001
BikanerBranch Office10AJeevan Jyoti 266, Sadulganj Bikaner334003
BikanerBranch Office50BJeevan Prakash Sagar Road Bikaner334003
BikanerBranch Office10EJeevan Jyoti Raisar road, Near Nursing hostel Nokha334803
BikanerDivisional OfficeD050Jeevan Prakash Sagar Road, Post Box No. 66 Bikaner334003
BikanerSatellite Office19FT001Nr. Sh. Devi Lal Upadhaya High School Sri Dungargarh road Dt. Bikaner331803
BikanerSatellite Office10AC001Near Royal Agency, Gangasahar Bikaner334401
BikanerSatellite Office187T002Near Bus Stand Kolayat Dist.Bikaner Rajasthan334302
BikanerSatellite Office187T001Phooldesar Road Loonkaransar Bikaner334603
ChuruBranch Office186Jeevan Jyoti Near Bhartiya Hospital Churu331001
ChuruBranch Office50CNarasaraopet Centre, Ramakoti Bldgs., Pandaripuram, Chilakaluri Pet Ratangarh District – Churu331022
ChuruBranch Office50DQurashi Bazar Taranagar Road Sadulpur331023
ChuruBranch Office19FBaid House Near Meena Well Sardarshahar331403
ChuruBranch Office19GKarwa Complex near dream light cinema Sujangarh331507
ChuruSatellite Office50DT001Sadulpur Road Taranagar Dt. Churu331304
GanganagarBranch Office1281Near New Bus Stand Anoopgarh Anoopgarh335701
GanganagarBranch Office188Jeevan Jyoti Ground Floor Sector – 7, Meera Marg, Jawaharnagar, Sriganganagar335001
GanganagarBranch Office15PJeevan Jyoti, Ist Floor, Sector 7, Meera Marg, Jawaharnagar, Sriganganagar335001
GanganagarBranch Office328Jeevan Jyoti Near Bus Stand Raisinghnagarr335051
HanumangarhBranch Office189Jeevan Jyoti Kutchery Road Hanumangarh335512
HanumangarhBranch Office19DJeevan Jyoti Bhadra Road, Sector -5 Nohar335523
HanumangarhBranch Office50ARatanpura, Hanumangarh Road Sangaria District – Hanumangarh335063
HanumangarhBranch Office15NJeevan Jyoti Bikaner Road Suratgarh335804
HanumangarhSatellite Office19DT001Opposite Vivekanand Hospital, Bhadra, Dt.Hanumangarh Rajasthan335501
HanumangarhSatellite Office50AT001Opp. Power House Ambedkar Chowk Sadulshahar335062
NagaurBranch Office19AJeevan Jyoti Near Head Post Office Deedwana341303
NagaurBranch Office1282Deedwana Road Kuchamancity Kuchamancity341508
NagaurBranch Office19HNear Abdul Sarai Gunawati Road Makrana341505
NagaurBranch Office19UJeevan Jyoti Civil Lines Mertacity Distt. Nagaur341510
NagaurBranch Office191Jeevan Jyoti Bikaner Road Nagaur341001
NagaurSatellite Office19HT001LIC of India, Degana SO Near Sarda School, Ajmer Road, Degana Dist. Nagaur341503
NagaurSatellite Office191T001Tehsil Choraha Opp. Electricity Office, Jayal Dt. Nagaur341023
NagaurSatellite Office19AT001C/o Dr. B.S. Tandon Station Road Ladnun, Dt. Nagaur Ladnun, Dt. Nagaur341306
NagaurSatellite Office1282T001LIC of India Station Road Nawa City341509
ChandigarhBranch Office163Unit-1 JEEVAN DEEP BUILDING SECTOR 17-B, CHANDIGARH160017
ChandigarhBranch Office180Unit-2 JEEVAN PARKASH BUILDING SECTOR 17-B, CHANDIGARH160017
ChandigarhBranch Office168Direct Agent Branch SCO 7-A, SECTOR 7-C CHANDIGARH160019
ChandigarhBranch Office20NSCO 810 CHANDIGARH KALKA ROAD MANIMAJRA160101
ChandigarhBranch Office190Career Agent Branch SCO 1110-1112, SECTOR 22-B CHANDIGARH160022
ChandigarhBranch Office1122Unit-111 SCO 343-345, SECTOR 34-A CHANDIGARH160035
ChandigarhDivisional OfficeD016Divisional Office JEEVAN PARKASH BUILDING SECTOR 17-B, CHANDIGARH160017
ChandigarhSatellite Office163T001SCF 389, First Floor SECTOR 37-B CHANDIGARH160036
BarnalaBranch Office16W22 Acre Scheme FOUNTAIN CHOWK BARNALA148101
BarnalaSatellite Office16WT001Narayan Bhawan, Opp.Gurudwara Ramsar Main Bazar Dhanaula, Dt.Barnala148105
ChandigarhSatellite Office180C0012455-56, SECTOR 22-C CHANDIGARH160022
Fatehgarh SahibBranch Office16POpposite Bus Stand G.T. ROAD MANDI GOBIND GARH147301
PatialaBranch Office16H1-7, General, Shiv Dev Singh Camp Circular Road Nabha147201
Fatehgarh SahibSatellite Office16HT001LIC of India Byepass Road Amloh147203
Fatehgarh SahibSatellite Office16PT001Bassi Road Sirhind Dist.Fatehgrah Sahib140412
Fatehgarh SahibSatellite Office16PC001Col. P SCO-164, SECTOR-4D, KUKAR MAJRA147301
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarSatellite Office16LT002LIC Of India SATELLITE OFFICE BSNL BLDG, PHASE X1, SECTOR 65, MOHALI160062
PatialaBranch Office173Branch-1 SCO 8-9, FIRST FLOOR CHHOTI BARADARI, PATIALA147001
PatialaBranch Office16YBranch -2, SCO 8-9, GROUND FLOOR CHHOTI BARADARI, PATIALA147001
PatialaBranch Office31599-A, GURU NANAK COLONY RAJPURA104401
PatialaBranch Office16XOpposite Bus Stand MALKANA PATTI SAMANA147101
PatialaSatellite Office315T001SCF-44 Opp. Anaj Mandi Ghanaur Rajpura140702
PatialaSatellite Office16XT001Jakhal Road Garg Plaza Market Patran147105
PatialaSatellite Office173T001Opp. Gurudwara Kashmirian Main Road, Tripuri Patiala147001
RupnagarBranch Office20P81-82 City Centre Morinda140101
RupnagarBranch Office133Near Shivalik Cinema NANGAL NANGAL140124
RupnagarBranch Office332196-197 GIANI ZAIL SINGH NAGAR ROPAR140001
RupnagarSatellite Office133T001Railway Road Anandpursahib Dt. Punjab140118
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarBranch Office1121Saini Complex MAIN CHANDIGARH AMBALA ROAD DERABASSI140507
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarBranch Office16LSCO 46-47 PHASE-2 MOHALI160056
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarSatellite Office16LT001Landran Road NEAR AMBIKA DEVI MANDIR KHARAR140301
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarSatellite Office20PT001LIC of India, Kurali SO Opp. Govt. Primary School, Chanalon, Chd Road, Kurali Dist. Mohali140103
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarSatellite Office1121T001Chandigarh Ambala Road Near Oasis Resort Zirakpur140603
SangrurBranch Office316Satta Bazar Chowk MALERKOTLA MALERKOTLA148023
SangrurBranch Office172Lal Kothi RAILWAY ROAD SANGRUR148001
SangrurSatellite Office172T001LIC of India Patiala Road Sunam148028
Central DelhiBranch Office1086/32-33, Gurudwara Road, Karol Bagh New Delhi110005
Central DelhiBranch Office111Bombay Life Building N Block, Connaught Place New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office112N-69 Connaught Place New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office113Jeevan Tara Building 1sr Floor, Gate No.4 5 Sansad Marg, New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office115N-72 Connaught Circus New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office11725 K.G. Marg Jeevan Prakash Building New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office11864 Janpath New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office119C-38, Shopping Complex Moolchand New Delhi110024
Central DelhiBranch Office124Building No.11917, Bapu Sadan, Sant Nagar, Karol Bagh, New Delhi110005
Central DelhiBranch Office120F-41, First Floor Connaught Place New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office310Oriental 1st and 2nd Floor 86, Janpath New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office11CUnited India Building, 3rd Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office11J25 K.G. Marg Jeevan Prakash Building New Delhi110001
Central DelhiBranch Office12A16 A/8 WEA Karol Bagh New Delhi110005
Central DelhiBranch Office31D3C-2, New Rohtak Road New Delhi110005
Central DelhiBranch Office31CF-19, United India Bldg. Connaught Place New Delhi110001
Central DelhiDivisional OfficeD01125, K.G. Marg Jeevan Prakash Building New Delhi110001
Central DelhiP&GS UnitG103Jeevan Praksh, Post Box No.102 25, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi110001
Central DelhiSatellite Office112C001Jeevan Prakash Bldg., 3rd Floor 25, K.G. Marg Connaught Place, New Delhi110001
New DelhiSatellite Office120T001H-39, New Asiatic Building Connaught Place New Delhi110001
North East DelhiBranch Office31A4 B.S. Zafar Marg Nehru House New Delhi110002
North West DelhiSatellite Office310T001DDA Community Center Plot No.32 Pitampura110085
South DelhiBranch Office11RAugust Kranti Bhawan Plot No.25, Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi110001
South DelhiBranch Office11S53/54, Govardhan Bldg., Nehru Place New Delhi110001
South DelhiBranch Office11XNBCC Tower-IV, Sector-5, Pushp Vihar, Saket, New Delhi110017
South DelhiBranch Office12GG-9, Vardhman Trade Center Nehru Place New Delhi110001
South DelhiSatellite Office11ST001H-1, First Floor, Vikramditya Town DDA Market Alakanda Commercial110019
South West DelhiBranch Office127Shop No.19 C, 19D, 20D DDA Complex, Vasant Lok Vasant Vihar, New Delhi110057
South West DelhiBranch Office11N18A/2, Ward No. 1, DESU Road, Mehrauli, New Delhi110030
South West DelhiSatellite Office311T001Block B, Plot No.1 Local Shopping Center Vasant Kunj110000
West DelhiBranch Office311Block 5, 4th Floor, Shopping Complex, Rajendra Place New Delhi110005
West DelhiSatellite Office124T001A-119,120 Sharda Puri Ramesh Nagar New Delhi110005
FaridabadBranch Office12JState Bank Complex BALLABGARH HARYANA121004
FaridabadBranch Office11USCO 34 Sector 12, HUDA Complex Faridabad121001
FaridabadBranch Office12ROld City 86, Sector-16 FARIDABAD HARYANA121002
FaridabadBranch Office314Neelam Bata Road, FARIDABAD HARYANA121001
FaridabadSatellite Office314T001DSS,24,25, Shopping Centre Sector-31 Faridabad121008
PalwalBranch Office11HB-2, 147, Byepass Palwal Haryana121102
PalwalSatellite Office11HT001Above Punjab National Bank Opp.Aggarwal Dharamshala Old G.T. Road, Hodal, Dist.Palwal121106
Central DelhiBranch Office11K12/56, Deshbandhu Gupta ROAD, KAROL BAGH NEW DELHI110005
Central DelhiBranch Office12C3909-3912, Hamilton Road, MORI GATE, DELHI110006
Central DelhiBranch Office12P2/25, Roop Nagar DELHI DELHI110007
Central DelhiBranch Office114State Bank Building CHANDNI CHOWK DELHI110006
Central DelhiBranch Office116Laxmi Insurance Building 1ST FLOOR, ASAF ALI ROAD DELHI110002
Central DelhiBranch Office126Bhart Base Building, IST FLOOR, 10, DARYAGANJ, DELHI110002
Central DelhiBranch Office320Laxmi Insurance Building ASAF ALI ROAD NEW DELHI110002
Central DelhiBranch Office326Jeevan Raksha Building IST FLOOR, 12/1 ASAF ALI ROAD NEW DELHI110002
Central DelhiBranch Office327Sunlight Building, IST FLOOR, ASAF ALI ROAD, DELHI110002
East DelhiBranch Office12LB 125 Hardevpuri, Sikka Neet House Near Durgapuri Chowk Shahdara110092
East DelhiBranch Office1021CAB, 517, Kothi Bhagwan DASS, MAIN ROAD, GANDHI NAGAR, DELHI110031
East DelhiBranch Office11B1st & 2nd Floor, Jeevan Pragati 16, District Centre Laxmi Nagar110092
East DelhiBranch Office11D3rd & 4th floor, Jeevan Pragati 16. District Centre Laxmi Nagar110092
ShahdaraBranch Office11MG.T. Road, DILSHAD GARDEN DELHI110092
East DelhiBranch Office11P29-30, Anuvrat Tower WAZIRPUR, COMMUNITYCENTRE DELHI110052
East DelhiBranch Office12KF-149, Main Bazar, LAXMI NAGAR DELHI110092
South East DelhiBranch Office12DSF-29,30,31 Aditya Mega Mall Near Karkardooma Court, CBD, Delhi110032
East DelhiBranch Office12FTirupati Balaji Building 13/14, DDA LOCAL SHOPPING CENTRE, POCKET-II,MAYUR VIHAR110091
East DelhiDivisional OfficeD012Scope Minar, 9th Floor, LAXMI NAGAR DELHI-II110092
East DelhiSatellite Office11BT001Sikka Galaxy Local Shopping Centre Shreshta Vihar, Delhi110092
East DelhiSatellite Office11MT001F-2/4 Krishna Nagar Delhi110051
New DelhiSatellite Office12BC001B-1/I-1 OHAN CO-OPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE110044
North DelhiBranch Office12TSachdev Corporate Tower, 7th floor,Plot 8,Sec 8, Rohini Delhi110085
North DelhiBranch Office11E16-A, Kamla NAGAR DELHI110007
North DelhiBranch Office11LPlot No.16, I Block, Sector-1 DSIDC, NEAR ITI, NARELA DELHI110040
North DelhiBranch Office123G-1, Model Town DELHI DELHI110009
North DelhiSatellite Office123T001Batra Cinema Complex Mikerjee Nagar Delhi110009
North DelhiSatellite Office123C001703, 704, 706, NDM-2 Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura110034
North DelhiSatellite Office12TT00139/14, Main Bawana Road Samaypur,Badli, Delhi110042
South DelhiBranch Office12BSplendour Forum Building Plot No.3, Jasola Dist.Centre, Nr. apollo Hospital Jasola-Sarita Vihar, New Delhi110025
South DelhiBranch Office31231, Community Centre, NEW FRIENDS COLONY NEW DELHI110065
South DelhiSatellite Office11ET001K-59, Lajpat Nagar-2 New Delhi NEW DELHI110024
GurgaonBranch Office122Plot No.104 Sec-44, Near,Gurgaon,122001
GurgaonBranch Office12M7th Floor, Palm Court 20/4, MDI CHOWK, GURGAON122001
GurgaonBranch Office1041Near Bus Stand SOHNA DT.GURGAON122001
GurgaonP&GS UnitG103T001LIC Of India P&GS EXTN. COUNTER G-12, JMD REGENT SQUARE IV122001
GurgaonSatellite Office122T0022nd floor, Esskay Tower Old Railway Road Gurgaon122001
GurgaonSatellite Office122T001JMD Regent Square MG ROAD GURGAON122001
GurgaonSatellite Office12MT001Shop Nos.16,17,18, Amarpali Commercial Hub, Sector-2,IMT Menasar,Harayana122050
NuhSatellite Office1041T001Civil Lines, Ward No.11, Nuh(Haryana)122103
GurgaonSatellite Office122T003Ward No3 Above Axis Bank Ist Floor Tauru Road122503
RewariBranch Office11GJeewan Jyoti Bhawan BRASS MARKET, SEC.NO.1 REWARI123401
RewariSatellite Office11GT0011st Floor, Sohna Road Above PNB Dharuhera123106
New DelhiSatellite Office11WT001D-5, Amanpuri Kanha Ram Complex,Najafgarh Road Nangloi,New delhi110041
New DelhiSatellite Office11YT0019-10, Vipin Garden NAJAFGARH ROAD Nr Metro pillar no-801,Dwarka mode (NAWADA)110059
North West DelhiBranch Office12HC-5-6, Sanjay Market SECTOR 2, ROHINI NEW DELHI110085
North West DelhiSatellite Office12HT001201, Garg Trade Centre Sector-II Rohini110085
South West DelhiBranch Office11TC-29, Community Centre NARAINA VIHAR PHASE 1 NEW DELHI110028
South West DelhiBranch Office11Y1st Floor, 1643 Thana Road Najafgarh New Delhi110043
South West DelhiBranch Office12EF-Wing, 1st Floor LOCAL SHOPPING CENTRE, RING ROAD NARAINA, NEW DELHI110028
South West DelhiBranch Office12NPlot No.7-8, Central Market SECTOR 6, DWARKA NEW DELHI110075
West DelhiBranch Office128C-26-27, Community Centre NR.JANAK CINEMA, PANKHA ROAD JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI110058
West DelhiBranch Office12920A, 1st Floor, Shivaji Marg NR.MOTI NAGAR POLICE STATION NEW DELHI110015
West DelhiBranch Office11AA-3/24, First Floor Janak Puri New Delhi110058
West DelhiBranch Office11WPlot Nos. 17,18,19, LSC,Bhera Enclave, NEW DELHI110058
West DelhiBranch Office31BIst Floor, Jeevan Pravah DISTRICT CENTRE, JANAKPURI NEW DELHI110058
West DelhiBranch Office33A4-B/2, Tilak Nagar NEW DELHI NEW DELHI110018
West DelhiBranch Office33B2nd Floor, Jeevan Pravah DISTRICT CENTRE, JANAKPURI NEW DELHI110058
West DelhiDivisional OfficeD033Jeevan Pravah DISSTT.CENTRE, JANAKPURI NEW DELHI – III110058
West DelhiSatellite Office31BT0012-A, R-Block, 1st floor, Uttam Nagar New Delhi-110059110059
West DelhiSatellite Office128C0011st & 2nd Floor, Plot No.4 Community Center Mayapuri Phase I, New Delhi.110064
West DelhiSatellite Office129T001LIC of India, Rajouri Garden SO, 2nd floor, B2 Parkash House, Rajouri Garden Dist. West Delhi110027
AlwarBranch Office195Moti Doongri Road Alwar Alwar301001
AlwarBranch Office15RVasundhara Nagar Bhiwadi Dist.Alwar301019
AlwarBranch Office19PMandi Mator Road Khairthal Dist. Alwar301404
AlwarSatellite Office195C001Greens Opposite Children Govt. Hospital Near Bijli Ghar Choraha Near Bijli Ghar Choraha301001
AlwarSatellite Office19CT002Ganpati Real Mart Developers Bldg. Behind BSNL Office RIICO Industrial Area Behror301701
AlwarSatellite Office195T002SSO Kherli Near Ahinsa Circle” Distt. Alwar(Raj)321606
AlwarSatellite Office195T001Ajmera Bhawan Fateh Burj Rajgarh Distt.Alwar333333
JaipurBranch Office1242Unit-IV, Subhash Nagar Shopping Centre Jaipur302016
JaipurBranch Office157CAB-I, Nehru Place Tonk Road, Jaipur302013
JaipurBranch Office15SD-201, R.K. Tower Near Peetal Factory Jhotwara Road, Jaipur302016
JaipurBranch Office160DAB, 1, Gopinath Marg G.P.O. Jaipur302001
JaipurBranch Office194Unit-I, Divl.Office Campus Bhawani Singh Road Jaipur302005
JaipurDivisional OfficeD019Divisional Office “Jeevan Prakash” Bhawani Singh Road Jaipur302005
JaipurP&GS UnitG104P & GS Divl.Office Campus Bhawani Singh Road Jaipur302005
JaipurSatellite Office1242T001Shreenath Plaza Near Sagar Market Ajmer Road, Bhankrota302026
JaipurSatellite Office19YT001SO, Harmara 2nd FLOOR 205, 206, NORTH AVENUE D-468-B, Rd No 9-A, VKI , SIKAR ROAD,302013
JaipurSatellite Office157C001Sunder Nagar Girdhar Marg, J.L.N. Marg Malviya Nagar, Jaipur302019
JaipurSatellite Office194T001SSO, 9/93, Shiprapath Mansarovar Jaipur302017
JaipurSatellite Office15ST001SO, Kalwar Road ANAND LAXMI PLOT 1,2 JHOTWARA ROAD, JAIPUR (Raj)302012
JaipurSatellite Office19CT001Jaipur Tiraha, N H-8 Shahpura Distt. Jaipur303103
JhunjhunuSatellite Office103C001Road No-3 Nr. Dainic Bhaskar Office In front of Reliance Petrol Pump Jhunjhunu333001
JhunjhunuBranch Office19JMalti Bhawan Chaudhary Colony Chirawa (Jhunjhunu)333026
JhunjhunuBranch Office103Indira Colony Jhunjhunu Jhunjhunu333001
JhunjhunuSatellite Office19JT001Bhaskar Bhawan Jaipur Road, SO Khetri Khetri Dist. Jhunjhnu333503
JhunjhunuSatellite Office103T001Choudhary Complex Opp. Tehsil Office Nawalgarh Dist. Jhunjhunu333042
SikarBranch Office19YSharma Sanjay Badi N.H.11, Chomu Dist. Jaipur303702
SikarBranch Office19WNH 52, Sardarpura Bus Stand, Fatehpur Shekawati Dist. Sikar Rajasthan332301
SikarBranch Office19CNear Krishna Talkies Kotputli Dist. Jaipur303108
SikarBranch Office15TRam Leela Maidan Neem Ka Thana Dist.Sikar332713
SikarBranch Office192Near Collectrate Station Road Sikar332001
SikarSatellite Office192T002Ganpati Market Near Main Bus Stand, Danta Dt. Sikar332702
SikarSatellite Office15TT001Sikarbazar Srimadhopur Dt. Sikar332715
SikarSatellite Office192T001Ashok Vihar Rani Sati Road, Todi Nagar Sikar332001
JhunjhunuSatellite Office103T002Safi No. – 1 Jaipur Road, Udaipurwati. Dist – Jhunjhunu Rajasthan333307
BharatpurBranch Office196Super Bazar Complex Bharatpur Dist. Bharatpur301001
BharatpurBranch Office19XSP-3, RIICO Ind. Area Deeg Dist. Bharatpur321203
BharatpurSatellite Office196T001Station Road Bajaria, Bayana Distt.Bharatpur321401
BharatpurSatellite Office196T002Kumher Road, Nr. Kissan Bhawan Bharatpur Dist.Bharatpur321001
DausaBranch Office19BKhan Bhakri Road Dausa Dist. Dausa303303
DausaSatellite Office19BT001Sikandra Road, Opp.S.B.B.J. Bank Bandikui Distt. Dausa303313
DausaSatellite Office19BT002Above Rajasthan Bank Gangapur Road Lalsot303503
DholpurBranch Office19EG.T. Road Dholpur Dist. Dholpur328001
JaipurBranch Office19RDelhi Bypass Road, Near Kanta Transport Nagar Jaipur302004
JaipurBranch Office19TSector 8, Chetak Marg, Pratap Nagar Sanganer, Jaipur303906
JaipurBranch Office325Unit-II, Kotawala Building Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur302002
JaipurBranch Office335Suit no.5-6,3rd floor,Orbit mall Arked International complex,Ajmer road Jaipur302006
JaipurBranch Office159Unit-III, Jeevan Prakash Building, Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur302005
JaipurBranch Office19NStation Road Sambhar Lake Dist. Jaipur303604
JaipurDivisional OfficeD103DO 2, Nangi Plaza Building A-20, Anita Colony, Near Gandhi Nagar Rly.Station Jaipur302015
JaipurSatellite Office19NT001Near Bus Stand Kishangarh, Rainwal Kishangarh Renwal Dist. Jaipur303603
JaipurSatellite Office19TT001Above Nakoda Motors Tonk Road Chaksu (Distt. Jaipur)303901
JaipurSatellite Office325T002310-311, 3rd floor City Mall, Bhagwan Das Road Opp. Rajput Sabha Bhawan, C-Scheme,Jaipur302001
JaipurSatellite Office19TT002Ground Floor ,JTM Tower Near Jagatputra Flyover, Jagatpura302017
JaipurSatellite Office325T001Shop No.1, Jagdamba Tower Aamrapali Circle Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur302021
JaipurSatellite Office159C001Sunny Paradise, 3rd floor Nr. Kamal & Co. Tonk Road, Jaipur302015
JaipurSatellite Office159T001SSO, A-11, Ganpati Paradise, Central Spine Vidyadhar Nagar Jaipur302039
JaipurSatellite Office19RT00150, Arora Residency, Shanti Path, Ram Gali No.8 New Raja Park Jaipur302004
KarauliBranch Office19LF-161, RIICO Ind. Area Hindaun Dist. Karauli322230
KarauliBranch Office1241Gulab Bagh Karauli Dist. Karauli322241
Sawai MadhopurBranch Office19KPlot No. Special- 2, Riico Industrial Area (Saloda), Gangapurcity District Sawaimadhopur322201
Sawai MadhopurBranch Office193Main Town Sawai Madhopur Dist. Sawai Madhopur332021
Sawai MadhopurSatellite Office193C001LIC Of India, SO CLIA, KRASHI UPAJH MANDI, AALENPUR, LINK ROAD,322001
TonkBranch Office15UChurch Road Deoli Dist. Tonk304804
TonkBranch Office105Malpura Darwaja Near Bus Stand Dist.Tonk304001
TonkSatellite Office15UT001Plot No.5, Adarsh Nagar Jaipur Highway Road Malpura,Dist.Tonk304502
TonkSatellite Office105T001LIC Of India, SO Newai, PAHADI CHUNGI NAKA, TONK ROAD,304021
FaridkotBranch Office334Faridkot FARIDKOT FARIDKOT151203
FaridkotSatellite Office334T001B-1/359, Faridkot Road Dodha Complex, Kotkapura151204
HoshiarpurBranch Office13LDasuya DASUYA DASUYA144205
HoshiarpurBranch Office30AChandigarh Road GARHSHANKER GARHSHANKER144527
HoshiarpurBranch Office147The Mall NEAR SHIMLA PAHARI HOSHIARPUR147001
HoshiarpurSatellite Office13LT002Ward No. – 4, Dam Raod, Talwara, Dist – Hoshiarpur144216
HoshiarpurSatellite Office147C001Bus Stand Road Opp. Presidency Hotel Hoshiarpur146001
HoshiarpurSatellite Office13LT001Near Bus Stand G.T. Road Mukerian144211
JalandharBranch Office141LIC Of India JEEVAN PRAKSH BDG JEEVAN PRAKASH144001
JalandharBranch Office142Ladowali Road RAJINDER NAGAR JALANDHAR144001
JalandharBranch Office151Pucca Bagh MILAP CHOWK JALANDHAR144001
JalandharBranch Office13GDivl. Office Bldg., JEEVAN PRAKASH JALANDHAR144001
JalandharBranch Office13XLadowali Road RAJINDER NAGAR JALANDHAR144001
JalandharBranch Office101Pucca Bagh MILAP CHOWK JALANDHAR144001
JalandharBranch Office1061Kartarpur KARTARPUR KARTARPUR144801
JalandharBranch Office13NOpp. Bus Stand NAKODAR NAKODAR144040
JalandharBranch Office13TPhillaur PHILLAUR PHILLAUR144410
JalandharDivisional OfficeD013Mode Town Road JEEVAN PRAKAH JAANDHAR144001
JalandharP&GS UnitG105Jeevan Prakash, Model Town Road Box No.82 Jalandhar144001
JalandharSatellite Office141C001Roop Complex, Opp. Jammu Hospital Kapurthala Road Jalandhar144001
JalandharSatellite Office13NT001S.S. Complex Moga Road Shahkot144702
KapurthalaBranch Office152Model Town KAPURTHALA KAPURTHALA144601
KapurthalaBranch Office138Urban Estate PHAGWARA PHAGWARA144401
KapurthalaSatellite Office152T001Tawandi Road, Sultanpur Lodhi Dist. Kapurthala Dist. Kapurthala144626
MogaBranch Office139Moga MOGA MOGA142001
MogaSatellite Office139T001Nihalsingh Wala Raod, Baghapurana Dist – Moga142038
Sri Muktsar SahibBranch Office13WMalout MALOUT MALOUT152107
Sri Muktsar SahibBranch Office153Mukatsar MUKATSAR MUKATSAR152026
Shahid Bhagat Singh NagarSatellite Office30AT001Jain Complex GARSHANKAR ROAD BALACHAUR144521
Shahid Bhagat Singh NagarSatellite Office156T002Machhiwara Road RAHON Dt.Nawanshahar144517
Shahid Bhagat Singh NagarBranch Office156Chandigarh Road LIC NAWANSHAHR144515
Shahid Bhagat Singh NagarSatellite Office156T001Shivali Complex Opp. Rai Petrol Pump, Main Raod Banga144505
BarmerBranch Office18GOpp. New Bus Stand BALOTRA DISTT. BARMER344022
BarmerBranch Office183Saheed Samarak Chowk SINDHARI CHORAHA, BARMER344001
BarmerSatellite Office18GC001Pungalia Bhavan Kher Road Balotra, Dist. Barmer344022
BarmerSatellite Office183T00269, Nehru Nagar Chohtan Dist. Barmer344702
BarmerSatellite Office183T001NH-15, Sanchore Road Dhorimanna Distt. Barmer344704
BarmerSatellite Office18GT001Shyam Sadan Balotra Road Siwana Dist, Barmer344044
JaisalmerBranch Office18CJeevan Jyoti RLY. STATION ROAD JAISALMER345001
JaisalmerSatellite Office18CT001Opp. Roadways Busstand Sumer Market, Jodhpur Road, Pokhran, Dist – Jaisalmer345021
JaloreBranch Office18KMalviya Nagar RANIWARA ROAD, BHINMAL, DISTT. JALORE343029
JaloreBranch Office324Shivaji Nagar Colony JALORE DISTT. JALORE343001
JaloreBranch Office10JJeevan Jyoti NATIONAL HIGHWAY NO 15 SANCHORE, DISTT JALORE342041
JaloreSatellite Office324T001In Front of Police Station Sayla Dt. Jalore343022
JodhpurBranch Office18PJodhpur Road BILARA DISTT. JODHPUR342602
JodhpurBranch Office184Opp. Rly. Station STATION ROAD JODHPUR342001
JodhpurBranch Office330Sector – E SHASTRI NAGAR JODHPUR342001
JodhpurBranch Office18ECox Kutir NR. BARKATULLA STADIUM JODHPUR342001
JodhpurBranch Office154Sector 12 CHOPASNI HOUSING BOARD JODHPUR342009
JodhpurBranch Office10DManji Ka Hattha PAOTA JODHPUR342011
JodhpurBranch Office1262Nr. Govt. Hospital OSIAN DISTT. JODHPUR342303
JodhpurBranch Office10CAdarsh Nagar JODHPUR ROAD PHALODI, DISTT. JODHPUR342301
JodhpurDivisional OfficeD0101, West Patel Nagar CIRCUIT HOUSE ROAD JODHPUR342011
JodhpurP&GS UnitG106Jeevan Jyoti, Cox Kutir Near Barkatullah Stadium Jodhpur342011
JodhpurSatellite Office10DT001Near Bus Stand, Jaisalmer Road Balesar Distt.Jodhpur342023
JodhpurSatellite Office10DT0021st Floor, Prem Tower, Banar Railway Station Chouraha, Banar, Jodhpur District342027
JodhpurSatellite Office154T00148, Krishan Kirpa 11th Pal Road Sardarpura, Jodhpur342008
JodhpurSatellite Office184T001191,192, Shopping Centre Saraswati Nagar Jodhpur342005
JodhpurSatellite Office18PT001Station Road Pipar City Jodhpur Dist.342601
JodhpurSatellite Office330T001Kaylana Choraha SOOR SAGAR ROAD SOORSAGAR, JODHPUR342009
PaliBranch Office10GFalna Road OPP. POST OFFICE, BALI DISTT. PALI306701
PaliBranch Office10HJeevan Jyoti NR. DAK BANGLOW JAITARAN, DISTT. PALI306302
PaliBranch Office323Mandia Road PALI DISTT. PALI306401
PaliBranch Office1261Mandia Road PALI DISTT. PALI306401
PaliBranch Office10BOutside Chand Pole Gate SOJAT CITY DISTT. PALI306104
PaliBranch Office158Takatgarh Road SUMERPUR DISTT. PALI306902
PaliSatellite Office10BT001Hospital Road Marwar Junction Dist. Pali306001
PaliSatellite Office10GT001Near Railway Crossing Rani Distt. Pali306115
PaliSatellite Office158T001Telephone Exchange Near Jalore Chouraha Takhatgarh306912
SirohiBranch Office10FRiico Industrial Area ABU ROAD, DISTT. SIROHI307026
SirohiBranch Office185Jeevan Raksha NR. POWER HOUSE SIROHI307001
SirohiSatellite Office185T001Opp. Nagar Palika, VPO Pindwara Dt. Sirohi SIROHI307022
AmbalaBranch Office161Jeevan Jyoti Building JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU MARG AMBALA CANTT133001
AmbalaBranch Office17ESubhash Chowk Delhi-Chandigarh Highway Naraingarh134203
AmbalaSatellite Office161C001Jeevan Jyot Building Jawaharlal Nehru Marg Ambala Cantt.133001
AmbalaSatellite Office161T001Bypass Road Near Reebok Showroom Barara133201
JindBranch Office171Bay Site No. 23-24 DISTT SHOPPING CENTER JIND126102
JindBranch Office16KJeevan Jyoti Building NEAR MICRO WAVE STATION NARWANA126116
JindSatellite Office171T0011st floor MC Complex Safidon126112
JindSatellite Office16KT001Satellite Office, LIC of India Ward No. 2, Near State Bank of Patiala Uchana Mandi126115
KaithalBranch Office339Tehsil Road NR GEETA BHAWAN KAITHAL132027
KaithalSatellite Office17JT001Opp. Bus Stand Guhla Road Cheeka (Kaithal)136034
KaithalSatellite Office339C00127/11, Vikas Nagar Near Padma Centre Karnal Road, Kaithal136027
KaithalSatellite Office339T002Rajound Road Huda Market Pundri, Kaithal136026
KarnalBranch Office164489 MODEL TOWN KARNAL132001
KarnalBranch Office17BBAY SITE 1 & 2, Sector 12, HUDA Complex KARNAL132001
KarnalP&GS UnitG107Bay Site No.1&2. Sector – 12 Karnal132001
KarnalSatellite Office339T001Assand Main Road Opp- Arora Eye Centre Assandh132039
KarnalSatellite Office164T001Mandi Mani Ram Above Canara Bank Gharaunda132114
KarnalSatellite Office17BT001Gole Market NEAR POST OFFICE NILOKHERI132117
KarnalSatellite Office17BT002Kaithal Road Opp. HDFC Bank Nissing132024
KurukshetraBranch Office169Jeevan Jyoti, SCO 9,10,11 SECTOR 17 KURUKSHETRA132118
KurukshetraBranch Office17JModel Town NEAR TELEPHONE EXCHANGE PEHOWA132128
KurukshetraSatellite Office169T001Radour Road NEAR INDRI CHOWK Ladwa136132
KurukshetraSatellite Office169T002Opp. Godrej Adhar Ladwa Road Shahabad136135
PanchkulaBranch Office17FNr. Sofia School KALKA KALKA133302
PanchkulaBranch Office16NSCO 71-72 SECTOR-2 PANCHKULA134109
PanipatBranch Office165Near Bus Stand PANIPAT PANIPAT132103
PanipatBranch Office17A382-L, IDGAH ROAD, MODEL TOWN, PANIPAT132103
PanipatSatellite Office17AT001289/2 Old Thana Road Samalkha132101
Yamuna NagarBranch Office16GSCO 184-185 SECTOR 17 ,UE JAGADHRI135003
Yamuna NagarBranch Office162Opp. Madhu Cinema Jagadhri Road YAMUNANAGAR135001
BathindaBranch Office174Jeevan Jyoti BIBIWALA ROAD, BATHINDA151006
BathindaBranch Office1142Near P.W.D. Office RAMPURAPHUL RAMPURAPHUL151103
BathindaSatellite Office174T001Ramana Diagnostic The Mall Bathinda151001
BathindaSatellite Office174T002Bank Bazar, Raman Mandi Dt. Bhatinda Dt. Bhatinda151301
LudhianaBranch Office179Kailash Market, Near New Dana Mandi JAGRAON JAGRAON142026
LudhianaBranch Office337Improvement Trust Building G.T. ROAD, KHANNA141406
LudhianaBranch Office175Bhadur House NEAR CLOCK TOWER LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaBranch Office336608/1, Gurdev Nagar NR. AARTI CINEMA LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaBranch Office170Gill Road, Miller Gang LUDHIANA LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaBranch Office16MAmar Palace, Sham Nagar NR. BUS STAND, LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaBranch Office16UIIIrd Floor, Dhayan Singh Complex BUS STAND LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaBranch Office1141Jawahar Market, Ist Floor CLOCK TOWER, LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaDivisional OfficeD030Jeevan Parkash, Phase-I URBAN ESTATE, DUGRI, LUDHIANA141002
LudhianaP&GS UnitG108Amar Palace, SHAM NAGAR,NEAR BUS STAND LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaSatellite Office16MT001SSO Dehlon Ludhiana, Malerkotla road Dehlon, Dt. Ludhiana141118
LudhianaSatellite Office337T001Near State Bank of India G.T. Road Doraha141421
LudhianaSatellite Office175C001SCO-1, Raja Rise Tower DS Rarawale Market Nr. Fortune Classic Hotel, Ludhiana141002
LudhianaSatellite Office336T001SCF-13 Rishi nagar market Opp. of Telephone Exchange, Ludhiana141002
LudhianaSatellite Office175T001Samrala Chowk, LUDHIANA LUDHIANA141001
LudhianaSatellite Office179T002Dhawliwal Market Ferozepur Road Mullanpur(Jagraon141101
LudhianaSatellite Office179T001Ghorewala Chowk Ludhiana Road Raikot141321
MansaBranch Office16DJeevan Jyoti Sirsa Road Mansa151505
BhiwaniBranch Office178Jeevan Jyoti CITY CENTER BHIWANI123021
Charkhi DadriBranch Office17K413/1,MK Complex NR BUS STAND CHARKHI DADRI123306
BhiwaniSatellite Office178C001Meenu Complex Near Rohtak Gate Naya Bazar Road127021
FatehabadBranch Office17DAroravansh Dharamshala FATEHABAD FATEHABAD125050
FatehabadBranch Office17LS.C.O. – 8,9,10. Gupta Coloney, Chandigarh Road, Tohana125120
FatehabadSatellite Office17DT001SCF-21, Mandi Township Huda PO-Ratia Distt. Fatehabad125051
HissarBranch Office16EOpp. Civil Hospital HISAR ROAD HANSI125033
HissarBranch Office177Urban Estate No. 1 BEHIND COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE EXCJANGE HISAR125001
HissarSatellite Office17MT001Shiv Colony PO Adampur Distt. Hissar125052
HissarSatellite Office16ET001Hansi Road Barwala Barwala125121
JhajjarBranch Office16JShamji Complex DELHI ROHTAK ROAD BAHADURGARH124507
JhajjarSatellite Office16JC001Bahadurgarh SO, SCF-10 1st Floor, M.I.E., Part-A 1st Floor, M.I.E., Part-A124507
JhajjarSatellite Office16JT001Tehsil Chowk KOSLI MOR NEAR CORPORATION BANK, JHAJJAR124103
RewariSatellite Office16JT002Opp. Tehsil Rly. Road Kosli123102
MahendragarhBranch Office318Opp. Mini Sectt. MOHINDERGARH ROAD NARNAUL123001
MahendragarhSatellite Office318T001Near Aman Mittal Dharam Kanta Satnali Chowk Mahendargarh123029
RohtakBranch Office176Subhash Road OPP AKASHWANI ROHTAK124001
RohtakBranch Office1181974/20 DURGA COLONY ROHTAK124001
RohtakDivisional OfficeD102SCO 3-4-5 Sector-I, Huda Rohtak124001
RohtakSatellite Office176T0011812/Ward No.12 OPP PNB MEHAM112124
RohtakSatellite Office176C001Sheetal Hotel First Floor D Park, Rohtak124001
SirsaBranch Office17GCuoutala Road MANDI DABWALI DISTT SIRSA125104
SirsaBranch Office319Old Civil Hospital Road SIRSA SIRSA125055
SirsaSatellite Office319T001Near Nohar Stand Ellanabad Dist. Sirsa125055
SonipatBranch Office17CTehsil Road GOHANA DISTT SONIPAT124301
SonipatBranch Office317Jeevan Jyoti, Sector 15 URBAN ESTATE SONIPAT131001
SonipatSatellite Office17CT001M.C. Road, PO Ganaur Dt. Sonepat131101
SonipatSatellite Office317T001Opp. Tehsil Office PO- Kharkhoda Dist. Sonepat131402
BilaspurBranch Office16FRoura Sector BILASPUR DT. BILASPUR178001
ChambaBranch Office13HNear Nayyar Palace CHAMBA DISTT.CHAMBA176310
HamirpurBranch Office13BSatya Shopping Complex HAMIRPUR DISTT.HAMIRPUR177001
HamirpurBranch Office1161Thakur Complex NEAR D.C.OFFICE HAMIRPUR177001
HamirpurSatellite Office1161T001Opposite SDM Office Tehsil Barsar, PO Mehre Dt. Hamirpur174313
HamirpurSatellite Office1161C001CLIA SO, LIC of India Soharu Complex Dyanand Chowk, Hamirpur177001
HamirpurSatellite Office13BT001Trimurti Market, Jwala Ji Road Nadaun Dist. Hamirpur177033
KangraBranch Office15FNear Bus Stand DEHRA DISTT KANGRA177001
KangraBranch Office145Civil Line OPPOSITE WAR MEMORIAL DHARAMSHALA176215
KangraBranch Office15JHotel Jai KANGRA DISTT KANGRA176001
KangraBranch Office15BNiazpur NURPUR DISTT KANGRA176201
KangraBranch Office107Jeeva Jyothi IPH Road Palampur176061
KangraSatellite Office107T002Near Bus Stand Pandol Road, Baijnath Dist. Kangra176125
KangraSatellite Office107T001Main Bazar, VPO & T. Jaisinghpur Dt. Kangra (HP)176095
KangraSatellite Office15BT001Jawali SO, LIC of India Lubh PO, Jawali Distt. Kangra176025
KinnaurSatellite Office16RT001Hotel Cafetaria Main Bazar, Reckong Peo Distt.Kinnaur172107
KulluBranch Office16CHP Housing Board Complex BEASA MOUR KULLU175101
KulluSatellite Office16CT001Hotel Snow Mountain, Behind Bhudhist Monastery Gompa Road, Manali Dist. Kullu175131
MandiBranch Office167Durga Cottage NEAR GPO DT MANDI175001
MandiBranch Office16SBhojpur SUNDARNAGAR DT MANDI175002
MandiSatellite Office167T001Near Hotel UHL JOGINDERNAGAR DT MANDI176062
MandiSatellite Office16ST001Sunrise Building Near Bus Stand Karsog, Distt. Mandi171304
MandiSatellite Office16FT001Near Post Office, SARKAGHAT Dist.Mandi175024
ShimlaBranch Office16RNavnabh Building AKHARA PARISAR, RAMPUR BUSHAHR172001
ShimlaBranch Office166Jeevan Jyoti THE MALL SHIMLA SHIMLA171001
ShimlaBranch Office15AManta Niwas NR. BUS STAND SANJAULI-SHIMLA171006
ShimlaBranch Office15HNr. Auckland Hotel LAKKAR BAZAR SHIMLA171001
ShimlaDivisional OfficeD015SDA Complex BLOCK 14/15 KASUMPTI SHIMLA171009
ShimlaP&GS UnitG109Nr. Auckland Hotel LAKKAR BAZAR SHIMLA171001
ShimlaSatellite Office15AT001Janaki Dass Complex Near Accpark Rohroo, Distt. Shimla171207
ShimlaSatellite Office166C001SO-CLIA, LIC of India Jeevan Joti The Mall, Shimla171001
SirmaurBranch Office16AHotel City Heart CHOGAN NAHAN173001
SirmaurBranch Office15DBadrinagar Chownk MAIN ROAD PAONTA SAHIB173075
SolanBranch Office15CNr. Main Market ROPAR ROAD NALAGARH174101
SolanBranch Office15EPlot-35F, Sec-2, PARWANOO DISTT SOLAN173220
SolanBranch Office338HP Housing Board Complex PHASE-II SOLAN173212
SolanSatellite Office338T001Pathak Complex, Near Bus Stand Arki Distt. solan173208
UnaBranch Office15GUna Road AMB DISTT UNA174304
UnaBranch Office13DMohalla Gurusar NANGAL ROAD UNA174303
AnantnagBranch Office155Ananthnag Shopping 1ST FLOOR MEHANDI KADAL ANANTNAG192101
BadgamBranch Office14AMain Bazar, Near Bus Stand BUDGAM BUDGAM190111
BaramullaBranch Office13ELIC Of India SOPORE KASHMIR193201
DodaBranch Office13PLIC Of India MAIN BAZAR DODA182292
GanderbalSatellite Office13AT002K-2 Complex Behamma Ganderbal191201
JammuBranch Office100Shalimar Road City CHOWK JAMMU180001
JammuBranch Office134LIC Of India, Karan Bhawan SHALIMAR ROAD JAMMU180001
JammuBranch Office14BJeevan Jyoti ,18A, Rail HEAD COMPLEX,JAMMU JAMMU180001
JammuP&GS UnitG110P&GS Jammu, Jeevan Jyoti 18A,RAIL HEAD COMPLEX JAMMU180001
JammuSatellite Office14BT001Manda Road Near Army Hospital Akhnoor, Dist. Jammu181201
JammuSatellite Office100C001Pritam Complex Near DPS School Residency Road Extention, Jammu180001
JammuSatellite Office134T001Main Chowk Above Punjab National Bank Janipur180007
JammuSatellite Office14BT002Main Chowk Near Shahid Petrol Pump Kunjwani181201
KathuaBranch Office13JLIC Of India COLLEGE ROAD KATHUA180000
KathuaSatellite Office13JT001Sukrala Road Billawar SO, Billawar Dist. Kathua184204
KishtwarSatellite Office13PT001Bus Stand Kishtwar Kishtwar182203
KulgamSatellite Office155T001Opp: Post Office MAIN BAZAR KULGAM192231
KupwaraSatellite Office13ET001Near Jamia Masjid Kupwara Kupwara193222
Leh (Ladakh)Satellite Office13AT001LIC Of India FORT ROAD LEH LADAKH200001
PulwamaBranch Office13MLIC Of India MURRAN CHOWK PULWAMA192301
PoonchBranch Office14DLIC Of India NEAR FORT POONCH185101
RajouriBranch Office13FLIC Of India NEAR MAIN BRIDGE RAJOURI185131
RajouriSatellite Office13FT001Main Road Rajouri High Way Sunderbani185153
RambanSatellite Office13PT002Sunari Mohallah Near Ramban Residency Hotel Ramban182144
ReasiSatellite Office13CT002Ambica Hotel MAIN ROAD KATRA182301
ReasiSatellite Office13CT001Near Sanjog Ghar Vijaypur Road Reasi182311
SambaBranch Office14FLIC Of India MAIN ROAD SAMBA184121
SrinagarBranch Office131LIC Of India B.O UNIT I .REGAL LANE LAL CHOWK SRINAGAR190001
SrinagarBranch Office13ALIC Of India REGAL CHOWK LAL CHOWK SRINAGAR190001
SrinagarBranch Office14CLIC Of India B.O UNIT III KARAN NAGAR SRINAGAR190001
SrinagarDivisional OfficeD014Post Box No.459 LIC OF INDIA D.O SONWAR SGR190001
BanswaraBranch Office102Jeevan Raksha Nr.AMBAMATA MANDIR, COLLEGE Rd. BANSWARA327001
BanswaraSatellite Office102T002Opp. Civil Court, Bagidora, Banswara District327601
BanswaraSatellite Office102T001Partapur Dist.Banswara Partapur327001
ChittorgarhBranch Office18YJeevan Jyoti’ JAI NAGAR ROAD, BEGUN DISTT. CHITTORGARH312023
ChittorgarhBranch Office199Qila Road, Sector-2, GANDHI NAGAR, CHITTORGARH312001
ChittorgarhBranch Office18TAdarsh Colony NIMBAHERA DISTT-CHITTORGARH312601
ChittorgarhSatellite Office199T001Station Road Kapasan Distt. Chittorgarh312202
ChittorgarhSatellite Office18YT001Opp. Agarwal Resort, Near Petrol Pump Kota Road, Rawatbhata Dist. Chittorgarh323307
DungarpurBranch Office18BJeevan Jyoti’ UDAIPUR ROAD DUNGARPUR314001
DungarpurBranch Office1222Punarwas Colony Galiyakot Road Sagwara314025
PratapgarhBranch Office18RNai Abadi PRATAPGARH DT PRATAPGARH312605
PratapgarhSatellite Office18RT001Pratapgarh Road Chhoti Sadri Dist. Pratapgarh312604
PratapgarhSatellite Office1223T001Opp. New Bus Stand Dhariawad Distt. Pratapgarh313605
RajsamandBranch Office1221Nr. Balaiyon Ka Kuan, NH.8,BEAWAR Rd. TEH-BHIM, DISTT. RAJSAMAND305921
RajsamandBranch Office18WNagar Palika Road N.H. 8, Sukhadiya Nagar Nathdwara313301
RajsamandBranch Office18DKishore Nagar Extension RAJSAMAND RAJSAMAND313326
RajsamandSatellite Office18DT001Opp. Hero Honda Showroom Bhilwara Road, Opp.Hero Honda Showroom Amt, Distt.Raisamand313332
RajsamandSatellite Office18WT002Nr. Chatur Bag FATEHNAGAR Dt.RAJSAMAND313205
RajsamandSatellite Office18WT001Fateh Nagar Road Mavli Dist.Udaipur313203
RajsamandSatellite Office18WC001CLIA SO, LIC of India, Nagar Palika Road NH-8 Sukhadia Nagar Nathdwara313301
UdaipurBranch Office1223Station Road, Nr. Panchayat Samiti, BHINDER, DISTT. UDAIPUR313603
UdaipurBranch Office18SHospital Road RISHABHDEO DISTT-UDAIPUR313802
UdaipurBranch Office333Patel Circle UDAIPUR UDAIPUR313001
UdaipurBranch Office18HSub-City Center, P.B.No. 88 UDAIPUR313001
UdaipurBranch Office197Jeevan Prakash DELHI-GATE, P.B.No. 27 UDAIPUR313001
UdaipurDivisional OfficeD101Jeevan Prakash Subcity Centre Udaipur313001
UdaipurSatellite Office18ST001Salumber Dist. Udaipur Salumber313027
UdaipurSatellite Office333C0013rd Floor Durganursery Road Udaipur313001
UdaipurSatellite Office197T001Siphon Chauraha BEDLA ROAD UDAIPUR313001
RajsamandSatellite Office1221T001LIC of India Khadi Gram Udyog Mandal Devgarh313331
DungarpurSatellite Office1222T001LIC OF INDIA , Dungar Road, Aspur Dist – Dungarpur314021
Central DelhiZonal OfficeZO01Jeevan Bharati, Tower II 124, connaught Circuls New Delhi110001
Bangalore RuralSatellite Office602T001LIC of India, 114, CR. Complex Chandapur Circle Hosur Main Road, Bangalore560081
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office602Indian Mutual Building NR SQUARE ROAD BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office611United India Building 1ST FL, JC ROAD BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office6131ST FL, Jeevan Sampige NEXT TO SAMPIGE,MALLESWARAM BANGALORE560003
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61ANo.1, 1st Cross, 3 Main Road CHAMARAJPET,BASAVANAGUDI BANGALORE560018
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office6041st Floor, Srithvi Building K G ROAD BANGALORE560009
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office6101st Floor, Jeevan Prakash Building JC ROAD BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61CJeevan Soudha 3rd Floor JP NAGAR, I PHASE BANGALORE560078
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61DNo.12, GMN Compl. I Main GOKUL 1 PHASE,YESHWENTHAPUR BANGALORE560054
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61G543,544,545/16, Sthanikams ARCADE,DR.RAJAJINAGAR RD BANGALORE560010
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61U43/1, Yeshwanthpur TUMKUR ROAD BANGALORE560022
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61XNo.18/C, Adichunchanagiri MUTT SHOPPING COMPLEX,VIJAYANAGAR BANGALORE560040
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61YJeevan Soucha, 1st Floor, JP Nagar 1ST PHASE, SARAKKI BRANCH BANGALORE560078
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office6002Gr. Floor, United India Building JC ROAD, BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61BIII Floor, Jeevan Prakash Building JC ROAD BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanDivisional OfficeD061Jeevan Prakash Building, Divl.Office-1, P.B.No.6694 J.C. ROAD BANGALORE560002
Bangalore UrbanP&GS UnitG5014th floor, Jeevan Prakash Building PB No.6694, J.C. Road Bangalore560002
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office611T002LIC of India, Jeevan Prakash J.C. Road Bangalore560002
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office61CT001No.21 & 22, New No.12 &13, I Cross, Industrial Area, NS Palya, Bannergatta Road, BANGALORE560076
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office61AT001LIC of India, Ist floor, 374/A, 80Ft. Rd., Mysore bank Colony BSK-Stage-I, Bangalore560050
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office61XT001LIC of India, 1st floor 1103, 1st Main, 4th Cross, Ring Road, Kengeri Upanjagara Kengeri, Bangalore560060
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office611T001No.594, I Floor, HMT Layout, Vidyaranayapura Main Road, BANGALORE560097
TumakuruBranch Office61T1299, Mallege, DR.THIRUMAL GOWDA’S BDLG KUNIGAL572130
TumakuruBranch Office61HT.V. Venkataswamy Extension PAVAGADA ROAD MADHUGIRI572132
TumakuruBranch Office60032382/A, Bellari Road ABOVE HARSHA NURSING HOME PAVAGADA561202
TumakuruBranch Office605No.148, Jeevan Jyothi Building B.H. ROAD TIPTUR572202
TumakuruBranch Office615PB No. 129 RAILWAY STATION ROAD TUMKUR572102
TumakuruBranch Office6001Grain Merchants Assn. Building J.C. ROAD TUMKUR572102
TumakuruSatellite Office605T001LICof India SO,,2nd Floor, Sriranga Complex,Opp.Pvt. Bus stand Chikanayakanahalli572214
TumakuruSatellite Office615T001LIC of India C/o, Tap CMS Bldg. N.H. 206, Gubbi572216
TumakuruSatellite Office6001T001LIC of India, Korategere SO MG Complex, Main Road Korategere572129
TumakuruSatellite Office61HT001LIC of India Guru Enterprises Building N.H.4, Sira572137
TumakuruSatellite Office61TT001Padmashree Bldg., Debbaghatta Road Indiranagar, 6th Ward, Turvekere Town Tumkur District572227
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office614Residency Road Branch CANARA MUTUAL BLG,NO.4,RR BANGALORE560025
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office612Civil Station Branch ORIENTAL BLG, IIFL, MG ROAD BANGALORE560001
Bangalore RuralBranch Office61EHungi Chikkanna Mkt. Building Market Road,’D’ CROSS ROAD DODBALLAPUR561203
Bangalore RuralSatellite Office61ET002Shankar Building, 1st floor B.B. Road (Bangalore Baellary Rd.) Near RTO Office, PO: Devanhalli562110
Bangalore RuralSatellite Office36AT001K.M.P.S. Commercial Complex (2nd floor) K.R. Extension, Hoskote Main Road PO: Hoskote562114
BagalkotBranch Office634Jeevan Jyoth SECTOR-24, NAVANAGAR BAGALKOT587101
Bangalore RuralSatellite Office61ET001Khata No.3388/2667, 1st floor, Paramanna Layout Opp. Jayaprasad Nursing Home Above Syndicate Bank, Neelamangala562123
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office603Civil Station East, Ground Floor, Oriental Building, MG Road, Shimoga560001
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office801Next BDA Compl. G Floor 2ND STAGE, INDIRA NAGAR BANGALORE560038
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office308Richmond Town Br., 1st Floor CAN.MUTUAL BLG,RESID. ROAD BANGALORE560025
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office309St. Marks Road Branch ORIENTAL BLG, 1F,MG ROAD BANGALORE560001
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61FIndiranagar Branch NEXT TO BDA COMPL, 3FLOOR BANGALORE560038
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61MCB 18, #86/3-4, II Floor, Next to Canara Bank, Coles Road, BANGALORE560042
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61PWhite Field, JB Nagar JB NAGAR BUS STAND BANGALORE560075
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61LKR Branch, Annapurna No.6 1F,7TH MAIN III BLOCK BANGALORE560034
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office36AKR Puram, Lakshmi Compl. OP.SYND BANK,OLD MADRAS RD BANGALORE560036
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office6011GKR-VD, #38, I Floor, 12th Cross, 12th Cross,Ganganagar, BANGALORE560024
Bangalore UrbanBranch Office61WMG Road Br., IIIrd Floor C.KIRAN BLDG,KASTURBA ROAD BANGALORE560001
Bangalore UrbanDivisional OfficeD036DO-II, PB No.3829, Jeevan Jyothi, Next to BDA Complex, Indiranagar BANGALORE560038
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office603T001LIC of India, Canara Mutual Buildings Residency Road Bangalore560025
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office61PT001Above Syndicate Bank Floor, White field Main Road, BANGALORE560066
Bangalore UrbanSatellite Office612T001Yelahanka Satellite Office, 692, I Floor, Aishwarya Complex, Opp. Seshadripuram College, III Phase, A Sector, Yelahanka Satellite Town, BANGALORE560064
ChikkaballapurBranch Office606No.10, B.B. Road NANDI BHAVAN, PB NO.5, CHIK BALLAPUR562101
ChikkaballapurBranch Office61R1st Floor, Swami Commercial Complex, CHINTAMANI563125
ChikkaballapurSatellite Office606T001LIC of India, Ashwathanarayana Shetty Estate, Ground Floor, Shopping Complex SBM Road, No.987/2, 987/6, SBM Road Bagepalli, Chickballapur Dist.561207
ChikkaballapurSatellite Office606T002LIC of India Satellite Office Madhugiri Road, Gouribidanur561208
KolarBranch Office616LIC Buildings, Ambedkar Road ROBERSTONPET KOLA GOLD FIELDS563117
KolarBranch Office303Nr. KSRTC Bus Stand DR. RAJKUMAR ROAD KOLAR563101
KolarSatellite Office303T001LIC of India Nanjundeshwara Complex, Kolar Road Malur563130
RamanagaraBranch Office601No.640/1, Chikkamalur BANGALORE-MYSORE HIGH WAY CHANNAPATNA571501
RamanagaraBranch Office61V1022, Church Street JC EXTENSION KANAKAPURA562117
RamanagaraSatellite Office601T002LIC of India, 2nd floor Siddarudashrama, Kalya Gate, Bangalore- Kunigal Road Magadi, Ramanagara DT.562120
RamanagaraSatellite Office601T001Khata No.55/1730A,Ist floor Ravinandana Maternity Hospital,PLD Bank Road Ijur,Ramangaram571511
KolarSatellite Office303T002Samrudhi Complex, First Floor, M G Road, Shrinivasapura Dist – Kolar563135
KolarSatellite Office616T002S. A. Complex, Kolar Main Road Bangarpet Dist – Kolar563114
BagalkotBranch Office6141Extension CHALUKYANAGAR BADAMI587201
BagalkotBranch Office63JNew Mudhol Road KUNCHNUR CIRCLE JAMKHANDI587301
BagalkotSatellite Office634T001LIC of India, Bilagi Satellite Office Near B.R. Ambedkar Circle Bilagi587116
BagalkotSatellite Office6141T001LIC of India Kanthi Circle Ilkal587125
BagalkotSatellite Office63JT001LIC of India Ranna Circle Mudhol587313
BelagaviBranch Office63TPB No.17 SATTI ROAD ATHANI591304
BelagaviBranch Office63WSogal Road SOGAL ROAD, BAILHONGAL BAILHONGAL591102
BelagaviBranch Office635Branch Office 1, PB No.105 SANGOLLI RAYANNA ROAD BELGAUM590002
BelagaviBranch Office6142Divisional Office Building, GOAVES, NR.BASAVESWAR CIRCLE, BELGAUM590011
BelagaviBranch Office636Mahalingapur Road CHIKODI CHIKODI591201
BelagaviBranch Office63PFalls Road GOKAK GOKAK591307
BelagaviBranch Office63NSaugandhipura DHARWAD ROAD SAUNDATTI591126
BelagaviDivisional OfficeD601Divisional Office Building, GOAVES, NR.BASAVESWAR CIRCLE, BELGAUM590011
BelagaviSatellite Office63PC001K.R. Dalwai Complex Mayur School Road, Basav Nagar At Post Tal.Gokak591307
BelagaviSatellite Office635T001Opp. Bus Stand KHANAPUR BELGAUM591302
BelagaviSatellite Office636T001LIC of India Dhumale Complex Chikodi Rd., Nippani591237
BelagaviSatellite Office63TT001Sankapal Building Main Road Raibag591317
BelagaviSatellite Office63NT001Naik Building Lakshmi Nagar Ramdurg591123
BelagaviSatellite Office63PT001Karikatti Buildings, Opp.Shankarlingeswar Kalyan Mantap Nippani Road Sankeshwar591313
VijayapuraBranch Office66WAlmatti Road BASAVANA BAGEWADI BASAVANA BAGEWADI586203
VijayapuraBranch Office633Mukund Nagar STATION ROAD BIJAPUR586101
VijayapuraSatellite Office633T002Bijapur SO, Padmavati Bldg. Akkamahadevi Road, Near Water Tank (Gunj) Bijapur586101
VijayapuraSatellite Office633T001LIC of India SO,No.622/1,First Floor, Plot No.11,Shanteshwar Building,Beerappa Nagar Bijapur Road,Indi.Karnataka586209
VijayapuraSatellite Office66WT002LIC of India Satallite Office M.G.V.C. College Complex, Meddebihal586212
VijayapuraSatellite Office66WT001LIC of India, Near Basaveshwar Circle Bijapur Road, PO/TQ Sindagi Bijapur Dist.586128
DharwadBranch Office631Jeevan Prakash COLLEGE ROAD DHARWAD580001
DharwadBranch Office63AJeevan Prakash COLLEGE ROAD DHARWAD580001
DharwadBranch Office632LIC Building LAMINGTORN ROAD, PBNO.25 HUBLI580020
DharwadBranch Office63BJeevan Jyothi, Club Road DESAI CROSS HUBLI-II580029
DharwadBranch Office63FKalburgi Mansion, VA Kalburgi Mansion II FL. LAMINGTON ROAD HUBLI-III580020
DharwadBranch Office63QNavalgund LIC Building, Nargund Road, NAVALGUND582208
DharwadDivisional OfficeD063Divisional Office, P B No.16 JEEVAN PRAKASH, COLLEGE RD DHARWAD580001
DharwadP&GS UnitG503Jeevan Prakash, College Road PB No.23 Dharwad580001
DharwadSatellite Office631C001Jeevan Prakash, DO Building College Road Dharwad580001
DharwadSatellite Office631T001Kadlaskar Compound, Opp. Petrol Bunk Karwar Road Kalaghatgi581204
DharwadSatellite Office632T001Balikai Building NEAR BUS STAND KUNDAGOL581113
GadagBranch Office63CDr. Sajjanar Building, KC RANI ROAD, MASARI EXTN., GADAG582101
GadagBranch Office6031Akash Deep PALABADAMI RD,GAD. BETAGERI GADAG582101
GadagSatellite Office63CT001LIC of India, 1st floor Urban Bank Bldg., Pethban Laxmeswar582116
GadagSatellite Office6031T001LIC of India, 1st Floor Jiddi Bagil Bldg. Gadag, Badami Road, Ron582209
HaveriBranch Office638LIC BUILDING Poona-Bangalore Road HAVERI HAVERI581110
HaveriBranch Office63RLIC Building, P.B. Road RANEBENNUR RANEBENNUR581115
HaveriSatellite Office63RT002LIC of India, Bydagi Satellite Office Dr. Nidagundi Nursing Home, Bus Stand Road Bydagi, Dist. Haveri581106
HaveriSatellite Office638T001Parande Complex NEAR BUS STAND Hangal581115
HaveriSatellite Office638C001LIC of India CLIA Satellite Office,1st Floor,Bhgavathi Building, Rajendra Nagar,2nd Cross,P.B.Road, Haveri581110
HaveriSatellite Office63RT001Kulkarni Building, Opp. Mini Vidhan Soudha Main Road Hirekerur581111
HaveriSatellite Office63RC001Ranebennur SO, BS Sannagoudar Bldg. No.88, Mruthyunjaya Nagar, Ranebennur RANEBENNUR581115
HaveriSatellite Office638T002LIC of India, Shiggaon Satellite Office Vernekar Building, New Bus Station Road Shiggaon582105
Uttara KannadaBranch Office63MLenin Road NEAR BUS STAND DANDELI581325
Uttara KannadaBranch Office63VLIC Building RAMATIRTHA CROSS HONNAVAR581334
Uttara KannadaBranch Office63EJeevan Karawali LIC BUILDING, MG ROAD KARWAR581301
Uttara KannadaBranch Office639P.B. No. 13 N.H. 17, KUMTA KUMTA581343
Uttara KannadaBranch Office637P.B. NO. 7, Jeevan Jyothi COURT ROAD SIRSI581401
Uttara KannadaSatellite Office637T003Sriraj Residency Sirsi Road Mundgod581379
Uttara KannadaSatellite Office639T001H.S. Nayak Building, Saisadan Opp. Sapna Hotel, Court road Ankola Dist. Uttara Kanndada581314
Uttara KannadaSatellite Office63VT001LIC of India SO Misbah Chamber 1st Floor NH 17 Bhatkal581320
Uttara KannadaSatellite Office637T002LIC of India, Satellite Office Shet Bldg., Tinnappa Naik Circle Sirci Road, Siddapur581355
Uttara KannadaSatellite Office637T001Babu Hegde Estate K.B. Road Yellapur581359
DharwadSatellite Office63FT001SHRI SEKHAR, Opp: RTO Office 3rd Cross, Adhyapak Nagar Navanagar580025
HyderabadBranch Office641Surabhi Arcade BANK STREET, KOTI HYDERABAD500001
HyderabadBranch Office6435/8/190, 1st Floor PAIGAH COMPLEX,NAMPALLY HYDERABAD500001
HyderabadBranch Office6505-9-57, III Floor, BASHEERBAGH HYDERABAD500029
HyderabadBranch Office642Jeevan Jyothi, 5-9-57 I&II FLOORS, BASHEERBAGH HYDERABAD500029
HyderabadBranch Office800Taramandal Complex II FL. SAIFABAD,SECRETARIAT RD HYDERABAD500029
HyderabadBranch Office8045-9-211/2 II FLOOR, CHIRAG-ALI LANE HYDERABAD500002
HyderabadBranch Office6603-6-140/2A, Swaroop Bhavan HIMAYATHNAGAR HYDERABAD500060
HyderabadBranch Office64K16-2-677/2&2/1,II&III Floors JUDGES COLONY, MALAKPET HYDERABAD500036
HyderabadBranch Office64S6-3-789, Pavani Prestige II FLOOR, AMEERPET HYDERABAD500016
HyderabadBranch Office64W12-2-460/GH-7A & GH-7B, Bahumukhi Avenue, Gudimalkapur Road, Mehdipatnam, HYDERABAD500028
HyderabadBranch Office73KTuljaguda Complex, 1ST Floor APHB COMPLEX,MJ MARKET RD HYDERABAD500001
HyderabadBranch Office73MH.No.6-4-10, II Floor, Seelam Kanakalakshmi Towers, Opp. Gandhi Hospitals, Musheerabad, HYDERABAD500040
HyderabadBranch Office73L4-7-1121/4, 1st Floor ATUFA COMPLEX,PUTLIBHOWLI HYDERABAD500095
HyderabadBranch Office6041Near Nallakunta Bridge BARKATPURA HYDERABAD500027
HyderabadDivisional OfficeD064Jeevan Prakash, Divisional Office SAIFABAD, SECRETARIAT RD HYDERABAD500063
HyderabadP&GS UnitG504Jeevan Prakash, 5/9/21 Secretariat Road Hyderabad500063
HyderabadSatellite Office64WT0011-98/11/2,Plot No.59,Arunodaya Colony, Madhpur Serlingampally, Cyberabad Hyderabad500081
HyderabadSatellite Office642T001H.No. 8-2-293/82/A/1128/3F-1, Third Floor, Plot No. – 1128 Road No. – 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad500033
HyderabadSatellite Office642T0025-9-57, 4th Floor, Jeevan Jyothi Bldg. Basheerbagh Hyderabad500029
HyderabadSatellite Office804T001H.No.- 22-5-885 to 900/1, First Floor, BSNL Exchange, Near Charminar, Hyderabad500002
HyderabadSatellite Office73MC001LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office H.No.5-3-340/I-D, Hyderabad Cooperative Insurance Building Rashtrapathi Road500003
HyderabadSatellite Office64ST002LIC of India, S.R.Nagar SO, Shop Nos.211, 212 & 213 Bhagya Sree Arcade, II floor, Erragadda Hyderabad500018
Jogulamba GadwalBranch Office73J4-1-50/1, College Road GANDHICHOWK GADWAL509324
MahbubnagarBranch Office64VJeevan Jyoth Building MAIN ROAD JADCHERLA509301
NagarkurnoolBranch Office70MJeevan Jyothi JADCHERLA ROAD KALWAKURTHY509324
MahbubnagarBranch Office649Jeevan Jyoth Building STATION ROAD MAHBUBNAGAR509001
NagarkurnoolSatellite Office70MT001H.No.20-20A, 20B, Opp. Hero Honda Show Room Nagarkurnool Road Achampet, Dist.Mahaboobnagar509375
WanaparthySatellite Office649T002LICof India Satellite Office D.No.9-28 to 9-37,Main market area, Panchayat Road,Atmakur(A)509131
Jogulamba GadwalSatellite Office73JT001Plot Nos. B-4, C-5 & 61 Ieeja Gadwal Mandal509127
NagarkurnoolSatellite Office680T00110-52, Ramnagar Colony Nagar Kurnool Dist.Mahabubnagar509209
MahbubnagarSatellite Office649T001LIC of India,1-5-32 Civil Lane, Narayanpet Dist.Mhabubnagar509210
MahbubnagarSatellite Office64VT001LIC of India, H.No.11-89 Sairam Complex, NH-7 Shadnagar509216
Ranga ReddySatellite Office73GT002Ambedkar Chowrasta Ibrahimpatnam Ibrahimpatnam501506
Ranga ReddySatellite Office73GT001LIC of India Satellite Office,Plot No.25 & 25A(White House) Prashant Nagar Colony,Saheb NagarKhurdu, Main Road,Vanasthalipuram.500074
HyderabadBranch Office73G18-99/1, 1&II Floor KONARK COMM. COMPLEX,CHAITANYAPURI HYDERABAD500660
HyderabadBranch Office6042Near Saibaba Temple DILSUKHNAGAR HYDERABAD500066
VikarabadBranch Office64NSiddikar Road NEAR RTC BUSTAND VIKARABAD501101
HyderabadSatellite Office64ST001Shop Nos.5 &6, II Floor, Saroja Complex, KPHB Main Road, Kukatpally, HYDERABAD500072
VikarabadSatellite Office64NT001LIC of India, Mohini Complex Above Sneha Super Market Bus Stand Road, Tandur(RR Dist.)501141
AnantapurBranch Office65810/395, Subhash Road KAMALANAGAR ANANTAPUR515001
AnantapurBranch Office6021L.S. Towers SUBHAS ROAD ANANTAPUR515001
AnantapurBranch Office65FNear Seri Culture Office PUTTAPARTHI ROAD DHARMAVARAM515671
AnantapurBranch Office65CDoor NO.20/207, Near Padmavathi Nursing Home Hanumesh Nagar GUNTAKAL515801
AnantapurBranch Office657Opp. Market Road RAHMAT NAGAR HINDUPUR515201
AnantapurBranch Office65WNear RTC Bus Stand KADIRI KADIRI515591
AnantapurBranch Office65Y10-1-119 KANEKAL ROAD RAJADURG515865
AnantapurBranch Office65LRailway Feeder Road TADPATRI TADPATRI515411
AnantapurSatellite Office65LT001LIC of India, Opp.Noorani Masjid 7/1582, Tadipatri Road Gooty, Ananthapur Dist.515401
AnantapurSatellite Office65YT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Desappa Building, 8-302, Ananthapur Road Kalyandurg515761
AnantapurSatellite Office657T001D-No.14-235C Madkasira Dt.Anantpur515301
AnantapurSatellite Office657T002D.No.I-236-9E, Near ADCC Bank Vajral Pet, Penukonda Anantapur Dist.515110
KurnoolBranch Office66221/403-5, NEAR APSRTC BUS STAND ADONI518301
KurnoolBranch Office65HNear RTC Bus Stand ATMAKUR ATMAKUR518422
KurnoolBranch Office6022KSR Complex KOILKUNTLA ROAD BANAGANAPALLE515671
KurnoolBranch Office65VPlot No.2,3,4-KV Complex Near New RTC Stop Main Road, DHONE518222
KurnoolBranch Office656River View Colony KURNOOL KURNOOL518001
KurnoolBranch Office655PB No.5 284/24, STATION ROAD NANDYAL518502
KurnoolBranch Office65MCo-operative Colony YEMMIGANUR YEMMIGANUR518360
KurnoolSatellite Office655T001LIC of India 8-1-61, TB Road Allagadda, Dt.Kurnool518543
KurnoolSatellite Office662T001LIC of India Satellite Office, Opposite to Govt.Model School, Yellarthi Raod Alur518395
KurnoolSatellite Office656T001Geetanjali Enclave, Main Road, KURNOOL518001
KurnoolSatellite Office65MT001Pathikonda SO, D.No.17/401 Old Peta, Pathikonda (Post) Kurnool Dist.518380
YSR KadapaBranch Office659P.B. No.52 NAGARAJUPET CUDDAPAH516001
YSR KadapaBranch Office65R1/425, Opp. DSP Office PRODDATUR ROAD JAMMALAMADUGU516434
YSR KadapaBranch Office663Opp. 1 Town P.S. AMMAVARISALA PRODDATUR516361
YSR KadapaBranch Office65DWard No.6 RAILWAY STATION ROAD RAJAMPET516115
YSR KadapaBranch Office65I12-469 TRUNK ROAD RAYACHOTI516269
YSR KadapaDivisional OfficeD065Divisional Office, College Road PB NO.10 KADAPA516004
YSR KadapaP&GS UnitG502Jeevan Prakash, Post Box No.10 College Road, , STATION ROAD Cudddapah516004
YSR KadapaSatellite Office663T001Opp. RTC Bus Stand, First Gate Sumitra Nagar Badvel Kadapa Dist.516227
YSR KadapaSatellite Office659T001D.No.1/2493 & 2494 Besides Rajeev Park, A P H B Colony Kadapa516003
YSR KadapaSatellite Office663T002LIC of India, Mydukuru SO, Near Devi Theater, Main Road Mydukuru Dist. Kadapa516172
YSR KadapaSatellite Office65IT001Parnapallki Road, Pulivendula KADAPA516390
YSR KadapaSatellite Office65DT001D.No.7/612/1&3, Railway Station Road Railway Kodur Dist. Kadapa516101
YSR KadapaSatellite Office65RT001D.No.5/7-V-I, First Floor Muddanur Road Yerraguntla Post, Kadapa Dist.516309
AdilabadBranch Office64CJeevan Jyothi, 4-4-25/16 COLLECTORATE ROAD ADILABAD504001
MancherialBranch Office68E18/1/113, Radha Complex BAZAAR AREA BELLAMPALLY504251
MancherialBranch Office648Plot No.4-95, Jeevan Jyothi PRABHATNAGAR MANCHERIAL504208
NirmalBranch Office68CJeevan Jyothi, LIC of India Branch Office: Nirmal Bhainsa Road, Manjulapoo, Dist. Adilabad504106
NirmalSatellite Office68CT001Vandana Towers, Ramesh Mantheni Complex Vinayak Nagar, Behind RTC Bus Stand Bhainsa534103
MancherialSatellite Office648T002LIC of India, Govt.Civil Hospital Road Near Andhra Bank Chennur, Adilabad Dist.504201
Komaram BheemSatellite Office68ET0011-2-140, Mittapally Building Subhash Road, Nr.Ambedkar Chowrasta Kaghaznagar Dist. Adilabad504296
MancherialSatellite Office648T001Mancherial, D.No.6-57, Gandhi Chowk, Modern Road LUXETTIPET KARIMNAGAR504215
KarimnagarSatellite Office652T001LIC OF INDIA GANGADHARA X ROAD KURIKYAL505445
SiddipetBranch Office6151Akkannapet Road HUSNABAD HUSNABAD505467
KarimnagarBranch Office68DPB No.2, 1st Floor 2-19-19/1, JEEVAN JYOTHI HUZURABAD505468
JagtialBranch Office630D.No.6-5-56 JEEVAN JYOTHI JAGTIAL505327
KarimnagarBranch Office652Jeevan Prakash BEHIND 1 TOWN PS, AMBEDKAR STADIUM RD KARIMNAGAR505001
KarimnagarBranch Office68MH.NO. 7-2-969, OPP: SBI MANKAMMATHOTA, KARIMNAGAR KARIMNAGAR505001
JagtialBranch Office68J1-5-163 JEEVAN JYOTHI, MAIN ROAD METPALLY505325
PeddapalliBranch Office64EJeevan Jyothi 1-4-194, PRAGATHI NAGAR PEDDAPALLY505172
PeddapalliBranch Office68BPB No.26, Lions Club Building JYOTHI NAGAR, OPP. NTPC RAMAGUNDAM505215
Rajanna SircillaBranch Office64QJeevan Jyothi 6-1-31/1, GOPAL NAGAR SIRCILLA505301
KarimnagarDivisional OfficeD6022-7-105, Jeevan Prakash DR. B.R.AMBEDKAR STADIUM RD KARIMNAGAR505001
JagtialSatellite Office630T001LIC of India, Opp.Bus Stand, D.No.4-191, Infront of SBH Office Dharamapuri Karimnagar Dist.505425
KarimnagarSatellite Office68DT001Ram Akhil Complex, Modern Road, Jammikunta505122
JagtialSatellite Office68JT001K.K. Complex, D.No.1-1-1222 Main Road, Kortula Dt. Karimnagar530026
PeddapalliSatellite Office64ET001LIC of India, Friends Club Bldg.,1st Floor Telephone Exchange Road Manthani, Karimnagar Dist.505184
Rajanna SircillaSatellite Office64QT001D.No.1-7-6/2, Opp. Sri Mahalakshmi Temple Jagtial Bye Pass Road Vemulawada, Karimnagar505302
GunturBranch Office689PB No.15 MARKET STREET BAPATLA522101
GunturBranch Office67HNarasaraopet Centre, RAMAKOTI BUILDGS., PANDARIPURAM, CHILAKALURI PET522616
GunturBranch Office688PB No. 229 ARUNDELPET, 4th Lane GUNTUR522002
GunturBranch Office699LIC of India, City Branch-II 5-87-34/5, Lakshmipuram Main Road, Baker Sun Centre, Main Road, Guntur522007
GunturBranch Office706PB No.263, PADMAVATHI BLG,KORITEPADU GUNTUR522002
GunturBranch Office67GD.No.15/170, SRIRAMPURAM,LAWYERPET GURAZALA522415
GunturBranch Office691PB No.13, Sringerimath Road VARAVAKATTA NARASARAOPET522607
GunturBranch Office67CD.No.11-16-137, KIRAN COMPLEX, REPALLI522265
ChittoorBranch Office65TCross Road PILER PILER517214
GunturBranch Office67MRailway Station Road, KOLLAMUDI VARI STREET DHANUNJAYA COMPLEX522403
GunturBranch Office687PB No.21, 22-6-46, Kothapet KRISHNARAO NAIDU STREET TENALI522201
GunturBranch Office67LMain Road VINUKONDA VINUKONDA522647
GunturSatellite Office699T002D NO 2-80 KROSUR ROAD AMARAVATHI522020
GunturSatellite Office67GT002LIC of India Satellite Office, First Floor, D.No.15-2-30, 4th Ward, 15th Block,Nehru Nagar, Macherla522426
GunturSatellite Office699T001D.No. – 1-456, First Floor, Opp. Nirmala Jr. College, Kothapet, Mangalagiri522503
GunturSatellite Office67GT001LIC of India, 16-564 1st floor, Main Road Piduguralla, Dt.Guntur522413
GunturSatellite Office689T001D.No.1-1-32, Opp Saibaba Temple GBC Road, Ponnur Guntur Dist.522124
KrishnaBranch Office67FJeevan Jyothi Building 6TH WARD AVANIGADDA521121
KrishnaBranch Office692Near Mandapadu Gate PEDAYERUKAPADU GUDIWADA521301
KrishnaBranch Office67KHotel Indu Complex MAIN ROAD JAGGAIAHPET521175
KrishnaBranch Office67SD.No.2/47, I Floor, SRI BALAJI COMPLEX, KAIKALUR521333
KrishnaBranch Office683PB No.42, Jeevan Prakash II FLOOR, KENNEDY ROAD MACHILIPATNAM521001
KrishnaBranch Office67NPatha Ramannapet, Fort Road, Machilipatnam Dist – Krishna521001
KrishnaBranch Office693Jeevan Jyothi Building NUZVID NUZVID521201
KrishnaBranch Office686PB No.312, Jeevan Krishna Building Rajagopalchari Street,Besant Road VIJAYAWADA520002
KrishnaBranch Office685D.No.76-1-848A/1 Opp. Old Sump, HB Colony, Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada, Dist – Krishna (AP)520001
KrishnaBranch Office730Swarnalok Complex ELURU RD, GOVERNORPET VIJAYAWADA520002
KrishnaBranch Office67APB No.326, Srivani Compl. 1ST FLOOR, GOVERNORPET VIJAYAWADA520002
KrishnaBranch Office67JIII Floor, KP Towers, NEAR BENZ CIRCLE, PATAMATA, VIJAYAWADA520010
KrishnaDivisional OfficeD067Divisional Office, PB No.24 KENNEDY ROAD MACHILIPATNAM521001
KrishnaP&GS UnitG5053rd Floor, Jeevan Krishna Buildings, BESANT RD, GOVERNOR PET , VIJAYAWADA520002
KrishnaSatellite Office693T002D.No.6-109, NH-5 Beside Govt. Hospital Road Market Bazar, Gannavaram521101
KrishnaSatellite Office685T001H.No.3-61, Ist Floor, Andhra Bank Building VTPS Road Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna District521456
KrishnaSatellite Office67JT001G3, Surya Heights, Shop No.2 Visalandhraroad, Moghalrajpuram Vijayawada520004
KrishnaSatellite Office67KT001LIC of India, Door No.15-46A Govt.Hospital Road, Adjacent To Teja Jr.College Nandigama, Krishna Dist.521185
KrishnaSatellite Office693T001LIC of India, Vaishnavi Estates Opp. Srinivasa Theatre Tiruvuru, Krishna Dist.521235
KrishnaSatellite Office686T001Rajagopalachari Street VIJAYAWADA VIJAYAWADA520002
KrishnaSatellite Office686C001D.No.58-7-15, SBI Building Panta Kalava Road Patamata, Vijayawada520008
ChamarajnagarBranch Office608Nanjangud Road CHAMARAJANAGAR CHAMARAJANAGAR571313
ChamarajnagarBranch Office304PB No.3, Jeevan Jyothi NEAR PEACE PARK KOLLEGAL571440
ChamarajnagarSatellite Office304T001212/A, PV Vaidyeshwaran Complex Near Bus Stand T. Narsipura571127
HassanBranch Office609LIC of India, B.H. Road Opp. Hoisaleshwar College Arsikere573103
HassanBranch Office60611st Floor, Prabhat Complex OPP:BUS STAND, BM ROAD CHANNARAYAPATNA573116
HassanBranch Office619Jeevan Jyothi, #200B, Main Road, Kuvempu Nagar, Hassan,573201
HassanBranch Office72BJeevan Jyothi KARYALAYA BHAVAN HOLENARASIPUR573211
HassanBranch Office61KVanijya Bhavan, Twinkle Towers BANGALORE-MYSORE ROAD SAKLESHPUR573134
HassanSatellite Office72BT0011161, First Floor KEB Road Arkulgod573102
HassanSatellite Office61KT001#196/142, First floor, Neethi Palana Stores Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand Belur573115
HassanSatellite Office619T0011st Floor Siddalingeshwar Complex, Harshamahal Road,Hassan Hassan573201
KodaguBranch Office622Race Course Road P B NO.6 MADIKERI571201
KodaguBranch Office62CJeevan Jyothi, Club Road SOMWARPET SOMWARPET571236
KodaguBranch Office62GPLD Bank Building VIRAJPET VIRAJPET571218
KodaguSatellite Office62CT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Radha Krishna Mansion, BM Road Kushalnagar571234
MandyaBranch Office72DSrikalegowda Complex MYSORE ROAD KRISHNA RAJA PET571426
MandyaBranch Office61NJeevan Jyoth MYSORE-BANGALORE ROAD MADDUR571420
MandyaBranch Office618Jeevan Jyothi’, Bandi Gowda Layout BANGALORE-MYSORE ROAD MANDYA571401
MandyaBranch Office61JJonigara Street SRIRANGAPATNA SRIRANGAPATNA571438
MandyaSatellite Office61NT001No.506/624, II Floor, Basweswara Comforts Opp. PO, Mysore Road Malavalli571430
MandyaSatellite Office72DT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Yadushyla, Opp. to RTC Bus Stand, Nagamangala571432
MandyaSatellite Office61JT001LIC of India, Pandavapura Satellite Office First Floor, Anand Complex, KRS Road Distt. Mandya571434
MysuruBranch Office72CNo.3587/E, Ashirwad BANGALORE-MADIKERI ROAD HUNSUR571105
MysuruBranch Office607Jeevan Jyoth MYSORE-HASSAN ROAD K R NAGAR571602
MysuruBranch Office617Jeevan Jyothi, KRS Road LIC BUILDING MYSORE570020
MysuruBranch Office808Govardhan Hotel Complex SRI HARSHA ROAD MYSORE570001
MysuruBranch Office679Jeevan Jyothi, Bangalore-Mysore Road BANNIMANTAP MYSORE570015
MysuruBranch Office72APB No.326, H. No.578 DEWANS ROAD MYSORE570004
MysuruBranch Office72E“Jeevan Shree”, New Kanthraj Urs Road Sharda Devi Nagara, Mysore570022
MysuruBranch Office72NJeevan Jyothi NEAR HULLAHALLI CIRCLE NANJANGUD571301
MysuruDivisional OfficeD072Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash BANGA-MYS RD, BANNIMANTAP EXTN MYSORE570015
MysuruP&GS UnitG506Branch-1, Annex Building PB No 26, KRS Road Mysore570020
MysuruSatellite Office72NT001# 580/504, Mahadevaprasad Bldg., Mysore-Ooty Road, Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand571111
MysuruSatellite Office607T001LIC of India SMS Complex, B M Road, Nr. Govt. Hospital Periyapatna571017
MandyaSatellite Office618T001No. – 1636, Laxmi Nilaya 100 FT. Road, Vidhyanagar, Mandya571401
ChittoorBranch Office712PB No.23, H.No.10-7-17 GANDHI ROAD CHITTOOR517001
ChittoorBranch Office714Gandhi Road MADANAPALLE MADANAPALLE517325
ChittoorBranch Office65GVenkatasamchetty Building JOULI STREET PALAMNER517408
ChittoorBranch Office65PMadras Road PUTTUR PUTTUR517582
ChittoorBranch Office65E2/46, Jayaramarao Street OPP. ANDHRA BANK SRIKALAHASTI517644
ChittoorBranch Office6072Tuda Buildings TILAK ROAD TIRUPATHI517501
ChittoorSatellite Office65GT001LIC of India, Palace Road Andhra Bank Upstairs Kuppam, Nellore dist.517425
ChittoorSatellite Office65ET001Nethaji Road Sathavedu Sathavedu517588
ChittoorSatellite Office713T001LIC of India Satellite Office,D.No.11-130/2, First Floor,Muthu Nagar, Opp.Ayyappa Swamy Temple,Main Road,Tirachanur.517503
ChittoorSatellite Office65GT002LIC of India, Madanapalle Road, Punganur Dist – Chitoor (AP)517247
PrakasamBranch Office67P10/18 MAIN ROAD ADDANKI523201
PrakasamBranch Office67DPB No.26 ADJ. TO MUNICIPAL OFFICE CHIRALA523155
PrakasamBranch Office60718-7-162/1A, BALAJINAGAR, RACHERLA ROAD GIDDALUR523357
PrakasamBranch Office67EPB No.3, Kanigiri Road NEAR APSRTC BUS STATION KANDUKUR523105
PrakasamBranch Office65APB No.23, Cumbum Road NR. ANJANEYASWAMY TEMPLE MARKAPUR523316
PrakasamBranch Office305PB No.32, Padmavathi Building 37-1-1(C),SANTHAPET,TRUNK RD ONGOLE523001
PrakasamSatellite Office6071T001D.No.9/37, Jampala Complex, First Floor Kandulapuram Centre Nandyala-Markapuram High Way, Cumbum, Prakasam Dist.523333
PrakasamSatellite Office67PT001LIC of India, 6-377/A, Opp Mandal Parishad Podili Road, Darsi Prakasm District523247
PrakasamSatellite Office67DT001LIC of India, 4-106, Old Madras Road, Inkollu523167
PrakasamSatellite Office67ET001Upstairs of Dr. Subba Reddy Bldg., D V Road, Opp. Sessions Court, Kanigiri523230
PrakasamSatellite Office305T001AVSR Towers, Ground Floor 5-1-61, raja Panagal Road, Opp. Andhra Bank Court Street, Ongole523001
PrakasamSatellite Office65AT001Near RTC Bus Stand Main Road Podili523240
PrakasamSatellite Office67ET002D.NO.3-72/1(Survey No.120/1) Sree Paradise,Behind APSRTC Bus stand,Mulaguntapadu, Singarayakonda,523101
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office65JBesides RTC Depot ATMAKUR ATMAKUR524322
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office716Dwarakamaye BODDER CHOWK, EAST STREET GUDUR524101
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office715Nr. Satyyanarayanaswamy Temple KAVALI KAVALI524201
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office65NPost Office Road NAIDUPET NAIDUPET524126
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office711Dargamitta, PB No.6, Jeevan Prakash NELLORE NELLORE524003
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office65K15/196 NELLORE NELLORE524003
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreBranch Office84N16-338-1 POGATHOTA NELLORE524001
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreDivisional OfficeD084Divisional Office, PB No.17 DARGAMITTA,JEEV. PRAKASH DARGAMITTA524003
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreSatellite Office65JT001LIC of India, K.M. Hospital Compound Bombay Road Buchireddypalem524305
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreSatellite Office65KT001LIC of India Satellite Office, D.No.1/73, Nellore to Somasila Main Road, Podalakur.524345
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreSatellite Office65NT001LIC of India, RTC Bus Stand Venkatagiri Nellore Dist.524132
BallariBranch Office628PB No.29, STATION ROAD BELLARY583101
BallariBranch Office66R1st Floor, NEKRTC Building, Double Road, Royal Circle, Bellary. Dist – Bellary Karnataka583101
BallariBranch Office63H1st Floor, Krishna Enclave, Patel Nagar, Station Road, Hosapete Hosapete, Dist – Ballari583201
BallariSatellite Office63HT001I Floor, Koganti Complex 1708/2Sreeshaila Opp to Canara Bank CB Road, Kottal Road, Kampli, Dit.Bellary583132
BallariSatellite Office628T001LIC of India, Sandur SO, LB Colony, Jagdeesh Nilay 14th Ward, Nr. Old Bus Stand, Above Syndicate Bank Sandur583119
BallariSatellite Office66RT0012nd Floor, P Card Bank Bldg. Sadashiva Nagar Siruguppa583121
BidarBranch Office66BBasava Bhavan MAIN ROAD BASAVAKALYAN585327
BidarBranch Office806LIC Building NEAR RAILWAY STATION BIDAR585401
BidarSatellite Office66BT002Amarkumar Khandre Building New APMC yard, Gunj Area Bhalki585328
BidarSatellite Office66BT001LIC of India, APMC Yard, Shop No.1 Humabad Bidar Dist.585330
DavanagereBranch Office66HD.No.1771 WARD NO.10 HARAPANAHALLI583101
DavanagereSatellite Office66HT001LIC of India, Prakash Complex Huvinahadagalli Bellary Dist.583129
GulbargaBranch Office646PB No.16 JAIL GARDEN ROAD GULBARGA585101
GulbargaBranch Office66MGDA Layout, NR. CENTRAL BUS STAND, MSK MILL ROAD, GULBARGA585102
GulbargaBranch Office66CBiligundi Buildings STATION ROAD GULBARGA585101
GulbargaSatellite Office646T001Opp Bus Stand, Aland RAICHUR585302
GulbargaSatellite Office66MC001LIC of India, Gulbarga CLIA SO, Opp. Darshan Lodge Station Bazar Gulbarga585102
KoppalBranch Office63KMain Road GANGAVATHI GANGAVATHI583227
KoppalBranch Office66PHospet Road KOPPAL KOPPAL583231
KoppalSatellite Office66PT001LIC of India, Sri Venkateshwara Commercial Complex Near Renukacharya Kalyan Mantap, Koppal Road Kushtagi, Dist.Koppal584121
RaichurBranch Office66VJeevan Jyothi Building 15-7-689 Raichur Road Manvi584123
RaichurBranch Office645Divisional Office BESIDE DIST. STADIUM, STN RD RAICHUR584101
RaichurBranch Office66AJeevan Jyoth LIC BLDG, RAICHUR ROAD SINDHNUR584128
RaichurDivisional OfficeD066Divisional Office, P B No.43 JEEVAN PRAKASH, RATION RD RAICHUR584101
RaichurP&GS UnitG507Jeevan Prakash, 1st Floor, Station Road Raichur584101
RaichurSatellite Office66AT001LIC of India, Satellite Office Bangalore Bye Pass Road Lingasugur584122
YadgirBranch Office63LJeevan Jyoth YADGIR ROAD SHAHAPUR585223
YadgirBranch Office63YStation Area HYDERABAD ROAD YADGIR585202
YadgirSatellite Office63LT001Patil Complex, Near New Bus Stand Main Road Hunasagi, Dt. Gulbarga585215
YadgirSatellite Office63YT001LIC of India, Sedam SO, D.No.3-1-49, DBR Compound Mathru Chaya College Road, Super Market, Sedam Dist.Gulbarga585222
East GodavariBranch Office675PB No.4 JEEVAN JYOTHI, COLLEGE ROAD AMALAPURAM533201
East GodavariBranch Office60928-85, Main Road, 1-118/4/2, Kothapalli Road BESIDE GOVT.JUNIOR COLLEGE GOKAVARAM533286
East GodavariBranch Office674P.B.No.6 MAIN ROAD, BESIDE MAIN POST OFFICE KAKINADA533001
East GodavariBranch Office80BLIC of India,D.No.13-1-61&61/1, Katyayini High Tech Complex, Opp. Appollo Hospital,Main Road,Kakinada533001
East GodavariBranch Office69FPOST BOX-3,DOOR NO.19-1-308, SAMARLAKOTA ROAD PEDDAPURAM533437
East GodavariBranch Office69KP.B. No.8,D.NO.4-3-90F, Rednamvari Street RAMA TALKIES JUNCTION PITHAPURAM533450
East GodavariBranch Office676PB No.30, DOOR NO.7-30-20 NEAR VIJAYA TALKIES, INNESPETA RAJAHMUNDRY533101
East GodavariBranch Office678PB No.4, Main Road RAMACHANDRAPURAM RAMACHANDRAPURAM533255
East GodavariBranch Office80CLIC of India,POST BOX 2&3D.No.8-260,First Floor, Sri Ramakrishna Complex,Amalapuram Road, Ravulapalem.533238
East GodavariBranch Office69GMain Road 5-104 AKULAVARI ST. PBNO.3 RAZOLE533242
East GodavariBranch Office69D2-1-20, PB No.10 GNT ROAD, NR RAMA TALKIES TUNI533401
East GodavariDivisional OfficeD080LIC Of India, Divisional Office, Jeevan Godavari MORAMPUDI RAJAHMUNDRY533107
East GodavariSatellite Office675T001LIC of India, Satellite Office Main Road,Ambajipeta, Main Road,Ambajipeta,533214
East GodavariSatellite Office678T001LIC of India, D.No.34-16-7, Main Road Mandapeta, E.G. dist.533308
East GodavariSatellite Office6092T00119-66/1, LIC of India, Narsipatnam Road Yekeswaran Yekeswaran533429
West GodavariBranch Office681PB No.5, Municipal Office Road AGRAHARAM ELURU534001
West GodavariBranch Office609125-1-12, Papasaheb Street RR PET, VENKATRAOPET,PB NO.235 ELURU534002
West GodavariBranch Office698Jeevan Jyothi, PB No.15 12-2-78, MAIN ROAD KOVVUR534350
West GodavariBranch Office67BPB No.45, Jeevan Jyothi 11/1/13&14, 1 LANE, BRODIPET PALAKOLE534260
West GodavariBranch Office682Jeevan Jyothi, PB No.8, D.NO.9-9-9, RAMARAO PET,OPP. TO HEAD POST OFFICE TADEPALLIGUDEM534101
West GodavariBranch Office694PB No.18, Jeevan Jyothi SUNDARAM NAGAR TANUKU534211
West GodavariSatellite Office684T001D.No.6049, Madhiwada Centre Akiveedu Akiveedu Post, Mandal, W.G. Dt.534235
West GodavariSatellite Office6091T001LIC of India SO, D.No.19-136/2, Gantavari Veedhi,Main Road, Chintalapudi,534460
West GodavariSatellite Office682T001LIC of India SO, Door No.10-75, First Floor, Simhachalam Complex,Besides Andhra Bank, Main Road,Ganapavaram,534198
West GodavariSatellite Office67BT0011-1-14/1 Steamer Road, Beside Rajagopalaswamy Temple Narsapur534275
West GodavariSatellite Office698T001LIC of India, D.No.3-10-9/1 Bommakanti Vari Street Nidadavole, West Godavari Dist.534301
YanamSatellite Office674T001LIC of India, Satellite Office D.No.1-16-038, Draksharama Road, OPP. NALLA CHERUVU Yanam533464
East GodavariSatellite Office69DT001D.No. 6-94/1, Near SatyanarayanaTheatre, NH-16, Kathipudi533444
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office6441-8-172 USHA KIRAN COMPL. SD ROAD SECUNDERABAD500003
HyderabadBranch Office64JSurvey No.110-113-114, Behind NTR Stadium, NEAR INDIRA PARK HYDERABAD500080
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office64B5-2-210 To 12 YADIREDDY COMPLEX,HYDER BASTHI SECUNDERABAD500003
HyderabadDivisional OfficeD060Survey No.110-113-114, Behind NTR Stadium, BEH. NTR STADIUM,NR INDIRA PARK HYDERABAD500080
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office73H22/95/1&2, Jaya Complex; KANUKUNTLA, R C PURAM HYDERABAD500032
MedakBranch Office6613-9-93/5 GOLCONDA LOCALITY TOWN MEDAK502110
SangareddyBranch Office64LBy-pass Road Revenue Colony SANGAREDDY502001
SiddipetBranch Office73AH.No.8-1-66 To 72, JAHNAVI COMPLEX, HYDERABAD ROAD502103
SangareddyBranch Office60CLIC Of India H.NO.2-1-238, NEAR BUST STAND ZAHEERABAD502220
SangareddySatellite Office73HT001BCR CHAMBER, Aboce Axis Bank, 3rd Floor, National Highway Aboce Axis Bank, 3rd Floor, National Highway Patancheru, Dist – Sangareddy,502319
MedakSatellite Office73AT001LIC of India, H.No.8-33 and 33/1 Main Road, Beside Govt. Hospital Gajwel, Medak Dist.502278
SangareddySatellite Office60CT001Plot No.15A & 16, Basweshwar Chowk Raipally Road Narayankhed, Dist.Medak502286
Yadadri BhuvanagiriBranch Office670Nr. Jagadapur X Road CENTRAL BANK, MAIN ROAD BHONGIR508116
NalgondaBranch Office6102House No-3-18; Jawaharlal Nehru ITI LAKKARAM VILLIAGE CHOUTUPPAL508252
NalgondaBranch Office73ELIC Of India BRANCH OFFICE DEVARAKONDA508252
NalgondaBranch Office64PM B R Complex, Survey No.1038 HUZURNAGAR ROAD KODAD508206
NalgondaBranch Office64AJeevan Jyothi HANUMAN PET, SAGAR ROAD MIRYALGUDA508207
NalgondaBranch Office654Behind CPI (M) Office OPP: OLD BUS STAND NALGONDA508001
NalgondaBranch Office6101House No.5-2-2/A & B3 LAXMI COMPLEX NALGONDA508001
SuryapetBranch Office64HJeevan Jyothi LIC ROAD SURYAPET508213
NalgondaSatellite Office64AT001H.No.135, 1st Floor, Taraka Rama Complex, Sagar Road Halia, Dt.Nalgonda508377
SuryapetSatellite Office64PT001LIC of India, Satellite Office, H. No.16-116, First Floor, Above Pulipati Textiles, Main Road, Huzurnagar508204
NalgondaSatellite Office73ET001LIC of India, H.No.5-17 Upstairs, Srilakshmi Complex Opp. RTC Bus Stand, Venkateshwara Nagar, Mal, Nalgonda Dist.503245
NalgondaSatellite Office670T001LIC of India, Mothkur Satellite Office D.No.242, Opp. to Marketyard, Pothai Gadda Mothkur PO & Mdl., Nalgonda District508277
NalgondaSatellite Office654T001PNR Complex Opp to Kanakadurgamma Temple Main Road Nakrekal508211
SuryapetSatellite Office64HT001LIC of India Satellite Office, H.No.6-72/1/C, Opp.Police Station,Jangaon Road, PO,Vill & Mandal:Thirumalagiri508223
NizamabadBranch Office64XJeevan Jyothi NIZAMABAD ROAD ARMOOR503204
NizamabadBranch Office60AH.No.4-2-193/F/1 OPP. BUS STAND BODHAN503185
KamareddyBranch Office64GHouse No.5-3-118 NIZAM SAGAR “X” ROADS; KAMAREDDY508252
NizamabadBranch Office6473-6-570/3A/2 HYDERABAD ROAD NIZAMABAD503001
NizamabadSatellite Office60AT001LIC of India, 1-1-83, 1st Floor Girimalah Complex, Yadkol Road Banswada, Nizamabad Dist.503187
NizamabadSatellite Office647T001LIC of India, H.No.11-1-255 Sravya Garden Complex, Kanteshwar Nizamabad District503002
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office64TSri Sai Nilayam, Plot No-3/1 & 3/2 STREET NO.4, HABSIGUDA HYDERABAD500007
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office64YJeevan Jyothi; Plot Sy No.72/P & 82/P GUNROCK, TRIMULGHERRY SECUNDERABAD500015
Medchal-MalkajgiriBranch Office60BH.No.6-11,Vijayasai Towers Opp. BJP office,Kukatpally HYDERABAD500072
Ranga ReddySatellite Office644T001LIC of India, Malkajgiri – SO, 1st Floor, Manjira Sai Sadan, Near Venkateswara Swamy temple, Anand Bagh X road, Malkajgiri, Secunderabad.500047
Medchal-MalkajgiriSatellite Office64TT001H.No.1-1-238/2/1, Vertex Plaza A.S. Rao Nagar ECIL, Hyderabad500062
Medchal-MalkajgiriSatellite Office64YT001SVS Estates, Near Police Staiton, Medchal501401
ChitradurgaBranch Office62LJeevan Jyothi, LIC Building TR NAGAR, PB NO.7 CHALLAKERE577522
ChitradurgaBranch Office790Near KSRTC Dept. P.B. ROAD CHITRADURGA577501
ChitradurgaBranch Office62ASujatha Complex NR.JAYALAXMI TALKIES,MAIN RD HIRIYUR572143
ChitradurgaSatellite Office790T001Rotary Bala Bhavan, Court Road, Holalkere, Dist- Chitradurga577526
ChitradurgaSatellite Office62AT001EV Vardhman Bldg.,Behind Jhothi Talkies Vijayanagara Extn. Chitradurga Dist., HOSADURGA577527
ChitradurgaSatellite Office62LT001LIC of India, Satellite Office No.3, KHB Colony, H.R. Road Molakalmur577535
DavanagereBranch Office6111Jeevan Jyothi LIC BUILDING CHANNAGIRI577213
DavanagereBranch Office627LIC Building PB NO. 76, K.R. ROAD DAVANGERE577001
DavanagereBranch Office62DJeevan Jyothi HARIHAR ROAD DAVANAGERE577022
DavanagereBranch Office62XLIC Building, PB No.5 SHIMOGA ROAD HARIHAR577002
DavanagereBranch Office62NJeevan Jyothi Shimoga Road Honnali577217
DavanagereSatellite Office627T001J.R. Halaswamy Building, NEHRU ROAD, JAGALUR577528
ShimogaBranch Office739Near Rly. Under Bridge UMBLEBYLE RD, PB NO.109 BHADRAVATI577301
ShimogaBranch Office623PB No.22, LIC Building NEW B.H. ROAD SAGAR577401
ShimogaBranch Office62SM S Road SHIKARIPURA SHIKARIPURA577427
ShimogaBranch Office625PB No.35, LIC Building FORT ROAD SHIMOGA577201
ShimogaBranch Office62EJeevan Thunga KAMAKSHI STREET SHIMOGA577201
ShimogaBranch Office62FKoppa Road THIRTHAHALLI THIRTHAHALLI577432
ShimogaDivisional OfficeD603Jeevan Prakash, Divisional Office, 100 Ft. Road Gopalagowda Extn. Shimoga577204
ShimogaSatellite Office62ST001LIC Of India, Satellite Office Vijayalakshmi Complex, Kelaginakeri S.S. Road, Shiralakoppa577428
ShimogaSatellite Office62FT001LIC of India, DVR Complex Shivamogga Road P.O. Hosanagar, Shimoga Dist.577418
ShimogaSatellite Office623T001LIC of India, Noor Ahmed Building, II Floor, Nr. Bus Stand Shikaripura Road Sorab, Dt. Shimoga577429
ChikkamagaluruBranch Office626LIC Building PB NO.59, SPENCER ROAD CHICKMAGALUR577101
ChikkamagaluruBranch Office62TLIC Building K.B. ROAD KADUR577548
ChikkamagaluruBranch Office62JJeevan Jyothi, PB No.26 THYAGARAJA ROAD KOPPA577126
ChikkamagaluruBranch Office6112Pcard Building OPP: POLICE STATION MUDIGERE577132
ChikkamagaluruBranch Office62RPB No.21 JAGAJYOTHI BH ROAD TARIKERE577228
ChikkamagaluruSatellite Office62JT001D.No.109/107, First Floor Bharathi Bedi, Sahyadri Complex Sringeri577139
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office62BNH 76, shanthiangady Post Jodumarga BANTWAL574213
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office621Popular Building, 1st Floor PB NO.69, HAMPANKATTA MANGALORE575001
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office695Ibrose Commercial Complex JAIL ROAD MANGALORE575001
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office709Jeevan Jyothi, PB No. 17 SHETTY CIRCLE MANGALORE575001
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office62MSri Narayana Guru SABHA GRUHA, MAIN ROAD MULKI574154
Dakshina KannadaBranch Office629P B No.12, LIC Building BHAVANI SHANKAR TEMPLE RD PUTTUR574201
Dakshina KannadaP&GS UnitG508Popular Building, 3rd Floor PB No. 117 Mangalore575001
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office62BT0011st Floor, Prajwal Complex Ram Nagar, Main Road Belthangady574214
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office621T001LIC of India GA Complex, Bypass Road Kanakandy575002
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office307T0011st Floor, Veenu Sky Plaza, Kalsanka Pranthya Village,Moodabidri Mangalore Taluk574227
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office629C001LIC of India Satellite Office Awin Complex,2nd floor, APMC Road,Puttur.574201
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office629T001LIC of India, Satellite Office Ganesh Complex, 1st Floor,Opp.Jyothi Hospital Sullia, Dist – Dakshina Kannada.574239
UdupiBranch Office62WFirst Floor,Madhuvan Commercial Complex,Chanthar Village Brahmvara Udupi TQ576213
UdupiBranch Office307LIC Building, PB No.3 PERVAJE ROAD KARKALA574104
UdupiBranch Office62KMahabala Mall , 2nd floor Near Service Bus stand KAUP574106
UdupiBranch Office301LIC Building NANA SAHEB ROAD, PB NO.19 KUNDAPURA576201
UdupiBranch Office624LIC Building COURT BACK ROAD, PB NO.1 UDUPI576001
UdupiBranch Office62HJeevan Krishna Building AJJARKAD UDUPI576101
UdupiDivisional OfficeD062Divisional Office, PB No.8 JEEVAN KRISHNA, AJJARKAD UDUPI576101
UdupiSatellite Office301T001LIC of India Halnad Complex, Main Road, Halsanadu, Opp Syndictate Bank Byndoor, Udupi Dist.576214
SrikakulamBranch Office69W1st & 2nd floors, Kameswari Complex Near Laxmi Theatre, Main Road NARSANNAPETA532421
SrikakulamBranch Office69CBhaskar Complex, KT Road PALASA KASIBUGGA Palasa @ Kasibugga532222
SrikakulamBranch Office69JLIC of India, Jeevan Jyothi Ponduru Road RAJAM532127
SrikakulamBranch Office673LIC of India, Womens college Road Near Arasavilli Junction SRIKAKULAM532001
SrikakulamSatellite Office673T001LIC of India, Amudalavalasa SO Dr.No.5-3-10/5 Kota Krishna Murthy Bldg. Dist – Srikakulam, Andrapradesh532185
SrikakulamSatellite Office69CT002LIC of India SO, Main Road, Opp.Govt.Boys Junior College, PNM Plaza,Itchapuram,532312
SrikakulamSatellite Office69JT001H.No.14-16, Main Road, Adj. to Andhra Bank Palakonda Dist. Srikakulam532440
SrikakulamSatellite Office69CT001LIC of India Beside Police Station Sompeta Dt.Srikakulam532284
VisakhapatnamBranch Office677LIC of India Near Sarada Bridge ANAKAPALLE531001
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69LD.No.18-199, Co-Operative Colony Near Venkateswara Temple CHODAVARAM531036
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69E1st Floor, Shoba Square,  Dno: 6-81-8/2, Visweswarayya Nagar, Srinagar, N H 5 Road, Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam530012
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69RNear RTC Complex NARSIPATNAM NARSIPATNAM531116
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69HLIC of India, Near MMTC Colony SEETHAMMADHARA VISAKHAPATNAM530022
VisakhapatnamBranch Office6711st Floor, LIC Building JEEVAN PRAKASH VISAKHAPATNAM530004
VisakhapatnamBranch Office803Ground Floor, LIC Building JEEVAN PRAKASH, JP ROAD VISAKHAPATNAM530004
VisakhapatnamBranch Office7104th floor, D.No.50-81-70/7/10&11, Aditya Complex Seethammapeta VISAKHAPATNAM530016
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69AII Floor, LIC Building JEEVAN PRAKASH VISAKHAPATNAM530004
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69PJeevan Samriddhi Building # 42-1-45/1,BESIDE LIC DO BLDG,Tikkana Road Tikanna Road Vishakapatnam530004
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69SMangalgiri Shipping Complex GAJUWAKA(VISAKHAPATNAM) GAJUWAKA530026
VisakhapatnamBranch Office69YNear Visakha Grameena Bank, Gandhi Bazar GANDHI BAZAR YELLAMANCHILI531055
VisakhapatnamDivisional OfficeD069Divisional Office, PB No. 411 JEEVAN PRAKASH VISAKHAPATNAM530004
VisakhapatnamP&GS UnitG5093rd Floor, LIC Building, PB No.411, Jeevitha Bima Road, Visakhapatnam530004
VisakhapatnamSatellite Office69ET001D.NO-58-1-305, 1st FLOOR, MAIN ROAD, Opp. Thomas Church, Butchirajupalem Visakhapatnam530027
VisakhapatnamSatellite Office69HT001Main Road, 9-3, Above SBI Office Madhurwada Visakhapatnam530041
VisakhapatnamSatellite Office671T001Plot No.57/5, MVP Double Road Upstairs of Punjab National Bank MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam530017
VisakhapatnamSatellite Office69AT001D.No.6-122/1, Opp. Lords High School, Vizag Road, Pendurthi Visakhapatnam531173
VizianagaramBranch Office69NLIC of India, Jeevan Jyothi Main Road Garividi535101
VizianagaramBranch Office69BLIC of India, Branch Office PARVATHIPURAM PARVATHIPURAM532501
VizianagaramBranch Office69TGround & 1st floors, Near RTC Complex GANDHINAGAR SRUNGAVARAPUKOTA531145
VizianagaramBranch Office672Jeevan Jyothi, Near RTC Complex VIZIANAGARAM531201
VizianagaramSatellite Office69TT001Dno.7-137, Theegala Buildings Vizianagaram Road, Beside BSNL Office, Kothavalasa535183
VizianagaramSatellite Office69BT002LICof India SO, D.No.10-84/2, 2nd Floor, Bank of Baroda building,Govt. Hospital, Main Road,Bobbili,535558
VizianagaramSatellite Office672T001LIC of India Puritipenta New Colony Gajapathinagaram , Vizianararam Dist.535270
VizianagaramSatellite Office69BT001Near APSRTC Bus Stand Adj.Old Courts Complex Salur, Dist.Vizinagaram535591
SrikakulamSatellite Office69WT00112-67 Near Santha Matti Market Kotabommali532195
VisakhapatnamSatellite Office69LT001APNGOs Association, Near Old Bus Stand Road, Paderu Paderu531024
Bhadradri KothagudemBranch Office64RCharla Road , Opp Govt Timber depot, BHADRACHALAM BHADRACHALAM507111
KhammamBranch Office65311-10559/A/2, Opp Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Gutta Uttara Dwaram, NSP Road KHAMMAM507001
Bhadradri KothagudemBranch Office64DNear RCM Church GANESHPURAM AREA KOTHAGUDEM507101
KhammamBranch Office68KRayapatnam Centre, Main Road, Madhira Dist – Khammam507203
KhammamBranch Office68FMain Road SATHUPALLY SATHUPALLY507303
Bhadradri KothagudemSatellite Office64DT001M K Complex, OLD BUS STAND AREA, opp to police station Yellandu507123
KhammamSatellite Office68FT001Jeevan Jyothi, Main Road, Kallur Dist. Khammam507209
KhammamSatellite Office653T001Nr. NTR Statue, Yellandu Road KHAMMAM KHAMMAM DIST507002
KhammamSatellite Office653C001CLIA Satellite Office, Opp. Rajeswari Complex FCI, By Pass Road Khammam507003
Bhadradri KothagudemSatellite Office64RT001H.No.1-1-225/2, Ashok Nagar Manuguru Khammam District507117
JangaonBranch Office68AJeevan Jyothi, SIDDIPET ROAD JANGAON506167
MahabubabadBranch Office64MNear Venkateswara Shopping Complex ,Nehru Chowk SHOPPING COMPLEX MAHABUBABAD506101
Warangal RuralBranch Office68NOpp. Bus Stand NARASAMPET NARASAMPET506132
Warangal RuralBranch Office68HH.No.3-107 & 108 JEEVAN JYOTHI,MAIN ROAD Parakal506164
Warangal UrbanBranch Office651C/o IMA Building OPP: MGM HOSPITAL WARANGAL506002
Warangal UrbanBranch Office664Prodduturi Complex MAIN ROAD HANMAKONDA506001
Warangal UrbanBranch Office68L1 Floor, Prodduturi Complex MAINROAD HANMAKONDA506001
Warangal UrbanBranch Office68G14/483/1/1, Opp. Tele Bhavan BESIDE HOTEL RATNA, POCHAMMA MAIDAN WARANGAL506001
Warangal UrbanDivisional OfficeD068Jeevan Prakash Balasamudram, Hanamkonda Warangal506001
Warangal UrbanP&GS UnitG510Jeevan Prakash Balasamudram, PB No.70 Hanamkonda, Warangal506001
Jayashankar BhupalpallySatellite Office68HT001HNO 21-5-42/C, Near SCCL Area Hospital, Manzoor Nagar, Bhupalapally506169
Warangal UrbanSatellite Office68GT001H.No.1-3-104, LIC of India, Dr.Viswanatha Complex Beside Bhavani Talkies Kazipet, Warangal Dist506003
MuluguSatellite Office651T001House No – 3-25, Opp. Grampanchayat Office, Mulugu Dist – Mulugu.506343
JangaonSatellite Office68AT001LIC of India, Satellite Office, House No – 8-22, First Floor, Hydrabad- Warangal Highway, Station Ghanpur Ghanpur, Dist – Jangaon506143
MahbubnagarSatellite Office64MT001LIC of India, Near Post Office Kantayapalem Road Thorrur, Dist – Mahabubabad506163
Warangal UrbanSatellite Office651C001Warangal CLIA SO H. No.11-25-79 & 80, Sai Towers, M.G. ROAD Pochammaidan, Dist – Warangal Urban506002
HyderabadZonal OfficeZO05Jeevan Bhagya SECRETARIAT ROAD, SAIFABAD HYDERABAD500063
ChennaiBranch Office722South India Co-operative Building, No. 15, 3rd Floor, Anna Salai, Chennai600002
ChennaiBranch Office728553, Jeevan Anand, ANNA SALAI, TEYNAMPET CHENNAI600018
ChennaiBranch Office729Apex Chamber, No.20 Thyagaraya Road T.NAGAR CHENNAI600017
ChennaiBranch Office725LIC Building 1ST FLOOR, P.B.NO.358, 153 ANNA SALAI CHENNAI600002
ChennaiBranch Office731India Mutual Buildings NO.45, ANNA SALAI CHENNAI600002
ChennaiBranch Office71BPremier Life Building 123, G.N.CHETTY ROAD, T.NAGAR CHENNAI600017
ChennaiBranch Office71M37, Ist Main Road, GANDHI NAGAR, ADAYAR CHENNAI600020
ChennaiBranch Office71XNo.33, Velachery Main Road LITTLE MOUNT, SAIDAPET CHENNAI600015
ChennaiBranch Office71NNo.101, Arcot Road, VIRUGAMBAKKAM CHENNAI600092
ChennaiBranch Office70N55, Kalki Krishnamurthy Road THIRUVANMIYUR CHENNAI600041
ChennaiBranch Office70R150, Luz Church Road MYLAPORE CHENNAI600004
ChennaiBranch Office70S140, Marshalls Road 4TH FLOOR, EGMORE CHENNAI600008
ChennaiBranch Office70W30, Jawaharlal Nehru Road 1ST FLOOR, 100 FEET ROAD KOYAMBEDU,CHENNAI600010
ChennaiBranch Office70Z37 A, Velachery Main Road VELACHERY CEHNNAI600042
ChennaiBranch Office70XSouth India Co-operative Building 38, ANNA SALAI CHENNAI600002
ChennaiBranch Office71LNo.3, United India Colony 4TH MAIN ROAD, KODAMBAKKAM CHENNAI600024
ChennaiDivisional OfficeD071LIC Building, 153, Anna Salai CHENNAI Chennai-1600002
ChennaiP&GS UnitG605LIC Building, 153, Anna Salai PB No.324 Chennai600002
ChennaiSatellite Office71LT002Bhavani Mansion, Ground Floor Block-A,No.3,IV Street Numgambakkam High Road,Chennai600034
ChennaiBranch Office70PYaafa Complex 9, PURASAIWALKKAM HIGH ROAD CHENNAI600007
ChennaiSatellite Office71XT001872, Thangappa Towers Anna Salai Saidapet, Chennai600015
ChennaiSatellite Office70ST001Natwest Chandana No. 135, Nelson Manickam Road Chennai600029
ChennaiSatellite Office71LT003F1 & F2, No. 69, Avenue Ashok Nagar Chennai600083
ChennaiSatellite Office726T0011st Floor, No.211, Triplicane High Road Chennai600005
ChennaiSatellite Office70ZT001No.12, 1st Floor 100 Feet Link Road, Kataboomhan Street Chennai600113
ChennaiSatellite Office725T0011B, 1st Floor, Willington Estate Ethiraji Salai Egmore, Chennai600008
ChennaiSatellite Office71NT001No.1/1, Srinivasa Pillai Street West Mambalam Chennai600033
ChennaiSatellite Office725C001105, Barathi Salai, Royapetthah CHENNAI600014
KanchipuramBranch Office71PJeevan Jyothi, Guntur Church Road CHENGLEPET CHENGLEPET603032
ChennaiBranch Office71A19/20 Elumalai Street West Tambaram, Chennai 600045 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu600045
KanchipuramBranch Office73412, Railway Station Raod KANCHEEPURAM KANCHEEPURAM631501
KanchipuramBranch Office712644/100, G.S.T. Road MADURANTHAKKAM MADURANTHAKKAM603306
KanchipuramSatellite Office71PT001Bazar Street Pudupattinam Kalpakkam603102
KanchipuramSatellite Office71AT002I Floor, Pallavaram Municipal Building No.1, New Colony, II Main Road Chennai600044
KanchipuramSatellite Office71AT003RMA Complex, 1 Muthumariamman Koil Street Adhi Nagar, Selayur Chennai600059
KanchipuramSatellite Office70NT0015/318, Old Mahabalipuram Road Okkiyam Thoraipakkam Chennai600097
KanchipuramSatellite Office71XT002No.4/13, Valluvar Salai Rayala Nagar,Ramapuram Chennai600116
ChennaiSatellite Office71LT001No. 17/7, Plot No. 96, III Main Road, Lakshmi Nagar Extn., Porur Dist – Chennai600116
KanchipuramSatellite Office71PT003No. 140 GST Road Guduvanchery603202
KanchipuramSatellite Office71AT001No.8, 17th Street, 3RD MAIN ROAD, NANGANALLUR CHENNAI600061
KanchipuramSatellite Office71PT002No.146, Mettu Street Thirukkazhukundram Thirukkazhukundram603109
KanchipuramSatellite Office734T00125, V.P. Naidu Street Uthiremrur Kancheepuram631501
KanchipuramSatellite Office734T00280, Raja Veedhi Walajabad SO Walajabad631605
ChennaiBranch Office723Bombay Mutual Building 2ND FLOOR, NO.232, NSC BOSE ROAD CHENNAI600001
ChennaiBranch Office724United India Building 2ND FLOOR, ESPLANADE CHENNAI600108
ChennaiBranch Office727Bombay Mutual Building 3RD FLOOR, NO.232, NSC BOSE ROAD CHENNAI600001
ChennaiBranch Office717Prithvi Insurance Building NO.1, KONDI CHETTY STREET CHENNAI600001
ChennaiBranch Office718United India Building, 1st Floor ESPLANADE CHENNAI600108
ChennaiBranch Office802Oriental Building NO.47, ARMENIAN STREET CHENNAI600001
ChennaiBranch Office697Bombay Mutual Building, 5th Floor NO.232, NSC BOSE ROAD CHENNAI600001
ChennaiBranch Office71SC-47, 2nd Avenue ANNA NAGAR PLAZA, ANNA NAGAR CHENNAI600040
ChennaiBranch Office71WNo.11, Paper Mills Road PERAMBUR CHENNAI600011
ChennaiBranch Office71UUnited India Building, Ground Floor, Esplanade Esplanade, Chennai600108
ChennaiBranch Office71ZNorton Essbee Towers NO.128, BRICK KILN ROAD, PURASAIWALKKAM, CHENNAI600007
ChennaiBranch Office70UPallava Building, TH Road, Thondayar Pet, Chennai. Chennai600081
ChennaiBranch Office80P2, 3rd Cross Street UNITED INDIA NAGAR, AYANAVARAM CHENNAI600023
ChennaiDivisional OfficeD701C-47, II Avenue, Anna Nagar Plaza ANNA NAGAR, Chennai600040
ChennaiSatellite Office71ST002No.522, Poonamallee High Road, AMINJIKARAI CHENNAI600029
ChennaiSatellite Office71ZT001108, 2nd Floor New Avadi Road Kilpauk, Chennai600010
ChennaiSatellite Office71DT001No.6, School Street Manali Manali600068
ChennaiSatellite Office724T001III Floor, United India Bldg. Esplanade Chennai600108
ChennaiSatellite Office70UT00152, Meenambal Salai Vivekananda Nagar, M.K.B.Nagar Chennai600118
ChennaiSatellite Office71WT003No.461, 1st Floor M.R.H. Road, Moolkkadai Chennai600060
ChennaiSatellite Office71WT002No. 199, 1st Floor Bazaar Street, Madhavaram Chennai600060
ChennaiSatellite Office80PT001No 18, Perumal Koil North Mada Street Villivakkam600049
ChennaiSatellite Office71WT0011, PA Avenue Redhills Road Kolathur, Chennai600099
ChennaiSatellite Office723T001No.10, Basin Bridge Road, NEAR CLOCK TOWER, VALLALAR NAGAR600021
KanchipuramSatellite Office719T0019 & 10, II Floor, G.R.K. Plaza Gandhi Road, Opp. to Bus Terminus Sriperumbudur602105
TiruvallurBranch Office71G87 North Park Street VENKATAPURAM AMBATTUR600053
TiruvallurBranch Office7151Shanthi Nilayam 1ST FLOOR, 98, G.N.T. ROAD GUMMIDIPOONDI601201
TiruvallurBranch Office71FNo.508/6 & 508/9, Taluk Road PONNERI PONNERI601204
TiruvallurBranch Office80NNo.11, Sannathi Street, Near Bus Stand POONAMALLEE600056
TiruvallurBranch Office719No.45, Jawaharlal Nehru Road OPP. GOVT. HOSPITAL THIRUVALLUR602001
ChennaiBranch Office71D142-144, T.H ROAD, TONDIARPET, CHENNAI600081
TiruvallurBranch Office70TNo.6, Akkaiah Road TIRUTANNI TIRUTANNI631209
TiruvallurSatellite Office71GT001Plot No.1116,MIG, Fire Station Road Avadi, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu600054
TiruvallurSatellite Office71ST001Plot No. 106, Block No.8 Kavimani Salai, Mogappair West.600637
TiruvallurSatellite Office71GT0022B/3, New No.38 KSR Nagar, Ambattur Estate Chennai600053
TiruvallurSatellite Office71FT001No.1/172A, GNT Road Red Hills Chennai600052
TiruvallurSatellite Office80NT00185/17,85/14, Poonthamallee High Road Velappanchavadi National Highway, Opp. Thiruverkadu Entrance Road Chennai600077
TiruvallurSatellite Office70TT001Door No.133, Survey No.1 1st floor, Sholingar Road (Opp.Fire Station) Pallipat631207
TiruvallurSatellite Office719T002Purushotham Building 119,I Floor, Nehru Bazaar Uthukottai602026
TiruvarurSatellite Office71FT002No. 263, T.H. Road Janaki Ratna Nagar Minjur601203
CoimbatoreBranch Office761United India Building, Ist Floor AVINASHI ROAD , P.B.NO.3805 COIMBATORE641018
CoimbatoreBranch Office760224-B, 100 Feet Road P.B.NO.2993 COIMBATORE641012
CoimbatoreBranch Office805108-109, N.S.R. Road P.B.NO.2740, SAIBABA MISSION P.O. COIMBATORE641011
CoimbatoreBranch Office76LIV Floor, India Life Building ANNEXE, TRICHY ROAD, P.B.NO.4044 COIMBATORE641018
CoimbatoreBranch Office7012nd Floor, Obli Towers 594, D.B.ROAD, R.S.PURAM COIMBATORE641002
CoimbatoreBranch Office620Jeevan Jyothi SIRUMUGAI ROAD METTUPALAYAM641301
CoimbatoreBranch Office76VUnited India Building 2nd Floor, Avinashi Road, PB No.- 4035 COIMBATORE641018
CoimbatoreBranch Office76Y175, S.I.Complex, 2nd Floor, Opp. TNSTC Bus Depot, Pass Road, Ukkadam, COIMBATORE641001
CoimbatoreBranch Office769Jeevan Jyothi, Coimbatore Road P.B.NO.6 POLLACHI642002
CoimbatoreBranch Office76Z99/5, Palakkad Main Road POLLACHI POLLACHI642002
CoimbatoreBranch Office76G2, Railway Feeder Road P.B.NO.6, SULUR641402
CoimbatoreDivisional OfficeD076India Life Building 1543/44, TRICHY ROAD, P.B.NO.3810 COIMBATORE641018
CoimbatoreP&GS UnitG601India Life Building 1543/44, TRICHY ROAD, P.B.NO.3810 COIMBATORE641018
CoimbatoreSatellite Office769T001No.20, Kottaimedu Colony Anaimalai Anaimalai642104
CoimbatoreSatellite Office701T001Jayanthi Complex COIMBATOIRE METTUPALAYAM ROAD PERIYANAYAKANPALAYAM641020
CoimbatoreSatellite Office761T00156 MKP Road JD Nagar, Opp. GRG School Peelamedu, Coimbatore641004
CoimbatoreSatellite Office701T0023/35A, Maruthamalai Main Road Vadavalli Coimbatore641041
CoimbatoreSatellite Office760T001No.178, Sivanandapuram Near Ananthakumar Mills Ganapathy, Combatore641035
CoimbatoreSatellite Office76WT001No.55, Sathy Road Annur Annur641653
CoimbatoreSatellite Office76LT001115, I Flr., Nagaiah Thotam Street Trichy Road, Ondipudur Combatore641016
CoimbatoreSatellite Office76VC001CLIA SO, No.11, Sukra Square Kalidas Road, Ramnagar Coimbatore641009
CoimbatoreSatellite Office76ZT001272, J.V. Complex, I Floor Coimbatore-Pollachi Main Road Kinathakadavu642109
ErodeBranch Office76DVisalakshi Buildings 78, KAMAKSHI AMMAN KOIL STREET, P.B.NO.92 BHAVANI638301
ErodeBranch Office764Jeevan Cauveri, BEHIND VOC PARK ERODE638003
ErodeBranch Office76CLIC Building 13 RAILWAY STATION ROAD, PB NO.401 ERODE638002
ErodeBranch Office7101467-468, Chennimalai Road P.B.NO.24 PERUNDURAI638052
ErodeBranch Office76HShiva Complex P.B.NO.15, 33 A, ATHANI ROAD SATHYAMANGALAM638401
ErodeBranch Office76J11, HOSPITAL ROAD, SIVAGIRI638109
ErodeSatellite Office76DT001No.318/2, Anna Salai Thavittupalayam Anthiyur638501
ErodeSatellite Office7101T001Chennimalai Senguthar Kaikola Mudaliar Street Chennimalai Chennimalai638051
ErodeSatellite Office76JT001SPS Towers, 15/65, Main Road Salai Pudur,Kodumudi638151
ErodeSatellite Office76HT001Sarvodaya Sangh Building P.Puliampatty P.Puliampatty638459
NilgirisBranch Office704N.K.N. Complex BEDFORD CIRCLE COONOOR643101
NilgirisBranch Office76KP.B.No.6, Oooty-Mysore Road GUDALUR BAZAR POST GUDALUR649212
NilgirisBranch Office763LIC Building BANK ROAD, P.B.NO.11 OOTACAMUND643001
NilgirisSatellite Office704T00140/96, High School Road, BSNL Kothagiri Telephone Exchang Building, Kothagiri, Dist – Nilgiris.643217
TirupurBranch Office76W95 N, Srinivasapuram, COIMBATORE ROAD, P.B.NO.21 AVANASHI641654
TirupurBranch Office669Amman Complex, 1st Floor POLLACHI ROAD, DHARAPURAM638656
TirupurBranch Office76P28, A&B Rajaji Street, OFF MAIN ROAD KANGEYAM638701
TirupurBranch Office762Jeevan Jyothi, 5 & 5A JAMMANAI STREET II TIRUPPUR638604
TirupurBranch Office76B244, Palani – Pollachi Road P.B.NO.19 UDUMALPET642126
KottayamSatellite Office784T002Manjathuruthel Building GOOD SHEPHERD ROAD KOTTAYAM686001
TirupurSatellite Office762T001No.6, Gandhi Road, Avinashi Road, Periyar colony, ANUMARPALAYAM641652
TirupurSatellite Office669T001LIC of India, Mulanur SO,No.2A, Savadi Street Mulanur, Dharapuram TK Dist.Tirupur638106
TirupurSatellite Office76GT001Birin Agencies Complex 11A, N.G.R.Road Palladam641301
TirupurSatellite Office762C001CLIA SO, First Floor, KMA Buildings 32-A, Easwaran Kovli Street, North Tirupur640604
TirupurSatellite Office762T0021 Floor, Global Trade Centre Opp. Velan Hotel, No.76, Kangeyam Road K.P. Pudur, Tirupur641604
TirupurSatellite Office76PT00116/162, Trichi Road (NH 63) Vellakoil Vellakoil638111
AlappuzhaBranch Office785Jeevan Jyothi P B NO-444, VELLAKINER ALAPPUZHA (KERALA)688001
AlappuzhaBranch Office7026Jeevan Jyothy, Chandanakavu Palace Road, Iron Bridger P.O. Alapuzha688011
AlappuzhaBranch Office78PKalikulam Junction, Thanneermukkam Road, Cherthala. Dist – Alapuzha, Kerala688524
AlappuzhaSatellite Office785T0011st Floor Joys Tower Komana, Ambalapuzha688001
AlappuzhaSatellite Office7026C001Ground Floor, Jeevan Jyothy, Chandanakavu Palace Road, Iron Bridge P.O. Alapuzha688011
AlappuzhaSatellite Office78PC001CLIA SO, First Floor PG Bldg., Apsara Junction AC Road, Cherthala688524
AlappuzhaSatellite Office7026T001Ecathil Puthenparambai Buildings Edathua Edathua688013
AlappuzhaSatellite Office78PT001Thoppil Building 1st Floor, Eramallur Post Cherthala688524
ErnakulamBranch Office783P.B.No.32, A.M.ROAD,NR. BUS STAND ALUVA ERNAKULAM683101
ErnakulamBranch Office7001P.B.No.55 MENANCHERRY ANGAMALY683572
ErnakulamBranch Office7811st Floor, M/s S.T. Reddiar & Sons Building, VEEKSHANAM ROAD ERNAKULAM682011
ErnakulamBranch Office791Kannankulath Building, P T Jacob Road, Post Office Junction, Thoppumpady, Cochin682005
ErnakulamBranch Office696Raman Centre, 1 Floor, RAVIPURAM ROAD, VALANJAMBALAM ERNAKULAM682016
ErnakulamBranch Office78FElias Chamber, Market Junction BANERJI ROAD ERNAKULAM682018
ErnakulamBranch Office77GManappattiprambu KALOOR KOCHI682017
ErnakulamBranch Office798Jeevan Jyothi, East Kadathy, Muvattupuzha, Dist – Ernakulam686673
ErnakulamBranch Office77HBethel Suloco Cathedral Building M.C. Road Perumbavoor683542
ErnakulamBranch Office78AP.B.No.22, Kannikkat Buildings STATUE JUNCTION FOR, TIRUPUNITHURA682301
ErnakulamDivisional OfficeD077Jeevan Prakash, P.B.No.1133, M.G.ROAD, ERNAKULAM KOCHI682011
ErnakulamP&GS UnitG602Jeevan Prakash PB No.1133, M.G. Road Kochi, Ernakulam682011
ErnakulamSatellite Office7001C001Angel Audhi Tower Opp. St. Joseph, HS Nr. LIC Br.Office, Angamaly683572
ErnakulamSatellite Office77GT0012nd Floor, Saroja Complex Bank Junction Edappally682024
ErnakulamSatellite Office77GT002Pocudiyil Plaza, Opp. Juma Masjid, Padamugal, Vazhakkala, Kakkanad, Kaloor682017
ErnakulamSatellite Office7001T001Crystal Tower M.C. Road Kalady683572
ErnakulamSatellite Office783T001John Vees Building Opp.Preethi Theatre, Premier Jn. North Kalamssery683101
ErnakulamSatellite Office78FT001Ushus Buildings Opp. St.Antony’s Bus Stop Vaduthula, Kochi682023
ErnakulamSatellite Office78AT001Thankachan Building Medical College JN. Kolenchery682301
ErnakulamSatellite Office798T003Leela Arcade Central Junction Palakuzha Road, Koothattukulam686662
ErnakulamSatellite Office798T001CP Bawa Towers, Opp. Anachira Petrol Pump, College Road, Kothamangalam Ernakulam686691
ErnakulamSatellite Office78AT002Karickal Estate Pallithazham Nr. Union Bank of India682314
ErnakulamSatellite Office78MT0011st Floor, Kattathu Building Narakkal Narakkal683513
ErnakulamSatellite Office798T002LIC of India, Satellite Office BSNL Telephone Exchange Building, Old Market Road, Pallikavala, Piravom686664
AlappuzhaBranch Office793Jeevan Jyothi LIC BUILDING, MC ROAD CHENGANNUR689121
AlappuzhaBranch Office796Jeevan Jyothi LIC BUILDING, MSM COLLEGE JUNCTION KAYAMKULAM690502
AlappuzhaBranch Office78WMunicipal Complex PUTHIYAKAVU MAVELIKKARA690101
AlappuzhaSatellite Office78WT0021 Floor, Arthundil, Nebo Tower Charummodu PO Allappuzha Dt.690505
AlappuzhaSatellite Office793C001CLIA SO, I Floor, Therakathu Bldg. Govt. Hospital Junction MC Road, Chengannur689121
AlappuzhaSatellite Office796T0011st Floor, Rathanamma Tower Union Bank Building, Near KSRTC Bldg. Haripad690514
AlappuzhaSatellite Office796C0011st Floor, Centre Point Kayamkulam Kayamkulam690502
AlappuzhaSatellite Office793T001Nair Samajam Sadabd Bldg. Manman Alappuzha Dist.689121
AlappuzhaSatellite Office78WT001Second Floor Kollothara Bldg., M C Road , Pandalam, Pathanamthitta, Kerala689501
IdukkiBranch Office77DP.B.No.12, ADIMALI ADIMALI686561
IdukkiBranch Office78DJeevan Jyothi P B NO:4 NEDUMKANDOM685584
IdukkiBranch Office78RP N BO:26 THODUPUZHA. KERALA685584
IdukkiBranch Office78TJeevan Jyothi P B NO-24, K K ROAD, VANDIPERIYAR, DIST IDUKKI [KERALA]685553
IdukkiSatellite Office78RT001I Floor, Ans Shopping Complex Idukki Colony Cheruthoni685602
IdukkiSatellite Office78DT001I Floor, G&S Building Kumily Road Kattapana685508
KottayamBranch Office784LIC Of India, Kottayam Br. 1, II Floor, CSI Commercial Complex II Baker Junction Kottayam686001
KottayamBranch Office78VJeevan Jyothi STAR JUNCTION KOTTAYAM686001
KottayamBranch Office78SJeevan Jyothi K.K.Road, Kanjikuzhy, KOTTAYAM686004
KottayamBranch Office707Jeevan Jyothi P B NO 2 MUNDAKAYAM686513
KottayamBranch Office795Santhom Building Kottaramattom PALA686575
KottayamBranch Office797Jeevan Jyothi Valiyakavala VAIKOM686141
KottayamDivisional OfficeD039Jeevan Prakash KURIAN UTHUP ROAD, NAGAMPADOM KOTTAYAM686001
KottayamP&GS UnitG603Jeevan Jyothi, 2nd floor Star Junction, M.C. Road Kottayam686001
KottayamSatellite Office795T001PSK Building 1st Floor, Vadakkekara Erattupetta686121
KottayamSatellite Office784T001Manjunath House Ground Floor Temple Road, Ettumanoor686001
KottayamSatellite Office797T0011 Floor, St. George Building Kaduthuruthy PO Kottayam Dt.686604
KottayamSatellite Office707T0011st Floor, Madathil, J.S. Shopping Complex Pettah Junction Kanjirappally686507
KottayamSatellite Office794T001Ground Floor Chavanikamannil Bldgs. Karukachal686540
KottayamSatellite Office795T002I Floor, Lonthiyil Building NEAR CIVIL STATION KURAVILANGAD686633
KottayamSatellite Office78VT001Malleekaduppil Buildings Pampady PO Kottayam686502
PathanamthittaBranch Office78JPunthala Tourist Complex NEAR KSRTC BUS STAND. ADOOR691523
PathanamthittaBranch Office720LIC of India, Branch Office, College Junction, Pathanamthitta689645
PathanamthittaBranch Office39AKalayil Building PAZHAVANGADI RANNI689673
PathanamthittaBranch Office78KPoothicote Arcade, 13/440-3, Thilak Nagar, Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand, Thiruvalla689101
PathanamthittaSatellite Office39AT0011st Floor Sar Arcade Chittar Post689663
PathanamthittaSatellite Office78JT0011st Floor St. George Malankara Catholi Church Bldg. Kadampanad691553
PathanamthittaSatellite Office720T001U.K. Building Mangaram, Konni Pathanamthitta Dist.687645
PathanamthittaSatellite Office720T0021st Floor, Uthrandom Towers Kozhenchery687645
PathanamthittaSatellite Office78KT0011st Floor, Kazi Manil Building Malapally Mallappally689585
PathanamthittaSatellite Office78KC001LIC of India, Thiruvalla SO Tropicana Square, 1st floor, Kuttappuzha Dist.Pathanamthitta689111
KannurBranch Office772Jeevan Jyothi PAMBAN MADHAVAN ROAD KANNUR670002
KannurBranch Office79RGrand Marketing Centre FORT ROAD KANNUR670001
KannurBranch Office79MP. B. NO – 6, NEAR BUS STAND, MATTANUR. KERALA670702
KannurBranch Office778JEEVAN JYOTHI G.H. ROAD PAYYANNUR670307
KannurSatellite Office79RT0014/1189B, First Floor, Devikrishna Complex, Chakkarakkal Dist – Kannur (Kerala)670613
KannurSatellite Office778T001Panchayat Building Bus stand, Cherupuzha670307
KannurSatellite Office79CT002KVR Memorial Building OPP. POST OFFICE CHERUKUNNU670301
KannurSatellite Office79MT001Thahi Complex Payancheri Mukku Iritty670703
KannurSatellite Office79RC001Door No.CW 35-307-A11 Raman Centre, Bank Road Kannur670001
KannurSatellite Office772T001Kambil, Vijaya Complex Kolachery Mukku, PO Kolachery Kannur670601
KannurSatellite Office774T001Kuthuparamba SO, EJ Towers Kannur Road Kannur670643
KannurSatellite Office7051T002Fayad Centre Puthur Road Panoor670694
KasaragodBranch Office79EKMW, II/ 1132-A, Nithyananda Building KOTTACHERY KANHANGAD671315
KasaragodBranch Office777Jeevan Jyothi M.G. ROAD KASARGOD671121
KasaragodSatellite Office777T001PIONEER BUILDING HOSANGADI MANJESWAR671323
KasaragodSatellite Office79ET001Bldg.No.KP 4/4961 Malakal P.O. Rajapuram671532
KozhikodeBranch Office771Jeevan Jyothi WYNAD ROAD KOZHIKODE673001
KozhikodeBranch Office807Jeevan Kairali P.V.SAMY CROSS ROAD, CHALAPPURAM KOZHIKODE673002
KozhikodeBranch Office79ALIC Building HUZUR ROAD KOZHIKODE673001
KozhikodeDivisional OfficeD079JEEVAN PRAKASH P B NO:177 KOZHIKODE673001
KozhikodeSatellite Office807T001D.No. – 5 /209W Keeriyadath Paramba, Near Shaji Theatre, Beypore673015
KozhikodeP&GS UnitG604LIC of India, P&GS Unit Post Box No.177, Jeevan Prakash Kozhikode673001
KozhikodeSatellite Office771T001LIC of India, Medical College SO Sana Towers, Devagiri College Road673008
KozhikodeSatellite Office79FT001Jaya Arcade Post Office Road, Opp. to Bus Terminus Ballussery, Kozhikode673305
KozhikodeSatellite Office79NT001Devas Building Opp. Markaz College of Arts Kunnamangalam673571
KozhikodeSatellite Office770T001M-Jack Building Thalaserry Road Nadapuram673504
KozhikodeSatellite Office770C001LIC of India, CLIA SO, EDODI, City Towers, Nr. Gayatri Hotel Edodi, Vadakara673101
MalappuramBranch Office79PJEEVAN JYOTHI MAIN ROAD, NILAMBUR679329
MalappuramBranch Office779JEEVAN JYOTHI TRIKKANDIYUR TIRUR676104
MalappuramSatellite Office776T002A.M. Complex, Changuvetty Kottakkal Malappuram District676503
MalappuramSatellite Office776T001Dana Centre Middle Hill Mallapuram676121
MalappuramSatellite Office779T001Bilai Towers, Near Panchayat Office Kozhikode Road Valanchery676104
MalappuramSatellite Office79ST001Mas Towers, Calicut Road Chemmad Tirurangadi670606
WayanadBranch Office79BJeevan Jyothi MADIYOOR KUNI KALPETTA673121
WayanadSatellite Office79BT001Orthingal Building Mananthavady Mananthavady670645
MaheSatellite Office7051T001C.P. Plaza, Palloor Nalluhara P.O. Mahe673320
KasaragodSatellite Office777T002Door No. 1244-A, 1st Floor, Badiaka Road, Mulleria. Mulleria671543
DindigulBranch Office74TNo. – 1 , Periyakulam Main Road, Batlagundu Dist – Dindigul624202
DindigulBranch Office749POST BOX NO-5 45,NEW AGRAHARAM. Dindigul624001
MorbiBranch Office812Para Bazar Main Rd Morvi363341
DindigulBranch Office74RLayola Building, II Floor Salai Road Dindigul624001
DindigulBranch Office74CS.K.N.Building II Floor, Dindigul Road Palani624601
DindigulSatellite Office749C001LIC of India, CLIA SO TNPK BUILDING, I FLOOR 83 C, Thadikombu Road, Dindigul624001
DindigulSatellite Office74TT001Door No.210, ABC 16 SGJ Thangadurai Building, Anna Salai Kodaikanal624101
DindigulSatellite Office74CT001Second floor 215 Main Road Oddanchatram624619
DindigulSatellite Office74RT001Rajagopalapuram, Athumedu, Karur Road Vedasandur624711
MaduraiBranch Office748PB No.26, Bharath Building No.3, West Maret Street Madurai625001
MaduraiBranch Office752Jeevan Jyothi 134, Palace Road, Madurai625001
MaduraiBranch Office668P.B.No.186 31, North Chitrai Street Madurai625001
MaduraiBranch Office600Jeevan Prakash Bridge Station Road, Ground Floor Sellur, Madurai625002
MaduraiBranch Office74L1-1A, Ground Floor Perumal kovil street, Tallakulam Madurai625002
MaduraiBranch Office74WArockia Annai Building, 12-A. A.A.Road, Gnanaolipuram Madurai625016
MaduraiBranch Office74MNo.3, Poonga Street Tirunagar Madurai625006
MaduraiDivisional OfficeD074Jeevan Prakash Bridge Station Road Sellur, Madurai625002
MaduraiP&GS UnitG606Jeevan Prakash, Bridge Station Road, Post Box No16 Sellur, Madurai625002
MaduraiSatellite Office752C001Mig 329, 80 Feet Road Anna Nagar Madurai625020
MaduraiSatellite Office74LT001Sundari Towers, 747, Main Road Melur625106
MaduraiSatellite Office74LT0021/879, I Floor Dindigul Main Road Natham624401
MaduraiSatellite Office74MT00182/2, Madurai Main Road(North) Keelappudur (Nr.Tamilnadu Mercantil Bank) Usilampatti625532
MaduraiSatellite Office748T00112/1/411-NH 7, Kulasekaran Kottai Village Main Road Vaiapatti Madurai625218
RamanathapuramBranch Office758LIC Building, Madurai Mandapam Road Paramakudi623707
RamanathapuramBranch Office74A33-A, Madurai Mandapam Road Ramanathapuram623501
RamanathapuramSatellite Office758T002Annai Sahayee Towers, Ist floor No.52, Kamatchi Chettiar St. Kamuthi, Ramnad dist.623603
RamanathapuramSatellite Office758T0011st floor,Yadhavasangam Main Road Vadakkur Mudukalathur623704
RamanathapuramSatellite Office74AT00112/42, Thulasi Baba Madam Street Rameswaram Rameswaram623526
RamanathapuramSatellite Office7176T001Door No.2/149, North Car Street I flr., Thondi Road Thiruvadanai623407
SivagangaBranch Office7176No.3, Silambani (North) Devakottai623302
SivagangaBranch Office747252-254 V.O.C.Street Karaikudi623001
SivagangaBranch Office74J23/5 Majeeth Road Sivagangai623560
SivagangaBranch Office74Z5-2-59-Z, 2nd Floor Madurai Road Thiruppathur623211
SivagangaSatellite Office74JT002NO : 3, AZAD STREET ILAYANGUDI ILAYANGUDI630702
SivagangaSatellite Office74JT001KPS Complex Near Gandhi Statue Sivagangai Main Road, Madurai630606
TheniBranch Office759K.N.Building, I Floor 4/13-E, Vaigai Dam Road Periyakulam626501
TheniBranch Office74D44987 Katcheri Road Uthamapalayam626533
TheniSatellite Office74DT002174/3A, Thevaram Road Near TNSTC Depot Bodi, Theni Dist.625513
TheniSatellite Office74DT0014/5, Mariamman Koil Street Cumbum Cumbum625516
TheniSatellite Office759T0011st floor, Periyakulam Main Road Opp. to Municipal Office Theni625531
VirudhunagarBranch Office74N7/1/185(1) DHARMA AVENUE, NEAR NEW BUS STAND,MADURAI ROAD Aruppukottai626101
VirudhunagarBranch Office750656, Tenkasi Road Rajapalayam626117
VirudhunagarBranch Office74XJeevan Jyothi 2, Chidambaram Nagar Sattur626203
VirudhunagarBranch Office74F5-C, Velayutham Road Sivakasi626123
VirudhunagarBranch Office74K1A-7, By-pass Road Srivilliputhur626125
VirudhunagarBranch Office751130A, Madurai Road Virudhunagar626001
DharmapuriBranch Office7201SRI VASAVI COMPLEX 112, MAIN ROAD PALACODE636008
DharmapuriSatellite Office76TT00277, Salem Main Road Opp. Bus Stand Pappireddiipatti636905
DharmapuriSatellite Office767T0014/65, B1,Opp Government Hospital Dharampuri-Hogenakkalama, Complex Main Road Pennagaram636810
DharmapuriSatellite Office7201T0011/785, Krishnagiri Main Road Rayakottai Rayakottai635116
DharmapuriSatellite Office76TT001No.105/36A kamaraj nagar,salem Main rd Uthanagarai636903
KrishnagiriBranch Office76NJEEVAN JYOTHI BYPASS ROAD HOSUR635109
KrishnagiriP&GS UnitG612LIC of India, P&GS Extn Counter Jeevan Jyoti, Krishnagiri By pass Rd Hosur635109
KrishnagiriSatellite Office702T00296, Krishnagiri Main Road Barugur Barugur635104
KrishnagiriSatellite Office76NT00115, S N S REDDY BUILDING THERPET ROAD, DHENKANIKOTTA635107
KrishnagiriSatellite Office702T001no 112 saraswathi garden main rd Kaveripattinam Kaveripattinam635112
NamakkalBranch Office70C28B Sankari Main rd KOMARAPALAYAM KOMARAPALAYAM638183
NamakkalSatellite Office705T001Salem Main Road Next To TVS Showroom Mallasamudram637503
NamakkalSatellite Office76MT001415 Rasikumari st Mohanur Mohanur637015
NamakkalSatellite Office76FT001139, Attur Main Road Namagiripettai Namagiripettai637405
NamakkalSatellite Office768C001Namakkal CLIA SO, LIC Building, 29-C/2, Dr. Sankaran Road, Ganesapuram, Dist – Namakkal637002
NamakkalSatellite Office70CT001No 28-B,sankari Main rd pallipalayam pallipalayam638006
NamakkalSatellite Office768T001no 2 Jagai st Sendhamangalam Sendhamangalam637404
NamakkalSatellite Office705C001Esteem Plaza, 487/1 Paramvathivelur Road Tiruchengode637211
SalemBranch Office76EEAST Main Rd NEAR TANSI Mettur Dam METTUR DAM635401
SalemBranch Office76630 B SANNADHI STREET P.B.NO.87 SALEM636001
SalemBranch Office76A17 B GANDHI ROAD SALEM SALEM636007
SalemBranch Office76XR.K complex 3/60A Meyyanur rd Five roads salem636004
SalemP&GS UnitG607Jeevan Praksh, Johnsonpet Opp. ATC Bus Depot, Post Box No.776 Salem636007
SalemSatellite Office76RT00141B V Velandivalasu Post Edapadi637105
SalemSatellite Office76ET0011st floor, Nataraja Complex Near Bus Stand (North side) Mecheri636453
SalemSatellite Office766T001Sakthi Complex 489, TVK Road, Ammapet Salem636003
SalemSatellite Office766C001741 TRICHY MAIN RD, BOOMANNA PALACE GUGAI636006
SalemSatellite Office70AT00110-B, Devi Complex Omallur Main Road Taramangalam636502
SalemSatellite Office703T0026/52 T-2, Kongu thirumana mandapam, Thalaivasal636112
SalemSatellite Office703T001206, Trichy Road Thammampatti Thammampatti636102
SalemSatellite Office76XT0019, SK Complex Thammampatti Main Road Vazhappadi636115
KaraikalBranch Office75SL I C OF INDIA 185 CHURCH STREET, KARAIKAL609602
AriyalurBranch Office757No. 5, Palani, Thirumanamahal, 1st & 2nd Floor, 68/B, Rajajinagar Ariyalur621704
AriyalurSatellite Office757T001Sri Thambuswmy Padayachiar Vaniga Valagam 176/1, T. Palur Road Jayankondam621801
KarurBranch Office746P.B. No.54, 526 NORTH PRADAKSHINAM ROAD KARUR639001
KarurBranch Office75RLIC Of India, Unit -II B.O. 14/2,  Thiru, Vee Ka, Road Karur639001
KarurSatellite Office75RT001Poompuhar Complex 1st Floor, Dharapuram Road Aravakurichi639201
KarurSatellite Office746C001M.Harsha Towers, First floor No.6-A, Thiruvika Road Karur639001
NagapattinamBranch Office744Door No. 90-A-1 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Cauvery Nagar Mayiladuthurai609003
NagapattinamBranch Office743PB NO:27 NEELA WEST STREET NAGAPATTINAM611001
NagapattinamBranch Office722677, NORTH CAR STREET SIRKAZHI NAGAPATTINAM609110
NagapattinamSatellite Office744T0021st Floor, SS Pillai Complex, 12, Thottam Keela Veedhi, Porayar609307
NagapattinamSatellite Office744T001LIC of India,SO-Sembanarkoil Ist Floor 1/217 Main Rd, Sembanarkoil609309
NagapattinamSatellite Office75GT002Sambandam Brothers Complex First Floor, Bazzaar Street Thalainayar614712
NagapattinamSatellite Office75GT001Melamada Valagam Near West Gopuram Vedaranyam614713
PerambalurBranch Office75J107-A, Venkatesapuram Trichy Main Road Perambalur621212
PerambalurSatellite Office75JC001No.318/17,I FLOOR VENKATESAPURAM STREET Trichy main raod,PERAMBALUR621212
PudukkottaiBranch Office75ES.R.P. Complex 71, Valayalkara Street I & II Floor, Arugankulam Rd., Aranthangi614616
PudukkottaiBranch Office75M404-8A BUS STAND ROAD KEERANUR622502
PudukkottaiSatellite Office756T002No. 334 -A-1, PRM Algiri Mani Complex, Gandhi Road, Alangudi622301
PudukkottaiSatellite Office756T001No.34, I floor, Melarthaveethi Ponputhupatti Ponamaravathi624408
ThanjavurBranch Office742JEEVAN JYOTHI 16, DR.BESANT ROAD KUMBAKONAM612001
ThanjavurBranch Office75H28 A GANDHI NAGAR KUMBOKONAM612001
ThanjavurBranch Office74021/B-3 MAYILPALAYAM STREET PATTUKOTTAI614601
ThanjavurSatellite Office740T003Sara Complex, 5B-36, Sethu Road, 5B-36 Sethu Road, Adirampattinam614701
ThanjavurSatellite Office740T004K R A Shopping Mall Mukkuttu Salai, Siramelkudi Road, Madukkur, Pattukkottai Tk614903
ThanjavurP&GS UnitG608Jeevan Prakash Gandhiji Road, PB No.39 Thanjavur613001
ThanjavurSatellite Office740T002First floor No.3, Salva Mada Street Orathanadu614625
ThanjavurSatellite Office742T001Selection Grade, Town Panchayat Building 126, Saliamangalam Road Papanasam614205
ThanjavurSatellite Office740T00123,1st floor Avanam Salai, Peravoorani dt. Thanjavur614601
ThanjavurSatellite Office741T001519/43, Akila Complex Odathurai Street(Nr.Bus Stand) Thiruvaiyaru613204
ThanjavurSatellite Office741T002No. 143/2B, First Floor Budalur Road Tirukattupalli613104
TiruvarurBranch Office302JEEVAN JYOTHI 48, NEWSTREET MANNARGUDI614001
TiruvarurSatellite Office75ST001No.3, West Street I floor Nannilam610105
TiruchirappalliBranch Office75F100A GANDHIJI ROAD SRIRANGAM620006
TiruchirappalliBranch Office75CImmanuel Building, 990-B&C, 8th Cross, Madurapuri, THURAIYUR PO & TK621010
TiruchirappalliBranch Office745UNITED INDIA BUILDING MADURAI ROAD TRICHY620001
TiruchirappalliBranch Office665NR TOWERS 75C, SALAI ROAD THILLAI NAGAR620018
TiruchirappalliBranch Office809K.R.T. BUILDING PROMENADE ROAD TRICHY620001
TiruchirappalliBranch Office75ADINDIGUL ROAD KARUMANDAPAM TRICHY620001
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office75FT002116, Thuraiyur Main Road, Mannachanallur Trichy621005
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office75FT0011 floor, MRV Complex 146,Poovalur Road Lalgudi621601
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office75BT001R.V.CHETTIAR COMPLEX DINDUGUL ROAD MANAPPARAI621306
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office75CT001Jamal Timber Depo 1st floor I/A-Thuraiyur Road, Musiri621010
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office665C001LIC of India,CLIA SO, I Floor, 18/13 P, Royal Road, The Ivory Plaza Contonment Trichy620001
TiruchirappalliSatellite Office75AT001B&AC SO- Trichy, Jeevan Jyothi, 1st floor T.S. No.35/3-Dindigul Road Karumandapam-Trichy620001
TiruvarurBranch Office75GRS NO:147/28 TIRUVARUR ROAD TIRUTHURAIPOONDI614713
TiruvarurSatellite Office75DT00211/1A, Koradachery(LF) Main Road Kodavasal Kodavasal612601
TiruvarurSatellite Office302T001LIC of India,SO-Muthupet,Ist Floor Regina Complex 50 Ttp Main Road Muthupet614704
TiruvarurSatellite Office75DT001LIC of India,SO-Needamangalam, Ist Floor, 461/3 Thanjavur Main Road Needamangalam614404
MalappuramSatellite Office799T0041 floor, CK Tower Pattambi Road Edapal679576
MalappuramSatellite Office799T0011st floor Mass Commercial Complex Thirkkavu, Ponnani679577
PalakkadBranch Office7002Yessar Plaza Court Road Alathur678541
PalakkadBranch Office77AKUDU Building Main Road Mannarkad678582
PalakkadBranch Office775P.B.NO.7, MAIN ROAD OTTAPALAM OTTAPALAM679101
PalakkadBranch Office773P.B.NO.316, LIC BUILDING SHORANUR ROAD, PALAKKAD678014
PalakkadBranch Office700P.B.NO.13, SHOBA T.S.M. COMPLEX R.S.ROAD PALAKKAD678001
PalakkadSatellite Office775T0021st floor, Kizhadayil Buildings Ottapalam Road, Cherplassery679503
PalakkadSatellite Office700T001I Floor, KMS Complex, Chediankalai Kanjikode West P O Palakkad678623
PalakkadSatellite Office77CT001KMS Arcade Nemmara Main Road Nemmara678508
PalakkadSatellite Office773T0011st floor, Arya Complex Nr. KSEB, Olavakkode Palakkad678002
PalakkadSatellite Office775T0011st floor, Shafna Complex Palakkad Road, Melapattambi P O Pattambi679101
PalakkadSatellite Office775T0031 Floor, Sulu Palace P.O. Road Shoranur679121
PalakkadSatellite Office7002T001I floor, Sara Complex Opp Bus Stand, Vadakkuncherry Palakkad678683
ThrissurBranch Office708P.B.NO.33,MARKET ROAD CHALAKUDY CHALAKUDY680307
ThrissurBranch Office799P B No.10, Lulu Complex, Kottayil Road, Kunnamkulam680503
ThrissurDivisional OfficeD702Divisional Office, 19/114, Mythree Arcade Poothole Thrissur680004
ThrissurSatellite Office708T0011st floor, Koodalli Arcade IV/108K, Amballur Thrissur680302
ThrissurSatellite Office799T0022nd floor, Kajah Commercial Complex Chavakkad Thrissur680506
ThrissurSatellite Office799T0031st Floor, Viramani Tourist Home Building No.18/371 – H Inner Ring Road East Nada, Guruvayur680101
ThrissurSatellite Office782T001SUJATHA ARCADE ANTHIKKAD ROAD, KANJANI680612
ThrissurSatellite Office792T002Hidaya Complex Opp Bus Stand, Kattoor Irinjalakuda680702
ThrissurSatellite Office799C001Star Complex Town Hall Road Kunnamkulam680503
ThrissurSatellite Office792T0011st floor, K K Towers, K K Road, Near Pvt Bus Stand, Mala,680732
ThrissurSatellite Office782T0031st floor, Kuzhikkalayil Ebenezer Shopping Complex Mannuthy P O, Mannuthy680651
ThrissurSatellite Office77ET0011 floor, Tripura Sundari Buildings Thrissur-Shoranur Road Mulankunnathukavu PO680581
ThrissurSatellite Office782T002St. Raphael’s Chit Building Opp. Police Station Police Station Road, Ollur680306
ThrissurSatellite Office77BT0011st Floor Kochu’s Arcade, Nr. Bharat Petrol Pump Pazhayannur, Thrissur680587
ThrissurSatellite Office77JT001Nithin Building Temple Road Thriprayar680566
ThrissurSatellite Office77EC001III floor, Sun Tower Building East Fort Thrissur680005
KanyakumariBranch Office7251Valli Complex, Second Floor, 504, A-1, M.S.Road, Near Bensam Hospital, Vettoornimadam Nagercoil. Dist – Kannyakumari629003
KanyakumariSatellite Office7251T001Door No. 608/17A Cape Road Kanyakumari629702
KanyakumariSatellite Office300T001Brabin Complex Tharathattuvilai Karungal PO629157
KanyakumariSatellite Office300C001Trivandrum Road Canara Bank Upstairs MARTHANDAM POST629163
ThoothukudiBranch Office667Jeevan Jyothi, POST BOX NO.31 952/5, SATTUR MAIN ROAD KOVILPATTI628501
ThoothukudiBranch Office74B307/1 TEMPLE STREET TIRUCHENDUR. TIRUCHENDUR628215
ThoothukudiSatellite Office755T002Satellite Office, Door No.5/1005, Spick Nagar Muthiapuram Tuticorn628005
ThoothukudiBranch Office755POST BOX NO 51 L I C BUILDINGS 58 BEACH ROAD. TUTICORIN628001
ThoothukudiSatellite Office755T001POST BOX NO-51 LIC BUILDING 58 BEACH ROAD,628001
ThoothukudiSatellite Office667T001126 A, 1st floor Ettayapuram Vilathkulam620609
TirunelveliSatellite Office74GT002Door No. 206/5, Vijayapathi Road Radhapuram627111
TirunelveliSatellite Office74BT001Door No. 31A/1 Sathyamoorthy Bazar Udangudi628203
TirunelveliBranch Office74E42, Thilagarpuram Main Road AMBASAMUDRAM627401
TirunelveliBranch Office74H143/B, RAJAPALAYAM ROAD P B NO. 4 SANKARANKOIL627756
TirunelveliBranch Office74UCA Branch “Grace Complex”, Near New Bus Stand TIRUNELVELI627005
TirunelveliP&GS UnitG609Jeevan Prakash, 9A, Punithavathiar Street Palayamkottai Tirunelveli627002
TirunelveliSatellite Office666T002First floor, Thavasi Hotel Building Tenkasi Main Road Alangulam627851
TirunelveliSatellite Office666T0014/1 New Bazar Street Puthur School Road Kadayanallur627811
TirunelveliSatellite Office74HT001Lions Club Charitable Trust Building Main Road Puliangudi627855
TirunelveliSatellite Office74GT0014/290, Navaladi Road 1st Street Thisayanvilai625657
TirunelveliSatellite Office666T003Satellite Office, T.S.No.D-3-80 Jawaharlal Nehru Road Shencottai627809
TirunelveliSatellite Office753T001B&AC S.O., “Grace Complex” 67, South Bye-pass Road Tirunvelveli627005
KollamBranch Office78LRoshees square Near 7th day church Residency Kadapakkada,691008
KollamSatellite Office78YT001Uday Royal Tower Near Bus Stop Bharanikkavu690518
KollamSatellite Office78YT002KAREEMZ TOWERS NR.BUS STAND CHAVARA P.O691586
KollamSatellite Office78HT001Rahat Shopping Complex Near Market Junction Kadakkal PO691536
KollamSatellite Office787C001Darusallam Building Thamarakulam Kollam691001
KollamSatellite Office787T001Puthenpurayil Arcade Hospital Junction Kundara, Kollam Dt.691001
KollamSatellite Office78UT001Sruthi Towers Near Private Bus Stand Paravoor691301
KollamSatellite Office789T001Kodiyattu Bldg. Opp.Post Office, Ayoor Post Kollam Dist.691305
KollamSatellite Office78HT002St.Gregorious Complex Kottarakara-Chenkottah Road Puthoor P.O691507
ThiruvananthapuramBranch Office78E15/845, LIC BUILDING, NEAR K.S.R.T.C. BUS STAND, N.H.ROAD ATTINGAL695101
ThiruvananthapuramBranch Office7076Jeevan Jyothi, P.B. No.704 Near KSRTC Bus Stand Kilmanoor, Thiruvanan695601
ThiruvananthapuramBranch Office786LIC BUILDING, P.B.NO.17 M.G.ROAD THIRUVANATHAPURAM695001
ThiruvananthapuramBranch Office78BP.B.NO.1008, LIC LANE PATTOM PALACE, P.O. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM695001
ThiruvananthapuramP&GS UnitG610Jeevan Prakash, Post Box No.1001 Pattom Thiruvananthapuram695004
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78EC001Binsi Plasa TB Junction Near RTO Office, Attingal695101
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78GT002Rahmath Complex Main Road Balaramapuram695501
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78ET002MINA BUILDINGS Opposite to MARKET ROAD KALLAMBALAM695605
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office7076T001ARS Building, I floor Main Road Kallara, Thiruvananthapuram Dt.695601
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78GT001RATHNA PRABHA BUILDINGS MARKET ROAD KATTAKADA695572
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78BT001Shaji Cottage Koyickal Building Kazhakootam, Thiruvananthpuram695582
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78GC001Govt. Staff Coop.Society Building Near Traffice CI Office Neyyattinkara695121
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78GT003K.V. Homeo Clinic Gandhi Park Junction Parassala, Thiruvananthapuram Dt.695121
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office786T001Elimullil Fair Mount Buildings Civil Station Road Peroorkada695001
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78ET001Gomathi Shopping Centre Puthenchanthai Varkala695101
ThiruvananthapuramSatellite Office78NT001Alza Towers Kalungu Junction Vithura685551
PondicherryBranch Office738PLOT NO:11,12&!3 OPP.KAMARAJ SALAI, NEW SARAM Puducherry605013
PondicherryBranch Office73SNO.8, ECR ROAD, PAKKUMUDIANPET, Puducherry605009
PondicherryP&GS UnitG613LIc of India, P&GS Extn Counter 19 & 20, Ellapillai Chavady Villianur Main Road,Puducherry605001
PondicherrySatellite Office738T002NO 15 WEST STREET BAHOUR Puducherry607402
PondicherrySatellite Office73ST001217-A, Cuddalore Main Road Opp. Thavalakuppam Police Station Thavalakuppam, Pondy605007
PondicherrySatellite Office738T001No.8, Parasuramapuram Main Road Villiyanur Pondicherry605110
CuddaloreBranch Office73713,NETHAJI ROAD MANJAKUPPAM CUDDALORE607002
CuddaloreSatellite Office736T001134, Kutchery Road Kattumannarkoil Cuddalore dist.608301
CuddaloreSatellite Office737T00112, Agrahara Street Kurinjipadi Cuddalore Dist.607302
CuddaloreSatellite Office73PT001581, Cuddalore Main Road Nellikuppam Cuddalroe Dt.607105
CuddaloreSatellite Office73RT002SIVALAYA COMPLEX, I FLOOR 228, MAIN ROAD, PENNADAM606105
CuddaloreSatellite Office73RT001NH 45, Main Road Ramanatham Thozhudur606303
TiruvannamalaiBranch Office73NJeevan Jothi 286, Sathyamoorthy Road ARNI632301
TiruvannamalaiBranch Office7277NO 6 ARCOT ROAD CHEYYAR604407
TiruvannamalaiBranch Office7276NO.14/1A, ABDUL KUTHOOS STREET POLUR Tamilnadu606803
TiruvannamalaiBranch Office73258A, ANNA SALAI TINDIVANAM ROAD TIRUVANNAMALAI606601
TiruvannamalaiSatellite Office732T001224/3 A, IST FLOOR MARKET MAIN RAOD CHENGAM606701
TiruvannamalaiSatellite Office732C001No.2, First Floor South Othavandai street Thiruvannamalai606601
TiruvannamalaiSatellite Office7277T00119B, Sannadhi Street Vandavasi Vandavasi604408
VelloreBranch Office735NO.36D, MBT Road, Muthukadai, Ranipet632401
VelloreBranch Office71CP B NO:1,0/1 A C.N.A. ROAD VANIYAMBADI653753
VelloreDivisional OfficeD073JEEVAN PRAKASH ARCOT ROAD VELLORE632004
VelloreSatellite Office71TT001Shop No. 567, Plot No. 11&12, First Floor Sivaraj Nagar, Gudiyatham Road PERNAMPUTTU632810
VelloreP&GS UnitG611Jeevan Jyothi, 1st floor 30-A, 1st East Main Road, Gandhinagar Vellore632006
VelloreSatellite Office71CT00138, Bye Pass Road Near Rajiv Gandhi Statue Ambur635802
VelloreSatellite Office71RT001Plot 20-24, Kadaperi Village National Highway, Near Kaveripakkam Bus Stand Kaveripakkam632508
VelloreSatellite Office733T00143, Upstairs Bangalore National Highway Pallikonda635809
VelloreSatellite Office735T001No. 74 South Vanniyar Street Sholinghur631102
ViluppuramSatellite Office71YT002S.No.-708/01, New No. – 1052/2, Ground Floor Ward No. – 10, Pondy Road Marakkanam604303
ViluppuramSatellite Office71HT001No. – 14, Ward No.-5, Police Station Road, Vikravandi605652
ViluppuramBranch Office71Y210-A, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ROAD TINDIVANAM604001
ViluppuramSatellite Office71KT0021st floor, Sivasakthi Bldg. Salem Main Road Chinnasalem606201
ViluppuramSatellite Office71YT001231, Thiruvannamalai Road Gingee Gingee604202
ViluppuramSatellite Office71KT001248/7,Kallakurichi Main Road Near MSM Lathe Works Sankarapuram606401
ViluppuramSatellite Office73VT00131/12-A Banajai Mutt Road Ulundurpet606107
CuddaloreSatellite Office73RT003NO.54/1, 1st Floor, Vridhachalam Main Road, Vathishtapuram, Tittakudi606106
ChennaiZonal OfficeZO06LIC BUILDING 153, ANNA SALAI, P.B.NO.2450, CHENNAI600002
AhmedabadBranch Office836City Branch, Jeevan Prabha, 1st Flr. Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office8374th & 5th Floor, Jeevan Vikash Bima Nagar, Satelite Ahmedabad380015
AhmedabadBranch Office8383rd Floor, Jeevan Prakash Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office842Jeevan Prakash, 1st Flr Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office843Ahmedabad City Br. Oriental Bldg., Tilak Rd. Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office8414th Floor,Jeevan Prakash Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office839201/2,2nd Floor, Rain Dropp Building Opp. Yes Bank, C.G Road Ahmedabad380006
AhmedabadBranch Office8731st & 2nd Floor, Jeevan Sadan Bldg Opp.Capita Commercial Centre Ahmedabad380006
AhmedabadBranch Office840Ahmedabad City Br. Jeevan Prakash, 5th Flr Tilak Road, Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office8502nd & 3rd Floor, Jeevan Sadan Bldg Opp.Capital Commer. Centre Ahmedabad380006
AhmedabadBranch Office8521st Flr., Poonam Plaza Near Swami Narayan Mandir, Rambaug Road, Ahmedabad380008
AhmedabadBranch Office853Oriental Bldg., 4th Flr. Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office856Jeevan Prakash, 6th Flr. Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office8542 nd Floor Jeevan Prakash Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office857Dr.Kasturba Chamber Nr. RTO Office, Ahmedabad380005
AhmedabadBranch Office83QShop No 313 to 324, Silve Plaza Complex Station Road, Bavla Ahmedabad382220
AhmedabadBranch Office83Z3rd Floor, Jeevan Prakash Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office84A2nd floor, Sumeru Complex, Nr. S.T.Stand, Viramgam, Ahmedabad382150
AhmedabadBranch Office83Y1st Floor, Jeevan Prabha, Tilak Marg, Asawara, Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadBranch Office83S2nd Floor, Ashwmeg Business Hub, Opp. Science College, Dehgam Ahmedabad382305
AhmedabadBranch Office84BOpp. ST Bus Stand, Dhanduka Dist. Ahmedabad382460
AhmedabadBranch Office8001Ram Bhavan, Dena Bank Isanpur Ahmedabad382443
AhmedabadBranch Office83TG.H.B. Complex, Opp. Roopal Park Near Ankur Bus Stop Naranpura380013
AhmedabadBranch Office83U3rd floor, Galaxy Avenue Near Galasy Cinema Naroda, Ahmedabad382330
AhmedabadBranch Office83POffice no 8, 3rd Floor, Block A Sardar Patel Mall, Nikol Gam Road Thakkarbapanager, Ahmedabd380410
AhmedabadBranch Office83M2nd Floor, Puroshatam Mall Swastik Char Rasta, Amaraiwadi Ahmedabad380021
AhmedabadBranch Office84DSheth British Hall Nr. Subhash Bridge Sabarmati, Ahmedabad380005
AhmedabadBranch Office84C2nd Floor,S B Patel Complex, opp. Kalupur Commercial Bank, Nal Sarovar Circle Sanand, Ahmedabad382110
AhmedabadBranch Office83NSilver Shine comp. Vasna Rd. Ahmedabad380007
AhmedabadBranch Office83X3rd Floor, Jivan Vikash Bima Nagar, Satelite Ahmedabad380015
AhmedabadDivisional OfficeD083Jeevan Prakash Tilak Marg Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadP&GS UnitG7012nd floor, GHB Complex, Opp. Roopal Park, Near Ankur Bus Stop Ahmedabad380013
AhmedabadSatellite Office841T001Sunrise Mall, Swaminarayan Temple Ahmedabad380006
AhmedabadSatellite Office842T001Shivalik Complex, Opp. Pralhad Nagar Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadSatellite Office837T001127/128, Sahajanand Orchid 132 feet, Ring Road Near Circle, Mem Nagar, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad380001
AhmedabadSatellite Office840T001201,Merlin-Pentagon, Maha Laxmi Cross Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad380007
AhmedabadSatellite Office83UT00113,14,18,19, Sardarnagar Shopping Centre, AUDA Market, Nr. Bus stop Sardarnagar382475
AhmedabadSatellite Office843T001LIC of India, 19,20 Rajshree Complex Near CTM, Char Rasta Ahmedabad380026
AhmedabadSatellite Office83TT001Satya Surya Complex, Near Satadar Cross Road, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad District380061
AhmedabadSatellite Office83UT0021,2,3, First Floor, Raspan Arcade Raspan Char Rasta, Haridarshan to Gangotri Raoad, NIKOL Nikol Dist – Ahmedabad382350
AhmedabadSatellite Office837T00235/135 Pushkar Business Park, Near D-Mart, Bapunagar Bapunagar, Dist – Ahmedabad380024
AkolaBranch Office977LIC Bldg. Nr. State Bank of India Rani Laxmi Rd. Akola444001
AkolaBranch Office99CAPMC Bldg., Popatkhed Road Akot, Dist. Akola444101
AkolaSatellite Office977T001Dr. Rathod Complex, 1st floor Shivaji Chowk, Murizapur Dist. Akola444107
AmravatiBranch Office996Jeevan Jyoti Bldg. Achalpur Camp PARATWADA444805
AmravatiBranch Office979Jeevan Prakash, Shrikrishna Peth Near Daffrin Hospital Amravati444601
AmravatiBranch Office82CJayant Complex, VMV Rd. Amravati Amravati444603
AmravatiBranch Office9152Jeevan Prakash, Shrikrishna Peth, Near Dafrin Hospital, Amravati444601
AmravatiBranch Office97HJeevan Jyoti, Anjan Singi Rd. Lunawat Nagar Dhamangaon Railway Dist Amravati444707
AmravatiBranch Office99LMoghe Complex, Approach Rd. Warud444106
AmravatiDivisional OfficeD082Jeevan Prakash, Shrikrishna Peth,Nr. Defrin Hosp. Amravati444601
AmravatiP&GS UnitG702Jeevan Prakash, Shrikrishna Peth Nr. Defrin Hosp. Amravati444601
AmravatiSatellite Office996T001Daryapur Taluka, Sahakari Shetkari Kharedi Vikri Samiti, Akot Road Daryapur444805
AmravatiSatellite Office99LT001Bunglow of Shri Khaparde Main Road, Morshi Dist. Amravati441122
BuldhanaBranch Office97BJeevan Jyoti, LIC Bldg. PB No.11, Chaintanya Wadi Buldhana443033
BuldhanaBranch Office978LIC Bldg. Nandura Rd Khamgaon Dist.Buldhana443033
BuldhanaBranch Office82BB.G.T.I. Road, Nr. Rahul Hotel, Malkapur Dist.Buldhana443101
BuldhanaBranch Office9151Lahoti Complex Dongaon Road Mehkar Dist Buldana443301
BuldhanaSatellite Office97BT001Civil Colony In front of Reliance Tower Deulgaon (Raja)443033
WashimSatellite Office994T001Wani Niwas, Nr. Jeyee Garden At – Karanja lad Dist. Washim444505
YavatmalBranch Office82DGhantibaba Sansthan DIGRAS Dist.Yawatmal445001
YavatmalBranch Office99ATalao Layout PUSAD Dist. Yawatmal445024
YavatmalBranch Office99KPampattiwar’s Premises Wani Dist.Yatwatmal445304
YavatmalBranch Office991LIC Bldg. Peshve Plot Yawatmal Yawatmal445001
YavatmalBranch Office82ERuikar Bhavan Yawatmal Yawatmal445001
YavatmalSatellite Office82DT001Opp. New Court Kaverri Nagar Darwha, Dist – Yavatmal445202
YavatmalSatellite Office99KT001Ekdant Complex, Opp. Jiddewar Bhavan, Pandardawada Dist – Yavatmal445302
AurangabadBranch Office982Jeevan Prakash Adalat Rd. Aurangabad431005
AurangabadBranch Office95JBagga Chambers Opp. Akashwani, Jalna Rd. Aurangabad431001
AurangabadBranch Office98DJeevan Suman, Plot No. 3 N/5, Town Centre,Nr.CIDCO Office Aurangabad431003
AurangabadBranch Office98GRamdas Tower Pundlik Nagar Aurangabad431005
AurangabadBranch Office98KJeevan Suman, Plot No.3 N/5, Town Centre, Nr.CIDCO office Aurangabad431003
AurangabadBranch Office98ELaxmi Nursing Comp. Dr.Ambedkar Chowk,Ajanta Rd. Sillod431112
AurangabadBranch Office95FDr. Annadate Bldg. Station Rd. Vaijapur413701
AurangabadDivisional OfficeD098Jeevan Prakash, Adalat Rd. Aurangabad Aurangabad431005
AurangabadSatellite Office982T002At:- H.No.3678, CTS No.2440/155,156, TP Nagar, Opp. Shardha Hospital, Po+Ta – Paithan, Dist – Aurangabad.431107
AurangabadP&GS UnitG703Jeevan Prakash Adalat Rd. Aurangabad431005
AurangabadSatellite Office95JT001Sarang Hsg.Socy., Opp.Subhiksha Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Road Garkheda, Dist.Aurangabad431005
AurangabadSatellite Office982C001Near Police Commissioner’s Office Mill Corner Khadkeshwar, Aurangabad431001
AurangabadSatellite Office982T001Plot No X-26/1, Near More Chowk, IDBI Bank building, MIDC, Waluj Aurangabad431136
BeedBranch Office95EJeevan Jyoti, Opp. YN Vidyalaya Parli Rd. Ambejogai431517
BeedBranch Office983Jeevan Jyoti, Nagar Rd. Beed Beed431122
BeedBranch Office98MLohia Comp. Dharur Rd. Majalgaon431131
BeedSatellite Office983T001At & Post Georai Beed Beed431122
BeedSatellite Office95ET001Chandak Complex, H.No.84/2 Ward No.5, Ganeshpaar Roas Parali-Vaijnath, Dist.Beed431517
AurangabadSatellite Office95FT001LIC of India, SO, Kannad Chalisgaon Road College gate, Kannad431513
LaturBranch Office98FJeevan Jyoti, Nanded Rd. Ahmedpur413515
LaturBranch Office945Jeevan Jyoti, Nr. Hajgude’s Hosp Abejogai Rd. Latur413512
LaturBranch Office98HOpp. ICICI, Ausa Road, Latur413512
LaturBranch Office98CDhoot Comp. Nr. Bus Stand Latur-Bidar Rd. Latur413521
LaturBranch Office94HMahajan Complex Nalegaon Rd., Uma Chowk Udgir413517
LaturSatellite Office98HT001Mashalkar Complex, Ganesh Nagar, Main Road Ausa, Ta – Ausa, Dist – Latur.413520
OsmanabadBranch Office98AMansi Bldg., Dhoki Rd. Kallam Usmanabad413507
OsmanabadBranch Office946Jeevan Jyoti, Opp. Osmanabad DCC Bank Solapur Rd. Osmanabad413501
OsmanabadSatellite Office98AT001Khushai Complex, Kusum Nagar, Pardi Raod, Bhoom. Ta – Bhoom, Dist – Osmanabad.413504
OsmanabadSatellite Office946T002Abhiraj Complex,Naldurg Road Tuljapur, Ta – Tuljapur Dist – Osmanabad413601
OsmanabadSatellite Office946T001Vishwa Complex 1st floor, Main Road, Omerga Dist.Osmanabad413606
AmreliBranch Office817Jay Nagnath Nagnath Mandir Rd. Amreli365601
AmreliBranch Office81TShamji Kanji ki Lati Station Rd. Savarkundla364515
AmreliSatellite Office817T002Maruti Nandan Complex, Near Lathi Bus Stand, Lathi, Dist Amreli365430
AmreliSatellite Office817T001R.B. Complex Near Bus Stand, Bagasara Dist. Amreli364601
BhavnagarBranch Office816Gangajalia Talao Bhavnagar City Bhavnagar364001
BhavnagarBranch Office829Gangajalia Talao Bhavnagar Bhavnagar364001
BhavnagarBranch Office8101Jeevan Prakash, 1st Flr Nilam Baug Circle Bhavnagar364001
BotadBranch Office81HPatel Chambers Paliyad Rd., Opp. Mkt. Yard Botad364710
BhavnagarBranch Office81MNutan Nagar, Old Bus Stand Opp. Megdut Cinema, Mahuva364290
BhavnagarBranch Office81RJB Pandya Chatralaya Bhavan Opp. Petrol Pump Sihor364240
BhavnagarDivisional OfficeD801Jeevan Prakash Neelam Baug Circle Bhavnagar364001
BhavnagarSatellite Office829T001101, Silver Arc Waghawadi Road Bhavnagar364002
BhavnagarSatellite Office81MT001LIC of India, SO Rajula Surya Palace, Opp. Axis Bank Swaminarayan Marg, Nr.Polic Stn. Rajula City, Tal.Rajula365560
SurendranagarBranch Office81ABhavani Bhuvan, Zala Rd. Dhrangadhra Dhrangadhra363310
SurendranagarBranch Office8102Bharaj Complex, 1st Flr. Opp. Fatehsinghji Jin Limbdi363421
SurendranagarBranch Office813Nr. Mela Maidan Surendranagar Sundranagar363001
SurendranagarSatellite Office813T001Near Hotel Rajkalash Main Road, At-Chotila Dist. Surendranagar363001
BhavnagarSatellite Office81RT001First Floor , Khodal Plaza, Near Petrol Pump, Palitana Palitana Dist – Bhavnagar364270
BhavnagarSatellite Office81MT002Dr. Abidbhai’s Complex,1st Floor, S.T. Stand Road, Near Gandhiji’s Statue Talaja, Dist: Bhavnagar364140
SurendranagarSatellite Office813T002Vaidehi Society, Near Bhakti Nandan Circle Wadhwan Dist. Surendranagar363020
BhavnagarSatellite Office81HT001Harinarayan Tyres,Botad Road, Opp: Dr.Kalathiya Saheb Bunglow Gadhada Dist – Bhavnagar364750
BhavnagarSatellite Office81RT002Metro Plaza Complex, 1st Floor, Hall No.2, Bus Station Road Gariyadhar Dist – Bhavnagar364505
BhavnagarSatellite Office81HT002River View Shopping Center 1st Floor, Ahmedabad-Bhav. Highway Vallabhipur Dist – Bhavnagar364310
BanaskanthaBranch Office851Vaibhav Shopping Centre, Gulabinagar, Part – 1, Gayatri Mandir Road, Deesa385535
BanaskanthaBranch Office8026Sheetal Shopping Centre Station Rd. Dhanera396001
BanaskanthaBranch Office834Vardhaman Shoping Centre 1st Flr., Gathaman Gate Palanpur385001
BanaskanthaBranch Office85DJyoti Bldg. Opp. Eye Hosp. Palanpur Palanpur385001
PatanBranch Office83WMARUTI PLAZA, 2ND FLOOR,KANDLA HIGHWAY Radhanpur385340
BanaskanthaSatellite Office8026T001Tharad, Deepak Complex, Bus Station Road Tharad Dist. Banaskantha385310
BanaskanthaSatellite Office85DT001Near Ambaji Temple Old Ajanta Hotel Building, Main Road Ambaji, Dist. Banaskantha385110
BanaskanthaSatellite Office83WT001Aarti Complex, 1st floor Jgunaba-Bhabhar Road Deodar, Dist. Banaskantha385340
GandhinagarBranch Office85GMadhusudan Bldg. Shreepal Nagar Chandkheda382428
GandhinagarBranch Office83BVallabhi Chamber SECTOR-16 Gandhinagar382016
GandhinagarDivisional OfficeD085Jeevan Prakash Behind Tel.Exch. Sector 11 Ganchinagar382011
GandhinagarP&GS UnitG704Jeevan Prakash, 4th Flr. Sector 11 Gandhinagar382017
GandhinagarSatellite Office83BT001A1, 1st floor Dist.Shopping Centre, Sector 21 Gandhinagar382016
PatanBranch Office85EP.P. Patel, Lati Bus Stand Rd. Chhanasama384220
MehsanaBranch Office83HNear Bhagyoday Hosp. Station Rd. Kadi382715
GandhinagarBranch Office832JP Commercial Centre,IInd Fl Mahindra Mill Kalol382721
MehsanaBranch Office831Laxmi Narayan Niwas Rajmahal Rd. Mehsana384001
PatanBranch Office83CVipul Vishal, Bindu Sarovar Rd. Siddhapur384151
MehsanaBranch Office83VMeenakshi Bldg. Zaveri Pura, Unjha384170
MehsanaBranch Office83RShivam Shopping Centre Nr. ST stand Vadnagar384355
MehsanaBranch Office83EMARUTI NANDAN COMPLEX, G.D.HIGH SCHOOL MARG Visnagar384315
MehsanaSatellite Office831T00117-18, Simandhar Complex, Near Axis Bank Nagalpur Highway Mehsana384001
PatanBranch Office849Shrikrishna Kunj, Station Rd. Patan384265
PatanSatellite Office85ET001Vedant Arcade, 2nd Floor, Opp. Axis Bank, Main Bazar, Harij Harij, Dist- Patan (Gujrat)384240
AravalliBranch Office85COpp. Krishan Cinema Station Rd. BHILODA383245
AravalliBranch Office83KNr. ST Stand Dhansura Dhansura383310
SabarkanthaBranch Office833Jeevan Mandir, Opp. Pratap Palace Himatnagar383001
SabarkanthaBranch Office858Lethwala complex, 1st floor, Nr. Railway Crossing, S.T. Bus Stop Road, Idar383430
SabarkanthaBranch Office85ASardar Patel Rd. Khedbrahma Khedbrahma383255
GandhinagarBranch Office85BRJ Chamber Kalol Highway Crossing Mansa382845
AravalliBranch Office844Shiv Complex Meghraj Road, Modasa383315
SabarkanthaBranch Office83JNear Bhakharia Bus Stand Prantij Prantij383205
MehsanaBranch Office859Budhisagar Jain Pathshala Nr. Bhagyodaya Cinema Vijapur382870
AravalliSatellite Office83KT001Sahjanand Complex Opp. Sanjivani Hospital At & Post Bayad383325
SabarkanthaSatellite Office833T001UNDER MEDI STAR HOSPITAL NR SAHKARI JIN Himatnagar383001
SabarkanthaSatellite Office844T0011st floor, Anand Complex Malpur Road, Megh, Dist.Sabarkantha383350
SabarkanthaSatellite Office83JT001STATION ROAD TALOD Talod383305
MehsanaSatellite Office85BT001Survey No.-1537, 1st Floor Above Adarsh Industries, Near Bajrang Transport Gojaria Cross Road, At & Po-Gojaria Tq+Dist – Mehsana382825
North GoaBranch Office93BShetye Pride 1st Floor, Sonar Peth, Bicholim403504
North GoaBranch Office91FRashtroli Sadan Nr. Alankar Cinema Mapuca, Goa403507
North GoaBranch Office998Sushila Bldg., 18th June Rd. Panaji Panaji, Goa403001
North GoaBranch Office93PJeevan Vishwas, Plot No.2 ED Complex Panaji,Goa403001
North GoaBranch Office93NSahakar Bhavan, !st Floor, above Goa State coop Bank, Pernem403512
North GoaBranch Office93AGovardhan Bldg. Khadapa Bandh Ponda, Goa403401
North GoaDivisional OfficeD093Jeevan Vishwas, Plot No.2 EDC Complex, Patto Panaji403001
North GoaP&GS UnitG705Jeevan Vishwas, Plot No.2 EDC Complex Panaji403001
North GoaSatellite Office91FT0011st floor, Colonia De Braganza Resorts Near Vrindavan Hospital Naikawado, Calangute403516
North GoaSatellite Office93BT001Shetye Plaza Gokulwadi Sanquelim403305
South GoaBranch Office93KCanacona Palace Chawdi Canacona, Goa403703
South GoaBranch Office93CChamunda Aptt. Sanguem Rd. Curchorem, Goa403706
South GoaBranch Office999Rajadhyaksha Park VS Rd. Behind Loyola High School Comba, Margao403601
South GoaBranch Office93MReliance Trade Center, 4th floor, Varde Valaulikar Rd., Margao, Goa403601
South GoaBranch Office91ESumantesh Bldg. F-1, Gomes Road, VASCO403802
South GoaSatellite Office999T001Gipla Complex, 1st floor, Cuncolim, Tal. Salcete Goa403703
KolhapurBranch Office94FBagi Complex, Sankeshwar Rd. Gadhinglaj Gadhinglaj416502
KolhapurBranch Office94AWard No.9, Plot No.6 & 7 Shopping Centre Ind. Estate Ichalkaranji416115
KolhapurBranch Office89NJeevan Jyoti Bldg. Hulgeshwari Rd. Ichalkaranji416115
KolhapurBranch Office94MHoskalle Chambers, CS No. 1203, Nr. Bank of India, Jaisingpur416101
KolhapurBranch Office947C Ward, Laxmipuri Kolhapur416002
KolhapurBranch Office949Kedar Complex, Nr. Tourist Hotel 2041, E ward, Station Rd Kolhapur416001
KolhapurBranch Office94LTrade Centre Station Road Kolhapur416001
KolhapurBranch Office94S640/E, Bhivte Plaza, Shahupuri Kolhapur416001
KolhapurBranch Office9252Ram Kamal Nagala Park Kolhapur416002
KolhapurBranch Office9251Muncipal Bldg. Navi Peth Murgud, Tal Kagal416702
KolhapurBranch Office89PDatta Complex, Nr. ST Stand Varana Kodoli Warnanagar416317
KolhapurDivisional OfficeD090Centre Point, PO Box 257 Kolhapur416001
KolhapurSatellite Office94FT001LIC of India, SO Chandgad Guruwar Peth, Main Road At PO Chandgad, Tq.Chandgad, Dist.Kolhapur416502
KolhapurSatellite Office94AT0011st Floor, Shriram Bazar Opp. S.T. Stand, Peth Vadgaon Ichalkaranji416112
KolhapurSatellite Office947T001Plot No.06, Gangwani Mkt. Opp. Ganesh Talkies, Karveer Dist. Kolhapur416119
RatnagiriBranch Office94DMahavir Market 2nd Flr, Bhogale Chiplun415605
RatnagiriBranch Office94PHarne Rd. Dapoli Dist. Ratnagiri415712
RatnagiriBranch Office94RAshapura Bhanasari Building, Chavanwadi, Main Road, Rajapur Dist. Rajnagiri416702
RatnagiriBranch Office948Jeevan Ratna, Opp. Gogate College Ratnagiri415612
RatnagiriSatellite Office94PT001HM Villa, Mahad Naka, Khed Bharna Rd. Opp. Prabodhankar Thakarye Udyan Shivaji Nagar, Khed Dist.415709
SindhudurgBranch Office94QVima Vijay Kankavli Kankavli416602
SindhudurgBranch Office94EJeevan Sindhu, Kudal Kudal416520
SindhudurgBranch Office827Jeevan Sindhu Malwan Malwan416606
SindhudurgSatellite Office94ET001LIC of India, Sawantwadi Satellite Office Opp. Vengurla S.T. Stand, Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg District Sindhudurg District416510
KolhapurSatellite Office94FT002Desai Complex, First Floor, C.C.No. – 2222, Mahagaon Road, At+ Post – Ajara, Dist – Kolhapur416505
KolhapurSatellite Office89PT001First Floor, Satyam Appt. Unit No. 103, Malkapur Road, At+ Post – Malkadpur, Dist – Kolhapur415101
KolhapurSatellite Office9251T001Second Floor, Sayali Plaza, Kolhapur Road, At+Post – Gargoti, Gargoti Dist – Kolhapur416219
Mumbai CityBranch Office913Jeevan Udyog, Dr. D.N. Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office921Gulestan Bldg. MG Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office914Jeevan Udyog Bldg. DN Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office916Canada Bldg., Dr. D.N. Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office927Gulestan Bldg., 3rd Flr. MG Rd., Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office931Oriental Bldg., MG Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office918Bombay Mutual Terrace Sandhurst Bridge Mumbai400007
Mumbai CityBranch Office922Oriental Bldg., 1st Flr. Hutatma Chowk, MG Rd Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office929Mumbai City Br. Bombay Mutual Terrace,Sandhurst Bridge Mumbai400007
Mumbai CityBranch Office901Oriental Bldg. 2nd Flr. MG Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office911Ind. Assurance Bldg. Churchgate Mumbai400020
Mumbai CityBranch Office905Gulestan Bldg. Gr. Flr MG Road Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office907Gr. Flr. National Insurance Bldg. Wallace Rd. Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office904Yogakshema, Gr. Flr East Wing, JB Marg,Nariman Point Mumbai400021
Mumbai CityBranch Office883Yogakshema, East Wing 1ST FLOOR,J. B. Marg Nariman Point Mumbai400021
Mumbai CityBranch Office909Bombay Mutual Terrace Sandhurst Bridge Mumbai400007
Mumbai CityDivisional OfficeD091Yogakshema, 2nd Flr. East Wing, JB Marg, Nariman Point Mumbai400021
Mumbai CitySatellite Office916T001Ground Floor, Sharda Cinema 172, Mumbai Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya Marg Dadar (E), Mumbai400014
Mumbai SuburbanP&GS UnitG706Yogakshema, East Wing 2nd Flr, JB Marg Mumbai400021
Mumbai SuburbanP&GS UnitG715New India Bhavan, 1st Flr SV Rd. Santacruz (w)400054
Mumbai SuburbanP&GS UnitG716Plot No.112, Sion Koli Wada Rd. Sion (E)400022
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office921T001Unit 8&9, Ground Floor Grace Chambers, Chakala Andheri-Kurla Rd., Andheri(W), Mumbai.400093
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office918T001Hinal Residency, Datta Mandir Rd. Ukar Wadi, Nr. Charkop Kandivli(W), Mumbai400067
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office905T001Holar Samaj CHS, 1st flr., Opp. Kokilaben Ambani Hospital Junction of Lokhandwala Complex and 4 bungalows, Nr. Ambedkar Bhavan Andheri(W), Mumbai400067
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office927T001Jainam Arcade, C-wing Gala 205/206, LBS Marg Bhandup (W), Mumbai400078
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office914T001Shoop No.2, Heena Gaurav Jewels Nr. Gokuldham Filmcity Road Goregaon East, Mumbai400063
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office913T0011st flr, Bhoomi Castle, Opp. Goregaon Sports Club, Link Rd., Mumbai400064
Mumbai CityBranch Office938Prasad, Gokhale Rd. (north) Dadar (W) Dadar400028
Mumbai CityBranch Office889Fitwell House, 3rd Flr LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W)400083
Mumbai CityBranch Office897Laxmi Commercial Centre Tulsi Pipe Rd. Dadar (W)400028
Mumbai CityBranch Office91T89-A, Anand Est. 1st Flr. Above PN Bank, Sane Guruji Marg Byculla400011
Mumbai CityBranch Office91RGautam Udyog Bhavan Behind Dena Bank Bhandup (w)400078
Mumbai CityBranch Office903United India Building, 3rd floor, P.M.Road, Fort Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office937Indian Globe Chambers, 4th & 5th floor, D.N. Road, Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office88H42/A, Impression House, G.D.Ambedkar Marg, Nr. Ram Mandir Rd., Wadala (E)400032
Mumbai CityBranch Office88JMadhav Nagar CHS Bhavani Shankar Rd. Dadar400028
Mumbai CitySatellite Office897T001Kamla City Park, World Trade, “B” Wing, Office No.413, 4th floor Lower Parel, Mumbai400013
Mumbai CitySatellite Office937T00191, Haridas Mansion Kazi Sayyaed Street, Opp.Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd. Masjid Bunder (W), Mumbai400003
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office928Sameer Bldg. Jawahar Rd. Ghatkopar (E)400077
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88ASant Jalaram Bappa Market, 2nd and 3rd Floor, RRT Road Mulund (W) Mumbai400080
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88CShivaji Shikshan Sanstha, Secondary School Building – B Pant Nagar, Ghatkoper (East)400075
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88ESameer Bldg.Jawahar Nagar Ghatkopar (E) Ghatkopar400077
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88M360 Degree, 7th floor, Business Park, Next to R Mall, Mulund Checknaka, LBS Marg, Mulund400080
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88KSai Classic Bldg, 1st Floor 90 Feet Road Mulund west400080
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88GC-161, Jagannath Building, Below Deshpande Nursing Home, Near Asha petrol pump LBS Marg, Kurla (W)400070
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office88QJeevan Kunj, 1st Flr. Near Chembur Railway Station Govandi400071
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office892201/202, 2nd flr, Sayba Palace, H.A.Wadia Marg, Nr. New P.O., Kurla (W),400078
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office939Jeevan Kunj, Govandi Rd. Chembur Mumbai400071
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office8948th floor, 360 Degree Business Park Next to R-Mall, Near Check Naka L.B.S. Road, Mulund400080
Mumbai SuburbanDivisional OfficeD088Plot No.112 Sion Koliwada Sion (E)400022
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office928T001Rajashree Plaza, Above Vodafone Gallery LBS Road Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai400086
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office894T0011st Flr. Sao Classic Junct. Palm Acres Socy. Mulund (E)400081
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office939T00111, Church House, Plot 34 Sion Mumbai400022
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office9243/4th Flr. DJ House Wilson Compound, Old Nagardas Rd. Andheri (E)400067
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office926Mukut, SV Rd. Bandra (W) Mumbai400050
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office935Jeevan Sheekha Bldg. J.B. Nagar Borivli (W)400103
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office891Swapnasiddhi, 2nd & 3rd Flr. Nr. Kandivli Rly Stn. crossing Kandivli (E)400101
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office887New India Bldg., Gr. Flr SV RD. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office890HEMU CLASSIC BLDG,GROUND/1ST FLR SV Rd. Malad (W)400064
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office893Jeevan Seva Bldg, Ground Floor SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office888Plot No.2, Samant Estate Next to Railway Station Goregaon (E)400063
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office91CNew India Bldg. 1st Flr. SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office91QSatellite Classic Bldg,2 nd floor Caves Rd. Jogeshwari (E)400060
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office91V1st Flr. JB Nagar Shopping Centre Above Karnataka Bank Borivli (W)400103
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office886New India Bldg. 2nd Flr. SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89CJeevan Shikha Building 2nd Floor Jeevan Bima Nagar Borivali West Mumbai400103
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89ASatellite Clasic Bldg., 1st Flr Caves Rd. Jogeshwari (E)400060
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89EShivanand, 2nd Flr. SV Rd., Nr. Cinemax Goregaon (W)400062
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89FSatellite Clasic Bldg., 1st/2nd Flr Caves Rd. Jogeshwari (E)400060
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89GShivai Industries, 1st Flr. Near Park Davis, Sakinaka Andheri(E)400072
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office89HShivanand, 2nd Flr Nr. Samrat Talkies, SV Rd., Goregaon (W)400062
Mumbai SuburbanBranch Office9051New India Building, Ground Floor SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanDivisional OfficeD089New India Builing 1st Flr. SV Rd. Santacruz(W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office935T001Gayatri Darshan CHS, Shop No.1to 5 Nr. Suruchi Hotel, Thakur Complex Kandivli (E)400101
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office890T00161/A,Sun grace shopping Centre,pl-sc-1 Near Apna Bazar, Charkop Kandivali (West), Mumbai400067
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office924T001Jeevan Sangram, 1st floor, Dada Bhai Cross Rd.No.1 J.P. Road, Above State Bank of India Andheri (W), Mumbai400058
Mumbai CityBranch Office880Laxmi Insurance Bldg. Sir P.M. Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office881Bombay Mutual Bldg. DN Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office884Bombay Mutual Bldg. 4th Flr. DN Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office895United India Bldg. 1st Flr., Sir P.M. Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office896Gresham House, 1st Flr. P.M. Rd. Fort400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office898Jeevan Vihar, 5th & 6th Flr. 75, Mumbai Samachar Marg Mumbai400023
Mumbai CityBranch Office899Jeevan Vihar, 3 & 4th Flr. 75 Mumbai Samachar Marg Fort400023
Mumbai CityBranch Office902Western India House 5th Flr. Sir P.M. Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office906United India Bldg. 4th Flr. P.M. Rd. Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office908Bombay Mutual Bldg. Sir P.M. Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office90AUnited India Bldg., 3rd Flr PM Rd., Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office90CINDIAN GLOBE Chambers, 2 ND floor, D N Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office90HBombay Life Bldg. 45/47, 4th Flr, Vir Nariman Marg Fort, Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office912Asian Bldg., Ranji Bhai Kamani Marg RanjiBhai Makani Marg Mumbai400038
Mumbai CityBranch Office915Jeevan Prakash, 2nd Flr PM Rd., Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office919Jeevan Prakash 3rd Flr PM Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office923Jeevan Prakash, 5th Flr. PM Rd. Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityBranch Office925Jeevan Prakash, 1st Flr. PM Rd., Fort Mumbai400001
Mumbai CityDivisional OfficeD901Yogakshema, East Wing 3rd Flr., Jb Marg Mumbai400021
Mumbai CitySatellite Office925T002II floor, Apna Bazar Bhoiwada, Parel Mumbai400014
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office923T0014-A, Madhuram Hall, Harishankar Joshi Road Near Railway Station, Dahisar Mumbai400068
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office902T0015th Floor, Bhoomi Saraswati Bldg. Nr. Chamunda Circle, Ganjawala Lane Borivali (W), Mumbai.400092
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office915T001Rajkamal Building, Gr. Floor Subhash Road, Vile Parle (E) Mumbai400057
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office925T001502/503, Gateway plaza Hiranandani Garden, Powai Mumbai400076
Mumbai SuburbanDivisional OfficeD903Jeevan Seva Bldg. SV Road Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanSSS Unit9353Jeevan Seva Bldg. SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanSSS Unit9354Jeevan Seva Bldg. SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
Mumbai SuburbanSSS Unit9351Jeevan Seva Bldg. SV Rd. Santacruz400054
Mumbai SuburbanSSS Unit9352Jeevan Seva Bldg. SV Rd. Santacruz (W)400054
AnandBranch Office845LIC Bldg. Amul Dairy Rd. Anand388001
AnandBranch Office83ALIC Bldg. Amul Dairy Rd. Anand388001
AnandBranch Office83I2nd Floor, Bhaisri Moal, Anand chokdi, Borsad388540
AnandBranch Office847Khedut Hall Metpur Rd., NR.Gopal Cinema Cambay388620
AnandBranch Office877Court Compound, Above Muncipal Office, Petlad388452
AnandBranch Office87GShivsadan Station Rd. Umreth388220
DahodBranch Office878Jeevan Jyoti Bldg. Nr. Sindhi Socy. Police Line Rd. Dahod389151
DahodBranch Office87K1st Flr. Dariya Farm Limdi Rd. Limkheda387411
MahisagarBranch Office8151Nr. Telephone Exch. Virpur Rd. Balasinor388255
KhedaBranch Office872Muncipal Building, 1st Floor Azad Chowk Kapadwanj387620
KhedaBranch Office87IShriram Complex Nr. Lal Darwaja Kheda387411
KhedaBranch Office846Jeevan Seva Bldg., Nr. Paras Cinema College Rd. Dist. Kheda Nadiad387001
KhedaBranch Office83GJeevan Seva Bldg. Nr. Paras Cinema, College Rd. Dist.Kheda, Nadiad387001
KhedaBranch Office855Jeevan Jyot Opp. Rly Station Thasra388250
KhedaDivisional OfficeD802Jeevan Prakash PIJ Rd. Nadiad387002
AnandSatellite Office845T001V.V. Nagar SO, 2 Shyam Arcade Iskon Char Rasta, Karamsad Road Vallabh Vidyanagar, Ta.& Dist.Anand388120
PanchmahalBranch Office848Jeevandeep, Lokhandwala Complex Jeevan Bima Marg Godhra, Dist. – Panchmahal.389001
PanchmahalBranch Office87E2nd & 3rd Floor, Sun Enclave, Opp Aashiyana Township, Godhra Road Halol, Dist – Panch Mahal.389350
MahisagarBranch Office83LNr. Fuvara Chowk Above State Bank of India AT & PO:- LUNAWADA. Dist.Mahisagar.389230
MahisagarBranch Office87HGodhra Rd. AT & PO:- Santarampur Dist. Panchmahal389260
BhandaraBranch Office97AJeevan Jyoti, Plot No.25 Sant Tukdoji Ward Bhandara441904
GondiaBranch Office976Jeevan Jyoti Nr. Jayastambh PB No.21 Gondia441601
BhandaraBranch Office97DDr. Kalidas Bhavan N.H.No.6, Cross Lane, Sakoli Dist.Bhandara441802
BhandaraBranch Office9126Lahiri Complex Main RD. Bajaj Nagar Tumsar411912
GondiaSatellite Office9126T001Opposite Shahid Mishra High School, At Post Tirora Tirora441911
ChandrapurBranch Office99DMayura Hotel Bh. Muncipal Committee Ballarpur442701
ChandrapurBranch Office99HLakhani Bldg. Armori Rd. Bramhapuri Dt. Chandrapur441206
ChandrapurBranch Office975Jeevan Jyoti, Jalnagar Rayatwari Colliery Rd. Chandrapur442401
ChandrapurBranch Office99VGulshan Palace, Shastri Nagar Mul Road. Chandrapur442401
ChandrapurBranch Office99BPlot No.111, MN Deshpande Bldg. Mohabala Rd. Varora442907
ChandrapurSatellite Office975T001Shri Vikas Pandurang Kagdelwar C/O Saibaba Kirana Stores,Gandhi Chowk Mul, Chandrapur442401
GadchiroliBranch Office97CJeevan Jyoti M.G. Road, Govt.Complex Area Gadchiroli442605
GadchiroliSatellite Office97CT001SSO Allapalli, LIC of India Mayur Building, Itapalli Road, Taluka Aheri Gadchirolli442703
GondiaSatellite Office976T001LIC of India, Sona Talkies Complex Main Road, Tal.Amagon Dist. Gondia441902
NagpurBranch Office99EMuncipal Bldg. Nehru Bazar Katol441302
NagpurBranch Office972Oriental Bldg., 1st Flr SV Patel Marg Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office973Indian Mutual Bldg. 2nd/3rd Flr Mount Rd. Extn, Sadar Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office970National Ins. Bldg.,2nd Flr. SV Patel Marg Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office971National Ins. Bldg. SV Patel Marg Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office990Carrer Agent Br. National Indian Bldg. Mount Rd. Extn Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office993Oriental Bldg. 1st Flr SV Patel Marg Nagpur440001
NagpurBranch Office99FBSNL Building, 1st Floor Telephone Exchange Chowk Nagpur440008
NagpurBranch Office99GAmbika House Shankar Nagar Chowk Nagpur440010
NagpurBranch Office97F1st Flr. Above SBI Medical Square Unt Khana Rd. Nagpur440009
NagpurBranch Office99NKaremore Bldg. Gandhi Chowk Ramtek441106
NagpurBranch Office97EMulmule mansion Main Road Saoner441107
NagpurBranch Office99RJeevan Bhagya Shevgaonkar Bldg. Itwari Rd. Umred441203
NagpurDivisional OfficeD097National Ins. Bldg., Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Marg Nagpur440001
NagpurP&GS UnitG707National Ins. Bldg. Sardar Vallabhbhai Marg,POBoxNo.63 Nagpur440001
NagpurSatellite Office970T001Plot No. 262/263, MIDC 1st floor, Patni Bajaj Complex Butibori441122
NagpurSatellite Office971T001Main Road, Mauda Dt. Nagpur441104
NagpurSatellite Office990C001Indian Mutual Bldg. Mount Road Sardar City, Nagpur440001
WardhaBranch Office99MDr. Kadam Bhavan Arvi Arvi442201
WardhaBranch Office99SJeevan Jyoti, Kochar Ward Hinganghat Hinganghat442001
WardhaBranch Office974LIC Bldg. RV Rd. Wardha Wardha440001
WardhaSatellite Office974T001Camp Road, Nr Bank of Maharastra Tq- Deoli Dt Wardha Tq- Deoli Dt Wardha442302
NagpurSatellite Office971T002C/O – U.N.Shingnapurkar, House No. – 803, First Floor, Near Old Police Station, Kamptee Kamptee441002
HingoliBranch Office95HStation Rd. Nr. Post Office Hingoli431513
HingoliSatellite Office95HC001LIC of India, SO, Hingoli Bangar Nagar Nanded Road, Hingoli431513
HingoliSatellite Office95HT001LIC of India, Satellite Br.Basant Bhagnagre Complex, Nanded Road Basmat, Dist. Hingoli431513
JalnaBranch Office986JEEVAN-JYOTI , SARVE NO -488, NEAR SP OFFICE , Jalna431203
JalnaSatellite Office986T002LIC of India, SO Ambad Jalna Beed Highway Near Panchayat Samity, Ambad431204
JalnaSatellite Office986T001LIC of India, Satellite Br.Jalna Jindal Complex, Nr.Mama Chowk Jalna Dist.Jalna431203
NandedBranch Office98BJeevan Jyoti Nanded Rd. Bhokar431807
NandedBranch Office95DBharde Commercial complex, Kapada Market Road, Near Mondha Degloor431717
NandedBranch Office984Jeevan Prakash Hingoli Rd., Gandhinagar Nanded431605
NandedBranch Office98JJeevan Jyoti Main Rd. CIDCO Nanded431606
NandedDivisional OfficeD902Jeevan Prakash Hingoli Rd. PO Bo.No.23 Nanded431605
NandedSatellite Office95DT001Dharmabad SO, Opp.State Bank of Hyderabad Mondha, Dharmabad Tq. Dharmabad, Dist.Nanded431717
NandedSatellite Office98JT001LIC SO LATUR ROAD LOHA431713
NandedSatellite Office98BT001Kinwat SSO, LIC of India C/O Indian Gas Agency, Gokund Road Kinwat TQ, Nanded431804
NandedSatellite Office984T001Vajirabad SSO, LIC of India Nimbalkar Building, SP Office Kalamandir Road, Vajirabad, Nanded431605
ParbhaniSatellite Office985C001Renuka Niwas, In Front of Zillha Parishad Girl’s High school, Station Road, Parbhani District – Parbhani431401
ParbhaniBranch Office985Jeevan Prabha, LIC Bldg. Station Rd. Parbhani431401
ParbhaniBranch Office9301Dr. Rajiv Somani Building Nr. Post Office Sailu, Parbhani431503
ParbhaniSatellite Office985T001LIC of India, Satellite Office G.R. Dayma Building Jalna Road, Jintur431509
DhuleBranch Office968Sakri Rd. Dhule Dhule424001
DhuleBranch Office96KIshakripa, Sakri Rd. Dhulle424001
DhuleBranch Office96ERanima Saheb Plazza Opp. ST Stand Dondaicha425408
DhuleSatellite Office96ET001Shirpur Taluka SVS Ltd. 97-102, Maharaja Comp.,Main Rd. Shirpur, Dist.Dhule425405
DhuleSatellite Office968T001Plot No.14, Trimurti Nagar Swami Bunglow, Behind Ankur Hospital Dhule Road, Sakri424304
JalgaonBranch Office967Station Rd. Amalner Dist. Jalgaon425401
JalgaonBranch Office965Near Civil Court, Kulkarni Plot Bhusawal, Dist. Jalgaon425201
JalgaonBranch Office96HSheetal Jeevan, Vihar Colony Main Road Chopda, Dist.Jaigaon425107
JalgaonBranch Office966MJ College Rd. Near Bhaskar Mkt. Jalgaon425001
JalgaonBranch Office96JUnity Chambers, Nr.Khajamiya, Ganesh Colony Rd. Jalgaon425001
JalgaonBranch Office96BJeevan Jyoti Bhadgaon Rd. Chalisgaon, Dist.Jalgaon424101
JalgaonBranch Office96AJai Bholeshankar Mkt. Savda Dist. Jalgaon425502
JalgaonSatellite Office966T001Yash Complex Bhusawal Road Jamner, Tal Jamner424206
JalgaonSatellite Office96BT001Badgujar Plaza, 1st Floor Bhadgaon Road A/P Pachora424201
JalgaonSatellite Office967T001Krishi Utpanna Bajar Samiti Awar Parola Tal Parola425111
NandurbarBranch Office969Manik Nagar Dhule Marg Nandurbar425412
NandurbarBranch Office96GGanga Vihar, Nr. Ambaji Mandir Khetiya Rd. Shahada425409
NashikBranch Office963335/A, Sangmeshwar Malegaon Dist. Nashik423203
NashikBranch Office96FArora Enclave, Anand Vihar Datta Mandir Rd. Manmad423104
NashikBranch Office961Jeevan Prakash Gadkari Chowk Nashik422002
NashikBranch Office962Sahyadri Annex Gole Colony Nashik422002
NashikBranch Office96DJeevan Shree Bh. Ashirvad Bus Stop Nashik422101
NashikBranch Office96CVyapar Bhavan Opp. Police Stn. Pimpalgaon, Dist.Nashik422207
NashikBranch Office964Sahyadri Blad. Gole Colony Nashik422002
NashikBranch Office9176Archit Centre, 1st Flr. Shrihari Kute Marg, Nr. Sandeep Hotel Nashik422002
NashikDivisional OfficeD096Jeevan Prakash, PO Box No.410 RG Gadkari Chowk Nashik422002
NashikP&GS UnitG708Jeevan Prakash, POB No.410 R.G. Gadkari Chowk Nashik422002
NashikSatellite Office963T001Yashwant Sankul, Gr. Flr. Nampur Rd., Satana Dist. Nashik423301
NashikSatellite Office961T001LIC of India, Dindoro SO Yashvant Commercial Complex At & Post, Taluka Dindori422202
NashikSatellite Office9176T001CIDCO SO, Shop No.12 to 17, Jajoo Plaza Trimurti Chowk, Ambad Link Road, Near Hotel Tejal CIDCO, Nashik422022
NashikSatellite Office962T001Ram Janki Apartment Opp Big Bazar College Road, Nashik422005
NashikSatellite Office96DT001Hall No.8, Chauda Chowk Wada Shopping Centre Sinnar Nagar Parishad, A/P Subbar Nashik422009
AhmednagarSatellite Office95XT002Anand Complex,1st Floor Market Committee Road, Nr.Bus stand AT,PO &TQ.PARNER414302
AhmednagarBranch Office954LIC Bldg., Kings Rd. Camp, Ahmednagar414001
AhmednagarBranch Office95XSable Bldg., Plot No.93 Opp. Aphali AyurvedicFact. Ahmadnagar414001
AhmednagarBranch Office95GPeople CO-OP Bank’s Bldg 1st Flr, Bank Rd. Dist. Ahmednagar423601
AhmednagarBranch Office95NLolatghoti Road, Opp Sharada School, Akole Naka, Sangamner422605
AhmednagarBranch Office95PAd. Kakde Bldg., 1145, Shivam, Nevase Rd. Shevgaon414502
AhmednagarBranch Office95TBalaji Nagar, Opp Bazar Tal At & Post Shrigonda Shrigonda413701
AhmednagarBranch Office9591071, Dudhedia Bldg. Shivaji Rd., PB No.64 Shrirampur413709
AhmednagarSatellite Office95XT001Dr. Narsale Building Opp. New Bus Stand, Jamkhed Ahmednagar413201
AhmednagarSatellite Office95NT001Akole SO, Sarda Sankul Near Sarda Petrol Pump Kolhar-Ghoti Rd.,A/P/Tal.Akole, Dt.Ahmednagar422601
AhmednagarSatellite Office95GT001C/O, Dr. Sundale Hospital, Sai Shraddha Nagar Opp. State Bank of India, Nagar Manmad Highway Rahata Dist. Ahmednagar423107
AhmednagarSatellite Office959T001Hotel Sheetal Bldg., Yeole Estate Nagar Manmad Road A/P/T/Rahuri, Ahmednagar413705
PuneBranch Office95CSai Vihar, Mumbai Pune Marg, Nr.Kiran Petrol Pump Lonavala410401
PuneBranch Office9201Yogakshema, Somvanshi Bldg. Pune-Nashik Rd. Narayangaon, Dist. Pune410504
PuneBranch Office953Aditi Comp., 2408, Gen. Thimayya Rd., Camp Pune411001
PuneBranch Office956Aditi Complex, 2408, Gen.Thimyya Rd., Camp Pune411001
PuneBranch Office987Jeevan Prakash Shivaji Nagar Pune411005
PuneBranch Office95QSector No.21, Tilak Rd. Yamunanagar,PCNTDA, Nigdi Pune411044
PuneBranch Office95YS.No 33/2B/1/2Trade Net Building, VADGAON SHERI, VIMAN NAGAR Pune411006
PuneBranch Office95VSunshine Plaza CTS No.4713, Station Rd. Pimpri, Pune411018
PuneBranch Office95BIind Floor, Gheewala Complex Opp. Ramkrishna More Sabhagriha, Chinchwad, Pune411033
PuneBranch Office957Survey No.34/6, Madhuban Aptt. Plot No.1-4, Wada Rd. Rajgurunagar, Tal.Khed, Dist.Pune410505
PuneDivisional OfficeD095Jeevan Prakash, PO B.No.935 Shivaji Nagar Pune411005
PuneP&GS UnitG709Jeevan Prakash Shivaji Nagar Pune411005
PuneSatellite Office95QT001C/o, A.D. Rokade, Milind Height S.No.28A, IA, Kivale Mumbai-Pune Road, Dehu Road, Pune412101
PuneSatellite Office95CT001Sai Vihar, Opp. Bank of Maharashtra Nr. Petrol Pump, Talegaon Station Tal Maval, Dist.Pune410507
PuneSatellite Office95VT001Lakshadeep Plaza Rahatani Chowk Pimple Saudagar, Pune411027
PuneSatellite Office95BT001Vitthal Arcade, 2nd Flr. Survey No.690/1-A, Nr.Rupee CO-Bank Bhosari, Pune411039
PuneSatellite Office957T001Lokhande Complex Nr. Canara Bank, Shirur Dist. Pune410505
PuneSatellite Office95YT0012nd Flr., Uday Chamber Kamalbaug Wagholi Dist – Pune412207
PuneBranch Office958Plot No.1, Survey No.279 A/B, 1st Flr. Bhigvan Rd. Baramati413102
PuneBranch Office9202Saraswati Bldg. Patas Rd., Above Bank of Maharashtra Dist. Pune413801
PuneBranch Office95MAmar Arcade, 1st floor, Gadital, Opp. Post Office, Pune Solapur Road, Hadapsar411028
PuneBranch Office952Common Wealth Bldg. Gr.Flr. Laxmi Rd. Pune411030
PuneBranch Office955Jeevan Darshan NC Kelkar Rd. Pune411030
PuneBranch Office988Western India House Laxmi Rd. Pune411030
PuneBranch Office95AJeevan Shree Bldg. West Wing, 1st Flr. 1109, University Rd. Pune411016
PuneBranch Office95L47/2, Sardar Building Nr. Hotel Ajinkya, Pune-Satara Rd. Pune411009
PuneBranch Office95KAmbar Hall, 2-Mayur Colony, Karve Rd. Pune411029
PuneBranch Office921550-A, Aundh Rd. LIC STAFF QUARTERS,KHADKI Pune411003
PuneBranch Office951Jeevan Shree Bldg., West Wing 2nd Flr., 1109 University Rd. Pune411016
PuneDivisional OfficeD904S No 688 A+B2, 4th Floor Mahaveer Park Bldg. Pune Satara Road Opp Walvekar Lawns, Pune411037
PuneSatellite Office958T002Maloji Raje Bhavan Nagar Parishad Karyalaya Bldg. Indapur, Dist. Pune413106
PuneSatellite Office95LT001Kondhwa SO, Shop No. 108,109 Indrau Mall, Konarkpuram Kondhwa411048
PuneSatellite Office955T001SO Sinhagad Road, Avadhoot Heights, Flat No.2 1st floor, Mahalaxmi Society, 17/2 Plot Opp. Santosh Hall, Sinhagad Road411051
PuneSatellite Office958T001Hotel President Park Opp. S.T. Stand, At/PO Saswad Taluka Purandar, Dist. Pune412301
PuneSatellite Office951T001Supreme Icon, 3rd Flr. Aundh Baner Pune411007
SolapurBranch Office825Mahatma Gandhi Shopping Centre Barshi Barshi413401
SolapurBranch Office94CJeevan Pandhar Bldg. Pandharpur Pandharpur413304
SolapurBranch Office944Jeevan Siddha, 1, Solapur Solapur413001
SolapurBranch Office95RMANTRI CHANDAK ICON 7 RASTA (NR.BIG BAZAR) Solapur413001
SolapurBranch Office94B1st Flr., Sahyadri Shopping Centre Solapur Solapur413001
SolapurSatellite Office825C001CTS NO.3973/1 At Post Karmala,Dist. Solapur At Post Karmala,Dist. Solapur413203
SolapurSatellite Office944T001Near Dawat Hotel, Shivganga Nagar Solapur Solapur413001
SolapurSatellite Office825T001Jeevan Prasad, Mahadeo Galli Dist. Solapur Dist. Solapur413401
Gir SomnathBranch Office8076Anand Vatika Madhav Baug Una362560
Gir SomnathBranch Office828Lohana Boarding Bldg. Opp. ST Bus Stand Veraval362265
JamnagarBranch Office815Vinayak Complex 1st Flr. Station Rd. Jamkhambhalia361305
JamnagarBranch Office814Dimond Mkt. Pandit Nehru Marg Jamnagar361008
JamnagarBranch Office81DAbhay Shopping Centre Jamnagar Jamnagar361001
JamnagarBranch Office81PJada Building Sat Rasta Jamnagar361001
JamnagarSatellite Office81PT001Ambica Complex, Opp. Pramukhraj Travels, Bus Stand Road, Kalawad361160
JamnagarSatellite Office815T0011st floor, Maruti Guest House Bhadrakali Road, At & Post Dwarka361335
JamnagarSatellite Office815T002Satellite Office, Nr. Mini Bus Stand Opp. PGVCL(GEB) Road Jam Jodhpur360530
JunagadhBranch Office818Mangalmurti Kalwa Chowk Junagadh362001
JunagadhBranch Office8077Indralok Arcade Talao Gate Junagadh362001
JunagadhBranch Office81KNear Raj cinema Keshod Keshod362220
KutchBranch Office821Dhanraj Building, College Road, Opp. Madvi Octroi Naka, Bhuj370001
KutchBranch Office81CPlot No.312, Ward No.12/B Gandhidham370201
KutchSatellite Office81CT001Plot No.1, Ashapura Nagar B/H.S.T. Road, Mundra Mundra Kutch370421
PorbandarBranch Office819Shri Traders MG Rd., Opp. Dilip Cricket GR. Porbandar360575
RajkotBranch Office81EMuslim MusafirKhana Behind K.O.Shah,Station Rd. Dhoraji360410
RajkotBranch Office81GYogeshwar Chambers Jail Chowk Gondal360311
RajkotBranch Office822Vishanji Hemraj Comm. Centre Kanakia Plot Jetpur360370
RajkotBranch Office811Pattani Bldg. Chandulal Buch Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotBranch Office81BJeevan Prakash, 3rd Flr Tagore Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotBranch Office810Jeevan Prakash, 2nd Flr. Tagore Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotBranch Office81WJeevan Prakash Ground Floor Tagore Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotDivisional OfficeD081Jeevan Prakash PO Box No.208, Tagore Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotP&GS UnitG710Jeevan Prakash, PO Box No.208, Tagore Marg Rajkot360001
RajkotSatellite Office81GT001Bhoomi Complex, Khanpar Road Opp New Bus Station, At Jasdan Dist. Rajkot360050
RajkotSatellite Office811T001Shyam Bhakti Nagar Socy. 80/ Feet Rd. Near Bhakti Nagar Circle Rajkot360002
RajkotSatellite Office81ET001Mauni Complex, 9th Floor,Rajmarg Road, Opp. Guard Office, Upleta360490
SangliBranch Office94VKaustubh, Mantri Bldg. Gandhi Chowk Islampur416416
SangliBranch Office94XModi Bldg. Umrani Rd.,Mangalwarpeth, Jath416404
SangliBranch Office94GJeevan Jyoti, Shivaji Path Near Balkrishna Complex Miraj416410
SangliBranch Office942Jeevan Jyoti, Amrai Rd Vakhar Bhag Sangli416416
SangliBranch Office94UJeevan Jyoti 1st Flr, Amrai Rd. Vakhar Bhag Sangli416416
SangliBranch Office823Chetna Bhavan, Nr. Panachand Theatre Tasgaon Tasgaon, Dist. Sangli416312
SangliBranch Office94NDr. Bapat Bldg. Vita-Karad Rd. Vita415311
SangliSatellite Office94VT001LIC of India, Ashta SO Ashta, Tal. Walva, Dist. Sangli416301
SangliSatellite Office94NT001House No.1050, Samarth Krishi Centre Near S.T. Stand, Atpadi, Dist. Sangli415311
SataraBranch Office943Plot No.33,34, Shivaji Co-op.Housing Socy. Opp. Cottage Hospital, Karad415110
SataraBranch Office94KBedke Bldg., Madhav Baug Phaltan Pune Road, Phaltan415523
SataraBranch Office941Jeevan Jyoti Palace Street, Bhavani Peth, Satara415002
SataraBranch Office94TJeevan Tara, Ganapatdas Devi Path, Satara415001
SataraBranch Office94WManish Market Karad Road, Tal. Khatav, Vaduj415001
SataraBranch Office9226Yashwantrao Chavan Shop.Centre 1st Floor, Dharmapuri, Wai412803
SataraDivisional OfficeD094Jeevan Tara 513, Sadarbazar, Ganpatdas Devi Path, Satara415001
SataraP&GS UnitG711Jeevan Tara, 513, Sadarbazar, Ganpatdas Devi Path, Satara415001
SataraSatellite Office943T001LIC of India, Manik Mani Clomplex, Patan Road, Umbraj Tal. Karad, Dist. Satara.264944
SataraSatellite Office94KT001LIC SO, Plot No.53 Gujarathi Manjil, Lonand, Taq.Khandala, Dist.Satara415523
SataraSatellite Office941T001Shakuntala Niwas, Near Watertank, Rahimatpur Road, Tal. Koregaon, Dist. Satara.416416
SangliSatellite Office94XT001Plot No. – 105 & 91, Gate No. – 1418/1, Nagar Panchayat Milkat No. 1718, Kavathemahankal Dist – Sangli416405
Dadra and Nagar HaveliSatellite Office868T001IDBI Bank Bldg. Silvasa-Vapi Road Amli, Silvasa, Dadra nagar Haveli396191
DamanSatellite Office868T002Anuradha Complex, 1st floor Sai Krupa Society No.3, Kathiria Mashal Chowk, Airport Rd., Nani, Daman396210
NavsariBranch Office866Sai Arcade, 1st & 3rd Floor, Desara, Somnath rd., Station Road,Bilimora396321
NavsariBranch Office86KJaydeep Shopping Centre Nr. Jayadeep Cinema Chikhli396521
NavsariBranch Office865Sardar Patel Bhavan Municipal Corp.Bldg. Navsari396445
NavsariBranch Office86NExecutive Point’ 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sattapirni Galli, Sadimarket, Navsari396445
SuratBranch Office864Navratan Tower’, 1ST FLOOR,SARDAR BAUG. ST ROAD BARDOLI394602
SuratBranch Office861LIC Bldg., Opp. SMC, Muglisara Surat395003
SuratBranch Office863Jeevan Prakash 1st Flr. Muglisara Surat395003
SuratBranch Office862Jeevan Prakash 4th Flr. Muglisara Surat395003
SuratBranch Office860Jeevan Prakash, P.B. No. 357, 3rd Flr., Muglisara Surat395003
SuratBranch Office870Jeevan Samrudhi, 2nd Flr. LIC Quarters, Compound,Timaliawada, Nanpura, Surat395001
SuratBranch Office86AUdhna Udhyognagar Sahakari Sangh Ltd Central Road No 10 Udhna Surat395101
SuratBranch Office86E1st Flr. Yash Plaza Opp. Dhana Mill, Varachha Surat-6395006
SuratBranch Office86H1st Floor, Krishi Bazar, APMC, Sahara Darwaja, Ring Road, Begampura Begampura Surat395003
SuratBranch Office86GDhanmora Complex Adajan Patia, Rander, Surat395005
SuratBranch Office86FJeevan Samruddhi, LIC Quarters Compound Timliawad, Surat395001
SuratBranch Office86MUdhana Udyognagar Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Central Rd.No.10, Udhana Surat395010
SuratBranch Office86R105-106, Trinity Business Park L.P.Savani Road, Adajan, Surat395002
SuratDivisional OfficeD0863rd Floor, Jeevan Prakash Bldg. Muglisara Surat395003
SuratP&GS UnitG712Ground Floor,Jeevan Prakash Bldg. Muglisara Surat395003
SuratSatellite Office86HT001Shyam Complex, 1st floor 213, Vihar Society No.2 Valinath Chowk Katargam, Singanpur Rd, Katargam395007
SuratSatellite Office86ET001Shop No-182 to 201,1st Floor, Kimvati ComplexKim Kathodara Road,Ta: olpad Ta: olpad, Surat394110
SuratSatellite Office86AT001U/1-2,Shubh Laxmi Aprt. City Light Rd. Surat395007
SuratSatellite Office86EC0011st floor, Mangaldeep Complex Above Reliance Fresh, Opp. Varachha Police Station Varachha Road, Surat395003
TapiBranch Office86CDNC :Market, Opp Bus Stand Vyara Vyara349650
ValsadBranch Office867Opp. Main post office Halar Rd., Valsad396001
ValsadBranch Office86PJeevan Jyoti Annexe Bldg; Halar Road, Valsad396001
ValsadBranch Office868NAGARPALIKA BUILDING,1st Floor, PANDIT NEHRU MARG Vapi396191
ValsadSatellite Office867T001101, First Floor Dutt Complex, Muncipality House No.- 176/101, Opp Mamlatdar Office Garden Road, Dharampur396050
ValsadSatellite Office868T003Vapi GIDC, Commercial Plot No.1, Above M/s Vikas Textorium B/S Upasana School, GIDC, Vapi396195
SuratSatellite Office86HT002201, ISCON PLAZA AMROLI AMROLI394107
KhopoliBranch Office92KUtsav Commercial Complex Bajarpeth, Khopoli401206
PenBranch Office936LIC Bldg. Pen Dist. Raigad402107
RohaBranch Office92EMahavir Complex, Nr. Parab Poha Mill, Opp.Raikar Park Roha402109
RaigadSatellite Office936T0011/101 1ST FLR,THOSAR COMPLEX THOSAR WADI,NR S T STAND ALIBAUG402201
BharuchBranch Office86BIshkrupa Complex Station Road Ankleshwar393001
BharuchBranch Office86JMP Associates 1/2 Flr, Above HDFC Bank Old National Highway No. 8, Ankleshwar393002
BharuchBranch Office875Navrang Shopping Centre Panch Batti Baruch392001
BharuchBranch Office86TNear ST Depot Jambusar Dist. Bharuch392150
Chhota UdepurBranch Office87DGajanand Plaza, 2nd floor, Alipura Bodeli391135
NarmadaBranch Office86DJeevan Jyoti, Station Rd. Near Prakram Villa, Rajpipla Dist. Narmada393145
DombivliBranch Office9276Sant Palace, 1st & 2nd floor, Dombivli (W)421202
BoisarBranch Office92J1st & 2nd floor , Sweet Dreams Apts. Boisar (W)401501
BhayandarBranch Office92LHall No. 1 & 2, D Wing, Himalaya Complex, Bhayandar (E)400107
AmbarnathBranch Office92BPanvelkar Plaza, 1st Flr. Ambarnath (E)421501
NalasoparaBranch Office92GSatyam Shivam Shopping Centre Nalasopara (W)401107
VasaiBranch Office91NLawrance Trading Centre Navghar, Vasai(W)401602
KalwaBranch Office92C1st floor, S.T. Depot Thane (W)400601
KopriBranch Office92HBhivra Sadan, Above Thane Janta Sahakari Bank Kopri, Thane (E)400601
DahanuBranch Office932Shyam Plaza, HK Marg Dahanu (W)401602
ThaneBranch Office933Akruti SMC,G-3, LBS Road, Thane(W)400602
KalyanBranch Office92DSonavne Family Trust Bldg. Murbad Road,Kalyan(W)421301
KalyanBranch Office934ShreeJi Kripa,Karnik Road, Kalyan(W)421301
ThaneBranch Office91J1 st floor , Jeevan Chintamani Thane(W)400604
ThaneDivisional OfficeD092Jeeevan Chintamani Thane(W)400604
ThaneP&GS UnitG7137th floor, Jeevan Chintamani Thane (W)400604
UlhasnagarBranch Office9172 nd floor , Woodland Complex , B Building, Ulhasnagar421003
UlhasnagarBranch Office92F1st & 2nd flr, Maruti Chambers, Nr. Vithalwadi Police Stn, Ulhasnagar421004
PalgharSatellite Office92JT001Satyam Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, Near Congress Bhavan, Kacheri Road, Palghar, Dist – Thane.401404
VashiBranch Office92A2nd Flr, Persepolis Bldg. Sector No-17,Vashi, Navi Mumbai400705
KhargharSatellite Office91PT001Shri Raj Ratnadeep Society, 1st Floor Kharghar, Navi Mumbai410210
SHAHAPURSatellite Office91MT001Shop No. 5,6,7“ Rutu Park” Next to Raymond Shop, Village Gotheghar, Nr. BUS DEPO, Shahapur421601
BhayandarSatellite Office92LT001A/2, Shopping Centre Mira Road, Thane401105
MURBADSatellite Office92DT001Gr.Flr, Shree Darshan Complex Mhasa Road, Murbad421401
BadlapurSatellite Office92FT001Mandavkar complex Badlapur-West421503
NerulSatellite Office92AT001LIC of India, SO Nerul Sec.20, Nr. Rly.Station, Nerul West.400706
BhiwandiBranch Office91MArihant Darshan, 1st Flr,Agra Road Dhamankar Naka Bhiwandi Dist Thane421302
VadodaraBranch Office87J1st Flr. Silverline Complex, Opp. BBC Tower, Sayajigunj, Vadodara390005
VadodaraBranch Office874LIC Bldg. Opp. ST Stand, Dabhoi390005
VadodaraBranch Office87C1st Floor, Above Customer Care Center, BSNL Building, Nr. Chakli Circle, Old Parda Road, Vadodara390007
VadodaraBranch Office87F2nd Flr, Indra Complex Sindhwai Mata Rd. Vadodara390004
VadodaraBranch Office87A201-301, ai Arpan Complex, Pratapnagar Main Road, Vadodara390004
VadodaraBranch Office8712nd Flr. Navrang Complex Hotel Utsav Compound Manekrao Rd., Vadodara390001
VadodaraBranch Office879Kothi Telephone Exchange Building, Opp: Kuber Bhuvan, B/H City Surver Office, Kothi, Vadodara390001
VadodaraBranch Office8691st. Flr. Suraj Plaza Sayajigunj Vadodara390005
VadodaraBranch Office87BPremier Chambers, 1st Flr RC Dutt Rd. Alkapuri390005
VadodaraBranch Office8764THFlr. Baroda C-Op Bank Bldg. Nr. Paradise Complex,Sayajigunj Vadodara390005
VadodaraBranch Office8051Panigate Telephone Exchange Building, B/H Water Tank, Ajwa Road, Vadodara390006
VadodaraSatellite Office87JT001Above Shree Motors, Gajanand Park Gajanand Park, Nr. Fulbaug Jakatnaka, Jambusar Rd., Padra, Dist Vadodara390005
VadodaraSatellite Office87CT0011st floor, Chandragupta Complex C Wing, Nr. Vrundavan Toenship Harni Road, Vadodara390005
VadodaraSatellite Office87JT002Above Bank of Baroda, Staton Road, Nava Bazar, Karjan391240
VadodaraSatellite Office87FT001Makarpura Satellite Office Ground Floor, Dwarkesh Complex Opp.Sona Baug,Makarpura, Main Rd.,Vadodara390004
VadodaraSatellite Office871T001Three-road junction in Trident Commercial Comp. 1st Flr. Race Course Vadodara390001
VadodaraSatellite Office876C001CLIA Satellite Office, Near Yash Complex Gotri Road Vadodara390005
VadodaraSatellite Office87AT001LIC of India, SO Branch, 1st Floor 60, Uday Nagar Society, Opp. Indrapuri Atithigruh Waghodia Road390019
Mumbai CityZonal OfficeZO07Yogakshema, West Wing J.B. Marg Mumbai400021
AhmedabadSatellite Office83QT001Ambika Complex, Mithi Kunj Opp to Arts & Commers College, Above ICICI Bank, Dholka, Dist- Ahmedabad382225
JehanabadSatellite Office51HT002SBI Building, Makdumpur Post – Makdumpur, Dist – Jehanabad BIHAR804422
GanjamSatellite Office58FT002Kolasingi Chowk, Purushottampur Post – Purushottampur Dist – Ganjam ORISHA761018
PuneSatellite Office95MT001Saurabh Complex, Sindavne Road, At + Post – Urulikanchan, Urulikanchan, Dist – Pune.412202
RaigadSatellite Office92KT001102, First Floor, Kasturi Arcade, Shivaji Chowk, Karjat (West) Taluka – Karjat, Dist – Raigad410201
SaharsaSatellite Office541T001AT-Simri-Bakhtiyarpur PO-Simri-Bakhtiyarpur Dist – Saharsa852127
GanjamSatellite Office585T002AT-Punjikayan Squire Digapahandi PO-Digapahandi, Dist – Ganjam761012
Purba BardhamanSatellite Office471T002Vill – Paruldanga Nasratpur PO – Samudragarh,PS – Nadanghat713519
BagalkotSatellite Office63JT002Basavanagar, 2nd Cross Vidyanagar Rabakavi, Dist – Bagalkot587314
BhandaraSatellite Office97DT0011st Floor, Shanti Niwas Gandhi Chowk, Main Road Lakhani, Dist – Bhandara441804
West ChamparanSatellite Office53JT001Guttilal Pitamberlal Complex, Station Road, Ramnagar, Post – Ramnagar. Dist – Pashchim Champaran, Bihar845106
MadhubaniSatellite Office542T003Chitra Talkies Campus, Lohia Chowk, Benipatti Post – Benipatti, Dist -Madhubani, Bihar847223
Paschim MedinipurSatellite Office4012T001Shuvadeep Lodge, Near Hoomgarh More, Post – Goaltore Dist – Pashchim Medinipur WB721128
UttarkashiSatellite Office25DT001L I C Of India, Purola Road, Naugaon, Dist – Uttarkashi, (UK)249171
BarabankiSatellite Office21YT001L I C Of India, Ram Snehi Ghat, Ta – Ramsnehighat Dist – Barabanki (UP)225409
GondaSatellite Office223T002Bana Das Bhavan, Gonda Road, Nawabganj, Dist – Gonda (UP)271303
LucknowSatellite Office21NT002102, Lucknow-Hardoi main Raod Mirzaganj, Post – Malihabad, Dist – Lucknow (UP)226102
MalappuramSatellite Office79CT003Velliyar Mall, Alankode, Dist – Malapuram Kerala679326
WayanadSatellite Office79GT001Penta Complex, Athikuni, Near Telephone Exchange, Melattur, Dist – Wayanad Kerala679579
KannurSatellite Office79MT002Discovery Complex Chevidikunnu, Peravoor Dist – Kannur Kerala670673
WayanadSatellite Office79KT001Madhavappallil Complex, Near Bus Stand, Alankode Dist – Wayanad Kerala670571
Mumbai SuburbanSatellite Office887T001MTNL Exchange Building, Near Link Road, Khar (W) , Mumbai400052
ThaneSatellite Office891T001MTNL Exchange Building, Shivaji Chowk, Bhayander (West) Dist – Thane401101
ThaneSatellite Office935T002Krishna Retail Centre, Opp. KPMD School, Tulinj Road, Nalasopar (East)401209
KutchSatellite Office81CT0021st Floor, Siyari Vas, Opp. Vikasvadi, Near Axis Bank, Rapar. Dist – Kutchh Gujrat370165
SataraSatellite Office94KT002Shri Shakti Om Sankul, Near ICICI Bank, Kamalanagar, Near Mumbai-Bengluru Highway, Shirwal, Ta-Khandala, Dist – Satara412801
PuneSatellite Office987T001Asha Shankar Plaza, Village Pimple Gurav Ta – Haveli, Dist -Pune411057
PuneSatellite Office952T001SR No – 145, First Floor, Shivaji Chowk, Hinjewadi Dist – Pune411057
Mumbai CitySatellite Office880T001C/71, BKC Telephone Exchange, Ground Floor, G – North Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai400098
Mumbai CitySatellite Office908T001Colaba Telephone Exchange Building, A-593/22, Ground Floor, Near Strand Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai400005
Mumbai CitySatellite Office919T001101 – 1st Floor, Shri Radhe Empire, Chandavarkar Lane, Borivali , Mumbai400092
North 24 ParganasSatellite Office435T002Kiran Bhaban, 49, Netaji Subhash Path Po.- Kanchrapara, Dist – North Twenty Four Parganas743145
MandyaSatellite Office61NT002Sri Sarva Shiva Complex, Near Karnataka Bank, M C Road Maddur, Dist – Mandya.571420
PerambalurSatellite Office75JT001Anu Complex, Trichy-Chennai, Main Road, Padalur, Dist – Perambalur.621109
SaranSatellite Office532T001BSNL Building, Gola Road, Sonepur Dist – Saran841101
BuxarSatellite Office502T002Main Road, Brahmpur, PS – Brahmpur, Dist – Buxar802112
CuddaloreSatellite Office736T00278 – D, Chetty Street, Bhuvanagiri Bhuvanagiri, Dist – Cuddalore, Tamilnadu.608601
VadodaraSatellite Office876T001Shop No. 1 to 5, First Floor, Radhey Square, Opp. To Koyali Check Post, Koyali – Ranoli Road, At – Koyli, Dist – Vadodara391330
VadodaraSatellite Office8051T001Shop No. 109 to 111, First Floor, Sunrise Hights, Nr. Sun Pharma, Sun Pharma Road, Atladara, Vadodara Dist – Vadodara.390012
GhansoliSatellite Office92AT002LIC of India, Shop No. 43,44,45, Satyam Imperial Heights, Sector – 11, Plot – 11, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.400701
VadodaraSatellite Office869T001Shop No. 104 to 107, First Floor, Saujanya Tri Lake, Nr. Kamalanagar, Ajwa Road, Sayajipura, Vadodara Dist – Vadodara.390019
Komaram BheemSatellite Office68ET002Near Asifabad Model School, Collectorate Road, Asifabad Asifabad, Dist – Komaram Bheem504293
PaliSatellite Office10HT001LIC of India, Satellite Office, Nr. Petrol Pump, N.H.162, VPO Raipur, Marward, Dist – Pali (Rajasthan)306304
AhmedabadSatellite Office83TT002Shop No. 1 & 2, B – Block, Saral Residency, Satyam Vista Road, Gota, Gota, Ahmedabad, Dist – Ahmedabad382481
KolhapurSatellite Office9251T002Gate 253, Pt 1 & 3, Shop No. 103 to 107, Viraj City Building, 2,A/P/T Kagal Tah – Kagal, Dist – Kolhapur416216
BhandaraSatellite Office97AT0019, Shukrawari Ward, Opp. Lata Hospital, Pauni, Tah – Pauni, Dist – Bhandara.441910
HooghlySatellite Office449T003Vill. – Khanakul, Po. – Khanakul, Khanakul Dt. Hooghly712406
SindhudurgSatellite Office94ET002Shop no.- E.4/E.5 1469/E.3, Near Ganesh Mandir Siddivinayak Park, Oras416812
DewasSatellite Office34WT001Radhey Mall, Mandi Area, Sonkatch, Dist – Dewas, (MP)455118
BilaspurSatellite Office384T001Thana Road, Opp. Madanlal Shukla Govt. College, Post – Seepat, Tah – Masturi, Dist. – Bilaspur. (CG)495555
SiwanSatellite Office53IT001At + Po – Marachhi, Goriyakothi Dist – Siwan.841434
SitamarhiSatellite Office533T003L I C of India, Satellite Office, Runnisaidpur, Panjab National Bank Road, At+Po – Runnisaidpur, Dist – Sitamarhi843328
Dakshina KannadaSatellite Office62MT0012nd Floor, S.Cube Quartz Com Complex, N.H.-66, Hosabettu, Near Rag.Mutt, Main Road, Surathkal. Dist – Dakshina Kannada.575014
BelagaviSatellite Office636T002Amit Prabhakar Kore Building, 1st Floor, CTS No.-1334/E/1, Mayur Talkies Road, Ankali, Dist – Belgavi591213
NagpurSatellite Office99GT001H.No. – 740, Kolewadi, Opp. Sut Girni, Hingna Dist. – Nagpur (MS)441110
GopalganjSatellite Office549C001CLIA SO Gopalganj, Ward No. -14 Second Floor, Balaji Complex, Banjari Road, Gopalganj841428
GopalganjSatellite Office549T002SO – Baikunthpur, At – Shankarpur, Post – Dighwadubauli, Dist – Gopalganj.841409
BalasoreSatellite Office596T003At – Baligohiri, in front of Nilagiri Bus Stand, Post – Raj Nilagiri Dist – Balasore (Odisha)756040
JharsugudaSatellite Office591T002In Front Of Lala Lajpatrai Govt. High School, At + Post – Bahadurpada, Brajrajnagar Dist. – Jharsuguda768216
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreSatellite Office65NT002D.No.- 4/385, The Sullurpet Farmers Service Co-oprative Soc. Ltd. Near SHAR Flyover Bridge, Sainagar, Sullurpet, Dist – SPSR Nellore.524121
West GodavariSatellite Office681T0012-113, First Floor, Nirvitha Complex, Beside Union Bank of India, Dwarkatirumala Road, Bhimadole, Dist – West Godavari434425
SolapurSatellite Office94CT002First Floor, Jyotirling Complex, Wadegaon Naka, Miraj-Pandharpur Road, Sangola, Dist. – Solapur, (MS)413307
West ChamparanSatellite Office547C001LIC of India, Collectorate Chowk, Block Road, Ward No.-38, Bettiah Dist.West Champaran Bihar845438
BhopalSatellite Office35DT003Shop No – 18, 4th Floor, Maple High Street Building, Opp. Ashima Mall, Hosangabad Road, Bhopal (MP)462026
RaebareliSatellite Office229T002LIC of India, SO Jais Bahadurpur Dakhili, Tehasil – Tiloi, Dist – Amethi (UP)229304
GariabandSatellite Office248T002Tirumala Sadan, 29/3, Devbhog Road, In Front of Jilha Panchayat Office, Gariyaband Dist – Gariyaband (CG)493889
BalasoreSatellite Office596T004At – Kochiakoili, Jaga Baliya Fly Ash Bricks Campus, Near Toranipada chhak, Post – Khaira Dist – Balasore (Odisha)756048
KamrupSatellite Office48HT001Mahendra Complex, 1st Floor, Dhakuapara, Near Boko Police Station, Post – Boko, Dist – Kamrup.781123
KarimganjSatellite Office497T002Nag Mansion, 1st Floor, Ramkrishnanagar Main Road, Opp. Ramkrishna Vidhyapith, Ramkrishnanagar, Dist-Karimganj788166
ErnakulamSatellite Office781T001Satellite Office, 2 nd Floor, KB Square ( Near NH Bypass Signal) , Vyttila, Ernakulam682019
Mumbai CityCentral OfficeCO01Yogakshema, J.B. Marg, P.B. No.19953 Mumbai400021
DombivliBranch Office91GMIDC Comp.Ind.Estate Dombivli Dist. Thane421201
Mira RoadSatellite Office91VT001Lords Plaza, 1st Floor Opp Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road East401107
TitwalaSatellite Office934T001Shop No. – 9, Marathe Empress, Jakat Naka, Titwala, Dist – Thane421605
MahadBranch Office91HLaxmi Niwas, Shivaji Chowk Mahad, Dist.Raigad402301
South DelhiBranch Office11FNBCC Plaza, 2nd Floor, Tower – 4, Pushp Vihar, Sector – 5, Saket, New Delhi – 110017110019
PanvelBranch Office91PShop No. 201 to 219, Late Vilasrao Deshmukh Vyapari Sankul, Plot No.241/242, CH. SHIVAJI MAHARAJ CHOWK,410206
UdhampurBranch Office13CLIC OF INDIA.Branch office Udhampur, Besides Vishal Megamart MH Morh,Govind Chowk Udhampur182101
ErnakulamBranch Office78MN.Parur Branch Office 1st floor Nalanda city center main road N.Parur683513


LIC’s commitment to serving policyholders is evident in its extensive coverage and accessible life insurance services. With a wide network of branches in different states, LIC ensures that its services are within reach for everyone.

By exploring the list of LIC branches state wise in India, you can easily find the nearest branch and enjoy the benefits of:

  1. Convenient service locations
  2. Personalized assistance

This availability makes it easier for you to:

  1. Manage your policies
  2. Make informed decisions

Understanding the distribution of LIC branches in your state is crucial as it provides valuable insight into the local support available to you as a policyholder. By familiarizing yourself with the list of LIC branches in your state, you empower yourself with the knowledge of where to go for assistance or inquiries.

LIC’s widespread presence highlights its dedication to offering trustworthy and accessible services to individuals and families across India, solidifying its position as a leading life insurance provider in the country.

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